What makes you think that a Fascist state wont crumble because of human nature?

Was playing FNV and started to think a bit about this when i ran into pic related.

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>>257092016I do think that is a possibility for any state built around a cult-of-personality.

What human nature would it infringe?

why aren't you posting this on Holla Forums lolololololololololBut for year, you have a point. Centralized power works insofar as the centralized power is competent, and just as importantly is not greedy.

>>257092267>What human nature would it infringe?Its just that when the Fuhrer of a Fascist nation dies, the people start going insane because he started everything, gave people a reason to fight and now that hes dead they wont have anything to clinge to

>build state around the idea of one guy being better than everybody else>can't just replace better-than-everyone-else guy after he dieswhoa weird

Every state or empire eventually falls. Even Hitler said his reich would last a thousand years, not forever.

Every state crumbled to human nature. Fascism at least plays in the ballpark of tribalism which an innate thinking process for humans

>>257092657what if something were to happen to hitler and his closed ones though? then maybe it would have survived for only a couple years even without ww2

>>257092586I'm not a fascist, but maybe you could do like an election every like 80 years or something when the leader dies, and it will be a grand occasion. As long as the people FEEL like they have a say, that's all that matters, right? It's like Neoliberalism but slower paced.

>>257092586Just get another leader, lmao you retards blow this leader worship out of proportion. Mao got replaced and China is on it’s way to superpower status. North Korea lost two leaders and things kept moving fine. The Soviet Union lost Stalin and they went fine, they fell due to other problems.Losing a great leader is no biggie and this meme needs to end.

>>257092016Not a fascist, but why would it collapse?>When the leader is gone, it will crumbleNot necessarily, even when there is a cult of personality. The Soviet Union didn’t collapse when Stalin or Lenin died (though every leader did change the foundations a bit) same with the Roman Empire. States like these are in fact, not usually focused around the “leader” . More often than not, they are focused around *ideology* and that’s what makes them strong in the first place. As long as you have a fanatic population devoted to a particular ideology, the nationstate will remain strong after the death of a leader.

>>257092016Caesar says in game he hopes to absord the NCR to build a synthesis and gain their stability

>>257092910I like the ancient Greek idea of ostrakon, where once a year every member in the senate could write down the name of someone on a shard of pottery, and the pieces would all be counted. The person with the most votes would be "ostracized" and would be exiled from the country.

>>257092586>when the Fuhrer of a Fascist nation dies, the people start going insane because he started everything, gave people a reason to fight and now that hes dead they wont have anything to clinge toThey do though. They have the ideology and the foundations that said leader laid to work with.

>>257093131Caesar is also a tantrum-throwing manchild, so I don't think that he would actually change anything.

>>257093083But communism crumbled in these states, even marxists think that china isnt communist anymore.

>>257092016There is a very easy solution.

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>>257093325Maybe, but i doubt that the average worker can start anything with such a complex ideology.

>>257092016It takes a new generation of being raised to turn it into a lasting concept. If Hitler had died before a new generation were raised under the Reich then it may break up what he worked for.He would have to be alive long enough for that.

>>257093455Nice argument.

Its a video game ... keep wasting but time on kids stuff ... you are the best goy !

>>257093469China has kept state control but allows private functions because, well, mass control of private industries that function on supply and demand is a horrible undertaking, and trade with other countries means more wealth for their state. China works very hard to maintain a trade balance that keeps wealth flowing in their favor, something the US used to do.

>>257093736Really, what makes you think that he would actually follow through his idea of synthesis once he realized that the result was different from what he had expected?>>257093921Okay, coomer.

>>257092016Caesar's main flaw was in his rejection of technology and polarization of people, his fascist ideals were at conflict with his pseudo-communist absorption of tribalshe wanted to unite all of the wasteland but at the same time polarize half of humanity (females) through slavery and antagonize ghouls and mutantsHe could not achieve a unified wasteland while being polarizing force

>>257093469>But communism crumbled in these statesAfter nearly 70 years and multiple leaders.>even marxists think that china isnt communist anymore.Because by strict definitions, it’s not. But this is actually part of the CCP’s plan to use capitalism to build infrastructure before going back to state socialism. They still very much have a planned economy.

>>257093921kids stuff? this game literally made me question my blue pilled worldview after talking with some of the characters.

>>257094113Caesar is a well written character, but he's written with character flaws.>>257094247the eternal leaf.

>>257094247Dont reply to chinese people>>257094019Just absorbing the NCR would cause synthesis, its not something he flips a switch on. Back home the legion has a relatively normal civilization that isnt a slave army and they enjoy the absolutely brutal security provided to them in the apocolypse. Just needs some long term post authoritarian state beuracracy.>>257094113He kept technology away from his army because he relied on them being uneducated to buy in to his worship. Theyre a tribal army meat grinder, their purpose isnt scholarly. Normal rome also considered women property so thats a dumb argumemt.

>>257094113This doesn't make sense. Women aren't relevant militarily in the real world and ghouls and mutants are the enemy outgroup most people can get behind hating easily and that is necessary when you want united humanity.The only problems would be pro female liberty men and the fact that women are equal to men in the game worlds logic, and yeah tech if they fight someone too advanced.

