MSM talking about Nazi UFOs and Antarctica

New York Post just put out an in depth investigation into Nazi UFOs and ayys in Antarctica. They show real CIA, FBI documents talking about flying saucers and how Hitler actually survived and maybe went to Antarctica to chill with ayys.>>

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Other urls found in this thread:>, ADOLF_0003.pdf>, ADOLF_0005.pdf,_D.C._UFO_incident>>258175095>>258175961>>258178760>>258180202>>258186495

>>258141964New York Post is pretty based sometimes.

Disclosure in June. Was leaked before.

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>>258141964>yes goy spin your wheels on shit that's obviously fake and don't even think about organizing offline the space nazis will be here to save you any day now just do nothing goy

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How come every show about Nazi technology devolves into lizard people. Why cant they focus on antigrav submarines having tons of mercury narratives instead of going straight to the god damn lizards.

>>258142447Because it's fake and gay bullshit. If you're willing to believe in robot Hitler living in Antarctica why wouldn't you be dumb enough to believe in lizard people too? Hitler died in 1945 and Germany got stomped by commies. Nobody is coming to save you. Organize offline and find the second Hitler.

Document showed in the video

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CIA document - Antarctica Flying Saucers

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>>258141964Fake and gay.CIA collects shit posts since before it was thing and wastes money on LARP projects. You can find information to support ANY argument in the CIA database - just because it's there doesn't mean it's true.



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>1945>Sir Roy Feddon>Technological salvage mission of German

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>Nazi atomic war plane>US army news august 1945.

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>German guided missiles with camera

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>types of Nazi flying discs

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>>258142638>organize offlinefuck off glownigger


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>>258141964They always denied the existence of these aircrafts and labelled it a retard-tier 'consoriacy theory'.

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This is part of the ongoing program of soft disclosure. People who automatically discount all the evidence of extraterrestrial life visiting us and UFOs being far more advanced than anything human technology can do are simply programmed robots acting out their conditioning. They want to believe that the whole thing is a hoax made by intelligence agencies — every single abduction, every sighting, every book, even ancient historical records of humans meeting other more advanced humanoid beings who came from the sky.Some apparently alien craft are human reverse-engineered craft, and some abductions are MK-Ultra style government psyops, but not all. Project Bluebeam is also ironically a possibility the government seems to be considering (faking an alien invasion to justify a one world fascist government). Aliens are still real, terrifyingly and fascinatingly real, and are visiting us. They don’t fit any one simple scheme of interpretation (like John Keel and Jacques Vallee saying they’re fairies/gnomes/interdimensional tricksters, or fundamentalist Christians saying they’re all demons, or people suffering from cognitive dissonance claiming it’s all a government hoax). The gov is releasing this info slowly through official means and more rapidly through more “unofficial” channels. This is because even they themselves can’t tell what all these species want here, and so don’t want people to flip out. This double-channeled leak allows some more curious, open-minded people to prepare themselves better for mass disclosure, and they seem to hoping this more curious minority can grow to the point that they themselves can assist other people in psychologically handling disclosure.Seriously. This knowledge affects EVERY FUCKING THING we take for granted, in terms of>history>science>religion >politics>even ethics (suppose some alien species are so much more advanced than us that extraterrestrial colonialism could be a thing?)

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Politics aside (not being a naz-boi). German engineering was absolutely incredible. There was a lot of 'firsts' in cross-disciplines.I was always impressed by how far advanced they were than other nations, aside from atomic science - which HIlter called 'jewish science'.The Z3 computer in 1941 absolutely incredible to me and the first high-level programming language. They achieved so much in such a short time, because, among others things, they were not subject to the parasitical international sovereign perpetual debt system and they were smart industrious people.

>>258145892Stop making me sad about them losing

CIA report post-WWII

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>>258141964despite the fact there were interesting things about the nazis and antarctica, actually believing that they're still down there always seemed like it must be wishful thinking on the part of anyone espousing such a ridiculous idea

>>258146256Does National Socialism work on a State level?According to the wealth and technological advancements - fuck yes!The modern world is built on the engineering they helped create.However, unfortunately it doesn't do well at balancing individual sovereignty w./ the power of the State. So whether you like living under such as system will depend on if you see yourself as part on the 'in-group'. In multi-cultural societies there are no 'in-groups' apart from the nepotism practiced by the jews, freemasonry and general forms of cronyism and oligarchy.If the Germans had won, we would have colonised other planets by now.

