NZ Legalizes Warrantless House Searches by Police

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No one will do shit about this, its absolutely shameful.

>>257412187guess its time to grab your gu-nvm good luck

>>257412187uhoh :( wat do, bro?

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>>257412356>guess its time to grab your gu-We still have guns just not le ebil 'assault' rifles

>>257412187Remember this and the Christchurch gun grab have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with the fact that New Zealand is the international elite's escape haven of choice.

>>257412603Soon:>The PM has complete power to make new rules;>The police can install tracking implants without a warrant>Can monitor you without notice or reason using a smartphone app>Can paralyze your limbs in your home, car, work, or elsewhere to prevent confusion with escaping criminals>LISTEN

>>257412603huh didnt know thati assumed you were as cucked as the aussiescool good luck overthrowing your govt


>>257412603No you don't. You cucks turned them all in like good boys because mommy PM said so. You guys won't do shit about this. You had to have a Aussie come in and clean out a fraction of your rape gangs for you so I know you won't do shit about the cops kicking in your door and breaking all your shit.

>>257412740They are already trialing this, anyone that speaks up just gets shouted down by the million of muppets that infest this country it is fucking sad times.They are all going to get their wakey wakey moment soon enough but it will be too late by then.

>>257413781Actually people didn't there are still a ton of proscribes rifles at large but it is irrelevant because no one will put them to use. Just like in America how you have firearms but never use them despite your government going tyrant.

>>257413781>No you don't.Lmao you're fucking retarded.

>>257413870>They are all going to get their wakey wakey moment soon enough but it will be too late by then.Yeah, too bad the wakey wakey moment will be culling once their new owners want to thin the herd based on personal preference

>>257412187You got something to hide? If not it shouldn't be a problem.

>>257414236If only this was true for governments like ours.

>>257412187Knock knock? hah not today kiddo this a NO KNOCK RAID BITCH. SGT SAX GET THAT FUCKING DOOR DOWN ON THE FIRST HIT

You guys know the deep state won right?

>>257414018Now this is the most adorable cope I ever did saw

>>257412317wow. this is how true serfdom is ushered in eh? to whimpers from the kiwi men

>>257414236i know it's sarc but so many people think like this, like they can't envision a scenario where a crime is invented not committed

When the NPC majority welcomes this in the name of the 'greater good', there's nothing you can do.

>>257412187>NZ Legalizes Warrantless House Searches by PoliceThat happened in 2012.

>>257415475yeah you really stopped those gun grabbers in Virginia and put a stop to illegal immigration.

>>257415763You mean Kim Dotcom?

>>257412187i guess that there were some downsides to having such a trendy cumdumpster lead your country after all, huh retards?

>>257415767Sweetie only one of us can still buy one of these. Besides Aragorn I think Tarrant was the only New Zealander with balls

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>>257415927I can still buy one of those just not from a store it still wont make a dick of difference.

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>>257416026>I can still buy one of those just not from a store

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>>257415506Oh there will be protests probably succession attempts but the reality is a good chunk of our population are 100% Bovine cattle.

>>257412317Tbh I never thought the crowns goons couldn't just bust into your goy pod anytime they wanted to search for offending butter knives and such.

>>257412624Funnily enough I’ve seen people pointing out the influx of wealth to New Zealand on here like 5 years ago

>>257416072>Trump not banning bump stocksWhen are you going to use those guns of yours. Let me guess, never.

>>257415927Not a New Zealander and the reason they can do this

>>257415850Search and Surveillance Act 2012.Among other things, it allows police to enter your property without warrant if they suspect that there are drugs, firearms, persons unlawfully at large or evidential material related to serious offending. This is just another thing that they can use to make entry to a property.

>>257416256>but the reality is a good chunk of our population are 100% Bovine cattle.You already called yourself cattle, why do you think I'd respond to you seriously? Go graze somewhere else

>>257412624and the late term abortions.

>>257416357Don't get mad at the truth goy.

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>>257412187>>257412317>>257412356>Let the government take your right to bear arms>Lose all other rightsTake note Canada, it's only a matter of time now

>>257416466>>I can still buy one of those just not from a store

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>>257416553>I can't buy bump stocks but a New Zealander still can

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>>257415927Tarrant was an Aussie, new zealanders immediately went into SO SORRY mode after him.


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>>257416628What are you going to put it on

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>>257416628What do with a bump stock when you cant but a gun?

