This pandemic has proved that society needs a complete overhaul. Most jobs do not need to be worked

This pandemic has proved that society needs a complete overhaul. Most jobs do not need to be worked.

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>>257093931>Lacks self-control>Blames captialismChecks out

Locally every restaurant (over 1000) is whining about lost business.In this county there are 186,000 homes complete with kitchen/dining/shitter.But let's bail out overpriced trendy tacoshops, 'cause they employ sooooo many people. At 3.25/hr. Fuck 'em. No one is starving for gourmet bagels.

most meetings could have been emails. i'll give you that.

>>257094288>stopping for coffee 5 times a dayno wonder leftards are always bitching about money. $35 a day on coffee is retarded.

>>257093931What does all that bullshit actually add up to? For most people I know it's under a hundred a month, the several thousand you don't make that month will hurt far worse, or the artist is just getting neetbux instead

>>257094805If your job doesnt provide free coffee, you have a pleb tier job.

>>257093931Whats the purpose of that fruitcacke kid in the punchline and why is it so hilarious to me

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>>257094805A coffee cost 10 cents.

>>257093931Why is xir dad wearing a purple shirt?

>>257095467it's by the tranny that makes these comics

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>>257094616meetings have always been psychological wank fears in most industiores, if you have a good boss you don't need them. you only need them in businesses that respond to *outside* news weekly.

>>257093931>Most jobs do not need to be worked.we know

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>>257093931>No work clothesThe hell does this mean? Is he buying new work clothes every month?

>>257093931>parking fees>here is your paycheck don't forget to pay the shelckeburg owner parking lot we own


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>>257095682in america, the cheapest coffee you can get is usually at a starcucks or whatever, since zoomer boogy traps charge you 7.50 for a coffee. At starcucks, its like 5 bucks a coffee (for a medium)>>257094573The only restaurants I want open are the authentic classics (which are the ones that are adapting)Thank fuck that most of the retarded zoomer trendy restaurants are gonna close permanently

>>257096614dry cleaning I guess

>>257095682not the kind these cum guzzlers get

>>257094573my apartment kiction doesn't have a proper fan vent to the outside. I was so fucking mad when I found out. if you try to fry ANYTHING the wired smoke detector goes off. the fan just goes through a filter then vents it back into your face. it should be illegal

>>257096768>in america, the cheapest coffee you can get is usually at a starcucksits sold at every gas station for pennies

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>>257093931exactly zero jobs are needed,it's been that way for the last several decades, you'll go back to being the same dick sucking zombie horde you always were just as soon as massa says hop

>>257097796>you'll go back to being the same dick sucking zombie hordewill i?t. stay at home Chad

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>>257095682If you make it at home. This comic is about cucks who don’t know how to cook, make coffee, repair anything, have to drive everywhere, need to constantly be distracted/doped, and have to constantly snack because they can’t resist the sugar jew. It’s like they are almost awake.

>>257097761Nope.At least 1$

>>257093931Who the fuck drinks five cups of coffee a day?

>>257097761It’s still like $1.50 to $2. Drip coffee at Starbucks is like $3 for the huge one. Their milkshakes are what cost $5 or more. I don’t know why everyone calls their milkshakes coffee.

>>257093931>babbies first redpill>son is a tranny

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>>257098503i do. have refillable k-cup knock off. spend 8 bucks every 3 weeks on folders

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>>257098503I have 3 with caffiene in the morning and two without it in the evening.However I make it at home or get it for free at work

>>257098825>foldersfoldgers or however its spelled

>>257093931Anyone have that pic of how to design a tumblr character? It features an ambiguously gendered nigger with a mohawk.

>>257094616but but I need those weekly catchups! so the boss can verbally bring up the whiny emails he was copied into by Karen

>>257098825slowly cut it down coffee doesn´t harm your body but with decent activity level is not needed

>>257093931>blah blah blah gubmint

>>257098521Errr I'll have the frappuchino with a double shot of coffee two shots of toffee syrup some cream please and 4 shots of banana syrup. Oh soi milk please it's healthier.

