The Great JewTube Exodus Begins

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>>258152982And his ratings drop from people not wanting to pay/use spotify because they were laid off or are just struggling. IDIOT!

>>258152982This. Based Rogan is leading the way.

Am I the only one that doesnt use Spotify? Shit, I'm still converting youtube videos to mp3


>>258153265Fuck Shlomo Rogan. His podcast is low IQ garbage.

>>258152982and I still won't listen to this idiot.

>>258154268Was doing the same, but Spotify is just so more convenient.I still have a huge library, though.

>>258153167Spotify is free jag off

>>258152982how is spotify not jew'd?

>>258152982He will return once his 100m dollar contract expires. Spotify is littered with ads and no one is going to pay to remove those ads just for one podcast. His content will get ripped and uploaded to youtube anyways.

>>258154268based Mexican brotherkeep those mp3s blasting

>>2581529825'7" bald brainlet

>>258152982jew rogan isnt funny at all

>>258152982Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer and some another dude is probably moving to Texas. Bert spilled the beans on Chip Chipperson podacast.

>>258152982overrated angry manlet

>>258154268"Sign up with facebook"> Having a facebook account> Into the trash it goes

>>258152982>popular fags leave to spotify >our guys go to bitchute >other people go to dlive >jewtube promotes sterile commercial content and propaganda trying to become TV 2.0>jew tube crashes and burns

>>258154525>freeif you want to listen to two minutes of ads every 15 minutes of a 4 hour podcast

>>258153167Spotify is free, IDIOT

>>258155137Thats the plan

>>258155143Correct you fucking retard, therefore it's free

>>258152982So he finally sold out.

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>>258154268well that is relatively pleb, you should get into a private torrent tracker.>>258154506Man everyone used to be so shitty about paying for music, there were blogs all over the place where people media shuffled albums and all that fell apart because of how 'convenient' spotify and apple music are.Kind of sad, we had really fucked that industry for a while.

>>258155137>our guys go to bitchute ?

B U M P.>>258153652>>258153359

>>258155137But need to find a way to monetize bitchute, somehow get them running adds

>>258155324imagine not knowing precisely what that means. Fuck off newfaggot.

>>258154268I'm still torrenting. . flac tracks


>>258155433Yes. We could message big bitchute creators and encourage them to ask for an add system.

>>258155540Based Audiophile

>>258154525>jag offAre you from Shitsburgh?

>>258152982>he's literally face-morphing into an ultra kike Interesting how the spirit warps the physical.

>>258152982Glow Rogan.

Google or Microsoft will eventually buy Spotify

>>258155802And we could all tweet at bitchute at the same time. Perhaps Ill make a general about this tomorrow. .

>>258154525>>258155210> muh spotifyDoesn’t mean people will want to use it


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>>258152982Good on Joe. I love Spotify. He just needs better guests.

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>>258154358midwits get the rope.

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>>258153167Maybe that's the point? Spotify does have a free mode but what if he is tired of all the smears and articles written every time he has a controversial guest on or he talks about certain topics? At least according to Joe he started the podcast to just hang out with friends and get to pick the brains of interesting people. Now that it's the biggest podcast in the world there's a ton of scrutiny and attention, maybe more of it than what he is comfortable with. So along comes an opportunity to cash out, get out of the spotlight and avoid the continuing restrictions and limits YouTube have been placing on him. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Shit, just look how my playlist looks... In 10 years each song downloaded will be 1 year in prison. Thankfully I listen more instrumental music than pop/rock subversive shit. Bert Kaempfert, Nana Mouskouri, and movie osts

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>>258154268I use spotify AND pirate music. There's stuff you can't find in Spotify, because it's either so old and obscure nobody cares, or the rights to specific albums are in copyright hell.

