Why do migatards get so mad when you tell them you're not voting for Trump again? Part II

Last thread was great. Kushnershills went into total metldown mode because they couldn't defend Trump's shitty first term where he did absolutely nothing for his voters and everything for Israel. A must read for all the MIGA salt:>>258142969

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>>258159596>not voting for Trump againMemeflaggots posting making these posts are Germans posting from Germany until proven otherwise


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>>258159596If Trump is so good for isreal why do Isrealis literally hide behind meme flags to shill against him? Why not show flag?There's only one reason why someone refuses to show their flag here

>>258160049>muttland flag

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>>258160974>trump-disinfectant13.jpgwoah and they say you guys can't memeHAH!

50%ers really think this works?

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>>258160962Just show flag. It's simple. What are you hiding?

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haha fuck jewsi am now an oldfagpeeteegee gtfo reeeeeeeeeee

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>>258161283>he doesn't know that all flags are memeflagsnewguy or gaslight?

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>>258161315yes please post more of these guysyou got the whole squad laughin! a real knee slapper!

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>>258161315>Trump-dissenfect12.jpgJesus Christ

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>>258161504>panic mode

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>>258161315Threadly reminder cope and cuck spamposters are flaming gays who's obsession comes out in their writing

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Anyone who goes against Trump is a shill/tranny/shareblue/paid/jewAnyone who disagrees with Trump is a shill/tranny/shareblue/paid/jewAnyone who presents an alternative to Trump is a shill/tranny/shareblue/paid/jewAnyone who doesn't like Trump is a shill/tranny/shareblue/paid/jewAnyone who doesn't like either party is a shill/tranny/shareblue/paid/jewThe irony of claiming everyone who doesn't like trump a shill while shilling for trump is a palpable irony.

>>258161642How many paid shills would you guess are working against trump on Holla Forums on any given day?


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>>258161775An equivalent number to the paid shills working for trump.


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>>258161775My guess is none. They know we're all nazis who hate him for totally opposite reasons than everyone else.

>>258161860What's the number?

>>258161899fucking saved

>>258161942How the fuck would I know? I see an equal amount of pro-trump and anti-trump posts. I don't give a fuck how many of them are paid or unpaid, I don't give a fuck about trump.

>>258161642yeah you're so rightthe people shitting on trump in this thread are definitely Holla Forumstards. Very organic. I mean that's so obvious. kek

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>>258159596Trump did 99% of the stuff he promised that I wanted him to.Sure, he did most of the stuff he promised but didn’t want him to as well, but why would I be surprised by that?He also hasn’t done fuck all for Israel, which is why you kikes are so mad.


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>>258162033>I don't give a fuck how many of them are paid or unpaid,kek

>>258161942How would anyone be able to know the number?

>>258159596is anyone else convinced ptg is bumped by bots ? I think that kushner has had trolls here pushing trump since at least 2016 and the q garbage we see get posted is directly from kushner.next time you see a q thread try it yourself point out all the fuck ups the lies and the fact nothing ever happened. you will never get replies all you will see is q proof screen shots get posted till your comments are lost. yes we all know there are real magatards on this board but I am sure a lot of them are the real shills overrunning this place

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>>258159596Former democrat voter here. Voting Trump 2020.Cry moar memeflaggotSausage in all astroturf threads.

>>258162091Why would it make a difference to me. Both of you faggots are shitting up this board. Could be 1 paid shill could be a million. What I do know is for every 1 paid anti-trump shill, there is 1 paid pro-trump shill. both of you can leave.


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>>258162189this guy gets it

>>258162240Democrats Trump

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>>258160936Gee I wonder if your DNA results exactly match your Polish flag? 100% Polish? 100% Jew? Somewhere in between I'll bet . . .

>>258162081should spray the wall with some kind of metallic dust to cut the hands who touch it

>>258161899idk why we don't just put razorwire all over it too. Probably muh yuman rides or some shit


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>>258162062I do not even say I doubt that a bunch os discord losers do try and raid pol from time to time but they get ass blasted and leave. so these trannies are not paid to be here the kushner ptg and q bots defiantly are though

Magatards and Libtards are the fucking same, too stuck up in their own ideology, both just dumb pawns for the rulers. they are the same two sides of the same fucking coin.

>>258162291Are you pretending to be retarded or is that literally the best you can come up with?I’d call you a shill, but it’s clear you didn’t even go through orientation yet.

>>258162390>they've literally devolved into posting screenshots of r/politics discussions as a talking point now>>258163101uh huh

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>>258161775>>258161860>>258161942>>258162033This is called projection faggots.

>>258163122Checked. This user gets it.

>>258163122bingo anyone that identify with either the left or right is nothing more then a pawn. there are good elements and ideas from the right and the left wing.

>>258159596You never voted for him in the first place, shareblue.

>>258163389>there are good elements and ideas from the right and the left wing>left wingvery few good ideas

>>258163439Sure thing, Kushnerkike.

