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>>257421334First we cut off relationshipThen we nuke them

Do it

>>257421374You can actually cut off the relationship by nuking them


Bump. Fuck em.

>>257421334Yes can we please go back to the old system where western countries openly boycotted communist countries and deported their spies?

>>257421334Death to the insectoid Chinese!

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>>257421334Please do it.

>>257421334Nuclear first strike on BeijingDeath camps for all Chinese in America

>>257421374Don’t even need to waste a nuke on them.Just pull all your manufacturing job to India and China will be a barren waistband within 5 years.

>>257421334>cut off trading with China>Americans run out of anti-biotics in 2 daysBrilliant drumpf

>>257421377Dubba wubba

>>257421334Fuck yeah! $3500 smartphones incoming! Fuck you ching chong


>>257421334really convenient now that he moved all his family business in vietname and india

>>257421422Checked >>257421662Wouldn't doing that mean whoever is president 5 years from now would start "humanitarian" efforts to save chinka?

>>257421671They make pills in dirt floor rooms in Botswana too, we can still get pills! Commie socialist scum!

>>257421334I wish our government took a much harder stance towards a country that attacked us with bio weapons.Instead of begging them for help in dealing with what they caused.

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>>257421374>>257421536>>257421459Brainlets with no fucking understanding of global geopolitics or diplomacy. Fuck China but they have nukes and dominate East Asia. If they could be cut off so easily they already would've. Wake up and stop drinking the fucking kool-aid Magatards

cutting off ties with China would leave irreparable damage to our markets

>>257421334Yeah we'll just move some of the factories to India.


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>>257421671>Americans run out of anti-biotics in 2 daysYou underestimate the burgers enormous gruge against anybody who thinks they can challenge them, Pedro. If they decide to drop the chinks, they’ll be broke within 5 years...

>>257421334what does Walmart say? 80% of their shit is from china


>>257421863hi chink

>>257421747and?who fucking needs china anyhow?

>>257421686The world was arguably a better place before smart phones, before 50" TVs in every room, before being constantly connected and "on". Maybe $3500 smart phones are what we need.

>>257421334we should cutoff our relationship with Wal Mart. Who used to solely sell American made goods, until they learned they could drown their competition by selling Chinese shit, in the 90s

>>257421334WWIII factions >Allies: USA, NATO, Australia, NZ, Japan, South Korea, Uyghur militias, Tibetan militants, Nepal, India, Colombia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Jordan>Commies & Company: China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, commie militants in Allied countries listed above Major Theaters: Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, AsiaSo Holla Forums, where do you want to die?

>>257421854Sorry, Solomon but the only people hurting would be your people. Bringing high paying unionized manufacturing job would benefit American workers. Unions hate low paying immigrant who’s fucking up the economy.

>>257421853MAGA Leaf!

>>257422081Eastern Europe. Sounds cool desu.

>>257421853Nukes that probably won't hit their target. We also have a satellite jammer which China doesn't have. Satellites are necessary for ICBM

Even if we do nothing we will win because of automation. It’s estimated that 78% of jobs in China could go away due to automation by 2025. This kill the bug man.

>>257421334yes lets destroy even MORE trade connections during a time of extreme crisisthat should bring about the great depression of the 21st century


>>257422051grampa go change your diaperyou smell

>>257421334daily reminder that China does not exist

>>257421686Probably the best thing that could happen.

>>257422222Nice digits, but you're still a faggot.

>>257422222We need a restart anyway

>>257421334>be me>wake up to this>jizz my pantsBest morning nut evar

>>257421949you mean beside all your plutocrats and 80% of what you fat fuck consume? idk who care about vietname india and morroco anyway? still here we are with your fat jewish overlord telling you what you need to think

>>257421853Spoken like a typical Chink-Canadian. China is a precarious house of cars who couldn’t survive a few major manufacturers moving their plant to another country.You pangolin eating cunts are a few minutes away from turning back into India.

>>257421686who cares? people will just stop upgrading their phone every year and use them until they’re obsolete like they do with cars now.

>>257422222Bitch. There is no depression. Bake a cake nigger



>>257421662waistband. kek

>>257421422Sure thing

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>>257421686How am I supposed to get a new one every single year????

>>257421853They got bombs better make sure you buy the 30$ belt sander instead of the 80$ belt sander goy.

>>257421686There are plenty of 3rd world shitholes that are drooling at the thought of making our crap.

>>257421334"Made in China" will be a meme one day.