>>257099051took me a while to realize team meetings were just little plays the bosses practiced for beforehand. strange

>>257099130>slowly cut it downwhy? sounds gay

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>>257095125Liberals are terrible with money and have no self control. The amount this faggot spends on entertainment and snacks/“coffee” is probably half his take-home lay.

>>257093931There are too many people, it should have killed a lot more, and yes I'd be willing to take my chances with that if it meant 50% of the world died

>tfw i have a new job lined up in august>no longer have to do this mind numbing office drone work3 more months. its been 10 years. i can make it that long

>>257097045Most modern apartments aren't built to last longer than 10 years. They are massive hunks of shit>>257094573based

You don't need to be paid either, nigger.

>>257094805>35 of coffee a dayWhen i go in marijuana binges i smoke about 10 dollars a night.

>>257094288Fucking /threadLiterally not 1 thing in the comic is of vital importance.

>>257100454A gram a night is nothing. It's maintenance.

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>>257095855What the fuck is the joke here?


>>257100977A tranny had a moment of clarity after being on lockdown from its hormones and recognized the pain it caused its father?

coffee and monsters are gonna be my drink of choice for the late night meme wars coming up.

>>257101265Bangs have no sugar and taste like childhood.

people in the $30+ per day on coffee category are rare. I know plenty who would spend $10-15. before after work + lunch. 75 a week for 52 weeks then $3900 a year on coffee when you are making something like ~40k is significant. consumers are dumb

>>257100782>It's maintenance.LOL hellow fello, pot smoker.I just smoked half a gram in a few bong hits

I almost never pay for coffee. I just stop in places that have free coffee like car dealerships.

>>257101259How fucking new are you

>>2570939311. Ruler (politician, landlord)2. Warrior (cop, soldier)3. Scribe (clerk, telephonist)4. Magician (medic, chemist)5. Seer (academic, teacher)6. Fisherman (engineer, mason)7. Illusionist (actor, artist)8. Tiller (farmer, laborer)9. The rule breaker (prostitute, criminal)10. The recluse (NEET, traveler)These are listed in terms of status. My theory is that all jobs of the same essence and we consciously pick one regardless of race, age, or culture. There are essentially only 10 existing jobs, our modern age has only made them more "diverse" i.e. meaningless.

>>257093931Tranny “art”

>>257101643Les Schwab has popcorn too.

>>257093931The fundamental problem is that theres too many people, but no one's willing to address that

>>257101828You seem upset.

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>>257093931hahahha the tranny is taking the redpillkeep it up /polen/

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>>257093931wtf is this shit

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>>257101942It would be easier if women stayed the fuck at home.

>>257093931>This pandemic has proved that society needs a complete overhaul. Most jobs do not need to be worked.That's right.This time, kill all communists worldwide and leave NOT A SINGLE ONE alive.

>>257095855I thought he teared up in the last panel. Guess that was an edit.

>>257093931>Most jobs do not need to be worked.Agreed, lets start by getting rid of leftist cartoon artists.

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>>257102262Lefty version of Goblina.

>>257102548It's a dude so goblino, isn't it?

>>257102548calm it with the antibeanerism!

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>constantly buying work clothes???>buying extra unnecessary food items rather than using that time to prepare meals in advance?>parking fees???

>>257101949>this is a real video>they just complain about their wound healing up>they unironically shove dildos deeper and deeper in their wounds to make space for cock

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>>257095682None of these people buy coffee that they make at home, not without large amounts of cream and sugar anyway. They go to starbucks or dunkin donuts and get a $5 at minimum frappemochacinno, and if seven times a day, they're an addict spending in excess of $13000 on coffee in a year.

>>257100977The transvestite boy was raped by his father when he had been in the Boy Scouts and that’s what fucked him in the head and turned him into the cross-dresser that he is now. He wanted his rapist father to take down the picture of him being in the Boy Scouts because he didn’t want the other boy’s mom coming in to check out the place to make sure that it’s safe and then see that it is most decidedly not, what with the dad being an incestual rapist, like most fathers of transvestite boys. The punchline is that the dad looks at the picture wistfully, thinking back to when his son was much younger and springs a boner, an obvious fact, shown by how his clothes are baggy and like a tent so that it can remain unseen.


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>>257102784I would hate fuck her without mercy.