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>>258145212>Doing anything at all other than whining online makes you CIAHoly fuck shut up you pussy


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>>258141964THIS IS GAY

Ep 7 is worth a

>to chill with ayysLmao no, that's project bluebeam shill crap.Let me tell you what likely happened based on what we know about the information we do have:>US took Nazi scientists involved with advanced technologies>slowly pried it out of their fingers over time, reverse-engineered crap, made deals to allow them unconstrained experimentation, or all the above>went to Antarctica with the explicit purpose of exterminating all remaining Reich-era technology, scientists who didn't come over on paperclip, any lose ends which could oppose their technological vacuum >plan since the 1960s has been to create such a gap between technology the public has available and technology the government has so wide that without a show of hand the higher technology isn't explainable by public science>force global unity and a one-world government along with depopulation and stricter control over liberty by steadily bombarding the public side with greater acceptable reasons to relinquish their rights. The point isn't to take their rights; it's to breed a society into the idea that their rights are less valuable than their safety. >kill off everyone else under a big staged alien invasion, only the united and thus only those who abide by their one-world government system survive>one-world government destroys fake alien threat, gains unquestioning permanent loyalty from those they "saved" If you believe anything please remember this: They will find an excuse to shut down the internet prior to any major attack. They'll say it's some weird mental-attack launched through basilisk-like imagery and the people will bend over and take it in the ass for their safety. Your main source of organization and communication and news will be cut off and you'll be at the whim of what you can see yourself.

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it's trueone night the space nazis spoke to me telepathically.

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The nazi bell was just a type of jet engine not really a ufo as it's been romanticized at this point

>>258151552All information on and about the Nazi bell comes from a single source and he goes on podcasts and any talk show that will have him in order to sell his book.


>>258141964Someone has been lurking...

>>258143938Operation Highjump goes beyond the scope of just the CIA.

>>258141964anons since each and every one of us live in our own "reality", such as we ourselves are observing reality through our own eyes. Do we shape our own realities with pure belief? If you believe all this is real will it become real?


>>258141964Their one video about unidentified submerged objects was breddy


>>258142266Surprised I don’t have a cyborg qt fetish because of that cartoon

>>258151081Pills. Take them.

>>258142447Signal to noise ratio. For every actual disclosure they need to explain away, there’s an amount of bullshit thrown in to muddy the waters. The UFO craze thanks to Roswell cover-up was a godsend for hiding Cold War aeronautical testing.

Good thread

>>258142638I miss him bros...

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>>258145820>faking an alien invasion to justify a one world fascist governmentThat sounds awesome!

>>258151081>a ufo shaped like a gunHas to be American.

>>258158096It probably won't be though user you know it's going to global homo and not anything like what you hope for

>>258141964big if true

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>>258143056Is literally>Friend A said:>Friend B said:>Some random german said:>Yeah, hes alive, trust me. Theres proof so trust me.>Proof never shownThe fuck do you think this proves? This is like "my borther's girlfriend's mom said:"-shit.

>>258143348Do those graphics look like an actual document to you rather than a CG prop?

>>258142638No body , and the skull fragment attributed were not him,The fantastical explanations are bs , but it isnt a shut case either

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>>258141964I don't doubt the idea of aliens existing/visiting, but I also don't doubt that the majority of "official" files on the matter are red herrings to distract enemy spies

>>258141964The only concpiracy theory I wish was real. I was interested Nazis, ayys, and Antarctica independently, and then I found the meme.

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>>258142266Didn’t we already have disclosure like 4 times? Is it just me or has the government “officially admitted aliens exist” like every few months or so?

>>258146622somethings down there, few years back a lot of world leaders including the pope all took a trip there.

>>258159976You can look up the documents on the CIA’s website, they’re declassified.A shocking percentage of this “secret conspiracy coverup mystery” stuff is literally just things that normal people won’t go out of their way to pay attention to.

its funny I was watching beyond majestic the other day, and I realized it was just the far rights things now. The guy poorly links area 51 to satanic pedophiles and submarines in space and the deep state which replaced the term for the new world order. I had to turn it off. I used to really like UFO stuff, but now its all about white supremacy.