Hey all I'm the JR insider from yesterday.Just reminding ya'll that joe is breaking away from (((them))) he's currently dropping all of his soros funded sponsors and this is something that has been in the making for a while now. He's turned on the left completely and really cant stand Biden. He's still not a fan of Trump but he's definitely switching sides, its just going to be a long process. Also joe cares for the well being of his family and friends and wants to make this change as smart and smooth as possible. You will see a big change in his podcast and who he is as a person this year and next. I obviously cant source what I'm saying so take my word or don't but people need to know whats really going on and this platform might be the only place I can safety let some people know what the deal is. I'm no jamie (people been asking) and im not a guest on the podcast but I'm close to Joe.

>>258155980Good idea m8.

>>258156555The way I look at it weve go tuntil the end of the year when rogean makes his final move away from jewtube to spotify. Thats when weve gotta push this jewtube exodus the hardest. This is the time to crumble jewtube and make everyone got to bitchute. So long as bitchute can monetize by then and stays pro free speech

>>258156244This means, all the smartest or the most violent men get to stay, and all women die.

I use pocketcasts to listen to podcasts, will it still wind up on there, or only spotify? I have spotify premium so its not a big deal, but I never use it for anything other than music, and don't really care to switch between two apps when all my other podcasts are elsewhere.

>>258154268patrician as fuck

>>258154268This might be the most Mexican thing I've ever heard

>>258155540This is the only way to go if you don't feel like fucking with vinyl.Flac tracks with a decent DAC like a Schiit Modi 3 is all you need for quality audio. Spending hundreds or thousands on a DAC in 2020 is stupid

Kill yourself joe. Stop shilling yourself here you kike fuck. Buy a god damned ad.

>>258156244So just aspies and thugs, sounds utopian

>>258154358He's still better than most. But you are right, it is midwit intellectualism, but he is a cool dude.

>>258156431It must be an unimaginable hassle behind the scenes ,dealing with jewtubes poz compliance teams everytime something even slightly controversial happens. These people are worse puritans than disney.

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>>258154525>>258155210yeah free from unadulterated content. now when you're using jre podcast as a radio/background audio you MUST listen to advertisements from all sorts of filthy kikes and money grubbing cunts.jre is dead.

>>258162162sounds like a cowardly pussy to me


Joe Roganberg

>>258164669Annoy your customer, lose your customer. I know your brainwashed coporatists mind has trouble grappling with such a concept, but you can actually not us a companies product and refuse them your revenue when they displease you.

first of all he is a faggot, but second, his videos are definitely still going to be on youtube, probably just not the same day.

>>258154358the stupids need to watch something

I admit Rogan occasionally has some decent guest. That being said, Rogan is the kind of guy dumb people thinks is smart.

Have you seen his stand up? It's so bad it's funny in a "laughing at them" kind of way.

>>258152982do people actually use spotify though? What's even the point of paying when you can just torrent every single content available out there? I haven't paid for any type of media for at least twenty years.

>>258168441good man.

>>258152982Joe Rogan is an intelligence agency asset. He was many years ago a real truth-seeker with no political agenda. He would point out the "problematic" truth regarding both sides of political spectrum. He discussed how many of NASA's videos of "space" appear to be fake. He was talking about UFOs and many other things that government would rather not discuss and cover-up, while running disinformation operations to steer people away from discovering the truth. Joe Rogan was the one publicly-known person who would talk about exactly these kinds of things and he would follow the evidence wherever it would lead. Truth-seekers who were not intelligent and knowledgeable enough to do their own research on specific subjects liked Joe Rogan and respected, while taking his opinions seriously and treating them almost as facts.That Joe Rogan doesn't exist anymore.At some point he has changed totally, 180 degrees compared to who he was and represented before. He is no longer trusted and respected among truth-seekers. He is mocked, despised and laughed at, because he chose money, fame and social connections with all perks included over truth. Not only that, Rogan became literally a PAID SHILL for CIA. Now everything he does and say is within the script that his handler from CIA gives him, which is essentially everything that is good for CIA and bad for their enemies. Rogan has been leashed and muzzled for money and he appears to enjoy it.He became exactly what he fought against before. Rogan proves that "Money talks." and "Everyone has their price."Some people say, that he didn't willingly choose to be a CIA shill, but he was compromised or threatened, which is possible, however improbable, because here he is BEGGING CIA to let him sell himself-out to them, he even says he "swears on God" that he will "lie on his mother" for CIA: can bet Rogan is a CIA shill.

