Alt-right nazis BTFO. Time to stop saying “redpilled”

Alt-right nazis BTFO. Time to stop saying “redpilled”.

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>>258159830>listening to someone who doesn't even understand their own biology

That's a guy in drag in the middle.

Lily's redpill was to explain to you what the Elders were doing to society. When two Elders who help maintain the system say "redpill", it is odd, so She lashed out.

Too bad the faggot didn't invent it.

this is like the 20th time this has been posted this week so farold and literally gayoptions field

>>258159830As if these 2 faggots invented the term "red pill". They stole that shit from Alice in Wonderland.

Still my favourite movie. Still don't like trannies.

>>258159830Those two faggot brothers(who probably sucked each other off) took the blue pill a long time ago.


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>>258159830too bad it's been our reference for years got 50% yourself tranny and fuck Ivanka jew corrupted puppet.


>>258159830Oh look, another example of jews hating all Americans.

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It's interesting to know the source of their trannyism is in severe BDSM practices. The Bible warns explicitly to not practice sexual degeneracy in Leviticus. Don't be gay. Don't fuck your family members. Don't cross dress. Don't fuck animals. They are destroyed. Not explicitly, but it's obvious that these practices either connote a primitive, animal mindset of the people, or an advanced people who have degenerated into the pursuit of novel orgasms, a form of idolatry, which is the real enemy.

>>258160886This is why I love this place.

This timeline couldn't get any better.Troll goblin tranny comes out of the woodwork to criticize someone for using the word "redpill" when it's been used in that context since probably 2009.It's like they are doing our work for us.


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>>258160089No way?

Zionists aren't Nazis.

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>>258159830>Lilly WachowskiIn awe at the sheer size of this lad. An absolute unit

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>>258160011as usual thread can end first post in


>>258159830>this is newsworthygolems obey

>>258159830>caring about the opinion of someone who is mentally deranged

>>258159830>muh alt right naziscome back after the november elections when you realize the majority of the nation has been redpilled

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>>258159830>Her movieNo so fast, plagiarist.

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Fuck trannies

>>258159830USA is not real. It's a country out of Looney Tunes. Stop stealing.

This is our cue to stop using the word redpill. Because now FOX News boomers and Q-niggers are unironically using it, and then you have to remember it comes from a mediocre movie made by 2 brothers who both become trannies

It's our word now

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>>258159830I don't recall seeing Lilly's name on it. Perhaps she is confused?


>>258159830>that chinI might have a functioning penis but I will never have such a manly chin as her.


>>258160810You know, not really. All the stuff put out there to try to call me back to liberalism has the tone of "be reasonable", "calm down", it constantly tries to evoke a Copernican mode despite all of it's internal politics and culture is anti-Copernican self-love. All my special and unique ideas and traits are valued...unless they disagree with the body politic? It's such an interesting threat, "don't rock the boat or you're not the center of the universe anymore".

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>>258159830is that a fucking woman? what the fuck is that jaw


>>258168624the 2 brothers that wrote The Matrix had sex change and are now sisters. they are still jews, tho.

>>258159830Liberals have gone into his wierd reverse censorship where in all acts are allowed with the censorship placed on which type of audience is allowed to interact or view a specific art piece.

>>258159830That FUCKING JAWLINE is massive

>>258160089You sure? I can't tell

>>258168624It's a man in a dress.

>>258161148Who is this thot?

>>258160468Right? They even use Alice in Wonderland to explain the fucking concept they poached directly. Typical fagqueen, ‘people are appropriating something I took from somewhere else wrong’.

>>258169286project melody on chaturbate lmao

>>258159830Because this strategy worked out so well for them with pepe

>>258169447Funnily enough, The Matrix is a bad interoretation of Simulacra et Simulacrum by Baudelaire. If they actually understood him, both pills would be red. Which is why he refused to write for their next movie and The Matrix became a mindless sci fi action thriller.

>>258159830>dressing up without a chance to passLol

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>>258159830I'm redpilled and fuck those two weirdos.


>>258159830Red-pilled was started by trannies. So was Karen. This place will turn you gay.

>>258170603Indeed, but probably need to make it into memes to explain it to the Populares.

>>258159830"Lilly". OK. Definitely words of wisdom and sound mind.


This bitch look exactly like Bill Hader

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>>258159830tranny needs to become a statistic


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>>258170603Or 4 pills for each reality.

