Why does he always choose to be a piece of shit?

Why does he always choose to be a piece of shit?

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Because OP is nigger, and Onigger is going to jail and gonna fry for treason

>>257417120Don't forget that Trumps job approval numbers are highest ever just now

He's just a spokesman. President in name only.

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>>257417120he isn’t wrong faggot the governors were just sitting there begging and crying in press conferences while the federal government was getting shit done for them

>>257417120>Why does he always choose to be a piece of shit?Because being a piece is shit is the best course of action in a clown world.

>>257417120Trump is an incompetent fucking kike\thread

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>>257417120get over it, faggot

>>25741749880,000 deaths.they were certainly getting shit done to achieve amazing numbers.

>>257417120because he likes to make you mad

>>257417120He does this because the propagandists are trying to sell the narrative we are succeeding despite of Trump.The reality is we are succeeding because just about everyone , dem and Republican alike, have handled this well.The one exception was Deblasio in NYC.The propagandists are going to run into the issue of conflicting narratives soon.They are going to have to sell the States are doing well but it is the apocalypse because of Trump

>>257417616It's mostly democrats, letting your opponents supporters die is a good electoral strategy.


>>257417120Why do liberals flout their abortions and child grooming by homosexuals? Seethe more.

he's the only one who isn't a piece of shit, with a few exceptions. trump could purge 95% of the politicians in washington in a totalitarian fascist power grab and we'd still be better off than we are now

>>257417616Implying more dead liberals is bad.

>>257417616>imagine actually believing this

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>>257417455And the groomed from birth CIA spook muslim was really in charge of things?Is that what you are implying?

I'd be happy with a Trump dictatorship. He could put the leftists in camps for re-education. The economy would take off and corruption would be reduced. Franco did this in Spain and saved that country from shit-tier poverty for decades. Pinochet did it in Chile - killed almost 3000 fags and child molesters and saved the country from communism.A right-wing junta can be a good thing.

One point to keep in mind.When they start claiming these Governors have done well and these have done poorly ask how many dead are there from the good States vs the bad States.Don't let the propagandists control the narrative.

>>257418229Yes, I'm a body language expert. You can tell from Obama's wide stance that he is in charge whereas Trump looks like he's groveling.

>>257417871many pussies like yourself make comments like this, so to save me some time Ill reply to yours.How far removed are you from reality and your humanity? Is it really that easy for you to see people die?I know its easy to see numbers on a screen in your mom's basement and reply with conservative baby boomer comments straight from the fox news website.Please get out of your house at some point. People like you I wish to dump in a 3rd world country so you can see actual humans suffering.Youre no different than an e-thot cunt who complains about the most petty shit in existence.

>>257417120This isn't being a piece of shit, this is a bit pathetic though begging for praise, either way you're a seething faggot.

/ptg/ needs to FUCK OFF

>>257418206youre right...Im so wrong. Lets also fight for the hiv+ infected peoples freedoms to infect others as well.

Remember this, every governor who has very low approval ratings could in no way have gotten those numbers and success without me shilling the failing HCQ and telling everyone to drink fish tank cleaner, inject bleach and absorb UV rays. We made it happen!

Shareblue or leftypol slidethread.Very sad.Fuck niggersFuck janniesFuck kikes

>>257418660>All that plebbit spacing>Nothing of substance said

>>257417616If the coastal blue states actually have a damn about screening and testing all flights inbound from China like Trump wanted this wouldn't even be a thing, but dems had to act all huffy about listening to the president so they didn't even bother until after the coronavirus spread so far inland. You also conveniently left out how the WHO required all deaths be listed as corona deaths even if it wasn't the actual cause, so long as the victim is "suspected" to have carried it.

>>257417616Could have been 2 million. If you blame Trump for those deaths, blame the governors, mayors, city councils, legislatures and everyone in government that didn't prepare with trillions in home land defense. American Civil Defense was no existent and still is. Ths was nothing less than a Chines Bioweapon attack on Trumps with the world paying the price. That will come out before the election in September-October, he is acting cocky and self assured for a reason, Democrats and the Chinese Globalists failed misreably

>>257419081>what is being on your phone and not using a desktop monitor with your browser set to full screen?must be plebbit spacing

>>257419335The Democrats wanted it to happen, obviously.

>>257418660>ur a big meanie >:(((get a load of this faggot

>>257419341Care for evidence to back up your outlandish claims? Trump and Pompeo couldn't find any evidence but I'm sure some obese incel has all the answers lmao

>>257417616Thanks to democrats like Cuomo giving executive orders to ship corona patients into nursing homes lmao

>>257419341he's acting cocky and self assured beacuse he has a personality disorder. Trump demonstrates no empathy...not even in his speeches to even win anyone over.Furthermore Id feel confident too if my opponent was a pedophile whos had brain surgery and going through dimentia.

>>257418660 why should i feel sorry for traitors?they trying to hurt white poeple as best as they can so fuck democrats

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>>257419516hey your country seems to be doing something right.