Doesn’t Rogan always talk about how great it is that he answers to no one? You just know Spotify is gonna censor him. Why would he agree to this?

>>258152982Once you upload to yt doesn't yt own it's copyright if you monetize it?

>>258165130what the flying fuck are you blithering on about franz. i'm literally the opposite of what you speak of. fk me no hope if you can't tell your own ilk from the rest.

>>258170598Why do you have a faggot flag?

>>258154629The shit is like 10 bucks a month and that lets you listen to anything you want... If you can't afford 10 bucks a month you should kys

>>258154268New music is trash. I still got my old stack of files.

>>258154969Who fucking cares where Joe Rogan livesKreisher is an unfunny jew

>>258171018I had it for another thread and forgot to remove it.


>>258155143>>258155237If it's really an ad every 15 minutes it's fucking unlistenable. I've never used spotify, and would never pay for it, are the ads really this bad?

>>258156508Breaking away from them by marrying one

>>258154969The fighter and the kid.

>>258171127I don't like having a dozen different subscriptions, even for as little as 4.99 for playstation network (i like getting free games fuck you), I already have too many, fuck that noise, I'll probably use it twice a month.

>>258152982Joe Rogan is like some barbarian Khan from the steppes that took an interest in intellectual things and his show is basically him bringing slightly nervous scholars and magicians to come before him to explain how the world works "glasses man, you explain to Joe why sky big, and how tree grow" but he will also believe almost anything you tell him, and only recently (in the past few years) does he clap back like "Tiny hat man say otherwise, do you lie to Joe? Tiny hat man say fat not bad for you, that sugar is enemy, so which is truth? Joe thinks you are wrong" and people just nervously go "oh-oh ok h-Haha yah I guess so""Joe spend many moons on horseback and training with bow and sword, but joe also wonder why skyfire rise from mountains every morning, you will explain this to Joe."

>>258152982You’d think a “woke” man already making a killing with free content would avoid contracts like this.

>>258156450You have shit taste in music

>>258154268It really whips the llamas ass


>>258171129Lol, imagine thinking no new music at all could be good or better than original music. I literally can't keep up with how much music there is that is good.

>>258156508Let Toe Rogaine know he is a double fagit.Thx!

>>258171127It's not like I'm spending recurring fees just for Spotify. It's all the little things. I'm spending close to $200/mo on entertainment things not including spotify.Shit, I need to start unsubscribing to things I don't use.



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>>258155540i torrent but only mp3s. the default android player cant play flacs and i cant be assed to download a different one

>>258156508>You will see a big change in his podcast and who he is as a person this year and nextOn spotify hahahahahahahahah

>>258172007>200$/month on entertainmentwhat are you, some kind of faggot? literally why would you do that when you can access the same content for absolutely free?

>>258171674He will also get things completely wrong that he learned the previous episode. I think his HDD is full.

>>258152982Put me in a room with anybody and I can take them on, Joe. I don't care who it is or what the circumstances are. Spotify, Bitchute, Periscope. I'll fuck them up Joe Rogan. Jamie pull up that video of all the demonetization and censorship that I get away with. I don't fuck around, Joe. You know this about me. I'll mess you up, don't give me the chance. Spotify is full of shit, Joe. Don't listen to their lies. I'll fuck them up, I don't play around.

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>>258154268I use youtube adblocked or torrent. Imagine not owning things.

>>258172007Holy shit, dude

>>258152982Good, hopefully fewer people will listen to this faggot then.

>>258154268Me too user.

>>258153265Like when Stern led the exodus away from normal radio?Or when Conan led the exodus away from air channels?Nah. This is going to be one of those huge fuck ups that will be undone in a year. Views will plummet since normies don't want another app and old people can't be bothered to figure out how to sign up.

