Nederdraad- Groningen Piet editie

Dag makkers, ik kom naar jullie in tijden dat het groot nodig is. Een of ander links schijt wijf heeft een anti zwarte piet stukje geschreven met een poll er in verwerkt die luid: “moet Groningen Zwarte Piet weren?” Antifa heeft al gemanipuleerd, nu is het onze beurt. Scroll naar het midden en vul “nee” in. Alvastëren-we-voor-iedereen-een-leuk-feest-25660898.html1For the non Dutch speakers who want to help: click the link, scroll to the poll and vote “nee”. Thanks in advance.

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>>257405750bump this nigger

>>257405750>ëren-we-voor-iedereen-een-leuk-feest-25660898.html1bump, incredibly based

>>257405750Doing god's work OP

>>257406069>>257406158>>257407503Good job guys. Heel erg bedankt

>>257405750Bump. Maybe make the first sentences of your OP in English? Because I bet non-Dutch people stop reading your post after noticing that it's not in English.

>>257405750Many thanks OP, have a bump

>>257405750Voted Nee for you

>>257405750PRAAT OVER DE

>>257405750Waarom zou ik voor een Sinterklaas feest moeten zijn?

Vote Nee

How the fuck have so many people voted ''yes''. Is groningen as cucked as the randstad is by now?

>>257405750Verpisst euch und eure anekelnde Sumpfsprache

>>257409871zeg gewoon dat je donkere mensen haat

>>257410069Waarom zo boos?

>>257405750Waarom zijn het altijd die roomblanke wichten die deze onzin verpatsen? Als ik naar Sinterklaas feesten op Curaçao kijk dan zie ik die negers feesten alsof het carnaval is

>>257411071Nothing personal I was just curious if u understand german

>>257411153We get German/french and latin at school so we can basically shitpost in multiple languages waldscheisser

>>257411153Its pretty close to dutch and a neighbour. Most people understand it here, a lot speak it.

>>257411335Vergeet Spaans en is Grieks niet.

>>257405750Groniningen is een marxistische kut stad zwarte piet boeit mij niet.Toch heb ik “nee” gestemd voor jou user.


Your language is literally drunk german

>>257411335>>257411448Hört sich gut an, ich verstehe auch meistens eures Sumpfdeutsch

>>257411700Hey, thats our insult to use for Danish

>>257405750>>257405750Tach Macker, Ich komm zu dir in Zeiten, dass es groß nötig ist, Einer der anderen linken scheiß ??? hat ein anti schwarzer Peter Stück geschrieben mit einer Umfrage ??? in vermerkt die lautet:,,Meine Groningen Schwarzer Peter wehren/verhinder?" Antifa hat alles manipuliert, nun ist es unsere ???. Scroll zum es mitten und füll "Nee" ein. ??? bedankt.Hello lads, I come to you in times of need. One of the other left shit ?wifes? has written an Anti Black Piet piece which says:,, Abort Black Piet?" Antifa has manipulated everything , now it's our ?beurt?. Scroll to it and pick "nay". ThanksHow good was I swamp germans? Never learned your language before


>>257411978Close enough.Oh trouwens, wanneer krijg ik mijn fiets terug?

>>257405750Why even engage in this leftist bullshit? I don't understand Holla Forums. The left is like a building with no good foundation. They consist off all kinds of minority groups who could never work together. The only thing that binds them like cement is their hatred towards Whites/Christians. Why not divide and conquer them? LARP as a vegan antifa trying to ban Kosher and Halal slaughtering. Larp as a gay antifa saying that islam is feminism and that allah is inclusive and loves gays and trannies too.

Hallo Nederbroeders

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>>257412212Allemaal vuilniszakken jaaaaaaa. Wat ze in Vlaanderen weg halen, allemaal vuilniszakken.


>>257411978Das war kunstvoll von dir

>>257412117>Oh trouwens, wanneer krijg ik mijn fiets terug?Niemals

>>257412117>Oh ???, wann krieg ich mein ??? zurück?:/

>>257405750Zeg nee tegen negers

>>257412149just have 5 white kids and a farm and survive while liberals go genetically extinct lmao

>>257412212DIETSE Confederatie VLaanderen, Nederland en de Zuid Afrikaanswe Westkaap WANN!??!?!?!?

>>257412415fahrad. come home DIETS-MAN

Grootneerlandisme when? Laat de kutwalen achter en smijt een bom op brussel.

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>>257405750Ik heb Ja gestemd. Bedankt.

Gestemd maar dat vuile linkse werkloze tuig heeft de boel flink gemanipuleerd

>>257412212besig om sop te maak en jy?