>>257094645Oh yeah he definitely lived up to all the hype the game built him up to havewould love just a small game about him and graham traveling and him becoming Caesar

>>257094645the eternal leafwhat?

>>257095040That lack of technology is what put them at a huge disadvantage with the other factions, the legion would have a much higher mortality rate with no access to modern medicine and had to rely on guerilla tactics to even hope of combating the NCR with their primitive arsenalhe was not setting up an army that could maintain and defend itself, it was exclusively for raiding surrounding areasas for the women argument>>257095040>>257095043fallout has everyone mutated so we can assume women maybe got a bit more competent in fighting but putting that aside and ignoring their fighting capability, people don't really want to be separated from their wives and families and be enlisted, so even if you aren't necessarily pro women you still wouldn't want your mother becoming a legion slave, that's one of the main factors that allow you to turn the great Kahns against the legion is what would happen to their women

>>257092016Whelp, you're right, guess we should just let Jews rule us forever.

>>257092016because real fascism hasn't been tried yet

>>257095602Canadians post absolute garbage posts 90% of the time.

>dude I was laying this videogame when the creators told me their opinions unambiguouslyHave you tried thinking for yourself instead?

>>257095795what is real fascism then?

>>257095927>Have you tried thinking for yourself instead?i am, in fact this just helped me question some of my views

>>257092016If caesars empire falls another just like it will rise to take its place. That was caesars truth. The old ways were unnatural even in the old world and they certainly dont work in the post apocalyptic world where everything is back to square one. Thats why the NCR, the minutemen, house...ect wont work and are always doomed.

>>257092586The task of the Führer would also be to prepare the next one

>>257095927You can side with with fascists, republicans, technocrat libertarians, literal boomers, or become Hitler yourself. It's one game that doesn't coerce you into a specific political ideology.>>257096034It's a joke, like "real communism has never been tried."

>>257095638To be fair, only conquered women were slaves in his army, and their kids were slaves. The rest of the people are equally ruled by a brutal authoritarianship and have no say or rights. You could bang on equally for most people in the legion being treated fairly.In the game world, the ncr with shit technology overwhelms the brotherhood, and the legion overwhelms the ncr. Its horde strategy, numbers are everything with the legion. In game you can find the legion assisting the fiends and recruiting local tribes, for this very thing.

>>257096148Caesars empire only rose because he was a brilliant man with hordes of warring tribes for him to easily conquer and subdueas the old world returns and groups like the followers are able to educate and re-modernize more and more tribes Caesar's legion will be impossible to rebuild

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>>257096295but everyone in the legion was conquered, this is why I'm always so sad that the legion content got cut so bad and we never got to see what legion controlled lands were like, I'm really interested in seeing how exactly the legion handled their civilians

>>257092016Best Korea is still standing

>>257092016If you use Holy Scripture to indoctrinate the leadership and the cattle into seeking rightousness and justice in all things it could work. If we fanatically followed the words of God, we could have a true utopia.

>>257096278Except for the part where you only see the absolute worst of what Caesar had to offer (which was still better than the ncr unless being able to do drugs is a deal breaker for you) against the absolute best of the failing, overextended bureaucracy of an equally fascist state who maintains the illusion of freedom by just letting raiders kill whatever farmer refused to sign on. House was the only person who held eenlightenment era values, and look where it got him.>>257096136You literally were not thinking before if you thought fascists only ever followed their leaders and that's all there is to it

>>257093164Let's cut out the middleman and run elections as a dollar auction where whoever spends the most money wins the Presidency, but all campaign spending goes toward paying off the debt.

>>257096368>he posted this>in the year of our Lord blm 2016+4hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

>>257096964don't get me wrong that wouldn't make everyone smart and capable, all it takes is the ability to not see a man like Caesar as a man and not a God for his system to fail

>>257096368The old world is dead and gone. Theres no bringing it back. Its not a matter of bringing old tech to the wastes. Tech isn't gonna save anything because the old world was rotten to the core. You see evidence of that every time you loot some old office in any fallout and see evidence of shady prewar shit. The old world is myth and thats why recreating it is a exercise in folly. Caesar is truth.

>>257096811i know thats not all there is to it, but leaders in a fascist state do pretty much everything, there is no free market to take care of things if something happens to the leader because in a fascist society nothing happens without the government.

>>257096551I mean like those immediately conquered by the legion. When they move on and the place settles, a "middle class" will emerge and commerce will take place. JSawyer talks about like this you mention.

>>257097247>he posted this>in the year of our Lord ADL 1944+76HahahahahahahahahahahagaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>257097367>i do not not know what fascism is: the post

>>257097367Youre thinking of authoritarianism, a system often used to enforce fascism.