>>257417120hes dosent ALWAYS user

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>>257418660Well faggot, go look at the Chinese "companies" and global corporations that have sold out and shill for China. Would the Democrats let a bunch of older Americans die from a Chinese Bioweapon to improve their chances to win back the government? Hell yes. They spent four years threatening Trump supporters, Whites, gun owners, pro-life and conservative people with death. You are fucking dense as hell.

TldrDemocrats encouraged the covid spread to win the election

>>257419766What you dont realize is that the democrats love trump. Everything you described is nothing more than a game in the big picture.Democrats do exactly what you describe and then the Republicans reciprocate the game. In the end tax cuts for a select few while you get to spew your shit inside your trailer with a picture of trump on your while and your dick inside your sisters cunt.None of you morons see the big picture.

>>257419539Fuck off leaf, it's all opinion and political speculation, I am not writing some damn thesis on chemsitry or mathematics. Even if you have "facts", you can still lose in politics. That's my opinion, if the man is confident like this and he has already said he had proof of the Wehan lab "leak" why release the info now so it can be countered. No October it will come out, so seethe harder and blaming him for the virus and any deaths is real shitty in my view.

>>257419575He has more than that, he has already defeated several bad Road Runner cartoon plot attempts by the Demcrats to derail him. I remember Stephen Colbert smirking about Russain collusion and Putins' Cock holster, well there was no Russsian collusion, Colbert is a lying weasel. New Wile E Coyote Democrat startegy, blame Trump for the virus.

>>257417120Its a litmus test. If there are people who understand there is elite and it should have the elite things like at least respect of the nation for their work, that benefits the nation, they would be untouched. Others get the ecology laws that drive them into the stone age.

another discord thread hahah holy fuck.

>>257420060Well if they are playing the same game, then the Democrats and Jews are wasting a lot of money, energy and hate trying to take him out and I just don't see that. He isn't a Bush.

>>257420330Do you like trump? or merely arguing to defend Republicans, just because theyre Republicans?I dont like democrats, and a registered republican, but think Trump is a piece of shit.

>>257417120seething leftist retards and jews, many such cases. Sad!

>>257419679They didn’t do anything. The weather, population density, and less international travel did it for them.

>>257420496democrats are rich arnt they? Amazon prime video is full of SJW bullshit right?All the tax cuts trump passed and $2 trillion stimulus package helps who really?You, the under $100k/year slave wage, or the top ceo execs and rich people involved with lobbying and politics?Democrats play the role of a democrat but theyre no different than their opponents.

>>257418568Body language requires more than a still shot moron.I have three books on body language and not even for a single page does any of them mention looking at still pics and determining anything.One is written by an FBI agent."What Every BODY is Saying" is the name I think of the best one.

>>257420060>tax cuts for selected fewYou give yourself away.Everyone got a tax cut. Especially small business with under 20 employees (me).And there are payroll tax cuts coming.That one will be pretty hard to spin, but I'm sure you'll come up with something retarded.I'll wait.

>>257417616119,000 deaths between UK, Italy, Spain and France. Total population about 240 million.85,000 deaths in the US. Total population 330 million.27,000 of those deaths are in a single state run by a retard who thought it was a good idea to send COVID patients to nursing homes.Conclusion, you are a dumb faggot.

>>257420630a real american would capitalize the name of their President, even if he was a douche.You Chong Ching Lee Wong, are a chinese shill.

>>257421352That depends, how much of that does it benefit you?Was the tax cut so much that you were able to record more profits? or are you another business running a loss year after year on the books, then beg the government for grants like farmers do?

>>257421814noted. Ill spend more time on my grammar on an anonymous image board. Sorry about that.

>>257421564>thought it was a good idea to send COVID patients to nursing homes.NYS pays a shitload of money for nursing home medicaid costs.shoahing the boomers was not an accident

>>257417120all his dead constituents are very thankful

The first real round of stimulus was the 1.4 trillion pumped into the stock market while it was crashing. The only people that made money on that were the fund managers that bet the market would tank and shorted beforehand. then the raping happened with the 4.1 trillion and no one said a damn word. 1200$ is pittance compared to what corporations got. for that amount you could have given 75million US families the amount of 40 thousand dollars and still been under 4.1 trilloinAnd you burgers wonder why Democrats want to take guns from people?Its because when people finally realize what the politicians have done for decades they will want to shoot the politicians

>>257419367>admitting to being a phonefag

>>257422468you give americans too much credit.They welcome this, because a vast majorty believe that one day they too will be a rich jew someday.

>>257417455Remember when Obama started a war with Syria for the Jews?

>>257420630So you are basically a Mitt Romney, RINO, heeb worshipping Neo-Con?? More concerned about appearences to Democrat than actually saving the nation?

>>257417455Remember when Obama staged a revolution in Ukraine and put all Jew at the head of the new government?

>>257417455Remember when Obama gave Israel Iron Dome, the most advanced anti-air defense battery ever made and the sold it straight to China?

Why are you being an ungrateful douchebag