>>257104428I'm saving myself for Gretchen.

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>>257098494A local gas station in queens ny was offering a free small coffee for a $30 gas purchase tgis morning

>>257104428absolutely, if she wasn't a retard ultralefty I'd do her multiple timeshave another picture because you have good tastes

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>>257104631Oy only a small? Hang on and let me drive around the block until I can squeeze 30 in.

>>257101379I love cracking open an ice cold bangs root beer, hits the spot.

80% of all jobs are pointless

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>>257093931wow that was pretty accurate down to the snacks to keep the darkness at bay

>implying I'm not eating snacks>implying I ever pay for some libtard to make my coffee>implying I'll get $3500/month of unemployment forever

>>257100782>>257101580Yo you pussies sleepy yet? I used to smoke 10gr per midweek and probably another 10 in weekends before I realized mao inhibitors are the way to go

>>257093931god damn more of this shitty retard comic stop shilling your crappy fag comic here nigger

>>257093931Jesus one look at this dude's offspring and you didn't even need to tell me about his day-to-day life being totally self-indulgent

>>257104681she most likely was groomed as a child by bulldykes and groomed the rest of her friends into her own degeneracy. Something about her just smells like it.

>>257106883yeah maybe but I just like looking at her meatthat place totally glows from beginning to end, much like that racine wisconsin>>256805682

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>>257096768Gas station coffee is less than $2


If you eat out regularly you're a degenerate.

>>257094805This has always amaze me, why americans dont prepare their own coffe and put it in a bottle or something? is easier, cheaper, and gives you more free time

>>257108552You can get away with that for ice and drip but anything fancier and it tastes like crap the longer it sits.

>>257110187nah, a good steep and pour stays pretty good in a thermosit's the only good coffee anyways, all the drips and filters etc. just makes tasteless bad coffee

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>>257110434I consider steep and pour the equivalent of a drip along with a campfire perc.

>>257110434I want her to unload my gun.

>>257110901yeah but I think drip with filter sucks out the best of the aromatics from the coffee, and I've actually started doing a really hot steep for about 5 minutes with a very small grind, I just can't stand coffeemaker drip anymore, tastes like weak drugged up water instead of good coffeefrench press is just fucking steep and pour with extra idocy attached, and espresso has to be a good machine with a handle and not the stupid button garbage they sell as espresso makers these days>>257111213you know it ese

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>>257101835Why is Clerk in third?

Does the tranny dint find ironic that the dad complaining about being a cog in the machine with a tranny son?

>>257096757>Wife calls you while you're at work>Says that she had a talk with your son and now he identifies as a girlWhat do?


>>257112055there is only one cure for this degeneracy, beatings

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>>257111348It's the coffee being used more than anything. You can french press folgers all day long, it is going to taste like folgers.

>>257112055get that fucking drugged they stopped using after the 50s.

>>257096757Wait, Colin Mochrie has a tranny son? I knew he was a libcuck but come on. Fucking leafs.

>>257093931>This pandemic has proved that society needs a complete overhaul. Most jobs do not need to be worked.thats only a new realiziation for someone that either is 5 or is retarded, thats how capitalism works

>>257112429yeah but even good coffee (we have good coffee here) can be badly brewed, overcooked, weak watery shit, too long a steep, too short a steepof course garbage coffee is garbage just to drug yourself like garbage malboros are drugs not pleasure like some good flake navy by mac baren

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>>257112055Tell her to stop bothering you at work and costing you money if the house isn't on fire thus costing you money.

>>257100782how many joints is as gram? I've never even seen marijuana

>>257107220>Those lips>That shaved head designed for maximum grip-friction>Face is perpetually stuck on a smug look of unwarranted satisfactionLiterally built for rough facefucking.

>>257112851Well sure you can always make it worse but you can't make shit coffee better. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have.

>>257111348What the fuck is IT?! What the fuck am I looking at?! Oh God, it's hideous!!

>>257101835Meh, in hinduism landlord/landholder is its own class with responsibilities and such.

>>257096768What, bitch make a goddamn pot, ice it, put it all in one of those half gallon jugs. Coffee all day for pennies.