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>>257097262The old world is alive and well in the NCR, as is the corruption and greed that destroyed it in the first place, the NCR is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the old world if it does not changeBut that is why the NCR needs to learn it's lessons from New Vegas from the Legion and Mr. HouseThe Republic needs both the loyalty and higher calling of the Legion combined with the dedication and genius of Mr. House in order to to make an actual functional republicCaesar has high goals in mind but he is not truth, he is built on lies of his divinity and the suppression of technology that could benefit humanity immenselyThe legion needed the synthesis of the NCR, but the NCR needs the synthesis more

>>257097464bro you just posted cringe

>>257095040>that's a dumb argument.women always were/are/will be property fool. Somebody owns them in the same way an economic slave is property of the lender. Human capital is a basic function of the legion and the foundation of his coin based currency is backed by the conquest of labor. The NCR lost New Vegas to the legion because they could not keep costs of water, food, ammunition balanced with their hyper inflated fiat. The fiat which financed drunken debauchery in the casinos, produced instability among contracted caravans when its purchasing power decreased, and was based on infinite growth models which have proven unsustainable. So long as Caesar's coinage maintained integrity of metal purity, its might was unmatched in the wasteland and permitted him to bribe and conquer inferior tribes by dividing the spoils of war and turning human nature against itself. The real paradox of hypocrisy is to be found when this board vilifies Ron Perlman for not sucking Trump dick while simultaneously sucking Perlman's dick as he (the narrator) spoon feeds you line after line of regurgitated rhetoric. Perlman's in game avatar is a Legionnaire ffs. Hell, half of Hollywood is subservient to Caesars Casino Royale via blood money marked by the 666 Beast of Babylon. The script of New Vegas is parallel construction to the systematic dismantling of the USA by kikes and lawless factions who have been promoted to status of kings among the fallen and wicked generations who stem from a faithless hippie revolution that has put God's law in the Devil's hands. >There is a reason Joshua Graham deserved a bullet in Honest HeartsIf you don't understand how wall street kikes are selling their white American chattel into the hands of mormon fal$e prophet$ then you are only deceiving yourself when you voluntarily go along with scripted choices and the illusion contained within the plot to usurp Caesar by rendering unto a synagogue of demagogues who masquerade the Whore as a goddess.

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>>257098951Divinely based and catastrophically redpilled

>>257098951Dumb nigger. Participate in the thread before getting mad.


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>>257099540you should

National Socialism is Nature

>>257099473>noooooo you cant just completely btfo me and leave like that stop it it hurts my feeeeeelings

>>257092016I think a fascist state is the fastest and most efficient way to reduce the scope of government. The fascist state would remove programs for non-contributors and no longer engage in wars for israel or shell games to move taxes into corrupt wallets. With those largest tax burdens gone and a government no longer needing to pretend to work, things would naturally deflate.

>>257099473lurk moar faggot.

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>>257099152>>257102555Checked. >>257099540Do you wanna see my Great Khan's new camp Jack?

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>>257102890As you can see, the limitations of the game did not stop me from leading the khans great march west towards freedom.>My power level is far beyond yours.

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>>257104526With impenetrable wood fence surrounding camp in a spiral helix pattern, the entrance contains a small forest.

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>>257104907Beyond which lies a firing squad consisting entirely out of Mean SonofaBitch Clones. His loyalty can not be bought, and he's a real nigga if there ever was one in fallout. Best. Watchman. Ever. Keeps all the nightkin and dumbdumbs like glowniggers out.

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>>257105223>enterance.png /failSunny Smiles from Goodsprings has been recruited as a follower and now serves the Great Khans as a welcoming committee and regulating the women scavengers of the tribe who bring salvage back to the camp in the shopping carts stationed by the sparring arena.

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>>257105622Here we find (you), Jack. Sequestered in the inner cloister where Papa provides popcorn for peanuts on the dollar as the Big screen projects all your favorite college fantasies into Old World Blues. >filthy lobotomite. Still every mutt has his wolfpack, Balto. I digress... on with the show!

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>>257106315The POTUS is coming!!!>perhaps the NCR wants to engage in peace talks and reparations for my peoples.

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>>257107093Game Over d00d. I win. You lose. Again. youtube.com/watch?v=PZw1qUWlViE

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The Enclave were right.

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>>257092595The problem is the "better-than-everyone-else-guy" failed to propagate his vision and ambition to those who followed him. Instead they follow some bastardized version of what they thought he was trying to say. Specifically in Caesar's case his fault mainly lies in that he specifically disallowed anyone from knowing his true ideology.>t. accidentally spelt ideology "ideologoy".

>>257097367Fascism is free market but with controls to prevent degeneracy and actions counter to the good of the people, it's not just communism with different flags Hitler wouldn't have clashed with Strasserists if that was the case. Even that is subject to change depending on what kind of fascist government you use as a template. Culture and law is all that is needed to let a government live beyond its leaders, written and oral codes and stories that will outlive the writers and give meaning to the arrangement of society. Fascism is viable if the 1st gen makes the right choices, most do not.

>>257108189If they were right they wouldn't be dead.

>>257092016Same reason democracy won't--OH WAIT.