>>258172282That's including clubs, gyms, sports, and other things in life that you can't get from staring at a computer screen.

>>258171413no, there are no ads on podcasts, only between songs

>>258154268My long lost beaner brother. Try getting a hold of 320kb/s or FLAC files.

>>258172495>clubshahahahahayou need to go back.


>>258152982>the great jewtube exodus >100 repliesoh yeah Im sure

>>258155137BitChute is headquartered in the UK, isn’t it just a HUGE honeypot to collect the IP addresses of people posting troublesome videos? All the circunstancial evidence seems to point in that direction.

>>258156508Hai eddie bravo, btw the earth isn't flat, otherwise carry on as you are mostly right.

>>258154268I'm also just ripping mp3s from YouTube. I tried giving Spotify a go, but it's honestly trash.>Ads every song>Cant use on phone >Forced to pay for premium features, like picking songs on mobile

He received at least $100 mils for this,the "private jet money" he was dreaming about.Joe showed that he's a good foot soldier by interviewing Epstein's creepy private chef and not bringing up Epstein once, and then he was in!

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>>258152982I wonder what will happen to YouTube when all the VEVO accounts get ditched as music videos become available on Spotify.At least half the traffic comes from music videos.

>>258154268I'm downloading them as MP4, plays straight in my music players as audio of there's no display.

>>258155888No but I think it’s a funny thing to call people.

>>258172559bjj, curling, alpine racing, golf. I'm trying to patronize things I usually do even if I can't go.

>>258154268>I'm still converting youtube videos to mp3As if there's any other way. No way in hell I'm paying for stuff I can just pirate.

>>258172516well with the length of his podcast that seems pretty reasonable kek

>>258154268same, i’m 23 but just haven’t gotten with the times. i want to physically own my music, ya know?

>>258155012I don’t have a face berg but I have a Spotify. I must be a hacker man.

>>258173134>physical mediasurely you mean own it as in have it on your own HDD

>>258154308>FUCK NIGGERS AND JOGGERSyou're not doing this right

>>258154268You should be using telegram bots to pirate music you autistic fuck.Get with the times abuelito.

>>258162243Who's the shiksa?

>>258171296Bigly. God bless him but he’s not funny.

>>258172137what a low IQ vid

>>258152982WokeUltraFaggittyLeftTube can go fuck itself in the corn and die bleeding.

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>>258156450Stop listening to music, it's not for you. You clearly are pretending to like my chemical romance.

>>258173079>golf only bumps your total to 200$ per monthand that's how I know you don't play golf. Either you managed to find a super-cheap golf club with extremely cheap memberships or ridiculously low green fees, or you barely ever play golf at all.

>>258172772an ip means literally nothing faggot, unless is static and you use chrome/fireshit with shitty plugins

>>258175500Golfing is cheap as fuck during the summer in AZ dude

>>258176635Well IDK but here the green fee is easily 30$.

>>258152982I guess I'm done watching JRE. I'm not paying for another service.

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>>258152982Just sad I can't watch it any more. I'm one of the weird fucks who like watching people when they speak.

>>258153167That's where the years long contract comes in.He doesn't care, he's getting paid anyway.

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>>258153167I saw his shit a few times on youtube, mostly because of guests. No way I am going to spotify to see that bernout.

>joe rogaine kicks a temper tantrum after youtube tells him he cant say racist shit on their platform anymoreThis ends very badly for Joe. I don't think anyone will want to listen to this piece of shit after this.

>>258152982jewtube, spotigoy all the same

>>258152982I barely watch YouTube anymore it sucks dick.


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>>258152982Joe's a milktoast faggot with an agenda to push all the goyim into the centre.

>>258178206what did he say that was racist?

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has anyone noticed there is barely any content on youtube anymore? I guess if you like nigger rap music that is the place for you

>>258152982Dude looks so unhealthy in that pic

>When the biggest youtube talkshow host leaves the platform

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>>258154268same here , am an IT guy , and never used spotify and facebook , tiktok and all that other shit ..