>>257416642Ah that makes a whole lot of sense actually

>>257412187So, the honourable thing for New Zealand police officers is to resign from the force. Dishonourable police officers should be helped to receive permanent transfers to desk jobs.

>>257417011we can you dumb mutt

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I'm not surprised. 90% of people from new zealand that post on Holla Forums are textbook sjws

Gee i don't know. Now go work hard for Israel while your own rights get stripped away.

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>>257417238That's a lot of chinks>In the 2013 census in New Zealand, the size of the Chinese New Zealander population stood at approximately 171,000. This represented a 16% increase in population from the 2006 census in the country, when the size of the Chinese New Zealander population stood at 147,500.

>>257417238Why does this story keep changing?

>>257417320Oh wow user, is that a gun?! That's so cool, I hear your government even lets you look at those

>>257416689>>257416628Can you faggots stop bickering, gun control is happening across the board. It's not a contest between who has what, that's some d&c kike shit.


>>257417418Fuck off, Chang

Why is NZ going full dictator mode? Are they preparing the island for the billionaires that are moving their while the rest of us all die and suffer during the globohomos plans?

whelp, there goes my plans of living on NZ.

>>257412187New World Order. All nations are working towards authoritarian measures. Wake up.


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>>257412187This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.Maybe not even whimper. A pointless bitching on the internet. God knows where this will all end up 10 years from now.

>>257417435I'm mean chang isn't wrong on this one.

>>257417397I heard your government b& those but thanks user maybe you can buy one here :^)

>>257412187In normal country if you don't like your king you grab a bunch of folk and kill him.

>>257412187>NZIsn't that one of those shitholes with some cunt running it?

>>257412187Sad news for Victorians, this has been the case for over 5 years afaik. If a state of emergencyhas been declared, cmo has wide ranging powersunder the chwb act. Section 187 should be of concern

>>257417503Where the fuck's Tarrant when you need him?

>>257417647shooting cunts for zero political gain.

>>257416628Jesus Christ you're a faggot

>>257417521>>>I can still buy one of those just not from a store

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>>257412187Covid is all about ushering in Feudalism again. Notice how only small businesses are the ones that need to be crushed?

>>257417742>>I can't even buy bump stocks from a store Land of the free

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>>257413781You probably think we don't have guns still either.

>>257417835Round and round we go, you're not allowed to buy a firearm and I'm not allowed to buy an accessory that can be replicated with a board and 2 nails


>>257417517>God knows where this will all end up 10 years from now.First you ll start to notice white faces in your community become less common until its rare to see any at all. Crime of all kind increasing and your are personally the victim of petty crime, small scale theft or vandalism and so forth, on a simi regular basis. Harassment from bums and junkies wanting change or just to hussle you starts to make it not worth even going out in public. Thats ok tho because the urgent health warnings of hepatitis outbreaks and worse from all the bum camps on the streets seem endless now. Then the rolling brownouts begin...and this is how the world will end.

>>257417890I dont havea firearm IMPLYING 3

>>257417435Not a chang, I'm just sick of seeing bros on this board tear into each other for something they couldn't help-- do you think if anons from countries effected by gun control measure's had any real choice in it happening? Look at Virginia, federal bump stock bans, look at Canada, look at New Zealand, it happens without ZERO input from the people. There is a totalitarian effort to disarm everyone. Kicking your fellow man while he's down is something a fucking kike would do.

>>257418067> Kicking your fellow man while he's down is something a fucking kike would do.Welcome to 4chan, Chang. If you wanted to make real change you'd grab a camera and start going outside

>>257412187>NZ Legalizes Warrantless House Searches by PoliceI would laugh but .... I don't want to make fun of tyranny we already have for years

>>257417969>Implying you can't buy firearms hereCan't buy AR-15 can buy a STG-44, go figure.

>>257417335Yes, Auckland is their colony. Sources tell me they didn't realize they needed gun licences so they just bought air rifles.

How many medals would Jonah Lomu have won if somebody had introduced his kneecaps to a crowbar?

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>>257417378How do you mean?

>>257418157Explain to me why the fuck authoritarian fuckwits are still in charge then?

>>257412187sounds like something republicans in america vote for

>>257418157Oh wow, you can buy a rifle from WWII. That's so neat, what a cute little island you are

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>>257418186Why didn't the Irish grow crops other than potatoes during the potato famine?

>>257417835>hurdurr bump stock for joining the bongfaggot club of giving up your rights, welcome mate.