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>>258141964>kecksbergthey're just having a laff at this point

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I hope the breakaway nazis reinatigate the glory of the Reich.

>>258141964If the Nazi's didn't have UFO's how could Revell make such a detailed model?

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>>258141964Nice, a /polx/ thread.I'll be monitoring this

>>258162523yeah, but why are you sharing screenshots of youtube rather than the documents that "most people are too lazy to look up"?Full disclosure, i fall in that group, so screenshots from youtube mean nothing to me. Are you redpilling me or shilling?


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>>258159976Here are some of the links to related documents on the CIAs website, including the one about Antarctic flying saucers that you referenced. Most people don't even know the CIA has a reading room of unclassified document PDFs on their website. >>, ADOLF_0003.pdf>, ADOLF_0005.pdf

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Now this is real kinda disclosure

>>258169418Huge collection of UFO docs on the CIA website below. I am sure you can find many more if you search around google or the CIA reading room.> in mind that just because these documents are declassified by the CIA does not mean they are necessarily true. It just means the CIA officially took note of them and potentially performed some level of investigation into the validity of the claims.

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>>258171027Another good Nazi Antarctica rabbit hole to go down is Operation Highjump and New Swabia. Operation Highjump was a US military operation in Antarctica that occurred in 1946-1947 and was led by Admiral Richard Byrd, while New Swabia was the name of the Nazi antarctic land claim.> Byrd video interview. > wouldn't be surprised if the Nazis at least had hidden U-boat refueling docks set up in Antarctica. These bases would be conveniently located near the Nazi refuge in Argentina and out of the way of normal travel routes.

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>>258141964I know this is bullshit, but just imagine the reaction of Robo-Hitler with a newly formed Third Reich/Ayy alliance invades from the North Pole.

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>>258141964>Hitler actually survived and maybe went to Antarctica to chill with ayys.Can somebody adjust this meme pic related accordingly?

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>>258141964>hitler is in argentina>hitler is in antarticawhy are these two tranny kikes trying to shill this narrative

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>>258172892That would be a great finale to 2020.

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>>258142638>died in 1945Yea, except the DNA test results on the remains believed to be Hitler's, were that of a female.Inb4 Hitler was really a tranny Jew

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>>258150346Careful guys, don't look into Ayys or you'll get a case of the gays

>>258173773Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if he escaped Berlin and lived in Argentina or elsewhere into the 1950/60s.

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>>258141964UFOs are combination of human breakaway civilization from inside Earth and a result of black-budget-programs and reverse-engineering of crashed / downed craft created by breakaway civilization. It all originated first from the Third Reich and the NeuSchwabenLand bases under miles of ice in the Antarctic and the inside of the Earth. Vril, Haunebu, letter from Admiral Karl Donitz, Admiral Byrd, Foo-Fighters, Operation HighJump - read about that and connect the dots - they all lead to the same conclusion - German elite before WWII, during and after went to the inside of the Earth and created there a breakaway civilization and they are the source of the "anti-gravity" (there is no "gravity" as we are told, it is a force similar to electromagnetism and it can be manipulated) UFOs in many different shapes such as saucer, bell, cigar, triangle etc. It is a fact, that there are openings to the inside of Earth at both poles. Admiral Byrd is not the only one who went there.Interview with Admiral Byrd: Smoky God by Willis George Emerson: is also this one big issue with "UFOs turning American nukes on and off": was Germans from the NeuSchwabenLand in the inside of the Earth who did that as a technological show of power. Also remember when few high-profile people like Orthodox Church Patriarch Kiril, Buzz Aldrin, John Kerry, Minister of Defense of New Zealand, Prince Harry of Great Britain, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Tom Hanks and possibly Barack Obama went to Antarctica? It was a diplomatic meeting with the government of NeuSchwabenLand Germans. Nothing is as it seems. Truth is stranger than fiction.Also, interest in Lake Vostok in Antarctica is more of a military, than "scientific" nature:

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>>258141964That looks like a sick map for nazi zombies

>>258174576There's all kinds of theories. There's even a theory that prominent Nazis and Hitler made their way underground, in the tunnels of the "Hollow Earff".We'll never know for sure, but if anything is certain, there is definitely a lot of fuckery that surrounds the post WW2 era. Come to think of it, 1930s-1960s is just one big mystery, shrouded in lies that became our mainstream history narrative.