>>258159596This is some serious triple agent shit. No, really, think about this.>OP posts absolute low effort cringe meme that literally makes the reader side against OP>OP does this to get readers fired up about the post and start shitposting, thus sliding their threads and taking attention away from elsewhere>This allows OP to completely divert attention towards his original agenda, which is neither tranny, nor Trump, nor wall.>OP's agenda, of course, is pic related.

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>>258163497>free health care >not sucking every corporations dick >not cutting every tree down could go on magapede

>>258163439That just means he wasn't tricked into voting for a 90s Democrat larping as a conservative.


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>>258163439Trust the plan QTard Trump and muh BASED GOP gonna OWN the demonrats next term I'm sure of it


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>>258163439>>258163643This is exactly what I mean. Each and every fucking thread, regardless of topic will inevitably get flooded with "you're and anti-trump shill". "No you're a jew shill!"Every single fucking thread for four years. Nothing else can be discussed. No other topic can be brought up. You MUST be a pro-trump shill or an anti-trump shill. Anything else is a distraction from either pro-trump or anti-trump shills, thus you are a shill.Fucking leave.

>>258163742>thinking anything is free>sucking dick period>loving the whole earth so much you smother it with based ChinaGood idea, but incredibly half-assed

>>258163926why do trump tards say things like kike and call people a jew why they disagree with trump when info like this is out there ? just what level of delusion are these people in.

>>258164004Actually its projection. And yes, that is a real metric because that's all the left can do.

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>>258164184wtf are you even saying

>>258164290because their egos are too invested in trump to see anything objective

>>258162189>is anyone else convinced ptg is bumped by bots ?that or total losers

>>258163742holy shit so if I just let in the 3rd world brown horde all at once instead of little by little as you would say... I can stop cutting down da trees and get free healthcare that will last 2 months? bro now that's some epic shit. i'm convinced. i'm voting joe.oh wait, let me guess there's a third position I should just not vote for anyone this time. haha imagine voting bro. CRINGE. just be demoralized.This is a hilarious tactic to try on a board notorious for not having a side and electring a big orange blumfy man just to piss off """people""" (You) so easily triggered by him. I think it might just happen again, chief.

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>>258164290why do liberal write cuck articles for the guardian, cnn and wp? Explain why owen jones doesn't cuck on BBC publicly?

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>>258164346left/right dichotomy only exists to enslave the masses. there is only one side and it's the government

>>258163837>90s DemocratHe wishes. Even Bill Clinton was more MAGA than the orange kike. Clinton locked up millions of feral niggers, Trump let them all out of jail because Kim Kardashian cried.

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>>258164507you have to go back

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>>258159596>Kushnershills>memeflag>miga>picYou're irrelevant.

>>258164407I'm saying you fuckers are retards that are blinded by your altruism. You don't consider costs and effort behind any of the things you advocate for because your world is filled with unicorns and caramel filled dildos. Good shit just magically appears in your eyes, not because a bunch of people busted their ass to make it so. Fucking spoiled cunt.

>>258164675you are the only one who needs to leave

Fucking summer kids are going to gay up this board that's for fucking sure.

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>>258161784You will never be a real woman


>>258164908why does reality bother you?

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>>258164638You're right, its actually sane center vs cringe fringe. You can't escape nature's bilateral construction, only change the context and the spectrum you're on. You dumbasses spam the phrase but have no idea what it implies.

>>258164790>258164790why twitter and reddit faggot clubs are full today m8?

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>>258164866>>258164996I really don't get it, do you think you all are accomplishing something here? Or are you just useless and bored while still suffering from PTSD induced due to a political outcome?

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>>258164290>implying lol, the only reason you faggots type out any type of slur is because you have to in an attempt to fit in.if you could change the board culture to use your gay and inoffensive chapo-trap insults you faggots would.

>>258164996>jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwCry me a river, Pedo Joe is your best bet kek

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>>258159596Noones allowed to question red zog. They are too redplled to let you

>>258164848/ptg/ has singlehandedly made Holla Forums gay for 4 years now

>>258165240wtf is it with you people and /ptg/? It's a containment thread hardly anyone goes to. What about it makes you seethe?

>>258165066this screen shot has been posted for years.

>>258165066like normies are going to make the jew angle mainstream kek. The fucking adl get trigged every day.

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>>258164996>realityreality is you'll never be a woman, xir

>>258165240>Like it wasn't gay already.

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>>258165190neither trump or biden are good choices. the entire government is compromised

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>>258165366>doesn't refute itYou pathetic faggots have been doing it for years.

>>258165427see>>258164866stop projecting trannypede

>>258165346Its a disruption in whats supposed to be a board about fucking kids.

>>258159596Nice meme flag.It's either trump or a guy who sounds senile, touches and sniffs little kids and women, wants to ban your guns, wants to ban weed, and who's directly tied to a big scandal in Ukraine with evidence to back it up.

>>258165530you going to vote third party kek?