>>257418141Call me chang all you want nigger, you're part of the problem on this board. Of the same ilk of dedicated shills who try to demoralize positive efforts and discussion. Let me turn the question onto you, what have you done? Don't pretend you're on any kind of moral high ground.There's a difference between bants and being a demoralizing shill nigger

>>257418176>gun licencesOoo interesting, what do you need to do to get a gun license there?

>>257418067Every time something nz related gets posted there's always at least one poster with an american flag vehemently aggravating the situation. Your assumption about their true origins is correct I believe

>>257418067>MUH BUMP STOCKSare useless and nobody gives a shit>Virginiawhere half the counties in the state have said they won't follow the law and multiple sheriffs have said they won't enforce "red flag" laws>Canada>New Zealandthen fight for your fucking guns before it's too late.

>>257418247Because firearms are 100% irrelevant since no cunt uses them, not even Americans. They are great at shooting each other over queues in taco bell, gay aids bars, concerts and mosques that is about it. They give people a false hope. Reality is Gov don't need to worry about an armed population to enforce tyranny anymore.

>>257418330>>>257418186because they were piss poor micks you dumb kiwi cunt, plus the crown exported grain, imported expensive fruits, vegetables and fish

>>257416268> the reason they can do thisis you being a cuck. Don't blame Aussies for your inability to fight the tyranny.t. Brenton Tarrant

>>257418368> what have you done?I wrote and spammed this copypasta and rifle-buying guide. As a result an unknown number of people greater than 0 have made their first firearm purchase.A couple 30 days bans is a small price to pay, but I won't pretend I'm making as big of a difference as I would if I took our message to the streets

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>>257412356They took the guns. Now its time to go into your house and make u a criminal. Nanny deep state is here. Time to get the rope and do it the old fashioned way

>>257418368>>257418540Here's a quick guide to building your own AR-15 on the cheap.This is the first part we're going to buy and it's the most important. This is the only part of an AR-15 that is regulated, you can purchase everything else without getting a background check except this. It will need to be mailed to a local dealer who will charge you a fee and background check kit contains the entire rest of the rifle. Stock, barrel, grip, trigger, barrel all that good stuff. It's a more basic kit but it will be enough to get you started on the AR-15 punch set will help with assembly and is a good tool set to have for are your run of the mill magazines. I'd say 10 is a good start but you can get as many or little as you want. You can also likely head down to any local gun store to purchase some and meet your local FLGS you get the parts it's time to assemble your things to consider at this point:>Clean your fucking gun>Begin stockpiling ammunition. A little here and there never hurts.>Look for an optic. Iron sights are fine but red dots / acogs go great if you have the & Wesson/M&P 15 Rifles/S&W M&P 15 SPORT II .223/5.56 16Want a full rifle instead? The S&W Sport II is your standard 'modern musket'

>>257418018Neither do I, but they're not hard to get, and there are more gun owners now than before the buy back.

>>257418456>Because firearms are 100% irrelevant since no cunt uses them, not even AmericansThis is cope on a monumental level and does nothing but show your own ignorance on firearms use in the US.Look up the CDC report on gun violence to find out how effective firearms are at self defenseThen realize you can't buy them


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>>257412317I distinguish your flag from Australia's by the missing big white star beneath the british flag

>>257418374Bugger all for ordinary rifles.Have to join a gun club for handguns.

>>257418738That's unfortunate, are there at least enough gun clubs to supply the demand?

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>>257417131>>257418186These posts are not connected.

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>>257418649Shooting a burglar isn't the same as overthrowing a government, which is what you're advocating. Been a long time since 'your' ppl did that

>>257418649>Self defense against thieves>Government thieving your rights Pick one and only one. You dam well know i am right but if you want to shoot burglers it makes you better than the fuds we have here.

This is why you Americans should NEVER give up the right to bear arms. It is your DUTY to fight back against tyranny. Also remember. There are more of us than there are of them.

>>257418452>haha gun rights being slowly chipped away is okay because it was uselessDon't tell me you actually believe this. This sounds like someone whose letting their pride overcome their beliefs.>VirginiaAnd many New Zealanders have openly disobeyed registration and collectionsPeople in Canada & NZ are fighting for their fucking guns, what more do you want, an armed insurrection? You're not getting that, not even in America. A lot has to happen before anything like that even remotely happens. As long as there's running water, food, internet, and television, nobody is going to do anything. The most anyone, anywhere can do, is fight disinformation and spread the word. That's why anyone who isn't a faggot shill is here.

