Wh*te cops shoot black female EMT worker

Crickets from the wh*te supremacist mainstream media you claim is anti-wh*te and controlled by DA JOOS. Yes the MSM is controlled by an elite group of likely pedophile psychopaths but they are wh*te supremacists. CNN, Fox, ABC are wh*te supremacist organizations. Many such cases as this.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Breonna_TaylorOnly Canadian news reports on real news:globalnews.ca/news/6938998/breonna-taylor-shooting/

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bump. crickets when facts are presented


It was black cops that shot her...fucking nigger OP

>>257415088I wouldn't want her giving me CPR with her nasty turd lips.

>>257415823What fucking world do you live in where the news media are white supremicists?

>>257415088Was she jogging?

>>257415088She was a suspected White supremacists incel

>>257416517THEN WHY DON'T THEY REPORT ON STORIES LIKE THIS, dumbassWatch roland martin unfiltered and the breakfast club on youtube. Alternative media that speaks the truth, keeps it black and real. Its good to leave your echo chamber once in a while.

>>257416429Proof? their names sound wh*te to me

>>257415088"Bump..Bump...look!..Bump..ugh, why does no one care about a dead nigger??"Th- that you Chang??

>>257416695>THEN WHY DON'T THEY REPORT ON STORIES LIKE THISThey don't report when blacks kill other blacks, how often do you hear anything but a quick blurb about how many blacks got shot in Chicago? Blacks killing blacks isn't news, it's just assumed it's happening. Now if nobody got shot in Chicago, THAT would make the news.

>>257415088The reason the anti-white media won't cover this is because they can't use it to turn blacks against whites.

>>257417043this. mad nigger copings

>>257417607To expand on this, it's a fuck up that makes the system look bad and would unite most Americans against it. Only the most hardcore of hardcore racists will defend killing an EMT in her own home during a no-knock raid on the wrong address.It's only when the dead person is obviously guilty that the media machine will try to turn them into a martyr.

>>257417607Retard. Its SO obvious. 3 white cops kill black female EMT worker, this is blatant racism

>>257415823Hahaha. This makes me happy. Such hate. You've wasted your whole life on revenge. AND GOT NOTHING.

>>257415088>uniformed cops>storm your home, WRONG HOME>you: a legal gun owner tries to defend yourself>gun fight ensuresWhat kind of bullshit is this?These cops need to get live in prison

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>>257415088No-knock warrants. Cops love them because they get to play army.

>>257417008Imagine reading a name and assuming the race. What a fucking racist you are mate.

>>257417853Yeah, I’m sure they got the “wrong address”. Probably knew too much about the corruption in their PD

>>257415088>>257415823Why the fuck are you larping as BLM? This is a legit bad story regardless of politics or RACE. Mentioning BLM won't help ANYTHING in a place like this. In fact, it will hurt your case.STOP YOUR BULLSHIT KIKE!

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>>257417853Yes and yet Holla Forums claims theres an epidemic of black on wh*te crime not being reported yet these kinds of stories happen just as often if not more and you hear crickets from the MSM.

>>257417937*UN-uniformed copsFIXED

>>257416695I agree with you on the notion of FUCK PIGS, but this was a black on black crime, and it was done in a way where it broke constitutional rights. Media would rather holster up the pigs, and protect them than report on this, and maybe have a couple of unironic racist support a no-knock raid.

>>257415088From the wiki> Walker's lawyer stated that Walker thought that someone was entering the residence illegally, and that Walker acted only in self-defense. But it was the wrong house so it was an illegal entrance no?

>>257415088We must trust in our expertly trained tactical teams who go out there every day fighting crime.

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>>257418181legit this would probably unite lefty faggots, and rightoid niggerinos. can't have that. >fuck niggers>fuck cops>fuck nigger cops doing no knock raids breaking constitutional rightssee why this can't be reported on?

>>257416429They were white

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>>257418245correct, and it breaks our 4th amendment. legit cops should be hung if they break draconian oaths.

>>257415088Just leave a dog filled with tannerite in your living room.

They are joos!!!!! Learn the difference.

>>257418223>black on black crimewrong skip to 0:46 on the global news link it was 3 wh*te cops

>>257418181>>257418034>>257418223The cops were WHITE you fucking bootlickers. It's in the godamm OP link. Drinking bleach made you legit retarded.

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>>257415088good. The only good nigger is a dead nigger.


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>>257416695Of the media was white supremicist it would never speak about white privilege and things like that. If this country was white supremicist then the white race wouldn’t be dying out and flooded with immigrants. I understand you have a chip on your shoulder but you need to think this out for once in your life. The media always trashes whites, why would whites do that?

>>257418727Surprise Twist .... SHE AS WHITE ALL ALONG

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>>257418652>It's in the godamm OP link.>Replying to me (OP)wewEven pointed out in the post above you

Kill all the niggers and we won't need the fucking cops.