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>>258165346>containmentyeah And Im sure you fags dont go to other boards posting political shit like trump and bringing up sjw every other post>contaiment


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>>258165521Then why are you complaining about summer kids>>258165346Because you keep leaking out of your containment thread. It's also theost blatant example of paid government shilling on Holla Forums

>>258165633>>258165722>>258165579>>258165832>this is who tells anons to take their meds schizolol

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>>258165886what's your opinion on kushner?

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>>258165886----> >>258165769

>>258165769youtu.be/UQrKjHlmMyMOk trannypede

>>258166043That you lefty niggers unironically think talking about him will make Trump supporters not vote for Trump and vote for a senile neoliberal puppet.

>>258166069>only two trannypedes in existence>no u r all the tranniesThis entire thread is turning into projection general.

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>>258166207You don't vote for Trump without voting for Kushner.


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>>258166207so no actual thoughts on a person with massive influence in the trump admin?

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>>258166321>>258166342Just remember, you have failed to do anything meaningful in the past 4 years and are irrelevant. Also you're all truly too blatant and clearly haven't lurked enough in the time you've spammed this board to know you're extremely identifiable.

wtf jared kushner is jewish? no one knew this. definitely no one knew this before the Trump election even happened. this is HUGE. BIG if true.ok that's itwe can't let him get the nuclear codes! great job, guys.

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>>258166273>>258166273Maybe if /ptg/ could come up with new cope instead of calling everyone a tranny you wouldn't have to see proof that trannies are perfectly capable of being trumpniggers

>>258163742>free health careDoes not mean access to health care. Also where have a majority of medical innovations come from? What country? Where has a majority of the cancer research come from? The t-cell therapy? Thats right, the USA. The ability to make money is a huge driving force for innovation. Whats the last thing your gayass country contributed to Healthcare? Maple syrup enemas? Fuck off. If I had but one nuke to drop, it would be on Canada.

>>258166043my opinion is nobody thinks of him more than you xirs do

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>>258166532wtf, I'm donating harder to Bernie now!

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>>258166342>massiveBarely. Besides would you rather get subverted by a jew or die to AIDS because of 'dieversity"?

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>>258166495>you have failed to do anything meaningful in the past 4 years and are irrelevant.He's not Trump, you retard.

>>258159596Why they live rent free in your head? Why do you constantly think about it and seethe? You think they give a fuck what you think? Do whatever mental gymnastics you can to make yourself feel better.

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>>258166908That's similar to my thinking at this point. They're still using the same talking points they started with 4 years later. It's tiresome.

>>258166933wow great answer im definitely not voting trump now

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>>258166342>>258166861By the way, don't feel like you need to answer. I know you're going to not respond or dodge the question. And if you somehow do, we both know you'd rather paco and tyrone because you're a pozzed piece of shit.

>>258166495>Just remember, you have failed to do anything meaningful in the past 4 yearsWow just like Zion Don. Except I wasn't president. Well I guess he sucked a lot of kike dick, for whatever meaning that is worth.

>>258166829It's not cope. Trannies support Trump. You've seen the evidence and can't deny it. Trump is a fag president anyway.

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>>258167270>Zion DonYou're all so pathetically irrelevant.

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>>258167270>cocks>cocks cocks>cocks cocks cocks>cocks cocks>cocks>COCKS>O>C>K>S>(((cocks)))

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>>258167399>It's not copeIt clearly is cope.

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>>258167540You even write like a kike. How much does Kushner pay you to post here?

>>258159596FUCK NIGGERS AND JOGGERS AND KIKES AND SPICSbitchute.com/video/n29PhqbhHabi/

>>258165346clearly the containment has failed, you are proving that ITT

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>>258167872>write like a kike.you mean like the kind of kike that lies and misrepresents facts and that posts behind a memeflag?

>>258167872Remember, all of hillarys shills were doxxed. Because she actually had shills and 4chan actually does know how to deal with itThis is the true test to see if you are from 4chan. Otherwise you are a pretender


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>>258167984/ptg/ is retarded and I don't go there at all. I think I've gone there to post for a few rallies but besides that I don't like it. >>258167872>memeflag>kushner

>>258162078>0.02$ has been deposited to your account


>>258168190>I don't go there at all

Attached: e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4a9_press-x-to-doubt-memes-memesuper-la-noire-doubt-meme_419-238.jpg (600x341, 19.65K)


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>>258168190>oy vey he named my boss!

Attached: static.politico.com.jpg (1160x773, 245.49K)

>>258168264>Seth Rich doesn't exist and nothing ever happened to the DNC

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>>258168328Your opinion is irrelevant like the rest of you faggots ITT, I could care less what you think. >>258168395You'd think by now you'd push something that might actually work. He ran on his Israeli policies and the vast majority of his christcuck supporters like it. The few minds you might change on Holla Forums, if any, still wouldn't vote for Biden you stupid joggers.Your entire strategy is flawed and pointless. It's just annoying and obvious at this point.

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>>258165674What is the point of voting in our elections?

>>258168522>haha your a bigot- i mean jew so everything you say is invalid

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>>258168603>I could care less what you thinkThen why did you bother defending yourself in the first place?