>>258161225Pretty interesting when you look at self mutilation in the Bible. It's always connected to demon worship. 1 Kings 18:28So they yelled louder and, in accordance with their prescribed ritual, mutilated themselves with swords and spears until their bodies were covered with blood. Galatians 5:12I wish those agitators would go so far as to castrate themselves! I guess Paul was pretty prophetic when you think about the transgenderism.


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>>258159830I bet Ivanka is more hung than the others.

>>258159830technically, redpills are just a deeper instrument of control. seriously, you faggots should watch the fucking sequels.>>258160810this. based edgemar poster. redpills are for fucking normies.

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Why do the right keep stealing the left's memes? Not creative enough to make their own? This is like Pepe all over again

>>258159830>weird freak says something weirdZOMG! Whoda thunk it?

>>258166048The term Red pill has been used in this way for well over a decade It first became popular when ivanka was in her 20’s and Elon was maybe 30 Realize you are rappidly becoming middle aged

>>258160746What happened to those two wackadoos is so fucked up I don’t even know what to think.

how will /pol ever recover

>>258163691Holy shit, Israel does look like an inhospitable, desert planet. The Jews should have stolen Fiji, what the fuck were they thinking?

>>258159830>biggest Holla Forums meme was created by a trannyI love this timeline..

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>>258159830Lilly Wachowski? Never heard of her.Now the Wachowski BROTHERS, those were some fine filmmakers...

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>>258161225From the Rolling Stone article, back in the early 00’ s, now they memory holed it of course:>One of the people Wachowski met that night was>among L.A.'s highest-profile dominatrixes, a tall,>imposing blonde with a traffic-stopping figure who>used the nom de kink Ilsa Strix. Inflicting extreme>pain seemed to be Strix's specialty: "My greatest>accomplishment in some ways," she once said, >[was] putting 333 needles into a single penis.">Strix cracked a bullwhip on her slaves like no>other. She ran the Dungeon with her handsome>and strapping partner Buck Angel, a partial>female-to-male transsexual known today in the>porn world as "The Dude With a Pussy."Goddamned freakazoids.

>>258178009Thought this too. Took me a moment to remember one of them went extra crazy in the post-Matrix drug binge.

>herfucking faggots I swear. Holy shit god please end this world.

>>258178144Do you think he had 333 needles inserted into his dick then got bullwhipped which caused it to start necrosis? He had to go trans and pretend that he didn't want the dick anyway.


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I for one welcome our future Chink overlords who hopefully won't tolerate committing people to insane asylums.

>>258159830Why is Agent Smith inhabiting a woman's body and calling himself Lilly?

>>258177397we have florida

>>258159830The Wachowskis weren't even the ones that came up with it.

>>258178828who did?

>>258159830Confused. Thought Matrix was by Wachowski brothers? Oh shit, adam's apple. Fucking tranny scum. Top kek

>>258178810Take that back. Agent Smith was the best antagonist and would transform actual women into perfect replicas of his male self. He actually did this on screen during the movie in the Agent Smith vs Neo dogpile scene.

Lol her

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>>258178958probably philip k. dick, as it was a major theme in total recall from 1990, and at the time it meant falling back into blissful ignorance.

>>258159830what the fuck is that thing between ivanka and elon

>>258159830So the brothers who invented the matrix are mentally ill? No wonder 2 and 3 fucking sucked

>>258179287They had a decent concept but as the filming went on they infused more and more Judaism into it. If it wasn't for Agent Smith it would have probably bombed.


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>>258176973>you faggots should watch the fucking sequels.cringe

>>258175241what's up w/ the people who practice self-flagellation as penance?>>258177554popularized by, not created by.


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>>258180230The script was written by the The Wachowskis, so yeah she/he created "the red pill"cope nigger.

>>258159830trannies need to BTFOmake hit movies decades agonothing of note sincestill think they are great talents and have relevance"reality pill" was in "Total Recall" years before matrix existedall they did was color code the thing

It was HER term!

>>258159830This was posted here yesterday. Nobody gives a fuck what somebody says who created a movie. Nobody cares that elon musk said it like a week ago. Nobody cares that some homo who hasn't made a movie nobody gives a fuck about in close to 15 years has to say.

>>258170603Alot of things were changed for the matrix being released. Like the humans were originally suppose to be added "processing power" or some shit rather than batteries.


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>>258159830Those faggots don't control the redpill any more than Matt Furie controls Pepe the frog.