>>257418770calm down tranny. I know you're running out of estrogen pills but we'll restock tomorrow

>>257417937>>257418009A whole bunch of cops need to start getting shot when they do these no-knock play army raids in the middle of the night. Then they might decide it's bad policy to treat their fellow citizens that way. And that's the basic problem, they believe themselves to be above their fellow citizens, that they're military. That's directly the fault of the war on drugs, war on terrorism and war on poverty. Now we have coming up a bill calling them heroes in the war on virus. What is it with this country wanting to militarize everyfuckinthing and call them all heroes while taking our money, freedom and lives?

>>257415823Stop larping like a nigger and go eat your foreskin, Anton.

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>>257419841Kwanzaa boy will be even more shocked when he finds out who owned all the slave ships.

>>257415088>DA JOOSKike detected. Bumping this shit thread for this important fact, only kikes say "joo" or variants thereof. The Jew cannot name himself.

>>25741818111 times more likely, actually.

>>257416376a leaf, a fucking leaf kys chang

>>257419841Based jew lmao

>>257418181This nigger literally hunted and shot dead an elderly couple as they visited their sons grave.How many news stories and how much outrage did you hear? And it is a fact that niggers kill about 500 whites a year.Well more than twice the number whites kill of blacks. And MOST of the white on black deaths are justfiable as the blacks were trying to kill the whites at the time.Now, post your fucking hand with a timestamp. Or fuck right the hell off.

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>>257420096No because those stats are for civilians

>>257415088Gtfo faggot

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>>257416695>the breakfast club>the truthpick one, nigtard

>>257420361That's because the public automatically assumes that the negro will act like a wild animal. So its not a big story.Jewish media is very racist in that regards.

>>257419175>their fellow citizensHow can they be considered citizens when they don’t live under the same laws? If a citizen kicks the door down to someone else’s home at night and kills them they are tried and found guilty.If a glowjogger does it, nothing happens. At worst case scenario the victim magically turns into a drug dealer or child abuser

>>257418814>the references on the wiki page are literally from American news papers.Whats your point?

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>>257420096Black on white crime is so frequent that the majority of it doesn't get its own individual news story. That's all the news would ever be. At that point, it just gets added to the statistic.

>>257420597We vote in leaders who ignore the constitution and god. The result is disdain for law and a disdain for morality.We get shot in our homes by drunken crazed cops but at least we're not racists!

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>>257420597That's the point. They're supposed to be citizens. They're not military, or federal, but they love to play like they are. They see themselves as the "good guys". You even see that sophomoric bullshit on shows like Cops. They love saying they are going after the "Bad guys". We need a mature police force that realizes they are a citizen police force, and not some separate power unto their own.

>>257420963If all black crimes were reported whites would be demanding segregation or deportation over night.

>>257421027Cope nigger fascist

>>257415088>>257415823>>257416376Leaf......every FUCKING time.

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>>257415088>>257415823The only good nigger is a dead nigger.

>>257415088Same reason they were totally silent about President Obama gunning down Miriam Carey in front of her baby. Doesn't fit the current narrative, "Only Republicans Are Racist."

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>>257415088Did she know something about HER?

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>>257421027Side effect of all our Jewish wars on the world. So much left over military hardware, it gets distributed to police forces across the USA. Combine it with Israeli contractors training police, and the result is predictable.Fact is, you don't need to dress up like Solid Snake to bust some idiot street nigger. Hollywood began romanticizing SWAT teams in the 1970s and they haven't stopped since.In the end its always the fault of the Jews, always. Christians don't what this bullshit, but they are obsessed with end times prophecy which includes Jews.

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I don’t know when this happened but I heard about this before this thread so it is being talked about. Those mainstream media outlets aren’t white supremacist and the people that run them aren’t white. My guess is this story will be getting quite a lot of press.

>>257415088I literally heard about this like 15 min ago on abc news. Dont act like they arent covering this.


>>257421757Liberals are Communists. Ever hear of a Communist government that didn't want more power over its citizens?

if you don't minimize literally every thread made by a memeflag regardless of context you're a part of the problem

>>257416695Do they report on blacks killing whites? They only report the rare white on black killing because they are anti white kikes. But they obviously can't report on every single case you dumb faggot. They're too preoccupied with that 60 IQ thieving nigger jogger.

>>257421217Fuck off finland. You don't even have a dog in this fight. It's not about "are you black or white", it's "are you a citizen, or a subject?"

>>257415088So the shooter was black?


>>257415088Well according to the story, she was an ASPIRING EMT, she hadn't become one yet.She lived with her drug dealer boyfriend.Cops came to do a raid on the drug den she lived in.BF fired 3 shots at de po po.De po po fired 20 shots back, killing both idiot niggers.That's why the crickets, leaf.

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kekdead niggers are the only good niggersSAGEAGE

>>257415088>botched raidYeah, she was not targeted based on race. Plenty of whitesans Hispanics died this same way, due to police incompetence.