>>257093931And there aren't enough jobs for everyone, anyway...We need UBI.

>>257112895That's like half a joint breh. Maybe. If you roll it thin.

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>>257096768Jogger have you never been to a fucking WaWa?

>>257112055Beat them both to a pulp. Permanent damage-levels.Better to lose property and freedom for years than to be trapped in a nightmare.


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>>257112901I'd come in her bald pate, before I go for seconds in the pussy and breed her little smug belly and make her a stay at home mom (normal woman)>>257113045don't worry about it I'm allowed to like her because I'm a beaner>>257113023true I know sometimes shit's fucked, but I hate pretentious faggots that go, Oh I like my super electrical machine, or oh you have to try the moka pot it's super good, and then they use shit coffee with too much heat and it cooks and tastes like three day old dregsand especially if it's one of those I'm so into coffee, and proceeds to add sugar and milk>>257113156nah it's like 5 fucking joints, unless you're one of those double king size fat rollers

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i like this quote from keynesThe decadent international but individualistic capitalism in the hands of which we found ourselves after the war is not a success. It is not intelligent. It is not beautiful. It is not just. It is not virtuous. And it doesn't deliver the goods. In short we dislike it, and we are beginning to despise it. But when we wonder what to put in its place, we are extremely perplexed.~ John Maynard Keynes (1933)telecommutes and 30 hour work weeks would be a start imo. there are so many bullshit jobs that really don't need doing.

>>257093931Don’t be a consoomer retard. Problem solved.

>>257093931White people are slaves, get over it. Reinstate child labor laws so we can send white children to work in the mines, just like the good old days.

>>257099808>take-home layAnon... I

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>>257094288>>257094805You faggots complain about coffee should be decapitated via shotgun.

>>257113557What are you an anti-semite?

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>>257093931Does he have no rent and not eat or something? I have lots of money too but its cause im still working and the mrs cant buy anything

>>257093931My job is legit useless and ive been half assing it from home for the past 8 weeks. I even complained to my boss that i did not understand why i got paid. I’m also one of the most paid employees at work. I just don’t understand.

>>257114196yes of course I am, but I will commend that kike for decent rolling skills, of course he should step into an oven to help light his marinorah>>257114322faggots complaining about faggots complaining about coffe in a mexican coffee making forumanon, why do you do this to yourself?

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>>257096757Poor Colin Mochrie, i feel sad guys

>>257114543Society is garbage, look at all the garbage in the world. Imagine if trash collectors didnt come every week. 75% of things you buy will break within a year of use. Nothing is made to last, it's made to go in the fucking can. Coronavirus needs to decimate this planet, then the best of us can go do drugs in the woods forever.

>>257101379A man of taste. The creatine also. God tier quaffing

>>257100782THIS.It's the only way I can shut down the never-stopping autist brain to go to bed. A gram a night does the trick, but found that moving to dabbing wax was much better. Why smoke 6 bowls when I can just hit the bubbler with 3-4 solid dabs and get the same thing?

>>257114753I knew yung gracy. He was in my dorm my freshman year. Kind of cool but also kind of a fag

>>257107220What the fuck is seriously going on with Racine, Wisconsin

>>257095467because its an unintentional redpill comic

>>257093931What the actual flying fuck is going on in the last panel?Who the fuck sits down a draws something like that and thinks it's normal?This is actually worse than Shadman comics. Shadman at least knows what he draws is fucked up.

>>257115884>not dabbing a gramNegro please.Seriously though, I am a daily distillate smoker. My lungs have thanked me for the switch up.

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>>257102262the outcome of the father's post modern techno industrial hell

>>257116831Pedophiles are exploiting the dads kid. Jesus you cucks on 4chan are fat stupid pieces of shit.

>>257116969You're here too you retarded armchair psychiatrist reddit nigger.

>>257116114damn it's stupid music, I hadn't searched for it because I supposed it was nigger shit, but it's almost worse than normal nigger rap>>257116414shit's fucked right???superduper glowing, I think that's like the inside of a reactor with all the cherenkov coming out of

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>>257117246Yeah but I'm not a cuck. You're the cuck, fatty, so you're also braindead.

>>257112851Mac baren is awful and smoking it tastes like plastic.

