WTF is woman's problem?

>be me on laptop>girlfriend on mobil phone>girlfriend complains i am on laptop all day>i retort she is on her mobil all day, which is a defacto mini computer>"it's not the same">"how is posting on facebook any different from me modding games? At least I am productive and people play my shit">Wont open her legs nowfuck women.

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>>257418835>fuck women.That is my intention, yes

>>257418835This is why you shouldn't value pussy. They'll hold it hostage every time

If she disrespects you like that then she is not your woman. You're the woman.

>>257418835Don't argue with holes user.

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>>257418835When she says things like that, user, she wants physical attention. Hard lesson learned but unironically dude trust me.

>>257418835That is the moment to wit you throw her the dick really good then go back to what you were doingBrain chemistry is not that mysterious

Just because you have awful taste in women doesn't mean all women are bad.My woman is great and has never disrespected me, not even once in almost 10 years.

>>257418835She is trying to rationalize the moment when she cheats on you. You have been warned.

>>257418835>having a gf

>>257418835>Still using facebook unironically in 2020wtf?

Punch her in the fucking teeth.

>>257418835>i retort she is on her mobil all day, which is a defacto mini computer>i retort She’s not your equal user. Treat her like the child she truly is. Both of you will be much happier

>>257418835That's her just wanting attention.

>>257418835stick a dick in her when she complains

>>257418835haha cute feets

>>257418835>mobilHow does it feel to know you're among the least proficient people at a language you basically invented?

>>257418835>Arguing back that SHE does the same "bad" thing as you. You dun goofed my friend. No pussy for you now.

>>257418835Remove their rights.Torture thrm all.And kill all cucks.

>>257419348Ah, an Indian man. The experts of mobile phones.

>>257418835>thinking a women can understand logicAlso, if she's looking for a reason to create drama, that means she's looking for a way out of the relationship.Make sure the apartment is in your name.

>>257418835>Wont open her legs nowjam it in


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>>257419141>That is the moment to wit you throw her the dick really good then go back to what you were doingthis desu

>>257419165>awful taste in womenthis is just women in general m8. They're all like this.

>>257418835Just call her a stupid cunt. Women love being called stupid cunts.

think of it this way. your gf is looking at you and what she sees is the profile of a man's face staring at a screen all day.she expects you to do better.

>>257419419>The experts of mobile phones.Mobile phone cases.


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>>257418835Here's what you did wrong. You doubled down. Women know they're idiots, and when you doubled down like that you were rubbing salt in the wound. She probably just said "it's not the same thing", because shes smitten and doesn't want you to think less of her for overlooking something so obvious. But instead of just saying "yes, it is the same", and changing the conversation, you went a step farther and demeaned her activity by asserting you were doing something more important, and in a condescending a way. Now you know.T.chad who hasn't gone more than 3 weeks without sex since the age of 15

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>>257418835she's only on the phone because your on the labtop


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>>257418932This.Arguing with holes: threaten to make the hole unavailable when they are upset/losing a debate.

>>257419165>hello fellow males

>>257418835Things that never happened

>>257418835lol pathetic betayou should just kill yourself as you will never be happy with women

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>>257418975this guy gets it

>>257419699This bigger knows what's up.

>>257418835drop her, their personalities are fairly mass produced now and you could get a better version that doesn’t have as many apparent issues. The only power she has is the one you give her

>>257418835she's not your girlfriend.

>>257419699You right but also she’s just wanting attention. She’s on her phone because OP isn’t paying attention to her.

>>257419484look now I'm a nigger tooY YOU MAD WHYT BOI lol

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>>257418835you relationship will fall apart if you dont do less on your laptop. She is maybe on her phone because you are on the laptop. and you blame her for beeing on the phobe too, do you see the issue? women want alphas and men to take the lead. she wants change and you fucking beta cuck dont see that shit. if i'd live in britain i'd fuck your girlfriend while you are away working you dobt deserve her you beta fuck

>>257419699the stupid bitch should have kept her mouth shut in the first place

>>257418835>not politics>your personal blog postAll fields

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>>257419771It’s so much more of a mind fuck when you get them all hot n ready then play the same game. Oh, I’m just really not feeling it right now. You wanna see a woman’s true colors? Lmfao it ain’t pretty. All of a sudden you’re a loser that drinks too much