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>>258175095moar please

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>>258175666>moar please"Ask and ye shall receive."There was a eugenically-selected population that was shipped there. There is a reason for why hundreds of thousands of children with blue eyes, blonde hair who were taller than their peers went missing during the war. Also Lebensborn was designed with a specific goal in mind. They own entire inner-world and can come from both boles to the outer world.In Operation HighJump they smoked americans so hard that they were forced to fall back and run away like spooked dogs with tails between their legs, that's why this "scientific" expedition was cut short and suddenly they went back home while crying about Foo-Fighters and "enemy" planes "harassing" them."Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned today that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions. The admiral explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles. This statement was made as part of a recapitulation of his own polar experience, in an exclusive interview with International News Service. Talking about the recently completed expedition, Byrd said that the most important result of his observations and discoveries is the potential effect that they have in relation to the security of the United States. The fantastic speed with which the world is shrinking – recalled the admiral – is one of the most important lessons learned during his recent Antarctic exploration. I have to warn my compatriots that the time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances, the oceans, and the poles were a guarantee of safety." - El Mercurio, March 5, more?>>258175095

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>>258175095This is what I was just talking about.I have a question for you, Hollow Earff guy - >why do you always flood these threads with the same shit? >And you always post under a memeflag.This is information becomes less believable when you do this same shit every time.>UN Memeflag>Spam Hollow Earff and other UFO shit >almost always the same copy pastaWhat gives?

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>>258155401>12.16 for a sudden Sieg Heil

>>258161641bet an ayy made this post

>>258175961Notice anything similar?>>258176133Same picture that I took from you, maybe 15 threads ago. You spam every single one of these UFO threads with the Hollow Earff bs.Why?>Uses UN Memeflag every fucking timeWhy?

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>>258145820>like John Keel and Jacques Vallee saying they’re fairies/gnomes/interdimensional trickstersVallée says they're a control system. THE control system and we're their cattle, on which they operate on a spiritual level.

>>258175567i fully agree, i'ts like we can't be sure about anything. The moment we think we know we figure out more shit that we don't know which makes the known part unknown again

>>258141964PRAISED BE KEK

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>>258176133>>258176724Thread is about UFOs, Antarctica and Third Reich and I posted on topic, yet you complain. I post exactly about that and have been for a long time, so why write the same thing over and over again using different words, when I can just post what I posted before? There's no need to re-invent the wheel.This is to educate people and provide them explanations for questions they always have, because to be able to get an accurate big-picture of the reality requires a lot of time, research and sufficient enough intellectual capacity, which prevents many people from realizing what is the truth, so I connect the dots and reveal the big-picture for them and provide proof.If you have problem with hollow Earth then all you have to do is just refute it. We are waiting, You won't, because truth cannot be refuted. There are many planets that are partially hollow and torus-shaped with openings to the inside on their poles and Earth is one of them: am just a messenger and post for few worthy ones who want to know the worst, ugliest and most uncomfortable truth, instead of the best, sweetest and most comforting lie that's preferred by mindless masses and I don't care if people believe or not contents of my posts, because truth, facts and reality remain the same no matter who believes what.

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>>258177863What are the chances Neuschwabenland will come back and take over in our lifetime? I'm sick of this clown world.