>>257093931thanks for the tranny comic

>>257099346enjoy supporting entire nations of beanshitters just to suck down something black first thing in the morning

>>257093931I can't believe this is an AM comic, clearly he's just repeating something one of his commie friends told him this reasoning is too sophisticatedthe typical AM comic is like >panel 1: normal people bad>panel 2: normal people bad>panel 3: normal people bad>panel 4: trannies good

>>257116836I smoke distillate like nobody's business and I'm worried it's worse for me than anything else

>>257100782imagine being such a bigger that you feel compelled to brag about how much you smoke>maintenanceyou pathetic nigger, if you need to get stoned to manage you're a pussy, simple as>t. smokes on pot

>>257116836how does one acquire dabs like these in a time like this? Am I just fucked till society opens back up?

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>>257117745More like>Garbage in your house>Garbage in the street>Garbage in the ocean>Pedophiles think your son looks hot in a dressThe entirety of the dads life is revolting, the author knows this, why would it make his son the exception.

>>257117931You're a massive fatty. Why dont you go choke down a couple fat burgers, you pig.

>>257117508you think??? I've always liked it, what do you recommend?

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>>257096768>in america, the cheapest coffee you can get is usually at a starcucksLegit retard. Fuckin dunkin donuts coffee is like a dollar. Or just... Make your own. For 15¢.

>>257117964Either have to make it yourself with ebay/amazon bute/iso or live in a place like Washington where weed shops are essential. Thank god for fucked up liberal priorities kek.


>>257118178>t. assmad bugman shill for Chinese company invested in pot farms

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>>257101949>Another Chettawut Sister here.>My experience is not a fair comparison - I'm Female XXY Inter-sex, I came with original equipment. My surgery with Dr. Chettawut (January 2016) followed my first surgery decades earlier (May 1983).>That said ...>I also dilate. My Chettawut Clinic schedule was likewise about one hour per session, three sessions per day. Dr. Chettawut allowed me to sleep with the dilator. That accumulated my three hours per day, more than sufficient. I must add that the appliance felt good inside - I slept quite well.>I currently dilate for pleasure only. Maybe once a week, maybe once a month, maybe longer between sessions. I can go months without dilation if I don't feel like doing it. Of course, I put in my efforts immediately post-op so that I am good now. YMMV.>I inject a squirt of prescription Estrogen cream and about 5cc of water-based lube rather than waste lube on the appliance.>I buy used bathroom towels at Goodwill half-price day for $1 and hose them clean on the clothes line. Better than throwing away diaper pads.>I do like my Chettawut Clinic dilators. I used silicone caulk to make a duplicate set. They feel comfortable - flexible - as in the Ol' Days when SRS patients wore the dilator.

>>257114543What job?

>>257118508jews own all our farms breh. The chinks stick to chemicals.

>>257098825>spend 8 bucks every 3 weeks on foldersDo you have binders full of coffee?

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>>257093931Who is this magical person that doesn't require food or clothing or a roof over his head. You know, the other stuff people buy with their money that they earn at their job.

>>257116836How the fuckI do .1g and im fucked for a bit. I can see how someone could go through a gram a day being just wasteful but actually a gram in a hit. ...fuck man

>>257114119Buying coffee supports China, faggot.

>>257118444Fug.Well give more info on a guide to doing this ebay thing then user.

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>>257111348steel percolator has been the best combo of automation and quality. no filter + good beans + easy clean. yes the grind must be more coarse and one cannot press to extract more oils, but i can set and go about my morning. work coffee is free but its burnt ass extract from sams club. i need to sweet talk the operations manager into getting us a commercial grinder and delivery of beans.

>>257119204Just look up butane or iso extraction of thc. It's kind of off topic for Holla Forums. You should find a bunch of jewtube videos at least if you don't want to get into the technical aspects of it and learn anything.

>>257119406thank you fren.

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>>257101835so what would RV tech fall under? I also do trailers and SOMETIMES cars, although I'm not ASE certified.

>>257119579We'll get through this chinese plague together fren.