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>>258168174you okay, xir?remember if the old rotten wound festering between your legs gets too achy you can always use a cucumber to loosen it up down there. don't forget to get one of your non-binary life partners to spit on the end of it though. wouldn't want your taint to rip open any further would we?


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A vote against Trump is a vote for retroactive hate speech legislation.Even if he's otherwise useless, voting for him is a matter of survival. End of story.


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>>258168792>haha why would you refute a baseless ad hominem attack in an argument Everything you all have done here has not changed a single thing. Enjoy the rest of your shift. >>258168845> kushner1.jpgWoah did you make that all by yourself?

>>258168848except you can't criticize israel or point out facts about jewish power in the US

>>258168877>libshit centrals can't shill as le ebic nazis on 4chin to fight orange cheeto hitlerHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNG AAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAAHAAHAHHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAH

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>>258161905At this point, if I was an American I would stay home or write in somebody. It’s just irrelevant, if there is somebody in, who is completely controlled and willing to do anything for Israel. Or if you vote for the senile guy, who will just be unable to govern exactly like the other guy and equally be told what to do.


Attached: miga.png (638x871, 345.25K)

>>258161504me on the bed

>>258169205you okay?

>>258168946>implyinglmao. its gonna take more than that, xir. unlike you faggots I actually read news that isn't posted in the chapo-trap subreddit.

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>>258169336>that gets put back into our economy and stimulates metal manufacturing, via defense supply spending.>how to economy?


>>258169336berny the kike would approve!

Attached: israel-has-a-right-to-defend-itself.png (875x232, 33.36K)

>>258168997What you posted is only the beginning. Biden and his puppet masters will make that article seem a happy memory of better times.thenewamerican.com/world-news/europe/item/18148-hate-speech-u-k-political-leader-arrested-for-quoting-winston-churchill

>>258167540Maybe if he wasn't such a slave of Kushner he wouldn't get called Zion Don.>>258167727It's an accurate description of his subservient behavior.

>>258167790Trannies are on both "sides". Mostly because there is no real difference between blue and red team. Get over it, trannypede.

>>258169137You can here. But how would you like to be arrested for that post?breitbart.com/europe/2017/10/14/british-police-arrest-at-least-3395-people-for-offensive-online-comments-one-year/

>>258169914I was just point out how much you fucks think about cocks and fellatio and post about it.

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>>258170041>two or three examples proves that you guys are just as faggot-like and feminine as we areomega level cope, xir

>>258171747I'm not coping. It's not my problem that trannies infest both sides of the kosher dichotomy. It's yours.>>258170516Almost as much as you think about dilating your artificial pussy

Everybody is aware /ptg/ is basically shills talking to shills 24/7 yet they refuse to leave. They're in too deep, they can't quit now. They don't even put in effort anymore, they just post anime girls and tweets from literally who's

Attached: 1566240268562.jpg (952x1024, 153.92K)

>>258173019I don't think about that at all. You on the otherhand...

Attached: 1585955369134.jpg (429x441, 28.42K)

>>258173019>changing idswhat did xir mean by this?>It's not my problem that trannies infest both sides of the kosher dichotomy. It's yours.t. pic related

Attached: 1559540726107.jpg (1400x1452, 844.73K)

>>258173440Then why do trumpniggers constantly talk about dilating if it's not on your mind

>>258173888because that's what you faggots need to do to stay womanly and we will never let you faggots forget it.

Attached: for-xir.jpg (450x450, 9.59K)

>>258173716>>changing idsIt means my wifi shit out for a minute. This is why the trumpnigger tactic of sperging about post count is extra stupid. IDs are easily changed.

>>258159596>This thread again... Merely observing population growth around 2008 when Obama got into office and comparing it to now you can see we went from about 2.6~ million growth per year to less than 1 million right now. This means we're removing quite a few immigrants registered with USCIS. Keeping in mind as well there are other factors (immigrants don't exist in a vaccuum, there are other immigrants relying on them) and the fact temporary residents are not factored into the population at all, the USA is actually removing people at a rapid pace.In particular in 2018 we only had around 400k deportations, but it skyrocketed to about 1 million during 2019 as the engines of the deportation force put into place during the first two years finally got underway. People forget that Obama was only serving deportation orders put out for people arrested when Bush was president, since it takes a few years to get a trial. At the same time he dismantled the entire ICE force's ability to actually deport people beginning in 2009, which is why after 2013 the number of deportations drops off steeply as DAPA and DACA protected 1/3 of illegals from deportation. Trump's removal of these protections have immensely increased arrests.In addition the number of illegals requesting to simply be allowed to return home rather than be deported has increased exponentially under Trump, since they know they're fucked and controls against illegals who don't have forged residence documents have gotten much steeper while factory growth in countries like Mexico means it makes more sense for them to just fuck off- the USA isn't the goldmine it was 30 years ago and Mexico isn't as much of a shithole. Now Guatemala is Mexico's Mexico and Mexicans are reeing because the USA won't let 1 million Haitians cross into the USA from Mexico, sticking them with 1 million Haitians.