>>257422451no, incorrect. walmart became convenient but u.s. citizens can and will learn to live without it, if it were to suddenly disappear. same goes for the world and china, my disgruntled leaf friend.

>>257421334>trump said a thing>here’s a tweetthis kind of lazy garbage does belong anywhere. shameful.

Pls ban chinese from owning real estate

>>257421853Dialate and seethe

>>257421686samsungs are made in korea

>>257421841The news media and politicians are idiots or out right evil always focusing on the fake issues instead of the deeper underlying ones and the people just eat it all up. One example being on a “vaccine” xx months away on a “virus” for which there has never been a vaccine or cure for. People want a pill for everything and it’s just fucking stupid and absorbed in nonsensical thinking.

>>257422179>Satellites are necessary for ICBMAmerican education

>>257421686I have a $250 t mobile phone ive used for 3 years I'm not part of the problem you are

>>257421334based. fuck chinks

>>257421947No, he's right.

China is not an enemy.

>>257421334We need to meme war boycott China, the salt will be incredible.

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chink internment camps when ?

>>257421686If apple didn't spend billions on advertising, they'd be made here for the same price

Trumps hardball style of doing things is very effective

>>257422640>no, incorrect. walmart became convenient but u.s. citizens can and will learn to live without it,no they don't idiot consuming is the epicenter of the new american way of life consume consume consume consume you're all morbidly obese and just think about material all the time you think your country of fat idiot can produce anything anymore? you're high nigga the only way the US start producing anything again is if they import enough indian or chinese (you're doing exactly that right now btw)but who am I kidding you're a mutt golem barely sentient your reality is a poorly scripted B series



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>>257422222shutup chink

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>>257422751i read it wrong thought he meant america would break if they dropped china oops

>>257421853Uhm sweaty... They'll be too busy with Taiwan, Japan, and Australia.

>>257422758Chang, drop the VPN. China stole our entire database of not only federal employees, but applicants

>>257422351>>257422374>>257422530hows that farm trade war goingso well trump had to pump billions into the farm industryjust add that to the 12 trillion dollar debt

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>>257422779Not soon enough

>>257422889show flag, russian nigger

>>257421853Hey wang, did you know that anti-Chinese sentiment is at an all-time high following what has been already years of manufacturing leaving China due to the fact that BingBongs are horrendously unreliable (and malicious) trading partners? Doing business with China today basically means that your order will be wrong, broken, and you'll have your IP/designs stolen and reproduced in China. The great Chinese Manufacturing sector really is quite comical if you know anything about manufacturing.Manufacturing will continue to migrate to other Southeast Asian countries, and some will return domestically. What's China's economy if not manufacturing? Farming, and a cunt hair of financial "services".By the way, you need a modern navy and air force to dominate anything. Almost all of China's military power is in poorly equipped and totally inexperienced infantry, led by incompetent party officers.

>>257422961lol mom I said it again ching chong ling long lol mom mom look at me mom I said it again mooooom

>>257422841T. Son of a billionaire chink exuding the virtues of his fake communism agenda, while living under the blanket of freedom that I provide.

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China is completely and wholly dependent on the US. They are an export economy - we are their largest buyer by far. We have the luxury of being able to economically prop up anywhere we want. If we want to leave China, we could go to India and Vietnam, and after a bit of a start up period, we could have them supplying everything China did. Not to mention China's ability to prop up its own military would be undercut.

>>257422758>China is not an enemy.But, for America, it is, and American leadership understands that they either cut China down now, or they're never doing it. That's why there is going to be a war. Another question is what the outcome of this war will be. Seeing the sheer size of modern American hubris and stupidity, a humiliating defeat for the US is more than likely, though, as in any war, you can never now beforehand.

>>257421334We are fucked.- Australia

>>257423004And of course she beats up her ballless weeabo

>>257422706>makes $2700 dollars A YEAR>russian education -- for russian niggers

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>>257421334>Trump riles up the rabble to hide his fuck ups yet again.>It worksoldest trick in the book for normies and brainlets, but there is literally zero substance to it and it will not escalate. What the fuck has happened to this board?

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>>257423112you're an homo phoneposter fuck away idiot >the blanket of freedom that I providethat one is comedy gold you couldn recognize a communist dictatorship even if it forcefully quarantined you and closed every businesses you're an idiot pretending

>>257422954>Pretending this is a new thing>Pretending welfare queens hobbyists too proud to form cooperatives with their neighbors are feeding anyoneNext time I hear a 'farmer' bitch about money while owning several million in property and machines I think I may just pop them in the mouth and ask for my fucking taxes back