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>>257112055Fetch my whoopin stick


>>257093931Is his son trans? Am I missing the punchline? These leftist comics are too subtle for my small iq

>>257118599what the fuck!I mean you migt be cheap but this is kike level exageration, silicone caulk!and what the fuck is ymmv?>>257119062buy mexican coffee, make mexico half decent again!>>257119248cheers, say no to badly made crappy coffee, it just encourages the idiots to keep it that way>>257119406>butane!we're a propane board here kiddo!

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>>257119869yeah, it's by some homofag troontrying to normalize pedophilia and sex change because it's so naturalfor humans to be amphibians

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>>257101835>cop>warriorMaybe in places ruled by Roman or Napoleonic Code. Under Common Law typical of Anglo and German countries, cops are glorified scribes and de-jure civilians.

>>257114119Spoken like someone hopelessly addicted to the shit tier stimulant nigger bean infusion. If you are a committed untermensch and really don't have the willpower to wake up in the morning without drug use, at least get some better taste and order some armodafinil which is superior in every way. Ubermensch wake up with exercise.

>>257120214don't talk to me or my goblina ever again>>257120481calisthenics mornings for all!you think that would fly in burgerland?think again bucko!

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>>257094288>self-controlNo where in neuroscience, physiology, psychiatry is this pathology of over consumption linked to self control as a main factor or even relevant factor when looking at the bigger picture.Your body regulates your self control not vice versa, if you have a shit life your body with attenuate your self-control making you more hedonistic. Hormones change, appetite changes, most these things have nothing to do with some power called self control.Think about it, our entire evolution from single organisms to humans has never involved the alien environment we live in since the last century. Maybe we had more rain at some point in history, maybe less food, more food, different food, but we never had computers and porn and high palatable food all around us. Our body is only designed to seek reward. Try feeding a cat over and over again and watch it look all depressed. We dont need to do anything but live and;dr self control is a meme, society is too fucked thats the issue not the individuals in this context.

>>257118047>its an unintentional redpillits hard to tell who's co-opting who, but fuck if I'm going to agree with a tranny about anything, that's a huge red flag those people are like the number 1 propaganda victims on the planet: if you're in agreement with the tranny you're almost certain to have been jewed in the head

>>257093931Where're all the empty baasedlen catrons?

>>257120628Can you guys come pick her up already? She's been ready to go home for 3 years now.

Why do you think that if you are not necessary, you will now live in a perfect paradise?

>>257120868>We dont need to do anything but live and consume

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>>257120628look at those little meaty paws!kawaii! if I may say so myself>>257121261shuddap, I'd import her if I could, shave her head and fuck her raw, my mother can teach her to make tortillas and tamales

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>>257094573Small business is the only reason your shithole country has a gdp. And just now you're realizing how useless it Is lol. Hmmm

>>257096614Getting shirts cleaned adds up. I was wearing a button downed shirt and a tie most days to the office. $3/shirt four days a week (casual polo on Friday) adds up.>>257095125Adds up to more than you would think. $30/week on gas, restaurant dinner a couple of times a week at $20-$25 meal, couple of happy hours at $20 each, couple of Uber rides at $10 each, lunch at a cafe in the office at $10/meal, going out to bars on Saturday night...Lots of small expenses that add up over time.

>>257105644>Permanently change brain chemistry>Way to goPathetic, I'd tell you to find Jesus but even he thinks you're worthless

>>257121428you missed his point entirely. his point is all this shit is an in-built stress response to modern day living. we weren't designed to work 8 or more hours a day 6 days a week for our entire lives. the modern environment we live in is TOTALLY unnatural to our own biological processes. fast access pornography alone has all but completely eroded relationships between men and women. it creates cucks, simps, and whores that all feed off each other in an endless negative feedback loop of bad decisions and backstabbing.If I could just drive out 200 miles into the brush and live in a log cabin I would, in fact I think a month or two of complete isolation from society would do wonders for my mental health. but then some faggot hiker would report me and I'd get arrested for trespassing or something.

>>257102784I hope her snatch is smoother than her head, but I wouldn’t count on it.

>>257104681Her left tit doesn’t look bad, and there’s no room for a dick in those bottoms, but I still wonder whether she shaves or waxes it.

>>257122181I prefer the short trim myself, but I would suppose it's shaved.I wonder if she went natural in prision?