>>258154268Unironically based and redpilled.Streaming paltforms are all shit.YouTube too, but it didn't start like one.

>>258179094he's like 50 years old and thinks freezing himself, taking experimental supplements and mma will make him young again

>>258154268Damn, I do the same thing. Never used Spotify but I do use pandora sometimes.

>>258154308You naughty Goy

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>>258178992Look at their trending once in a while. Pure globohomo consumerist shite. I've been always too paranoid of creating an account and subbing to good channels because data collection and glowie profiling but i'm sure there's still plenty of good content being surpressed.

>>258171400What country is it? I’m a filthy phone poster right now.

>>258155238finally? you didn't notice every other episode was promoting a netflix program? you think onnit supplements are legit?

>>258153167>laid off or strugglingBruh, we all just got 1200 dollars and unemployed niggas are getting an extra 600/week.Literally no reason not to throw some money at entertainment while stuck at home.

>>258178206where do people get this idea that joe rogan is edgy? how many normie faggots are on this site now?

>>258154268i still by cds like a retard

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>>258179782what is this reddit?

>>258156450>pet shop boys>new York city boysI mean, you're probably a flaming faggot based on the music choices, but I still have to admire pet shop boys, they are fucking based, even if this exact song is pinnacle of homosexuality.


>>2581542682000-2010 was best era of hip hop music

>>258156244It’s too true. My 105-120 IQ friends are all complete sheep. They’re really good at rationalizing their consumption of leftist bias media and cannot see past the happy feels rhetoric. It’s infuriating that I can lay out all the failings of communism, collectivism and socialism but they hit me with that tired ass “not real socialism” line. Then when they screech that Capitalism has failed and I point out that we don’t live in a capitalist society but rather a corporatist oligarchy they seethe and claim that’s the same argument.

>>258180017>No good points to prove any of it wrong.>Bitches about spacing.Have sex incel.


>>258156508>leaves kike media platform to protest its anti-consumer practices>joins a kike media platform with strict anti-consumer practicesFinally the change we need


>>258152982Roe Jogan is a fucking joke. Once upon a time he was willing to cut against the grain, but he's just another shill now. So be it, it's his life and his choice, but there will be replacements.

Good let him leave. Next get all the normies to install Newpipe so creators make no money and leave youtube.

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>>258180072Damn, don’t know if I’ve seen one of those in a long ass time.

just setup an rss feed and make your audience subscribe to it and you will gained platform independence(do not use youtuve official rss feed)

>>258154268I record playbacks of “Topic” videos or the video with the next highest quality with Audacity and then trim & save the .mp3

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>>258152982good. YT will eventually be relegated to the trashbin of history. There's literally nothing they do that their competition can't do better, other than be currently huge.

>>258153167>i cant listen to some illuminate jew for free anymore because he wants out of the kiketube rideSUCKS BEING A NIGGER

>>258154268Fucking same>mfw my spotify fag friends lose cell service and come groveling to me for tunes

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>>258156053The guy on the left is 5'10".

Who even watches this crap. Boomer stuff for boomers. Their time is long past. Muh fukcin bbj and ufc and shit. Watch this fucking money herding manlet cucking himself. Let the boomers have their faggotry safeplace, who cares


>>258153167He signed a contract, meaning he doesn't depend on ratings anymore. That's Spotify's problem.


>>258155303>there were blogs all over the place where people media shuffled albums and all that fell apart because of how 'convenient' spotify and apple music are.which is bulllshit, apple and spotify are shit and not convenient..>find blog w/ music>click mediafire/megaupload link>download album in zip>enjoy2011-2013 was amazing for this

>>258180129rap went to shit in 2007 when solja boi and lil wayne took over but based post none the less

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>>258154629lol I pay for premium because I use the app regularlyI'm excited for jew Rogan to go on spotify

>>258152982It’s not a JewTube exodus, it’s Spotify signing an exclusive contract with Rogan.