>>257419959Someone should meme a Woman’s Personality Starter Set

>>257420045>change for womenNoAbsolutely no woman is worth that. Fuck being a slave to a used cunt

>>257419699the plates are obviously not broken until you open the doorfag

>>257420045Based Austrian. Seriously, stay off the laptop and see what happens. If she doesn’t follow through and stay off her phone, drop the cunt. Spend time with her, be intimate, as opposed to gaming. If she doesn’t reduce the phone usage, like I said, drop the cunt

>>257419111This. Just fuck her and then go back to what you were doing.

>>257418835go tell her your sorry and she can browse he phone whenever she wants, throw away your laptop and tell her u love her.

>>257418835>he asks a woman if he can fucklmao, pay a Eurozone prostitute or use your damned fist>he depends on a woman's opinionTHIS is pure cuckery>a woman being a bleeding cunt got him so bad he must post about it on my basket weaving forumdump the slag and subscribe to Better Bachelor, you fucking simplord

Because women are basically children, and cant fathom concepts like fairness or hypocrisy

>>257419165good for you bro. sometimes bliss is good I say. you're one of the luckier ones who has no clue yet what she's done and is doing behind your back. I say enjoy it while you can.

>>257419272And also the first sign she is gonna cheat.

>>257419166This sounds true.

Bro, you're missing the point, the laptop or phone isn't the problem.She's getting bored of you, take her out on a surprise date, even if it's just a picnic or some shit. Say, "hey babe, get ready, put something nice on, I'm taking you out." But do not tell her where you're going, always remain mysterious, women love to wonder about you, it really gets them going. We may be in lockdown but get creative.In a relationship courtship never ends, if you become complacent and uninsteresting she WILL look for another guy who will court her. It happened to me, I thought my gf would never leave me, which made complacent and she did.When women feel loved and understood the legs open.It's the most common reason relationships end.

>>257419348it must feel a lot better than drinking piss and eating shit i'm sure.

>>257418835>>Wont open her legs nowYou don't ask cuck you take when ever you fell like it. Stop being a faggot and put a leash on the bitch.

>>257418835>Wont open her legs nowjust rape her

>>257418835Imagine the smell

>>257420165You sound like a killer with the ladies

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"she wants attention"t. cucks.

>>257420394Do not treat your woman like a pet, she'll leave.

>>257418835What are you modding?


>>257419348>still trying to be relevant in hopes to change your people's perception to poo in the loo and not be the loo covered in poo

>>257418835Women thinking they are the same as men is one of the worst things that’s ever happened desu

>>257419484at least I got a chuckle out of this one

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>>257420394>When women feel loved and understood Hahahahaha listen to this simp

>1 post by this IDimagine my shock

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>>257420145>goth/tomboy/spooky girl (usually white)>hot/thot/Gucci girl (usually mixed, Latina)>similar to above w/ distinction “twitter woke”>dem/lib/cat girl (white) >clearly mentally ill roastie w/ dad and men problems and tells you them but still fucks you (white)Idk my experiences, can’t think of any blacks as I haven’t really been with any

Just broke up with my gf of 15 years. Hope she enjoys her new life as a 40 year old roasti/wine aunt/cat lady.

>>257419484This one may have a point.

The problem is you user , if she isn't barefooted and pregnant when she isn't pushing a pram she won't respect you 100% ,it sounds a bit fucked up but knocking her up is in her mind the most alpha thing you can do .

>>257418835It means she wanted your attention retard.

>>257418835To her it might be the difference is she can put down her phone any time. When you are working on your computer it makes her feel intrusive to try to talk to you since you have all your focus there while she devotes partial focus to Facebook and can multitask easier and still socialise. Tell her you want to compromise and "detox" from your devices. Put down your devices or shut them off completely for a hour + a day and focus on time together. If she is addicted to her phone, this should annoy her while making you appear in the right at the same time

>>257420629You go around posting this everywhere, fuck off ahmed

>>257418835She wants attention you sperglord

>>257418835Lmao cucked

>>257418835You need to beat her more. Those are her cries for you to exert your masculine power and you are failing. She's gonna dump you if you don't smarten up.