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>>257121401because even though I'm necessary my life is hell

>>257093931Stone Toss has really lost his edge, these new ones suck shitskin cock

>>257121988Know what we call a faggot hiker 200 miles into the brush? Bear/lion food.

The only things that should be worked and opened are health related (medicine), emergency services, supermarkets and the people that supply the foods for the supermarket.All forms of entertainment and restaurants or coffee shops are completely useless.

>>257123104and so how are the rest of us supposed to stay alive?

>>257123001fair enough, but it only takes one asshole to start shit.come to think of it I'm not really sure how to build a log cabin, either.I could manage a shack, maybe. maybe get one of those bumper pull campers and add on to it gradually.anything is better than wasting 70% of my life either asleep or miserable.

>>257123183If your work is not related to any of the essentials then you are essentially worthless.

>>257123566so 70% of the populace is worthlesswhat do you suggest we do with them, then?

>>257123001>Hiking is for faggots, there are lions in the woods where I live. Stay home and consume goy. Wow a retarded Jewish nigger on Holla Forums. I'll be damned.

>>257123644>>Hiking is for faggots, there are lions in the woods where I live. Stay home and consume goy.not what he was implying fren :)

>>257123104>Talks about unessential jobs>Literally reads from a textbook for a living because he has a non-Japanese accent. Nice

>>257096757I feel no pity for these "men" who let it happen.

>>257123632Purge them.

>>257123734Well once he's popped his head out from under your desk how about you get him to reply then. If you can't tame nature you deserve to be killed by it.

>>257123908>purge 70% of the populace>an already antsy, distrusting populace, might I addput your flag back on moishe, no actual nip is this retarded.

Snacking and eating out constantly plus getting "coffee" (aka grande mocha frappaccino extra sugar extra cum) five times a day is never necessary and it's the main reason there's an obesity epidemic. Nobody needs that, especially not office workers. Of course all these faggots are also the CONSOOMER types who have to get every streaming service and other subscription they can for shit they could easily pirate, because piracy is immoral and scary. When you add drugs and alcohol to the mix I honestly don't know how many people even survive, so much money wasted on complete garbage.

>>257120868That's why you change what activates your reward centers. Instead of consooming, create. Instead of jerking off 3x a day, lift or run. Instead of drinking soda, drink tea or seltzer. It's not fucking hard. People are just stupid, selfish, and lazy.

>>257093931>most jobs do not need to be workedok. keep all the restaurants closed then, who needs them? People can work out at home, they dont need a gym. Swim in the bathtub. Shop on Amazon. You're right user, you literally never have to leave your house and you can make money on computers. What a great society we live in.

>>257124153Well yes it is.

>>257123644Hey dumbfuck, the idea is he can do what he wants way the fuck out there because little bitches like you can't handle it 2 miles from a fucking 7-11.

>>257123958you have the reading skills of a 5 year oldHE'S SAYING SHOOT THE FUCKING HIKER BECAUSE NOBODY WILL KNOW YOU FUCKING IDIOTreal big brain hour in here tonight.

>>257107220Someone is going to have to tell her that it’s time to start wearing a bra.

>>257124268why ruin a good thing?

>>257124216I wasn't saying that either but I like the way your mind works, user.

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>>257118263>>257117305You do know she's jewish?

>>257124311>good thingThose look like male gyno boobs.

>>257123644don't be afraid to say it with all it's letters here dudeit's called sⲟy, you can say nigger and beaner and zipheadded chink kike toowelcome and remember you're here forever>>257124043>piracy is immoralcopying known digital files, immoral>>257124268I like free titties, she can come and go around topless in my house but she's gonna have sore tits afterwards>>257124403what?no ;_;you're just pulling my legwasn't she just some cuban gusano import from florida?

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>>257124649mother is a jewfather is hispanic

>>257124649Just about everyone involved in that psyop was a jew at least in part.

>>257122646Could be. If she’s going to buzz her head, though, she might as well do it down below, although I’ve heard that an asshole waxing is more comfy than a shave. I’m good as long as I get to see pink.