>>257093076thisif OP's premise was true, neither Monarchies or Empires would've never lasted more than a generation

>>257092910>m not a fascist, but maybe you could do like an election every like 80 years or something when the leader dies, and it will be a grand occasionThis is a good idea.There's also the idea that a council or cabinet of fascist ideologues could appoint the next leader.

>>257109299Haha ain't that a bitch.>Q confirms. >>257106315 "The unforgettable classic that still nobody understands." -Capolavoro

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>>257110704Well it's not never true monarchies and empires fail, people revolt waste leaders, sometimes they keep the old framework but often not. Fascism has the habit of always succumbing and there are reasons for that, but most never survive long enough for succession to be an issue.

>>257092904So what? What's to lose?

>>257092016I am a Fascist and I will respond.This world operates under metaphysical and physical laws that cannot be broken. These laws are very simple, and overlap indefinitely, see as above so below.Fascism is the manmade application of the natural order. So the most Fascist man is essentially the leader, followed by the second most.... In a pyramid-type hierarchy. So to put it simply to respond to your question. If Caesar was the most Fascist man in the power group, and he died - power would fall to second in command.... If the hierarchic structure was properly established by him, the state would not crumble, however would suffer because now the state is operating at a metaphysical disadvantage.....

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>>257111947Maybe the point is to make your ideals strong enough they survive you. Why repeat the past and make the same mistakes, if you could get it right this time?

>>257093483Wrong.. While bloodline is definitely a closer option than democracy - to the natural order. It is not the most optimal. Genetics in a fresh state, with a fresh ruler, is not reliable. Among many many other issues.

>>257112457His order was tribal in nature and suffered from poor education, each degree of separation from ceasar was a deviation from his order and will, each time more bastardized from the original. Might makes right and how could any of caesar's rank possibly hope to match his strength when they were all conquered by him and learned nothing from him. They were doomed to regress to their state before being legion.

>>257112979You do not understand the metaphysical world, and there's simply not enough time in the day to explain it all to you.> His order was tribalfirst. You have to define what tribal means down to an exact root. > "poor education"Define poor education> each degree of separation from ceasar was a deviation from his order and willNo.. Fascists are possessed by god to certain degrees.. What you see in Cesar, and other Fascists, is god acting through the person.. A Fascist using his own "order" and "will", will only cause deviation from god.>and how could any of caesar's rank possibly hope to match his strengthThe Aryan blood is mostly inert and flows through all whites to a certain degree, new babies born and growing up may rival or be above him... They may wait to take his place. OR simply not be ready.. You do not understand reality...> "They were doomed to regress to their state before being legion."As said genetics is key to godhood... In the fallout world the white genetics are very similar.. This is not a situation of white people going to Africa... Ceasar was born on the land of similar genetics, and one can be born again...

>>257112457But who will make sure that it will happen this way, i can imagine very well that after the fuhrer of a fascist or nazi nation dies, the people closest to him will try to do everything they can to become powerful This is why i dont think that simply the most fascist person after the fuhrer will get elected, but that the system will ultimately fall. its like a class without a teacher.

>>257114176>i can imagine very well that after the fuhrer of a fascist or nazi nation dies, the people closest to him will try to do everything they can to become powerful>This is why i dont think that simply the most fascist person after the fuhrer will get elected>electedThere is no elected!There is naught but struggle and strength.The fittest man wins—that's kind of the whole point.>the people closest to him will try to do everything they can to become powerfulThat is EXACTLY where the system of facism is said to be congruous with human nature. They WILL do anything, and that's the whole point; it allows for this without the pretense of rigged elections or 'divine right to rule'.It is strength and intelligence that makes a leader fit to rule.

>>257114846Ergo "the most fascist person".

>>257092778Fascism does, indeed, take a uniquely incisive (and potentially productive) view as to human nature, but so does liberal capitalism, albeit in different domains. For example (especially if thinkers like Spengler or Evola are to be believed), humanity tends also toward laziness and decadence (i.e., decay, a la Nietzsche’s Last Man).As other anons have pointed out, the death of a central leader needn’t necessarily entail collapse (see North Korea, etc), but the Super Mutant is right to suggest that most followers—even in radical vanguard movements—aren’t proper ideologues; they’re just riding the wave, without any real, serious metaphysical commitment to the vanguard principles. 80% of people “follow the leader,” as it were.

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>>257111874Fascism has never lasted until the death of it leader retard, all the examples of it were destroyed in military conflicts.Unless you count military juntas as fascist, but that’s fucking retarded as those have been around a lot longer than fascism and they are never implemented as anything more than a temporary stand in.

>>257114176> But who will make sure that it will happen this wayCaesar, and the second in command.. If he is following his metaphysical imperative by god. Do not be confused with the EXTREME incompetencies of todays governments as some sort of yardstick..> the people closest to him will try to do everything they can to become powerfulYou do not know true Fascism. They are possessed by god to a certain degree to the amount of aryan blood that flows in their genetics... To usurp / stop a true leader, or to try and operate at a castle level above yours is tantamount to sacrilege... True Fascists do not operate under an ego. They see themselves as a cog in a massive machine... Of course they must forever fight and subjugate their ego. > This is why i dont think that simply the most fascist person after the fuhrer will get elected, but that the system will ultimately fall.all institutions ultimately fall, people get old and die. It's all the same. The world operates on cycles (see picture)... It's all very complicated.