>>257420718Kek this/pol/ is unironically retarded, can’t believe i swallowed so many redpills here

Take the blackpill bruh.look up FACEandLMS for some good pills

>>257420394Seen this happen to a guy, actually I was the one the girl turned to ask for relationship advice.>full disclosure, I told a guy calling me from the railroad to stop being a fucking pussy and JUST DO IT>he livesAfter probing her situation until the shit stank so much a Mexican Beer victim would smell it, and essentially not answering her question regarding whether she should break up or not up to that point, I found that the root problem of why she was complaining her boy was a cunt is that he started taking her for granted, barely made the relationship anniversary fuck any special, neglected to get her even a flower or some chocolate, etc.So I told the bitch to break up with him if a missed anniversary date means that much to her...and she fucking did it

>>257420394boggles my mind that people actually bother dealing with these incredibly annoying and illogical creatures.I mean, there used to be a hierarchy at least; if you were married as a man, you were in charge, and the family unit revolved around you. That sounds like a reason to jump through all of the illogical hoops a women sets up around you when you're in a relationship, but today?If you get married, you have a good statistical chance of losing everything to her once she gets bored. She will have to have a job, just like you, and will be just as uninterested in being a stay at home adult, leading to inevitable stress, and rows over random bullshit.There is literally no incentive to enter a relationship, as a man.In fact, I would say it's literally a trap. Once you're in, your lust will make you commit deeper than you should, but once that abates in strength, you end up realizing you've sacrificed time and money on a glorified hole with legs.


I don't think the laptop is the problemshe probably just wants more attentiont. virgin expert on women


>>257420394>She's getting bored of you, take her out on a surprise datenah fuck it, she's just an attention seeking bitch with daddy issues - plenty more fish in the sea.

>>257418835Women always do what the crowd is doing. They have no will of their own. If someone else has decided one thing is more "socially acceptable" than something that's essentially the same or objectively better, they won't care. Their very nature is to surrender to the will of others. They're quite literally the npcs of gender.>He made me feel bad for something! I hate him now and am going to punish him using the only card I have to play!This is the primitive level they think on. They're vengeful and petty. The best solution for this particular situation is to come up with a mutually fun activity that you have to work together to do.

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>>257418835>picmaybe this is why women are more affected by coronachan, thots are always putting their fingers in their mouths for these dumb posesi'm honestly impressed we've managed to become so septic as a society because all these broads should've been extinct by viruses and bacteria by now

>>257418835Kick her right in the ribs or you'll be a pussy

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>>257419699you sound full of shit bro.

>>257420684>15 years together>not married herWtf

I highly reccomend a book, "how to be a 3% man"It tells you all you need to know about women.That and "Way of the superior man," were real whitepills about women for me.

>>257418835You messed up retard she is probably talking to Tyrone now because you weren't man enough to kick her out of your house


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>> read up on the personality trait that makes women the unbearable cunts they are.

>>257418835Women want attention. Men want respect. Spend time with her, dipshit.

>>257420922This. Means are justified by the ends

>>257420045who's fucking yours bro? any clue?

>>257420045shut the fuck up you whore

>>257418835>Arguing with propertyThis is where you fucked up

>>257420502You sound like someone who spends 50%+ of his income on females


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she's not looking for a logical argument you moron, that "complaint" means she wants you to pay attention to her. How stupid do you have to be to ACTUALLY think she gives a shit whether you're using your laptop or not? >>won't open her legs nowshe probably wanted you to fuck her earlier moron

>>257418835Beat her savagely til she apologizes, OP

>femanon hereshe was in the right, you should spend time with her

>>257420945Marriage is an antiquated religious ceremony and a ménage à trois with the state. I would be dealing with divorce right now. No thanks.

>>257420245don't forget to tell him to cut off his balls too and to hand them over to her on a platter.

>>257418835Had similar happen to me. Basically, it's your job to pay attention to her. In her mind you're allowed to do things or have hobbies as long as those things benefit her. You can't win because when you give her the attention that she demands she then thinks less of you for not having a life of your own = pussy shuts.

