Sigis Hails!

Laggs liban þus Gutþiudareikis! (Long live the Goth's Realm)!

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>>257414986Cry more memeflag.

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>>257414812What's even the issue?

>>257417260The issue is Meds won't learn the language of their superiors.

>>257414812Goths are fags, they sacked the weak Roman empire and lost against moors led by jews

>>257417483ok Mohammed, calm down

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>>257414812we wuz goths and shiet>t.unironically some croatian historians

>>257417603Spanish and portuguese are alright.Having Brown eyes is gay tho.

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>>257417598>>257417603You made the Goths concede to every demand for equality despite being inferior son's of Caracalla. No wonder they lost with ungrateful subjects like you.

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>>257417673It's true Ostrogoths settled in Pannonia but they left afterwards.

>>257417999>wonder who is behind these posts

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>>257418254Digits don't lie.

>>257417999Goths sold Hispania to the moors thx to their retarded civil wars and lack of any sort of decent army that wasn't just a warband of raiders.They even fought byzantines who controlled North Africa and Southern Hispania, aiding then in the Muslim conquest of North Africa as byzantines had to fought on both fronts.

>>257418902The jews allied and opened them the Gates.

>>257418902Byzantines were enemies of the Goths and Vandals.

>>257419123The entire goth nobility already lost against the Muslims in the Guadalete battle. The king was deemed lost. The surviving goths just fought themselves for who will be the next king. In the meantime ibero-romans just were passive and watched how an army or berbers, north African Christians and a few Arabs took over.

>>257418254>angloi never understood this is an anglo? do they mean anglo saxon? e.g. north germany/denmark? if yes, then why arent they part of the nordic race? so i guess anglo has to mean something else. since its black hair its probably from down south somewhere. or am i missing something here?

>>257419123Jews just funded the expedition and promoted it. Them opening gates is irrelevant, there was no one to defend them anyways

>>257419426Cowardly Ibero-Romans.

>>257419593It's probably the admixture between the Britons and the Anglo-Saxons. However I lack these features as I have blue eyes and dark blonde hair. I am probably not even Anglo and rather Heruli.

>>257419634Why cowards? Goths were a plague that came destroying society and shitting on the streets. Compared to them Arabs were the best option. Remember that most of the Muslims that invaded the peninsula were north African Christians and berbers who were pretty familiar with ibero-romans in contrary to the Germano-Slavic goths.

>>257419170Belissarius crushed the goths and chained the german regulus dragging him in front the Emperor in the Hippodrome.

>>257419938did you have blond hair as a little kid? if yes then you are most likely germanic

>>257420359Almost white-blonde hair when I was a little kid.

>>257420069>>257420259Romans were always breaking the peace between them and the Goths. The fact you identify closely with North African Christians is a testament to the Non-White nature of the Med.

>>257414812You get no say. You are but a humble vassal of the Kingdom of Purple Sueves (and Pink Visigoths), Ally of the Kingdom of Lech (bringer of kurwa, in blue), and New Troy (formerly Cyprus, in green).In red is Iceland, currently a temporary base for Racism 2 (formerly known as America).

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>>257420731What in tardation?

>>257420690Do I identify ibero-romans with African romans instead with some shady Baltic tribe that came just to sack and rape?Yes


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>>257421161I bet you have shit taste in women as well.


>>257420690Epic inferiority complex of this mohammed. but keep trying on the d&c

>>257421264Suebi were defeated by the Visigoths after being incorporated into their kingdom. In real life.

Cool language. Shame they just swamped the meds and blanda upped themselves out of existence.Anglosaxons were probably the only Germanic people who did a proper conquest instead of just installing themselves as the ruling class.

>>257420690>The fact you identify closely with North African Christians is a testament to the Non-White nature of the Christian.Ftfy

>>257421412Correction, and were incorporated into their kingdom.

>>257421412The union remains. The union is eternal. You are part of it.Resistance is futile.>>257421419Yes, because the Normans and French became the ruling class lmao

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>>257421330I guess your ancestors enjoyed being raped by anglos and Danes. You must still fap to the image of bearded savages raping your ancestors' mothers and throwing them on the mud afterwards. Tipical anglokike behavior.

>>257421647His ancestors WERE the rapists. It's the same everywhere dumb dumb

>>257417598Technically doesnt mke them fags. Just lost against some other group

>>257414812literal niggers

>>257421419This is true. Goths were offered Britain by the Romans but declined.

>>257421754Yeah, I bet they raped themselves instead of the local pop retard. Humans are born from a man and a woman, hence half his ancestors were raped

>>257421647I am Germanic. No rape. t. Heruli conquerer.

>>257417483Goths learned latin

>>257418083They got assraped by avars and slavs

>>257419426visigoths, like suebi, or moors were military elites ultra-minoritary in the iberian peninsula. The populace were pretty much the same since the cooper age - celt-iberians (yamanya + n.famers.)

>>257421970Like with you, it's the same everywhere.Where there is conquest there is reproductive loot.



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>>257422136They left.

>>257422438Beacuse they got assraped

>>257422292The difference is I don't like it while this anglo tries to cope saying this >>257422033

>>257421629So? They (the Normans) conquered an England with nary a Roman or a Briton left, outside of Cornwall. The Goths vanished as soon as they were dethroned. They didn't even give their name to the lands they left.

>>257422544Why don't you like that your ancestors were conquerors? Are you a faggot?

>>257422141Yeah I know. If all the peninsula was even more "white" after the Reconquista since many genotypical north Africans were expelled.

>>257422596>They (the Normans) conquered an England with nary a Roman or a Briton leftI'm not sure that is genetically true, since the Anglo-Saxon male line was ravaged by the time the Normans came.

>>257422596>They didn't even give their name to the lands they left.You are totally clueless.>germanic toponymsbut whatever. we have already explained that:>>257422141

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>>257422620I don't like that my ancestors were raped by literally snowniggers. It's like being proud of being a mutt cos your mother was raped by a nigger on a hallway

>>257422537They left because they conquered Italy.