>>258155540based. supreme digital format

I can make sense of this all.Joe Rogan is like some barbarian Khan from the steppes that took an interest in intellectual things and his show is basically him bringing slightly nervous scholars and magicians to come before him to explain how the world works "glasses man, you explain to Joe why sky big, and how tree grow" but he will also believe almost anything you tell him, and only recently (in the past few years) does he clap back like "Tiny hat man say otherwise, do you lie to Joe? Tiny hat man say fat not bad for you, that sugar is enemy, so which is truth? Joe thinks you are wrong" and people just nervously go "oh-oh ok h-Haha yah I guess so""Joe spend many moons on horseback and training with bow and sword, but joe also wonder why skyfire rise from mountains every morning, you will explain this to Joe."

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>>258155433Patreon/SubscribeStar/And New Project 2 (Dick Masterson's Patreon clone project) is unironically a better model.You can also alternatively have in video ads, as annoying as those VPN ads are, those companies don't give a shit what your channel says.

>>258154268No, my southern neighbor, there are still some of us who profess the true faith.

>>258180989boomers are over 65 years old you dope

>>258172007Get yourself an android tv box and install Cinema HD, TVzion, Mobdro and Smart YouTube TV. $60 bucks for the box and $60 for internet.

>>258153167He is making 100 mill guaranteed . He likes to talk to interesting people . I’m thinking that the show will only lose fans if he is restrained more .

>>258181303Capped, this is unironically the best definition of his show I've seen.

>>258180171I don't care about spacing you have pathetic npc reddit opinions

>>258152982JRE sold out and is commiting suicide.. question is; is it on purpose to purge his viewers/listeners that are causing many of his videos being censored or is money/fame getting to his head.Either way in the past year since he passed 3 million subs and started growing rapidly, show became shit and I no longer click on every episode that came out. After hearing this news I pulled the trigger and unsubscribed. I do pray that many of his subs follow him to spotify and let youtube become what it once was yet again.

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>>258152982new Tony Hawk podcast is bretty good

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>>258181303Hehe nicely put

>>258179158Kike who listens to this jew?

>>258181603actually the show is sell supplements, sell netflix, pretend to have something to talk about for an hour with faggy comedian friends, collect tens of thousands per episode. repeat.

>>258154525Only free if your time is worthless

>>258152982im gonna upload his spotify shit to youtube and make $$$

>>258154588>>258154713R A R E

>>258154268I also don't use it, just my trusty Winamp and mp3's

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>>258155012Ya you don’t need a faceberg. I don’t want people knowing what queer music I’m listening to in real time. Spotify is great tho. Def worth the ten dollars a month

>>258154713wild uzbek spotted

Damn anons,at first I thought this was a good thing because (((JewTube))). But I don't think Spotify has a comment section.

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>>258182359nigger, just copy your songs on your smartphone

If there are no comments allowed we must riot

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>>258171413it's not an ad every 15m lmao

>>258154713R A R EARE

>>258153167Spotify is free. If you don't like ads then just download the modded version.

>>258181888Just listen to the bill burr one. You know, the one where he makes fun of the fat kike and cucks him live.

>>258155143Ads don't play during podcasts.

>>258152982Never used Spotify.Never watched Joe Rogan.Barely use YouTube anymore.Not sure why I am in this thread.

>>258153167yeah such an idiot getting paid 100 million dollars by Spotifywhat kind of a retard takes 100 millions dollars

>>258171674Hey Joe, how you doin?


>>258152982INB4 Kikes buy Spotify or come out of the shadows where they've been hiding their ownership and the censorship starts all over again. What ever happened to GAB? the twatter alternative? No matter what free platform is developed, the eventually sell out to the jew. Jewtube used to be a free-for-all. Now it's kike/google-owned. Just like everything else.