>>257421320Why are women so obsessed with attention? And why is stating something logically beyond them?

>>257420969>Read books on women and how much of that has helped?

>>257418835>have stupid conversation>OH MY GOD FUCK EVERYONECan you millennials just shut the fuck up already?

Have sex together and do less with electronics

>>257418835you are retarded OP. when she doesnt want to have sex with you because this hapened, you just give her 3 strong smacks on head if she doesnt comply bash her head into wall semi-strong and force to fuck.she will be more turned on than ever before. she might be trying to resist at first, because she knows thats how she "should" behave. but in after u are done even if your gf is strongest femenist she will be drooling over you.

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>>257420889Who is the girl in your pic?

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>>257420394you sound like an old hag bro.

>>257421278Maybe when I was a teenager but girls buy me dinner now. Point is not to perceive or portray all women as greedy used cunts. They’re just cunts

>>257420839Mate, you clearly know nothing about women, relationships never work if the woman feels she is equal to the man, superior to him, or feels like he loves her more than she loves him. Or if they do work there is zero sex and she is using him for his resources. That heirarchy still exists, it has to otherwise the relationship does not work.These "illogical hoops" are tests to see if you are a strong, well centred man, and if you fail she will leave you, and you deserve it because you are weak.Read "how to be a 3% man"


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>>257418835You tried to reason with her, there's your problem.She simply wanted more of your attention. Are you willing to spend more time on her for pussy? If so, just tell her that she can get it if she puts away her phone too.If not, just ignore her. Problem solved.


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>>257420476he has to remove his leash first, so tell him this.

>>257421376You probably would be still with her with 3 kids. Now find a younger woman and start a family you degenerate cunt

>>257418835>has a gfthat is a rookie mistake

>>257418835women are infants. that is themost infantile way to argue ever. "WAHH, I don't like what you said so I'm going to mope and not ahve sex with you now."

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>>257421410You are retarded. No one here understands women, rofl, you don't deserve women.

if you fall in love, you are the loser

>>257418835> girlfriend get off Holla Forums

>>257418835She just wanted her feelings validated. That's all, no conversation or facts. What she was trying to say was "I miss you and want to spend more time with you"Remember women and men are different.

>>257418835>Wont open her legs nowFind another woman, drop this cunt immediately.

>>257418835>>Wont open her legs nowI stopped considering females human a long time ago.

>>257421429It's worse now because of how society nurtures their self-obsession. A mentally healthy woman likes a bit of attention but put raise that same woman with social media and an army of male simps and you get a full-blown narcissist addicted to attention. It really is a drug and today's women are junkies.

>>257418835LOL dump her on the spot and call her a leech. Women are nothing more than leeches and should be treated as such.

>>257420571it ranks way up there.

>>257420839women aren't illogical, they just behave differently. OP needs to be there for his woman and say sorry. She's bored of him, if OP doesn't say hes sorry and start giving her attention, some other guy will. He should at least buy her flowers or something, what if she leaves him?

>>257421665Yes German, we should follow your example, never have any kids and replace our entire population with shitskins.

>>257421542How do you make them feel loved and understood whilst also making it so that she doesn't feel like you love her more than she loves you.

>>257418835>using sex as a coercive tool.Time to bail. The biggest red flag.

>>257421694In a lot of cases I would unironically rather fuck my hand than deal with women’s bullshit.

>>257421635Most wholesome webm I saw this week

>>257421542>>257421792Exactly what drove millennials to take relationships like competitions?This is exactly why your divorce rates are the highest, you are robots who see everything mechanically.This is why wagecuckery is the only use there's for your generation.

>>257421542>These "illogical hoops" are tests to see if you are a strong, well centred manNo, they are mindgames designed to net her more attention, and to create some drama in their otherwise pointless and dull lives.Women do not have the intellectual capabilities to formulate any kind of logical tests of character, and resort to an emasculation process which, over time, no man can withstand.And when he's done, she moves on.

>>257421790>flagisn't spain a feminist shithole?

>>257421784>women aren't illogical>will leave you after losing an argument they started for no reasonUh-huh

>>257421792You can't it's a trap

>>257420684she never screwed you over? nothing on the side that you knew of?