Attached: The Ultimate White Pill.png (1738x456, 113.78K)

>>258173988This.>>258173888Pic related is a reminder for you.

Attached: 1550802691652.png (678x703, 648.83K)

>>258173888protip for xirs: you can't shill with two id's when you get your replies mixed uptry harder, faggots!

>>258174129I'm sure that's what it was, and it totally wasn't you shilling with two ids and being retarded about it.

>>258173988>>258173988>Trumpnigger trannypede thinks forcing his gaping wound to stay open makes him "womanly"

>>258174806>"womanly"picturing your masculine hands shaking as they type out those quotation marks and that word is making me laff, friend.

>>258174147Your pic fails to point out that "white" according to the census includes all sorts of shitskins as well as amerimutt goblino abominations. So your numbers are untrustworthy from the start, even if we are dumb enough to take ZOG numbers for granted. Trump has doubled the amount of guestworker visas allowed over the Obama years s and is still facilitating the swarm of h1b poo Invaders. Furthermore, his master Kushner has prevented the implementation of mandatory e-verify in order to make it easier for unscrupulous kikes hire illegal labor, providing the incentive for illegals to come here in the first place.

Attached: 1582839142658.png (600x528, 275.4K)

>>258159596WTFLeftcan't meme

>fuckin migatards

Attached: download.jpg (225x225, 11.74K)

>>258175317Your the one who believes that dilation somehow makes you trannies "womanly".>>258174414>>258174546>Still sperging about IDs

>>258159596Because you're de-facto voting for Biden, a guy who is objectively anti-white and brags about it?It's simple as. If you don't vote Trump you deserve whatever you get. In this case it'll still be Trump but that's only because you're a small irrelevant fringe group who are too stupid to understand politics.

>>258175799That's the problem. The kikes own both sides of the Uniparty. Biden being a kike puppet doesn't means it is ok for Trump to be a kike puppet.

>>258159596Why would you compare trannies with the wall? You're prob a closet tranny kys

>>258175928>a guy who is objectively anti-white and brags about it?So is Trump and the open-borders GOP. A vote for Trump is a vote for Biden. A vote for Biden is a vote for Trump. They are both establishment shills.

Attached: 1581980370691.jpg (644x1024, 99.7K)

>>258174147Cringe blackpillers BTFO'd by facts, no legitimate response possible.

>>258164866If it weren't for the phone hand, I'd swear - not even kidding - that that was a mannequin.


Attached: Screenshot_20200511-164517_Brave.jpg (1080x2054, 1003.97K)

>>258176248Already responded, trumpnigger. You probably didn't even read his post since it was more than a sentence long. Remember how the left can't meme because WORDSWORDSWORDS. That's what your pal just did.

>>258175829I'm only reiterating your faggy beliefs.don't get it twisted like you're fooling people, xirand do try to remember what id you're currently posting on when you're shilling in one of these circle jerk threads so you don't embarrass yourself so much next time.

Attached: another-faggot-like-(you).jpg (900x1200, 255.26K)

>>258161899Retard, they caught the guy because he wasn't able to climb fast enough because it's a WALL

>Miga posting shill>191 repliesThats Neo Holla Forums for you

Attached: 1589420171098.png (1024x536, 224.41K)

>>258161642Remember before trumpfags when the internet wasn't srs bznz?

>>258176939>not antagonizing mutant faggotswhy do you even post here?

>>258161775>0Noe how many are fake opposition designed to make you faggots think he's doing anything good?

Attached: 1586819591815.png (1468x396, 278.73K)

>>258177269>B-BUT HE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING GOOD THOUGHpromiseskept.com, xir.and never forget.

>>258176639Too bad you already fucked up and said dilating makes you freaks "womanly".>>258176939This just makes it even more pathetic when Trump caters to the kikes every whim. It also further proves the point that voting for either israeli puppet is pointless.

>>258177493>Nah dude you have to go to my IP log website that totally isn't set up by the NSA and is also full of distractions from the fact that Trump has failed to perform the single thing he was elected for

>>258163215not an argument

>>258177525project more.dilate more.>>258177627>HURR IF I DON'T READ IT THEN IT AIN'T TRUEi'll take your refusal to acknowledge the facts as a concession of your defeat.better luck next time, xir.

Let's see if this one gets me banned.

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Attached: 1569429742540.png (1000x999, 250.56K)

>>258178555Why do you think dilation makes you "womanly"?Also your shill site treats non-accomplishments like "told Congress to look in X" as a victory. To don't bother citing specifics from the site because they're easily dismissed.>>258178836Trump is an open borders antigun tranny who serves israel first. He's been a Democrat his whole life and governs like one now.

>>258179305>He's been a Democrat his whole lifeThis is the only part of your response that's true.