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>>257412665Was für eine Suppe kochst du

>>257412598je maakt mij kanker vochtig

>>257412758poolse aardappel/tartoffel sop

>>257412665veel last van negers vandaag, broeder?

>>257405750>>257405750What did I vote nee to?

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>>257412665Godverdomme lekker man! Ik drink bier

>>257412887so our GOD given right of dressing up as blue eyed blackface niggers in 17th century costumes is not halted.

>>257412665Sop is handing voor in bad.

>>257412855nah niks vandag. laasweek wel.

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>>257412887Basically, if blackface should be banned as a dutch tradition

>>257412819Wie viele Weissen gibt’s in Südafrika? Wie ist das Wetter da? Die Neger scheinen immer böse auf euch zu sein

>>257413048Based. I entirely forgot Zwarte Pieten was a thing.

Hollanders willen een zwarte piet in hun kont

>>257413214Schmiert ihr eures Gesicht mit Kohle, wenn diese Feier kommt?

>>257413359so 4.5 miljoen. average temp of 23C year round. most of them are good people just very very very dumb

>>257410069Frisst ein schwanz schwein

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>>257409871Groningen has been an SP and PvdA hub for quite some time

Casting my nee

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>>257411978Very good. Danke Schön meine kraut freund

Italian living in Amsterdam here, can I get a rundown in English?

>>257413450Piet is dutch slang for penis

>>257412438>5 white kids and a farmGebaseerd en geroodpillt

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>>257409871Last based provinces left are Noord-Brabant and Limburg

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>>257414118Als een trotse Brabander zeg ik das woar!

>>257414194wtf, uit welk jaar komen die?

>>257405750Antifa has highjacked it, I hope it motivateds you guys some more

Okay in short Groningen a city in the Netherlands made a poll to see if they should ban black piet. A black helper of Sinterklaas (Note not a slave) Antifa manipulates the poll so we should do the same. Short enough I hope so want to help then vote nee (no) on the poll (link in original post)Thank you


>>257414422lmao I'm Moroccan and fucked a 181cm Brabant girl in 010, she literally told me that she hates Moroccans yet still wanted this dick. Good girl overall, can't blame her for growing up in NL's Alabama.

>>257414467October 2013

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As a proud Dutch Moroccan I'm voting YES, Zwarte Piet is hella racist and has no place in onze multiculturele samenleving. Hallo racists, how does it feel knowing you live in a country where most people are not retarded enough to hate people due to their skin color? Seeethe, SEEETHE ssssss


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>>257415311Ahh Hassan when are you going to write a new article about Holla Forums?

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>>257415389idk what you're referencing there, is there some guy called Hassan that writes articles about Holla Forums?

>>257415311You're proud that you had to leave a hot smelly shithole to be around people that can do civilization? kys

>>257415389Ah yes, the propaganda that those Jews at Elsevier used to indoctrinate you with hatred and contempt towards Arabs is now used by a mostly antisemitic website.

>>257415516I wouldn't expect you to get it.

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>>257415782>>257415782Follow in your countryman's steps, convert to Islam and live a purposeful life in

tattas be like: "racisme is onze traditie!!!!!!!!11111111"


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>>257415810lmao as a social science graduate myself, I can't imagine how the fuck such a number would be arrived at. How large was their sample? When and where did they run the tests? Morocco is about 17 times larger than NL and has multiple climate zones and indigenous ethnic groups.

>>257410679"mensen"AYy Lmao

>>257416310>social science graduateThat explains a lot actually, you guys just correlate everything with the Gini-coefficient in SPSS and call it a day. Anyway, the most well known studies into National IQ scores are found here: of national cognitive abilityIf I recall correctly, Berbers scored especially low and pulled the national average down by a bit. Without them, the national average might've been closer to ~90.

>>257414118Nee, de beste gewesten zijn Gelderland en Zeeland.

>>257416310Do you operate the grill or McDrive at McDonalds?

>vote>refresh page>vote again

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Hey Henk, heb mijn plicht gedaan.

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>>257418260DINDU NUFFIN

Hoe giet Fryslân dizze dagen? Hoe giet Fryslân tegenwoordig?

>>257417863absolutely devilish

>>257414194Gebaseerde Jumbo

Heb je vandaag pannenkoeken gegeten?

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>>257413790fvd is taking root there though.

>>257410679Hoezo is voor een cultureel feest zijn "donkere mensen haten"? Wat is jouw probleem?

>>257413126Ik hoop dat je bewapend bent, broeder