>>257421650I've already done my part. My child is grown and I don't plan on having any more.

>>257420810either wants attention or is covering her bases. i wonder which one is more likely hmm.

>>257421967At least the kind that browse Holla Forums aren't as much of a bunch of SJWs as the actual leftists.I'm starting to think all millennials are just inherent SJWs.In the end, you thrive towards the same thing: turning the entire west into a mutt filled shithole.Maybe it's not jews the ones who are ruining everything and it's just you.

>>257421650He would probably be living under a motorway, wondering why the fuck he ever got married in the first place, had he proposed, while his ex lives in his apartment, with his kids and his paycheck.

>>257418835Women like men who are always doingMen that are filling their time with "important" endeavoursWether she is on her phone or not is irrelevant, she could be doing nothing but staring at a wallBut if she sees you doing the same, which is the opposite of what you SHOULD be doing, that is enough reason to think you are not capable anymoreI know it's weird but women are just different mentally and that's just how it is

>>257421694>relying on a depreciating asset to compensate for your lack of personality or talentIt's just so stupid

>>257420821and you didn't fuck her. ...?

>>257418835If a woman stops putting out then just leave her. I seriously doubt she cooks, cleans, or can keep up a conversation. , So she just made herself completely useless.

>>257418835Dump her.

>>257421873don't see why anyone would ever put up with a woman's bullshit, when you have VR compatible automated fleshlights that work synchronized with several different forms of pornographic media.At this point, women all come with an insane amount of baggage and unrealistic expectations, so 90% of relationships end in disaster.Women bring nothing to the table worth working for.

>>257420839so how's the trap working out for you user?

>>257420684Sad to hear that, man

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>>257419166Digits confirm, she's probably already cheated



>>257419228Found the jogger

>>257422340No, we're long-time friends. We bant together.Also, I told her I would treat her the same as her now-ex. "Having peace and pussy is the greatest wish of a man".So I spat her own ultimatum in her face: wanna fucking break up over him being at ease?And she did.To her defense, she did try to explain to him that missing the anniversary meant a lot to her. More like, she had a hysteria attack and bawled her eyes out on him. The gravity of the situation was lost on him

>>257422480You've just given up, you're pathetic.

>>257418835sounds like you just don't love or wanna spend time with eachotherNot an issue with women at large.

>>257422637You yourself are against relationships, against having kids, anyone who advocates for whites not having kids might as well be an SJW.I'm seeing this a lot among millennials, who are becoming pretty much boomers in how much they are willing to ruin the west just for their selfishness.This is the kind of people that prove that democracy is not viable and will always lead to anarchy: civilians are stupid, extremely low IQ and don't know what's best for the future.

>>257420987>You messed up retard she is probably talking to Tyrone now because you weren't man enough to kick her out of your house>talking

>> used to call her husband, sir. Their interactions were more comparable to that of a father and daughter than the relationships depicted today. This was acceptable for television.

>>257420065> a woman's reaction to being thirsty and frustrated is to call people losersThat actually explains a lot.

>>257420283>good for you bro. sometimes bliss is good I say. you're one of the luckier ones who has no clue yet what she's done and is doing behind your back. I say enjoy it while you can.Imagine projecting this hard

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>>257421916This is the absolute truth.

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>>257418975Based leaf. Man up user


>>257421376Don’t demolish the sanity of marriage and healthy family, you stupid mutts lmao

>>257421362she's not in the right, quite the opposite.

>>257422733Yes. I have given up on women, and as far as I can tell there is no reason to fall back into that stupid trap.Name one thing a women could offer me that's worth the pain, suffering and bullshit I would have to put up with.

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>>257418835better get a roll of USD, make into tube then slide thru thumb and forefinger repeatedly in front of her...that ell do it

>>257422040Alright, I take that back, you are a good burger

>>257423157>muh pain, muh suffering, muh bullshit, muh ripped dude cope picAll of that is avoidable if you're intelligent, not my fault women always end up wearing the pants in ur relationships.

>>257418835Could you be due to reup on her onlyfans gibs? Pfffft your "girlfriend" eh?