>>258179305you faggots have to stick things in your pseudo-pussies so they don't heal up, xir.you know that better than anyone. >easily dismissedyeah that one cherry-picked example proves that they can be easily dismissed, xir.you're powers of observation are second only to your powers of gender dysphoria

>>258177493>promiseskept.com,kek that website is the most embarrassing Trump supporter cope I've seen (this week). Literally zero sources, just some 400 pound nerd writing Trump fan fiction in his mom's basement

>>258175708>>258175708Less than 4-5% of people claiming to be white are Jew or Arab. Hispanic whites are still, to this day, not counted as white. Temporary workers are not the same as millions of spics hopping the border. Temporary workers were never the issue. It was spics who were making the US less white, and thanks to Trump we will have significantly less of those. I would take a thousand poos before I ever take a single spic, since poos are actually good at tech. The fact of the matter is that no matter how you look at it, the US has cut it's yearly rate of immigration by over fifty percent and dropping. Thanks to the virus, that number has been dropped to practically 95% and will probably sit there for awhile. That's 1.6 million shitskins that aren't coming into the US (assuming it takes two years for immigration to get moving again). Even after things return to normal, immigration will never be as high as it was before. At least not until Trump's second term is over. It's very possible whoever is president next just uno reverse cards and we get open borders, but if white enlightenment continue growing, the number of conservative whites is only going to increase, which will keep demographics from shifting and may give us another anti-immigration president in 2024. I don't doubt there is kikery in the Trump adminstration, but it's also unfair to say Trump is only aiding the anti-white agenda. Have hope fren. Take the White Maximalist Pill.


Attached: art of the deal.webm (326x180, 1.58M)

>>258180089>literally zero sourceslets play a game then, xir.I'll pick a promise he kept and show you the source that proves he kept it and you can keep denying it didn't happen.how's about it?

>>258180110Actually, hes right to an extent.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_whiteness_in_the_United_StatesBy 2010, the number of Hispanics identifying as white has increased by a wide margin since the year 2000 on the 2010 Census form.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/note/US/RHI625218http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/briefs/c2010br-05.pdf?cssp=SERPDEFINITION OF WHITE USED IN THE 2010 CENSUSAccording to OMB, "White" refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.The White racial category includes people who marked the "White" checkbox. It also includes respondents who reported entries such as Caucasian or White; European entries, such as Irish, German, and Polish; Middle Eastern entries, such as Arab, Lebanese, and Palestinian; and North African entries, such as Algerian, Moroccan,and Egyptian.archive.fo/GP56xDefinitions from OMB & ACS guide the Census Bureau in classifying written responses to the race White. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. It includes people who indicate their race as “White” or report entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Arab, Moroccan, or Caucasian.The racial classifications used by the Census Bureau adhere to the October 30, 1997, Federal register notice entitled, “Revisions to the Standards for the Classification of Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity” issued by OMB. If an individual did not provide a race response, the race or races of the householder or other household members were imputed using specific rules of precedence of household relationship.

>>258180503first of all, why even link to the website if you admit it doesn't have any sources and you need to prove it yourself.second, no one cares what trump "promised" he promised all sorts of retarded shit like free bleach injections. No one wants that, it doesn't help the country. His loyalty to his own retarded fanbase does not prove he's a good president, only a good cult leader.but if you accept what I just said about promises, than yes go ahead and prove some of the good things he's done (for his braindead fans)

>>258180745Again, it's less than 4-5% and no higher than 6%. That's irrelevant and acceptable since white birthrates will increase. Spics are the main issue. We need to stop the influx of spics and maintain a stable white population. Once we do that, we can start reversing the trends and work toward an ethnostate. This is a long-term plan that will need to take place over multiple generations, but it's the only way. Either we maximalize and slowly increase white birth rates, or America collapses and/or balkanizes. If possible, I would prefer the former.

>>258181297>first of allbecause its a nice list of things that make you xirs fume and seethe and boil. and you faggots can't disprove any of it, lol.>second, no one caresI wouldn't care if I got btfo'd the fuck out with facts either, xir.gg and remember xirs: you win more arguments with facts and logic than you do with emotions and whinging.

Just a reminder that jannies once again deleted a holohoax thread because jews were losing and this thread is still here

>>258181390I'd say its higher than 6%Http://archive.fo/bBq94A detailed look at this linked data shows that many people changed responses in a way that adds or drops a second race or changes ethnicity (Hispanic to non-Hispanic or vice versa). Many other common response changes involved a change to or from non-Hispanic white – in other words, the person was categorized as a majority group member in one census and a minority group member in the other. The most common of these changes were to/from non-Hispanic black or non-Hispanic American Indian.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/28105578/U.S. Census Bureau data from the 2000 and 2010 censuses in which responses have been linked at the individual level (N = 162 million). Approximately 9.8 million people (6.1 %) in our data have a different race and/or Hispanic-origin response in 2010 than they did in 2000And according to the most recent statistics, the TFR Below replacement, non-hispanic whites having less kidscdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr68/nvsr68_13-508.pdf

Attached: COPE.jpg (1080x1145, 238.09K)


>>258159596The meme kind of failed when you exaggerated the wall by minimizing it into a wooden fence.