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>>257114846but what ensures that the new ones in power wont be as bad as the ones we have today? its like rolling a dice if you give the ruler the permission to intervene in the lives of others.



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>>257115379saying that one deserves to rule because he has "aryan blood" or is "possessed by god" is an irrational argument. this is not a good argument imo

>>257092016the mutant is right. caesar is the only thing that holds up caesars legion. his philosphy is sound but his disregard of technology and other things are dumb.most authoritarian movements are created and forged and stood up by strong leaders. napoleon, hitler, tojo - all of these societies they created crumbled once they died. stalin too.so once you realize that the only thing thats great about caesars legion is caesar what do you say what happens to them after he dies?

>>257115866>saying that one deserves to rule because he has "aryan blood" or is "possessed by god" is an irrational argument.Irrational if you do not understand reality.... Either way, your personal feelings are irreverent... As said before, this world operates on a set of metaphysical and physical mathematical formulas.... Those who most closely follow them... Will always succeed. Whether that be a person, a family, a town or a country.

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>>257092016This is why you need a strong parliament to keep running a country after a leader's term is finished to then elect another suitable candidate to become the new leader.

>>257115483I'm not a fascist, and am not advocating for such, but I understand the thinking is that current leaders under our democratic systems are not elected based on any kind of merit.Our leaders are not elected because they're strong, nor because they're intelligent; they're elected because they're (somehow) considered "likeable" enough by the proles to get the vote, because they say the right things regardless of whether those things are true or not; because they're liars.They're elected because they have the money to run a campaign, and because they went to the right schools and met the right people; because they're wealthy.The result of this is that we're led by wealthy liars.Incapable people would not have a chance at becoming the ruler of a fascist country, because they would end up getting murdered by somebody more capable.A wealthy liar is no match for a strong, ruthless, intelligent killer.

>>257116347you probably think that jews are godless degenerates, how are they successful then? Do they follow metaphysical rules?most rich people are only successful because of intelligence and drive. being possessed by god or having a certain kind of blood doesn't seem to have a factor in these cases.

Assuming the "great leader" is actually great and their actions are aligned with the best interests of the tribe or race then their life as a manager of things will only be a time of rapid evolution, whereby a less great leader will be a time of less rapid evolution. If you depend on leaders to get everything done then you're asking for enslavement and collapse the moment a leader dies or fucks up. Look at Russians the moment their crypto-tsars-gosudars are no longer in power, they always plummet into shit head first without them because they defer to some higher power.

>>257117059>most rich people are only successful because of intelligence and driveSuccessful people are successful because of intelligence and drive.Most rich people are rich via patrimony.

>>257092586When all you have is Mussolini to lead your fascist state then mama mia, that’s a spicy meatball!

>>257117059>you probably think that jews are godless degeneratesJews worship what you could understand as "Lucifer".... Lucifer opposed god. He is anti-god. So Jews are anti-god, and too their physical features/behavior are anti-god.Jews are compelled to serve their lord the same way the Aryan man is compelled to serve his. Eternal enemies. To say it briefly. >how are they successful then?To say "successful" is rather laughable.. Look at how they struggle to "run" the world with constant turmoil.... Anyways this is a rather complicated question. Just as the ying and yang exist... To preserve the equilibrium, just as how the planets rotate, spring goes to winter...the Jews too are "allowed" to rule...If the Jews have their time in the cycle, we would be in permanent union with god and the world as we know it wouldn't exist...> Do they follow metaphysical rules?everyone and everything does. However they play by different rules because (to say it simply) they choose to reject god.> most rich people are only successful because of intelligence and driveQuite the contrary, the most rich people are the most greedy (most Jewish).. Jews and Aryan have different drives and "intelligences". > being possessed by god or having a certain kind of blood doesn't seem to have a factor in these cases.For example..A truly blessed Aryan would not even carry money, or would give it away instantly along with the rest of his possessions. Money and materials are cursed because it invokes the ego. It is sin. You need to ask better questions

>>257117059>If the Jews DIDN'T* have their time in the cycle,

>>257112912I literally have no idea what you're trying to say.

>>257118462wasnt Hitler an agnostic? i watched a video from cultured thug where he said that. also heard that he was anti Christian

>>257092016if the state is truly fascist then the policies will be constructed specifically to work with human nature and not against it.

>>257119359Hitler is a Fascist, so he also must follow the god of his blood. > he was anti ChristianChrist is a good example of a high castle - spiritual Aryan. However Christianity and following Christ are two different things... Christs teachings were largely corrupted through purposeful mistranslations and twisting of words... For example"Give away all your material possessions" - Fight ego-greed, help your peopleJews corrupt it and turn it into."give away all your material possessions"- Give everything to the Jews and become slaves.Another"turn the other cheek"-Put aside petty differences, forgive minor wrongdoings. Love your people.Corrupted into."turn the other cheek"- allow your enemies to subjugate you, rape your family. Allow injustice..> watched a video from cultured thug you will not find good information from videos, for the same reason you will not find nutritious food at mcdonalds.