>>257418297>Rifles from 1956 are any better What a dumb cunt you are.

>>257416256Yeah pretty much never. We're all fucked. The guns don't do a lick of good. People do armed protests but no one ever gets shot. I see this in every thread Americans saying but we got guns and whatever. Then you start talking real shit and suddenly you're a fed. I mean we all know what's up, we all know who's doing this shit and still nothing ever happens. We just flame each other, game and coom and hope things fall apart before were not too old to hang the guilty when it does.

>>257417435Kike faggot


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>>257412187the fuckign larping about maori is stupid - just say courtyard or maori courtyard - marae isn't an english word

>>257418542Even the cops are waking up. Ex-military who went to war for our country will not willingly let this happen. And yes, there will be some faggot women tranny cops who enforce this shit to feel powerful. OH SHIT it's NZ, maybe they'll bring in enough Muslims to have something else to worry about.

>>257419008The problem is forcing that horse-faced bitch to back down.

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>>257418664hoenst question - was that real or another sam hyde hoax?

>>257419525We will see. Give this shit show another 10 years and i reckon the South Island will try and split.

>>257419590its more like a community center or church, in its functionality and traditional purposes.

>>257419378Yep, you nailed it

>>257412187>can close your bussinessi think i know what type of people will get they bussiness closed.

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>>257412187So because an Australian decided to do his shooting in NZ, Citizens of NZ now live under a dictatorship....Man Aussies are really the greatest trolls...

>>257418297look at me toys that i will never use like the FF wanted i'am such a badass look at them they go pewpew becomes le 51% Murica.

What kind of military does NZ have? What would it take to literally take over? Say Kim Dotcom wanted to lead a coupe. What would be the minimum necessary to achieve victory?

>>257412187the global libfags are on the march of tyrannyit's coming everywhereput mary b mccord in prison along with the obama shit crim crew of the fbi doj ngo's and lib lawyers league>THEY ARE LYING ALL THE TIME NOWthat bitch mary b mccord wanted trump removed for tweeting Liberate Michigan - she's a libshit o doj pile of crap - attacking whites while she's the pastiest cunt you've ever seen

>>257419934>What would it take to literally take over? Around six battalions

>>257419934You would need a navy bigger than the states since we are an island nation and would be blockaded the moment shit went sideways.

>>257419796yes they are really asking for it all over the libshits are really asking for it>unequal application of the law - it's a no no the shitlibs work around all the time - for faggot marriage and everything else - irs targeting, biz closing, power of faggots in the street while blocking conserves and screaming white racist nationalist nazis are illegal... banning free speech that isn't libturd central (canada is already gone there as well as germany and many others)WATCH OUT THE LIBS ARE TYRANNY

>>257418879The tyranny is already there: unaccountable pedo elites, parasitic corporations and banks, mass survaillence of all communications, relentless media propaganda, soviet tier natsec glownigger system, endless wars for foreign interests...They learned how to pull that off on an armed population, thats it.

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>>257416407Wtf New Zealand. That's disgusting. Now Moshi can impregnate all the New Zealand sluts he wants and not give a penny of child support.

>>257420202Oh shit you're right. NZ will probably do well in the post-american world.What about from within though?

>>257419525that's going on in britain now too - army, police, fire brigade - if you're anything other than for open borders you risk being thrown out

>>257418443Or it could just be people wanting to check you fags and bring you back down to earth a bit. You cunts act like your shit doesn’t stink, and most of the kiwiposts are as faggoty as leafposts. You guys are the leafs of the pacific. Stop acting like faggots and people wouldn’t mercilessly mock you for your utterly shit government.

>>257419934A small bunch of mercenaries to serve in neocon wars who actually do some fighting and a bloated camo wearing govt employment porogram for women and minorities at home

Attached: D6Q4cw2XkAAVKXR.jpg (640x640, 98.17K)"The Director-General may authorise a suitably qualified and trained person who is not an employee of the Ministry of Health, or a class of suitably qualified and trained persons who are not employees of the Ministry of Health, to carry out any functions and powers of an enforcement officer under this Act."

>>257420558How about fuck you, fatty. Obese cunt.

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>>257420739You aren't wrong.. t. former NZDF soldier

>>257419525> far right tiesWell from what I've seen in Bongland the definition of far right is rather broad

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>>257420798Damn you really burned me with that one. Good effort.