>>258159596Trump is the best choice for maximum chaos.

>>258181984>can't disprove any of it,why would I? it has no sources, it was never proven in the first place so it doesn't even need to be "disproven">btfo'd the fuck out with factswhat facts? you said you would post sources for trump's promises to prove he kept them. Are you going to do that or do you admit he is a failure?I know you may be embarrassed, but the truth is out. Trump is a weak twitter obsessed faggot. it is time to admit you were wrong and grow up


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>>258159596What a gay apples to oranges comparison. What a retard.

>>258159596>you're not voting for Trump againLiterally, then who are you gonna vote for, nigger?

ALERT FOR TRUMPNIGGER SPERGS I KNOW MY ID IS DIFFERENT IM STILL >>258179305>>258179443>This is the only part of your response that's true."whole life" includes now, retard. enjoy voting for your democrat in november.>>258180062>you faggots have to stick things in your pseudo-pussies so they don't heal up, xir.dilation still doesn't make you womanly, like you claimed it did. >yeah that one cherry-picked examplei just picked the first one>>258180110>Less than 4-5% of people claiming to be white are Jew or Arabyou already got btfo by a leaf on this so i'll move on.>Temporary workers are not the same as millions of spics hopping the border. Temporary workers were never the issue.Completely false on multiple levels. For one thing, "temporary workers" does include spics. In fact, the temproary workers overstaying their visas are a biggersource of illegal immigrants than border hoppers anyway. And what does Zion Don do about this? Surely not DOUBLE the amount of guestworker visas over what evben Obama allowed? Oh wait:cis.org/Huennekens/Latest-Trump-H2B-Increase-Again-Betrays-American-WorkersThen the poos you deceitfully pretend are not a rpobelm are just as bad. Zion Don lets hundreds of thousands of them import their poowives, who will be used to shit out 3-4 poo-lings each on American soil becoming citizens.>Have hope fren>And give Jared Kushner 4 more yearsyea fuck off.

Attached: poowives.jpg (635x1024, 104.17K)

I, for one, will definitely be voting for the Chabad Lubavicher-in-Chiel

>>258183133stop legitimizing the kiked election system by participating in it. stop pretending Trump is anyhting other than a puppet for foreign powers who want to exterminate us.

>>258183226The democrats of back then are not the democrats of now.

>>258165240>implying /polgbt/ wasn''t already a thingThis board doesn't just hate niggers and jews, Holla Forums also hate women with a burning passion.

>>258183599>stop legitimizing the kiked election system by participating in itYou're fucking retarded. They fuck with the numbers but they still count the votes. I abstain and (((you know who))) just takes a bigger step forward.Go fuck yourself, glownigger.

>>258159596I was listening to Styx vs Allsup the other day. I thought Styx was genuine for a little while but when he busted out the line about evangelicals are the reason we support israel it revealed he is a shill 100%

>>258184110Yea, now they pretend to be conservative while passing more gun control and spreading faggotry across the planet.

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Attached: 3112134537.jpg (640x430, 173.5K)

>>258159881>Germans posting from GermanyYou give Kahane's goons far too much credit

>>258184642You vote for Trump and (((Jared Kushner))) is president for 4 more years. They're both shit choices. There is no lesser evil.

>>258185094>There is no lesser evil.Yes, there is... It's Trump. They get to advance their strategies COMPLETELY unchecked with a Democrat. FOH, lil bitch.

>>258184871Love this image

>>258185328There is only evil. You can argue that its slightly slower evil, but its still just evil. Trump/Kushner has the same goals as any liberal because they are liberals. Likewise, the dipshits suckered into voting for (((him))) are also liberals.

Invoke Jew. Biden 2020youtube.com/watch?v=2h7416nDeIc

>>258185642Shill harder, Agent Cocksmoker.

>>258185818pointing out how Biden is another israeli puppet just proves the point that both candidates are anti-American jew puppets>>258186010explain why trump has eroded the 2A. explain why trump keeps letting hordes of shitskins in. explain why trump is still fighting israel's wars. explain why trump let Wall Street steal trillions from us and get another bailout


Attached: HANNITY.png (500x520, 406.7K)

I'm voting for Trump and you and your gay 2 dads are going to cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry ALLLLLLLLLLLLLDAYYYYYYYYYYYCRYCRYCRYCRYCRYALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGagents and lefties are seething right now

>>258186365Attacking Trump but not Biden who is worse does more harmful damage. Eat a dick faggot

>>258186530Biden isn't president dumbass. Zion Don is.

>>258159596So If the wall didn't have tiny slots you think it would be more affective? Do we have thin ass border jumpers just sliding through in between the little gaps?

>>258159596I'm glad you're admitting that transwomen are not real women. And I agree we have to beef up border security.

>>258186408Why would anybody care that you’re a good goy?

>>258186821An open zionist is running for President. You're trying to dissuade people from voting for Trump so that your zionist kike puppet Biden gets in. You're not smart, faggot.