>>257119286you ask very confusing questions, so in turn confusing replies must be given.

>>257120085high caste*

Shinai!かみそりの風(KAMI SORI NO KAZE)

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>>257119286Making hitler a monarch is simply incorrect. Despite it sounding good to a material person... You must not impede the strongest most god-willing from ruling. For god will only punish all wrong-doers in the end....

>>257092016Because it’s based around human nature

>>257092016>example from fictionfuck off

>>257120085so you have Gods blood simply by being a fascist? Such a belief makes questioning your own views impossibly hard. Cognitive dissonance will be a given.

>>257120545you will find plenty examples in our history as well.

>>257120559One does not "become" a Fascism.. As stated. Fascism is merely a term to express the metaphysical and physical laws that dictate the world, and a Fascist is a follower of that law.It is also that Aryan blood/genetics comes from the original adam. The original creation of god. The whole world to a certain degree has different levels of blood because of the degenerate racial mixing.... Of the world in its current state, the European race has been most against race mixing, and god awarded them with control of this world....> Such a belief makes questioning your own views impossibly hard. Cognitive dissonance will be a given.I am simply presenting you with the truth, it's your choice whether or not you want to accept it.

>>257120990how do you know its the truth? this is what interests me. if its really the truth i will happily become a fascist

>>257092016eugenics, we make "human nature" better over time

>>257121238Are you even reading what I am writing? You do not "become" a Fascist... It's not like fake Jewish religions.... You only discover you were already a Fascist.....> how do you know its the truth?This world is extremely simple and yet also extremely complicated. I cannot simply utter some words - wave a wand, and change your state of perception....It's a long and hard process.. Don't even try if you're not prepared to go all the way, for you will fail, and you will be worse off then you were as an ignorant person.However. If you choose. As a starting point, if I am to say something. Think about how this world operates....As above so below - One comparison can be compared infinity to another, up or down.This world operates on cycles, as a million clocks all rotating on an axis, too as how planets operate.The circle of life is a good normie tier Fascist example.It's very difficult for me to help in this area because it's something you must do for yourself. I can only show you the door.

>>257121238strive to eliminate lies in your life.... Eliminate desire, subjugate the ego... Meditate in your inner thoughts and think about where you exist in this place in the world..... Think of the world as having a natural caste system, where everyone BELONGS in a certain place.... Now think of where you are now, cleanse your mind of ego, greed, etc... Are you where you belong? Should you be higher? Or perhaps lower? Is there a part of you, in the back of your mind.. Nagging you about something important? Are you ignoring it? Bring it out..... Question why you do or think certain things, meditate on these things. Bring the subconscious into the conscious.

>>257121936i accept your opinions and all that, but i simply won't buy into this stuff, you present these things like a cultist, talking about the possession of god and holy blood. I think that such beliefs will only lead to a world in which people will be divided because one group of people thinks theyre better than everyone because they have holy blood and gods possession. In your eyes im probably ignorant and manipulated, but i simply think that such beliefs will only inflict pain to mankind.

>>257121238There are two armies fighting.One is extremely disciplined and has a strict top-down, hierarchical command structure.The other, is a heterarchical, flat-structured army, there are no leaders. Every action taken must be voted on and a consensus must be reached.Who wins?Why?

>>257123070Are all humans equal?

Any system in this world is destined to crumble. It's a transient reality we inhabit. But who is to say this world has to be like this forever?

>>257092016Fascism is ideological and usually they would have a successor selected.

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>>257092016>Siding with anyone besides Yes Man

>>257092016Yes, it doesnt matter what form of government humanity takes. A very notable individual(s) may change things, but human nature is human nature. Weaknesses will develop due to this human independent nature we have and there will always be someone or group of people who will want power for themselves, or may resent their co-workers/soldiers/leaders for personal reasons. Not to mention the inevitable weaknesses that develop from there being no perpetual state of war and/or crisises. Man will always be flawed in the sense that he can be selfish. The only way to break this cycle is to be governed by a power greater than/above man, or to change man himself. This is another way how we know God exists. The NWO will attempt to bring order out of the chaos (which Jesus said He would do, so they're mimicking Christ) they created (ie Hegalian dialetics) by establishing the AntiChrist and AI system as the new god to mankind to implement a one world government and they will also change man himself by corrupting the human flesh via transhumanism and bio-tech.

>>257123334i dont think that, i just think that people should be able to live in safety without government interference.