Rogan is a fake truther.The only truth that matters will never be found in a book.We are eternal.Our loving creator is the Sun.We get vitamin D from the Sun.When we die Dmt is released.Dmt = taking the VR goggles off.Dmt takes us HOME.The entire point of this "great awakening" is to reconnect us with our creator and get things back to the way they used to be. NO FEAR of any kind.All religions are made up. People go to church on SUNDAY to mock our loving creator. It was all done on purpose. That should piss you off.WE DONT NEED TO PAY PRIESTS MONEY FOR ETERNAL LIFE. WE ALREADY HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ETERNAL. This world is fake. It's a broken VR game / matrix. That's how we became disconnected from our real creator.It was caused by a cataclysm."Elites" are actually NPCs that took advantage of the situation. They are parasites who need to be exterminated.God's chosen people = fake god's chosen NPCs."Elites" need us for their own survival. WE DON'T NEED THEM FOR ANYTHING.They are Agent Smiths who don't exist outside of the matrix. We are Neo.Also most people on this board are CIA / Mossad puppets for the "elites."Trump is Q+ the fake MessiahSome other moron is fake Q Real Q is our creator the SunChildren of tubal Cain = Agent Smiths

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>>258178018Jame-grug bring slate tablet cave art up

>>258156508Hes married to a Jew. Jews jewing jewtube jews

>>258154268>WHAT IS YOUTUBE VANCEDcmon lad, work smarter not harder

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>>258152982Jewtube tolerate no voices who aren't globalist. Of course it's a fking jew owning jewtube. Always the jews. Sadly.

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>>258184412Cheating people, even each other, is a source of pride among the khazars.

>>258153167Many plebs are making more money right now

>>258184004The problem with most of the alternatives is that they're started by "alt right" opportunistic kikes that view free speech as a brand.


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>>258172772What is 5 eyes

>>258154268You're not the only one, I do the exact same thing.

>>258154268I've never used it either.I do use YT Music though

>>258172480to be fair, how many people listen to the radio in 2020?

I saw Sargoy also give up on the jewtube platform todayIt's funny however, how the grift-centre midwits are all walking off the platform blatantly because of money, either bribes like toe rogan or demonitisation like Carl 'Wife's son' Benjamin, as well as Styxtrannyhammer and Tim Cuck all fleeing the platform tooIt really shows their lack of moral standpoint, rather the moderate luke warm audience farming focused empty opinions of these people

>>258185243begone qoomer

>>258182359>Def worth the ten dollars a monthit's five if you "prove" that you go to university. And by "prove" I mean uploading any document when they ask you, they will approve you within an istant without even checking

>>258170397110% this!

How is spotify for music when you don't pay for premium or whatever?I have google play music because a friend pays for it and put me on his family plan, but a lot of the more obscure music I like isn't on there.

>>258155540>>258161285>>258181281good databases for .flac torrents?

>>258171674grug think little hat man not speak truth


>>258154268I refuse to get an acount or use it in general. I'll be the first subscriber to any acount uploading his shit to jewtube, for the keks mainly.

>>258154268Sometimes the old ways are the best ways

>>258183130I doubt it was anywhere close to $100 million. Still, to answer your sarcastic question: Someone with principles, but it would be naive to think anybody would deny that much money. Joe is set for life, so he would've done fine without his deal, and even if Youtube screws him over from time to time. He also knows nobody will be able to actually WATCH his full podcasts (only clips) from now on, and he's okay with that. Disappointing, but the world revolves around money. It is what it is.

>>258152982>>258153167>>258153265>>258154268>>258154308>>258154358>>258154366>>258154506>>258154525>>258154588>>258154629>>258154713>>258154763>>258154770>>258154969>>258155006>>258155012>155012▶>>258173197 >>258182359>>>258154268>>258155137>>258155143>>258155210>>258155214>>258155237>>258155238>>258186157>>258185941>>258185828>>258185737MORE LIKE CIA ROGAN EXPELLED FROM JEWTUBE AFTER EDDIE BRAVO EXPOSED THE ENTIRE NWO CORONAHOAX CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!TALKING ABOUT THE PODCAST RIGHT BEFORE CIA ROGAN ANNOUNCES HIS SWITCH TO SPOTIFY!!!THE PODCAST WHERE HE EXPLAINED THE CHANGE TO SPOTIFY, YOU KNOW, THE ONE WHERE HE HAS A MURDERING PEDOPHILE ON???!!!!!WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>>258152982does spotify have video?