>>257124803goddamned chingados, why can't I have anything nice, some thing, one thing (apart for uncle adolph), that is left untuched by the god forsaken kikes>>257124908now I don't know if I can continue goblina posting!

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>>257098503>2 at morning at home>1 before starting to work>coffee break>lunch>coffee break>2-3 when back home

>>257124311Good point.


>>257093931Unessential jobs will exist as long as people have the demand for them

>>257093931>>257094288A complete overhaul, yes. National Socialism will do the trick.

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>>257093931>make you own coffee>dont be a fat cunt and eat shit food all day>ride a bike to work

>>257108552not a coffee fag, but 2 monster energy drinks are just refreshing in the summer

>>257124133if it were easy. people would leave the hell they live in.

>>257125557you know what fuck that, If they want to make people race mix, I can still have the hots for a half kikess goblina gringo mutt, I'm not gonna marry her anyways

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>>257120868>no where in neuroscience or psychology does it link over consumption to self controlEpigenetics and will power retard.Genes control behavior more than neuropathy considering genes also dictate neuropathy

>>257120868Your self control can have a vast effect on your body. This has been scientifically proven through biofeedback.

>>257099239They're church services where the bosses are gods and you're expected to perform worship and not utter blasphemies.

>>257094573Most restaurants here have tripled their sales except the "High class" places where the bill is half the dining experience.

>>257130544fucking walmart level indoctrination, that's what they want

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>>257093931despite all the whining the last panel makes it bretty gud

>>257127462National Socialism will happen except this time, due to the permanent change in demographics, it will be whites playing the role of the Jews.

>>257100782an addict, how sad

>>257100201Imagine you last day at work and some dude goes postal.

>>257101835>Fisherman (engineer, mason)Whatfuckingworlddoyoulivein.png.

>>257093931those some weird looking shorts

You're right but especially about the medical industry, OP. Hospitals are basically shut down. If anything we are better off without medical care unless its life or death emergency type shit.


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Few Lives Matter

>>257095127sawmill coffee is awful user


Got to spend money to make money.

>>257104681Seriously kys u weird fucking faggot. That thing needs to burned alive in public

I thought that was a woman until the kid called it Dad.

>>257093931as if that tranny freak has ever worked a day in its life

>>257095682one of the little perks, and i understand it's barely a "perk", is when i come into the office, someone has already made a pot of coffee any time of day. i dont think ive had a burnt coffee ever, they're pretty good at keeping it fresh. i come at odd hours and infrequently depending on the week, but i always know i can fill up my water bottles and grab a coffee once i set up in my office.

>>257097045If your smoking while frying your oil is too hot. Temp your oil between 350 and 400 degrees.

>>257100350Yeah dude it’s a fucking joke I live in a middle tier apartment and both bathrooms have cut rate wiring jobs (built for dual switch but jackass wired fan into the light and put one switch on a double box), master bedroom and main room are not wired with an overhead light, just a cover where a fixture would go, and the switch just controls power to an outlet in the room. That’s just the first problem. Apartments are exploitative as fuck.

>>257136230I am considering a doohicky based economy.

>>257136373I'm allowed to like her since I'm a beaner. Just send her my way and we'll both be happier.You and me I mean. Not her, she's gonna be pregnant before she learns to make salsa.

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>>257108552This. Having coffee outside the house should be an occasional treat that should not exceed twice a month with good company.


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Bullshit. As long as someone offers you money to do a job it's a job. Some sectors of the economy simply can take a break or are for pure indulgence.Reminder that the lockdown was a top down decision. No one would have closed otherwise.

>>257094805I mean even the basedbucks fanatics only grab a couple of those a day. I probably blow $5 or 6 most days but I get three McDonald's large double doubles. I mostly do it for a brief outing or mental break. Maybe a bit of lazy mixed in

>>257101379That’s Oliet Bangs. Regular Bangs has sugar.

>>257093931Out of all of those, the only thing that should even be close to a regular expense is gas. Everything else is a result of a weak will and terrible budgeting, not being some "exploitable cog">Most jobs do not need to be worked.No fucking shit. One of the main reasons society exists is to allow for non-essential work. What type of retard do you have to be to want a world where everyone goes only does the bare essentials to ensure human survival?