>>257123826i sided with mr house, he has huge plans for mankind like colonizing other planets, hes basically like elon musk

>>257123070>but i simply won't buy into this stuffI am presenting simple truths about the world. You are a person of at least trinket consciousness. A choice is being made whether or not you care... > because one group of people thinks theyre better than everyone There is no "better" empirically speaking. With great power comes great responsibility. Fascists seek to put all the pieces into order, and to keep them there... This means that someone who is pre-ordained to be a laborer - does not become the leader of a country.Nor for a military general to become a laborer. Fascism is a love for everything, and a return to the garden of Eden. > i simply think that such beliefs will only inflict pain to mankind.Think of the world right now, Jews at the height of their power, look how they turn all races against each-other, look how they peddle that everyone is equal.... Age doesn't matter, gender doesn't matter. Physical or mental fitness doesn't matter. Nothing matters, take your poisonous drugs... Become slaves to the Jews, who will rape your children and sacrifice them to Lucifer... Cattle to be harvested. (read the talmud)... You already live in hell, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. You have to make a choice if you're going to be a slave or not.

>>257092016Everything crumbles.

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>>257123865i just think that big government will always fail. call me old fashioned or manipulated i still think that the founding fathers were right.

>>257092016>when leader gone they will fallBad meme.

>>257092586>Fuhrer of a FascistFucking idiot

>>257123275Kind of an obvious question, but however it's filled with material lies.>extremely disciplinedextremely disciplined is a subjective word.. extremely disciplined in what? doing a pushup every 100 feet?> strict strict at what? doing a dance everytime they kill someone?>Every action taken must be voted on and a consensus must be reached."okay the enemy just ambushed us, what should we do, hmmmmmmm how about, maybe...*boom* everyone dies in an explosion.Even a car works on a system of leadership. think about it. The tires is the lowest caste, the driver is the highest caste.

>>257092910>ITT: No one knows what facism is.

>>257123898>should be able to live in safety without government interference.government is just a structure..... The husband and wife are a government structure...mother nature with her bears and wolves attacking people, is a natural government...

>>257124077and out of the ashes, it all grows again.

>>257124432what does Fascism mean to you?

>>257092595Didn't Rome kind of do that though?

>>257124031what do you mean gender and race doesnt matter? i think that this is the reason we have all this troubleits feminists against mgtows and misogynistswhite racists against black racistspeople blaming one race for all their problems(jews or whites) peace is not an illusion in my opinion all this divison is just to keep us from knowing the truth that were not the problem but the elites are

>>257092016Fascism is closer to human nature than capitalism which alienates us from our humanity in pursuit of resources

>>257124389of a fascist nation, i dont pay too much attention to grammar in a fucking 4chan post

>>257124400>filled with material lies.There's no difference between the material and the immaterial.The ego is a subset of the will and is not the enemy, but rather the purpose of being as a man.>Even a car works on a system of leadership. think about it. The tires is the lowest caste, the driver is the highest caste.Yes, that's exactly my point.The reason the disciplined army succeeds lies in physical and metaphysical laws.Why does it succeed? Not tactics or strategy, but rather universal constants.

>>257124774fascism is not true human nature. its just another form of mindless altruism

>>257092595>build state around the idea of one guy being better than everybody elseNot fascism but okay fat ass.

>>257124747>feminismFeminism is poison. It exists when the Jews try to invert the organic Fascist nature of the aryan female. One from female energies, to male energies.> mgtowsMgtow is the same as above, but turns male energies into female energies.> misogynists"misogynists" are just males projecting their natural male energy.> white racists against black racistsWhat does racism even mean? Races are obviously different and aren't meant to be together.> people blaming one race for all their problemsIt's not wrong on a technical level.> peace is not an illusion in my opinionreal peace can only exist with a sword in hand.> " but the elites are"

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>>257124245Its hard to accept, but this country was founded by freemasonic Luciferians. Maybe some of them were legit, but I doubt it. The american and french revolutions set them up for global dominance, the world wars all but confirmed it. We are in the finalization stages. The reason it's taken as long as it has is because in creating this country they also gave way to the most Christian country ever and have been adamantly trying to undo this the past few decades, because (true) Christians are the only true resistance

>>257092904Then you elect a new chancellor.How fucking stupid are you people?

>>257125148Dead wrong.It's not altruism; it's selfishness with the self redefined as the race and/or nation.

>>257125188hitler himself told others to blindly serve him, he was the fuhrer who was above everything.

>>257125059>There's no difference between the material and the immaterial.See >>257116347> "army succeeds lies in physical and metaphysical laws"> "There's no difference between the material and the immaterial."contradiction. >Not tactics or strategy, but rather universal constants.sigh...... tactics and strategy ARE apart of the universal constants... Real life conflicts work like video-game metas.... There's always a "right" way of doing something nomatter what cards you are dealt.

>>257125343You seem to know a low about hitler for knowing next to nothing.

>>257125256its not as easy as it soundsyou insult others who don't believe in nazism yet you would probably be killed in nazi germany for being a degenerate because you browse 4chan.

>>257125597he literally said that in his speeches"ihr müsst gehorchen, ihr müsst euch fügen"

>>257125456>contradiction.There's no contradiction there. We can make distinctions within the boundaries of a single type.Metaphysical and physical laws are the same thing, but it can be helpful to make clear a distinction.Your arse and your elbow are the same thing, namely you, but I'm sure you can tell them apart.> tactics and strategy ARE apart of the universal constantsYes, but read above. It can be helpful to make clear a distinction.