>>257420558Fair call in general but I'd dispute that's the case here. If a nz flag talks rubbish it's proly a vpn, we come to this place to vent

>>257412187Sounds like you need foreign intervention to save you from a corrupt tyrannical banana republic.

>>257420495Entirely possible that we will descend into a shitshow and split into three parts. I would have to explain the demography and geography of the country to you but the Northern part is connected to the rest of the country by 1km of land and they hate everything south of them like the south island hates everyone north of them.

>>257412187And yet no one will do anything against this. People have become docile as fuck.Sure they'll yell on the internet about it for a week or so they can collect some social credit points, but that's it. Your freedumbs will be taken away one piece at a time.Enjoy your mandatory tracking chip and negative-thought inhibitor implant soon.

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>>257420980Was no effort

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>>257420992Could be. It’s really jewy posts and I know that a lot of the worst leaf posting is Jews. I imagine it’s a similar situation with the kiwi flag

>>257412356It's almost as if the right to bear arms protects one from losing your other rights...

>>257412187The entire world hysterically does this in every nation now, it's almost like they are trying to trace and track you to find Jesus and kill him a second time lol.

>>257421145Fuck don’t remind me of the invasion we have. Well reach the point You guys are at in no time if these spics get control. That’s part of why states like California and NY are able to enact draconian gun control, they have huge spic voter bases

>>257420954>adds istan to british place namesI like that is common enough they thought it necessary to include.

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>>257421110This is what happesn when politicians no longer fear the people and have made themselves into a new aristocracy.Time to water that tree of liberty, boys.

>>257412187You're not an American right? K, so you don't have the US constitution. That's your own problem and honestly, there's nothing wrong about that in New Zealand.

>>257419847>Not even a KiwiHe was also a PoC

sheepshagging faggot here and if anything these draconian measures have been dialled down. the search and surveillance act gave police the ability to enter peoples homes - now at least they have to give a diarised reason to do so and any higher court will throw out a case based on such pretexts according to common law. see also locking down people in their homes. this law expires in three months, effectively reppealing the original search and surveillance law by stealth.the marae stipulation was rescinded as far as i know, i'll have to double check.

>>257420954lolgod my coutnry is fucked, how the mighty have fallendecribing yourself as a "patriot" makes you a dangerous extremist!

>>257421289>Fuck don’t remind me of the invasion we have

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>>257421081>Northern part is connected to the rest of the country by 1km of land and they hate everything south of themWhat are the stereotypes of Northerners and how do they characterize those south of them and where does Coromandel fit in?

>>257421597No patriots in the military.

>>257416628>bump stock>full-auto fagFucking useless tactic.2/10, would not operate with.Besides, here's what your over-engineered piece of Chinese plastic shit fire is only good if you're enemy is unspent cartridges.

>>257421597Everyone is fucked not just you. Freedom to say what you think and live life as your own is an endangered species.

>>257421724It’s fucking depressing user. And the shitskins are always marching closer and closer to a majority. And it’s all thanks to faggot white race traitors. I hope they are raped and murdered by their shitskin pets. It would be a fitting end.

>>257421849Yeah i never liked the movies appeal to full automatic fire. 99% of the time we use the weapons on semi auto, double tap for close quarter reaction shooing otherwise it was one round every 3-5 seconds, otherwise the thousand rounds you have on you, are not going to last.

Saw an article a couple days ago from newsbuh that said the laws the govt were trying to enforce near the end of level 4 were "unenforceable under the crown law of New Zealand" thus meaning these breeding fucking nob jockeys are trying to bypass the actual law we live by. If our leaders can willy nilly change the rules however and whenever it suits them what's going to hold us back from doing the same. When the leader if your country throws out due process to accelerate their own agenda they need to be stood down or strung up to dry to send a message to the other fuckwits that think they can gut what's left of our once great nation. What the fuck happened to "The mouse that roared" now were grasping at straws and having to pick between the lesser of both evils nat and lab. Fuck this shit man just wait till the hate speech laws come in

coincidentally happened not long after the gun grab.

>>257421829Tribal Maori and European farmers who really don't like the idea of Auckland expanding and gobbling them up. As far as they are concerned they have paradise and don't want to share it.The thing with the Coromandal is that the entire East coast of the North Island is like a highway you can traverse via boat all down the east cape as there are many large islands that connect the north to the east which is where the Coromandel is. But in saying that the Tribal Maori of the North and East do not get along overly much.