>>258186481>THE ONE WHERE HE HAS A MURDERING PEDOPHILE ON???!!!!!sauce? I dont watch this faggot

>>258153167Ahahahahahahahaha Imagine actually belueving this.Google bots are fuckin g terrified

>>258180129Isnt that brand new music in 3rd world land?

>Exodusgoing from one jew platform to a more popular jew platform to better suit your talmudic needs goyim.

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>>258154268Extremely based, I do the same

>>258186742Patton Oswalt. Episode

>>258187254Does Joe ask him why he killed his wife?

>>258155303I haven't done private torrent trackers since demonoid died the third or fourth time five years ago any suggestions?

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>>258153167That's probably the plan. The Rogan psyop has run its course and they can phase it out now. Joe's probably sick of it too so he probably welcomes phasing it out. The Rogan psyop was a sort of collective, mental, immunization - >get exposed to alternative ideas and even "conspiracies" by wild free thinking Joe Rogan and his kooky guests, >for a while, even believe these things are true>after many years, Rogan stops entertaining anything outside the mainstream and starts walking back all of his conspiracy talk>now Rogan openly mocks conspiracies and obviously bats for the glow team>average Rogan viewer: yeah I used to believe in conspiracies but I grew out of it>reality: you've been taken through a years long psychological program to expose you to conspiracies in a safe and controlled way and then steer you back to the mainstream leaving you with the impression that you've "looked into all that stuff" and found it wasn't true in the end and have no grown out of it when in reality all you did was play follow the leader with Toe Rogan for ten years. You never considered any of the ideas for yourself or developed your own world view, but you are now immune to redpilling because "you've already looked into that".

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>>258154268Uhm, no. I'm pretty sure local storage is still the standard for most people. Spotify doesn't have nearly every artist out there and it has a lot of disadvantages.

>>258152982They're shutting it down before it reaches episode 1488. Winning numbers against darkness

>>258154713Show us Kazan milkers

>>258152982I had gay sex with Joe Rogan in the summer of 99

>>258172772There really isn't any good country as far as privacy anymore. Maybe if Hungary or Poland left the EU, I'd say put a server there but literally every choice has its ups and downs.

100% a move to remove the "Alex Jones is super loved and popular" thingy that his JRE episodes say loud and clearly by merely existing. They gotta delete that shit, and they'll nerf/not allow the AJ stuff on spotify (or might even remove play/like counts altogetherfor videos)

>>258156848Bitchute censors as well. I found Kubrick's confession video on there for a while though. That was pretty mind blowing.

>>258152982Jo rogan is smart.he is getting old and he knows he will get ugly and he can't keep juicing to look young. So he is cashing out at the top, smart man.

>>258188492Was he top or bottom? Did he insist on raw dogging?

Oh no! theres sooooo many ads on spotify, if only I had 10 Shekels for a month of unlimited music

>>258186742>Eddie Bravo looks into

>>258152982Good so many high tier content creators are leaving jewtube for Dlive or spotify. Youtube kikes are disgusting and I hope their gay little company goes bust. Youtube was great in the 00s and the early 10s now it's just cancer.


>>258156450Jesus, Pedro. This is fucking awful. How about some mariachi shit, at least?

>>258154268You, I like you

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>>258152982Is there even a well-known media hosting site that isn't pozzed? I know youtube is fucking garbage but I can't imagine spotify is any better.

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>>258179958Going for the hard copy is always the most based thing to do user

>>258154268Spotify sucks dicks. Doesn't have majority of the music except pop trash.

>>258154525>Spotify is free jag offWhenever I hear the phrase "jag off" its usually a hick from Oklahoma speaking.

>>258154268i use youtube to mp3 convertor website. is there a better way? i used to have a program where i could just post the links and it would download them en masse, now i have to do it one by one.

>>258152982Haha Howard Stern did this with satellite radio and it ended him

>>258153167Haha this