>>258180230As I said. Demonic. Roman Catholicism is not orthodox by any stretch. Look at the demonic Pope's attire. Look at the rampant pedophilia. It's selfexplenatory.Roman Catholicism is a satanic program to obfuscate and discredit the true Christianity and its message.2 Peter 2:2And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

>>258159830Didn't he and his brother steal it from a negress?

>>258159830Even Wickedpedia has this:Total Recall (1990) EditThe science fiction film Total Recall (1990) features a red pill which is offered to Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Douglas Quaid, by Dr. Edgemar. He is told "it's a symbol of your desire to return to reality."

>>258181004You mean menstruation term?

>>258179584Matrix is build on a Gnostic philosophical paradigm. The Agent Smith is actually the good guy from our perspective.

>>258182241He should have won that last fight. Neo always pulls something out of his ass to win and the last one was particularly bad.

>>258182562Movie was cash until the kiss brought him back to life

>>258181677no, she claimed they did and sued. she lost and went to appeal then never showed up so the case was dismissed. as far as i know say she still claims they stole it and sells her book for $30 for a paperback.


>>258159830Damn, that is one ugly tranny.

>>258159830Damn they really worked it all out and becoming a tranny was their only escape

>>258183366Count how many times Neo would have died without pulling poorly explained cheats out of his ass.

>>258159830>slamswhy is that the go-to word for media outlets?it is so very tiresome to read

>>258160089IT'S MA'AM

>>258184233It's shorter than 'denounces'.

>>258159830How about >greenpilledAs in, green for glowie. Remember:>CIA NIGGERS GLOW IN THE DARK>IF YOU SEE ONE IN THE STREET, RUN IT OVER



>>258178144BDSM as a concept isn't terrible in and of itself. Like tying up a wan's hands or blind folding her or letting yourself be blindfolded as she teases you. Shit like that is fine and healthy. But so many faggots have mystified it and tried to make it out to be a special art meanwhile they are doing acts that aren't healthy and natural but completely destructive to themselves or their partner.

>>258159830Matrix didn't invent shit.

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>>258159830Why didnt that mentally ill faggot kill himself yet?

>>258161225>>258161225Because such mentality is perversion of nature. The liberal-progressive mindset is exactly like that. That's why stable long lasting societies and culture will try to eradicate these individuals. Only in recent times where people have become complacent and accepting of such behaviors.

>>258159830Manson said it first, not these trannys.

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>slams>"Fuck both of you"Wow, truly epic owned

>>258159830He really slammed em good.

>>258186854>BDSM as a concept isn't terrible in and of itself.GTFO weirdo

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>>258160335That is exactly right, you are so insightful!

>>258159830What's bizzare about the wachowskis is that they might of been thinking of the red pill as a estrogen pill. In their sick minds they took the simulacra simulation to mean that society had made them male. Their criticism of society in the movie (consumerism and so on) has some validity which comes from the works they referenced and philosophy they were using. Yet the idea that society had made them biological men and that a pill created by a doctor trained in society and who works for society is the release from that society. Is nonsense.

>>258159830he didn't even come up with it. why havent the wakillurselves an heroed yet?

>>258159830>the man mainlining estrogen and still has a stronger jawline than me

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>>258159830Eat a dick, the ripped off Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland, Jefferson Airplane's reference to the same book only with an allegory for drug use, Tom Petty's Don't Come Around Here No More.Eat a fat dick, you slide thread shill.Do you think the rest of the world is ignorant to your bullshit. you have been spamming this for 3 days now.

If leftists did less slamming maybe they'd finally have enough energy for thinking.

>>258177397we offered them Madagascar, but the anglos wouldnt have that

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>>258189197Estrogen does nothing for already existing bone structure. Test does tho.

>>258160011One and done. The best threads.

Kinda sad what happened to the wachowski bros. Loved the original matrix trilogy. Original was best. I also enjoyed the Animatrix. Guess they were always freaks. Oh well I guess.

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>>258166055Skinwalker about...what, 6 or 7 years behind the common usage now?

>>258192056I realized they were twisted even back then. They made a movie called "Bound" before the matrix. It was about lesbians ripping off a mobster and I realized that the lesbian characters were self inserts. The wachowskis are so twisted they actually want to be turned into lesbians.

>>258178810>>258166454>>258163754>>258174429It's pronounced LARRY

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I really don’t understand how leftists look at trannies like this and don’t think they are absolutely bonkers.

>>258159830Will stop saying it after xhe admits they stole the red pill concept from total recall.

>>258192774They do they just suppress their thoughts around these homos because this tranny shit is good for them it destroys the remains of white society. These "leftists" are all just rabid anti whites.