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>>258177863>>258178472Neuschwabenland Germans*

>>258178472Slim.People living inside the Earth were first eugenically-selected from ones living on the surface and shipped to the inside. They are mostly having classic Cro-Magnon traits, such as blond hair, blue eyes, tall stature, square jaws, high IQ, empathy and extremely high civilization-building potential. Now their descendants continue the mission their ancestors were tasked with. It was all planned and done to create a breakaway civilization inside Earth as a kind of a backup if ours here on the surface will be totally decimated by the next global catastrophes of cosmological origin. It's all part of a greater big-picture.They will emerge after world-wide civilization decimating disasters on the surface to repopulate the earth and rebuild civilization as gods. Have you ever wondered why there are so many legends all over the world, where natives claim that blond haired, blue eyed, tall, white skinned gods gave them knowledge and created civilization? Maybe elites know something is coming and they have been preparing for some inevitable event of cosmological origin that would collapse civilization. Meanwhile inner-world population's purpose from elites' point of view is to have "the unknown enemy" that they control as a boogeymen and elites that control both outer and inner world are just staging these events for economical and other reasons. A perpetual cold war-like situation would be a great thing for humanity as a whole as long as it's planned, because that is great for economy and technological progress. There is a reason why western governments were deliberately leaking tech to Soviets. Also, wars are literally needed for the greater good, otherwise civilization would collapse on its own, there must be always at least two sides fighting between each other, so artificial conflicts are preferred where both sides are controlled by the same group. There is a great book on that topic, titled The Report From The Iron Mountain.>>258175095>>258175961

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>>258158299>boomerangs are gunssomeone patch me through to Bruce, he's gunna want to hear this.

>What are the chances Neuschwabenland will come back and take over in our lifetime? I'm sick of this clown world.Fingers crossed

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>>258178472>>258178541>>258179614>>258178760Bankers have been accused over a long period of time over and over again by many different nations, races, ethno-religous groups etc. of coordinating the events at the world stage from behind. That group of people is extremely intelligent and always stays at the top, because they back and finance both sides of the conflict, that way no matter who wins, they stay on the top. These people value power and control over any existing ideology. They are truly rootless internationalist capitalists and they plan decades ahead.Hitler himself was a grandson of Solomon Rothschild (father of Alois Schicklgruber, father of Adolf Hitler), a member of the Rothschild dynasty, and Hitler's famous book titled "Mein Kampf" was written by Catholc priest named Bernhard Stempfle.There is a reason why Hitler was financed by Wall Street bankers. Even Rockefeller family was sponsoring Third Reich and selling them oil, which was crucial for LuftWaffe (German AirForce) to fly. Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of both Presidents Bushes was aiding them, too.1. heard about "The Business Plot"?Bankers and Jesuits are seriously underestimated.

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>>258162103They released some videos but said they don't know what it is, hence a ufo but stopped short of saying aliens


Based threadd

Hyperboreans from China to PeruNeuschwabenland guardians of the entrace

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>>258143056>it’s been 10 years so he can’t be prosecuted as a war criminalLol what? We just had a Croat commit suicide in a court room because of some shit he was being charged with during the Yugoslav Wars

wtf I love the media and believe everything they say now

>>258145224MANY THANKS.

Can the more recent sightings in Turkey and China during the last few years, be somewhat related to the Natsoc UFO/USO theories?

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>>258141964Listen most super natural shit about the Reich is non sense most famous of this non sense being the die glocke which is just a hoax invented by a polack to sell copies for his terrible book the claims of Hitler not dying in Germany is true but he didn't die on the moon or on Antarctica or in the earth he simply died in Argentina

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>>258157868i am a catholic, probably nominally.when i think of someone divinely inspired, who really showed the Way on earth.honestly my mind immediately drifts to hitler.

>>258142352Redpilled rat is so redpilled that he doesn't even need proper spelling

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"The King of the inner earth knows the heart of every man"

>>258188400NeuSchwabenLand Germans from the inside of the Earth flew their "UFOs" over White House in 1952 as a show of power and,_D.C._UFO_incident situation happened in 1942 in LA, known as "Battle Of Los Angeles">>258175095>>258175961>>258178760>>258180202>>258186495

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>>258142638>npc leaking npc ooze Have you tried taking a shower?

>>258141964anything to get the narrative they want to go with first.. so when the truth is told, people will mistake it for this horseshit, etc. same shit different day.

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>>258142127>New York Post is pretty based sometimes.Fuck yeah they are. The Post was leading the Epstein investigation.

>>258145212Beyond parody, you will die a horrible slow death and you will deserve it, because you didnt do anything to stop it.


>>258151081How many americans do they want to kill? What about europeans? Chinesr?