>>258187385An open Zionist bus already president. There is no real difference between Trump and Biden.

>>258188231The difference is your attacks on Trump and not Biden, trying to sway popular opinion. Why don't you preach about Biden being a fucking admitted zionist instead. You can't change who the president is but you can sway the next election

>>258188519Because Biden is not in charge you dumb cultist. Zion Don is. Biden is irrelevant. He has a tiny chance of winning. But if he did, I'd be shitting on him. Because him winning and Trump winning is functionally the same outcome. Since Trump is president and is likely going to stay president he gets the criticism.

>>258188956He gets the critisism because you are trying to sway people to vote for Biden. You dumb fucks are relentless but retarded.

>>258189517DO NOT VOTE FOR BIDENI hate Trump. I think Biden is the same as Trump so why would I want anyone to vote for Trump's equivalent? Trump gets shit because he is president.

>>258190127>DO NOT VOTE FOR BIDENso vote for trump, got it.

You aren't going to break the left-right paradigm. You had your chance in 2017 and the shit was an awful mess. This country is prema-locked in a left vs right. You aren't going to vote for your favorite candidate, you aren't going to change anything. What you will do is vote for the lesser of two evils like you've always done. Get it in your head. As long as the Federal Reserve exists, there will always be AIPAC and always be jewish lobbyists and always be a kike commander in chief. What you're doing is (trying to) dismantle a voting population from excercising their rights and voting and letting some demented chronic child touching weird to walzt his way in who is an openly admitted zionist. A quid pro joe, corrupt individual who is most likely a baby raperyoutube.com/watch?v=2h7416nDeIchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h7416nDeIchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h7416nDeIcG'head and virtue signal. I'll wait

>>258190609That's the same as voting for lifelong liberal Democrat Zion Don.>>258190774And now the trumpnigger capitulates and admits he is the cringey blackpiller. I know you want us to give up and accept kike tyranny. I know you want us to shut up and be good little voooters and consoomers. Not everyone is going to shut up like you want. You've already started killing us but you've got a long way to go.

Attached: 1584202710701.png (720x939, 696.59K)

>>258191263Niggeryouaregay.png>trumpnigger vs bideniggerCool argument faggot. Guess which one is on record admitting to being a zionistyoutube.com/watch?v=2h7416nDeIc

>>258190774>What you're doing is (trying to) dismantle a voting population from excercising their rights and voting and letting some demented chronic child touching weird to walzt his way in who is an openly admitted zionist.Our voting rights have already been dismantled by israel, that's why both candidates can only be zionist in the current kosher dichotomy.

Attached: 1583470810728.gif (1200x1200, 213.05K)

>>258191474This is why you weigh your options and don't try to damage a voting base that's in favor of the less jew. youtube.com/watch?v=2h7416nDeIc

>>258191263huh? you just told me to vote for trump so make up your mind.

>>258191567This. If you aren't going to protect your rights, then you don't deserve them.

>>258191471Guess which one is on record actually fulfilling the goals of Zionism? It's both. Doesn't even matter what Trump or Biden call themselves. North Korea calls itself democratic. You don't need to label yourself as a Zionist to be a Zionist.

>>258191567>Kushner, Soros's apprentice>The lesser jewThey are the same jew. It's a kike trick to pretend there is a difference>>258191810Voting for Trump is the same as voting for Biden.>>258191817>Voting for israeli puppets protects my rights!Peak retard

Attached: 1589849632217m.jpg (950x1024, 133.71K)

>>258159596RBG is going to die. You aren't voting for the retard just the SCOUTS seat.

>>258192028People see your anti-trumpism as an endorsement for zion joe. That's how I see it anyways. Maybe you could clarify.

Attached: you.jpg (356x381, 48.37K)

>>258192340>not negating the vote of your enemy at minimumGod-tier retard

Attached: 1504499234565.jpg (780x763, 318.06K)

>>258192373Yea we really need another Bush era swampnigger like kavanaugh on the SC>>258192586No you and the trumpnigger cult see it that way because you are slaves adhering to your kosher slave dichotomy. And now you are spreading blackpills because you can't actually defend Zion Don. I don't need to defend joepedo because he is the same as Trump to me. Shitting on one is the same as shitting on the other.

>>258192889>Voting for the Uniparty negates the votes of other retards voting for the UnipartyNice logic dumbass.

Attached: 1583338258074.png (1030x553, 320.99K)

>>258193075You aren't shitting on both. You are shitting on zion don and ignoring the other one hoping that nobody calls you out. And when they do you make up a story about how both are bad. But nobody reads past the headlines. Make some demoralizing threads about joepedo and I'll respect you.

>>258193187>not voting in the least effective candidate that may also fuck up the administration TPTB have built because poopoopeepee everything jews reeeeeeeee

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Thanks for making these threads op. I know a lot of people respond with hatred and bile because of the cognitive dissonance, but you're bringing more to the board than most of these migapedes ever will.