The Divorce Rate Is at a 40-Year Low, Unless You’re 55 or Older


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>>257410810zoomer femanon here. this is not a surprise considering how much more trad the younger generation is.

>>257410810Cant get divorced if you never get married

Why do Boomers love divorce so much?

>>257410961This. Somebody pull up the stats of marriage rates.

>>257410898>gen z>tradThis is a massive cope

>>257411077can you imagine being married to a boomer?

>>257410961lol yep this is why they are at a low

>>257410810What is the total marriage rate at?

>>257411077They trusted marraige. Zoomers dont get married.

>>257410898>trad>TikTok/Tinder obsessed racemixing generation....wut

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>>257411215I feel like this is why the divorce rate is so low. No one is getting married.

>>257410810Fewer marriages and therefore fewer instances of divorce. If you break it down by class you’ll see that it’s really only the college educated and middle to upper-class who get married anymore.

Boomers btfo yet again

>>257411264>>257411107Have you considered that the antics you see on this website are not representative of the majority of people? Learn the difference between IRL and /gif/

>>257410810I know boomers in their 60s who are still getting married, divorced, and dating like they were teenagers.

>>257410810No shit people aren’t getting married as often, and when they do they get married later. Only betas get married anyways. I’ve never met a chad that actually married because he’s fucked so many married women he won’t do it. Marriage is for the desperate fucks who want sex on tap before they have kids and that pussy dries up for good. Enjoy your nagging whore and weekend JC Penny trips you fucking cucks.


>>257410810Wow, it's almost like people are more likely to get divorced the longer they are married.

>>257411349I'm straight line blue collar working class and i got married, but here in Sweden if you don't it can make getting loans and other legal privileges a fucking bitch. Especially trying to buy a house when you have a kid but not married is impossible since the govt and bank sees your partner as a parasite. I know theyre not wrong but the way its phrased is certainly not pulling any punches.

>>257411203>>257410961>>257411105>ratepls tell me you are not this stupid

>>257411821> commit fully to a stone-age style tournament bonding society because muh chads> the drive to build and maintain everything is gone> the drive to not destroy everything nearby for for a short-term gain in chad points thanks to a cheap victory is gone> any and all impetus to work together against ethnic competitors who do work together is gone> get chased down and dommed by said competitors who do work together like the little bitch you areWow, grade A chad material right here.

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I'm guessing less people are getting married after hearing all the divorce horror stories in recent decades.If I ever marry someone I'll make damn sure she is the one.

>>257411821Proxykike spotted.

>>257410898>this is not a surprise considering how much more trad the younger generation is

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>>257410898Post tits

>>257410810so is the marriage ratetrash doesn’t bother to get hitched any more

>>257410810Want to know why? Because marriage is also at a 40 year low and only the hardcore religious do it. There's no benefit to being married now and it's nothing but risk on the part of the man, hence why MGTOW is a thing and women are too busy working. Pakis and muslims have the right idea in that you have multiple wives and have them work at home/shift swap while you drive a cab/van all day while raping 10 year olds.

>>257412694I think the journalist is stupid and the rate is defined by divorces per population

>>257412694I was assuming it would be by percentages too but now that I think about it, it could just be talking divorces/year. I'd have to read the article to actually know for sure but I'm not about to join their stupid fucking website

>>257412694>Only trad religious people bother getting married>Guys, this proves everyone is now trad and religiousMost people are just shacking up so when they break up and go shack up with someone else, it doesn't factor into the divorce rate. Marriage isn't getting more stable because of better relationship dynamics in society, it's getting stronger because only those most invested in the religious foundations of marriage are bothering with getting married.

>>257410898You know the drill girl

>>257410810At the beginning of the 20th Century, 1/3 of adult Americans never married.Getting married and divorced on a whim is a boomer trait.

>>257410810lgbtpol hereYou'd be amazed at the amount of gay men who divorce at 50+ years old because they can't handle it anymore.It's gotten to the point where I can't vouch "this guy is 100% straight for sure" anymore.

>>257410810Boomers have failed at life. Wealth, cheap property miserable life.


>married with 2 kids and a house at 30Life couldn’t be better.

>>257410810Stop sharing amp links you fucking faggots.

>>257412439This is false. 55% of first marraiges divorce, but most within the first ten years. If you make it past ten years, divorce rate goes down to 20%.I would never date anybody who got divorced in a relationship that lasted less than ten years.

GenX witnessed first hand how fucked up living in a broken home is and Millennials are just all around fucked up, dying their hair pink and purple and not getting married.

Boomers are shit.

>>257418319You're not going to date them anyway, majority of the blokes are in late 40's and completely done with being in a relationship. Happier working out and drinking 3 times a week with work being for fun and profit, no more grinding their spare time to nothing making sure some dumb cunt is happy.

>>257410810I know quite a few married couples and all of them are going strong. In fact, I don't know anyone from my generation that has gotten a divorce yet. I guess this generation learned from the complete fuckery half our parents went through in the 80s and 90s.

>>257410810>>257410961this>>257412694the only people still getting married are the ones who actually care about marriage. A lot of women used to get married, then get bored and file for divorce after a few years. Now those women just aren't getting married at all, so the women who do get married are more likely to at least give half a damn about their marriage.

>>257411077They invented it.

>>257410810Marriage only lasts between mature adults. Most people lack maturity.

>>257418644aside from my brother, nearly all of my friends who've been married have gotten a divorce

>>257410898post your tits or get the fuck out whore>>257413816>>257415244absolumente basado

>>257410961This.This is literally the only reason divorce rates are so low, because no one is getting married.

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that's because the marriage rate is so low

>>257410810Isn't the marriage rate at a 40 year low?

>>257418870>40 year low?Try an 80 year low.Marriage rates have bee lower than they were during the Great Depression for almost a decade now.


>>257411077They're overgrown toddlers.

>>257418842I wonder what changed in 1965 to cause such long inflation of divorce

>>257419790The hippie /free love movement

>>257419790(((The Sexual Revolution))) would be my guess.


>>257410810MGTOW and similar movements are successful, no one wants to get divorce raped. Only shills will disagree.

>>257411671Have you considered that you might be lying to yourself?

>lowest rate of marriage>lowest rate of divorceNothing to see here. If you're life wasn't absolutely perfect and you aren't planning on marrying your first virgin girlfriend you'll never be married to begin with. Society is beyond derailed to the point where married adults are set to become a tiny minority of the adult population.

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>>257411703Have you tried to wed as a teen? Everyone shits their pants and tells you it's such a bad idea and you gotta go rise 800 dicks before settling down


>>257418842what's the prediction for the data? what happens when 5 out of 5 marriages will end in divorce? at that point we should make men take a self-respect test before they are allowed to marry.

Because most Boomers are amoral scoundrels