>>257092016we just want a white ethnostate, not fascism. That's good enough. The same republic, the same constitution, but philia and a shared moral-code in the population to implement the constitution>inb4 who's "we">SMD

>>257125196what about jews like ben Shapiro or Dennis prager who defend Europe and criticize Muslim immigration?wouldn't it be impossible to be a conservative jew if theyre all in a massive Marxist conspiracy

>>257125768>>257126109I have helped you enough and now there is nothing more that can be gained from me talking to you. Archive this thread and come back to it at a later date if you choose. I suggest reading Hitler-MK as a starter.... All noobie reading material can be found here.drive.google.com/drive/folders/13B3Z0jBzXq4yTxFlHaBtj3IM2r0OwGqV

>>257126317Thanks, ill take a look at this, im open to new views

The best way to keep a fascist state alive is to have the next leader be crazier than the last.

>>257092016Its been years since I've seen this post. Cheers

>>257123898If you believe in their inequality you have already acquiesced to the premise that some are better than others. Can niggers live without authoritarian regime? We will never know. Safety is never guaranteed by any state of man or nature. One must struggle to achieve safety and even then it is temporary.

>>257092016technology will create an eternal leader, a manmade godyoutube.com/watch?v=9JfnFXdkSTI

>>257092910I had an idea for something like that. Like a president for life or something. We need to build a coalition in opposition to the coalition of the ascendent that the left has built. I think the only way to do this is to create an institution based around traditionalism that promotes patriarchy that is the center of your society. The idea is that this center gives men at the lower end of the totem poll the ability to obtain status so that they don’t join in and work with women, the ostracized, and degenerative elements that would seek undermine and subvert traditionalism within the nation.

>>257127270i dont think that race is the problem, but rather culture. black people who were raised in a civilized place seem to be just like white people. no wonder African and middle eastern refugees cause problems if there homecountries are on the brink of ruin because of war, homelessness and Islamism. poor white people also tend to be more aggressive than ones from the middle class and so on.

>>257092016FNV is probably the best game ever, shame they bullied obsidian to release in a year and half since development started

>>257127526who knows if it will come this far, maybe humanity will destroy itself before such a possibility

>>257127876Culture is a product of genetics, it doesn't just happen by magic and happenstance.

>>257128095best opinion currently in this thread

>>257127876>black people who were raised in a civilized place seem to be just like white peopleyoutube.com/results?search_query=eating cornstarch

>>257128167but even some countries in Africa seem to differ strongly

>>257128321hahaha, well they're not a threat or anything

>>257092016Fascism is derived from the law of nature. Pic related is a false premise. Don't look to games developed by bugmen for insight. Read a fucking book.

>>257128342And what, you think they all have the same exact genetic admixture?

>>257128413crime statistics

>>257094247yes as well of approving of homos, racemixing, and opening your borders to the scum of the world to rape and pillage.

>>257092016Fascism was the norm for hundreds of thousands of years before judeo-capitalism.

>>257092016>>257128465Communism is anti-nature. Liberalism is anti-nature. Fascism is one societal configuration that is not. OP image is such a predatory farce. Pushing the exact opposite of the truth on a mostly inexperienced audience and completely reliant of the subject's lack of knowledge and critical ability. OP, you found an example of devious, malignant propaganda in entertainment media.


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>>257128465I already explained it to him if you look above. It will be a waste of energy at this point

How many centuries did monarchy last?

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>>257129275im also against democracy, im just against big government which intervenes in everything. id like someone like Pinochet to take charge of everything. Protect freedom and the market and destroy everyone who is against it

With something like monarchy opposed to fascism, the people follow the concept of monarchy and therefore the person in power.

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>>257129604monarchy is a great system, but Monarchies also changed, but i also have no problem with that.

>>257129929People are inherently retarded en masse. Not everything needs to be nationalized, but lots of things do.The market cannot be trusted to exist as a power structure outside of the state.It turns into a competition where the state is competing with the market. Large international corporations will hold a state hostage instead of inherently behaving in the interest of the nation.It removes the concept of corps having their own self interest. Their interests become the same as the state. That's what Benito meant when he said nothing outside the state.

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>>257130464i partially agree with this, i just think that corporations shouldn't be allowed to be so rich that they can rivale the government

>>257095040>He kept technology away from his army because he relied on them being uneducated to buy in to his worship.You didn't play the game at all.

>>257130941That puts you in a situation where you are harming the efficiency of the corporation and therefore the nation when you could just nationalize it and not have that problem.


>>257095040>He kept technology away from his army because he relied on them being uneducated to buy in to his worshipHe didn't keep them away from tech he wanted them to live of the land.If you paid attention to why the brotherhood of steels, enclave, boomers and NCR.You would realize that a reliance on tech and constant fear with a lack of upkeep in maintaining and expansion is their downfall.You know, like what happened to the former United states. Why the fuck are you talking about this game you never played and why am I even replying?Even the NCR had a problem with trade routes, supply lines and keeping their soilders well stocks.While the average NCR grunt has shit armour and broken AR15s, ceasers legionnaires scavenged everything they needed from meds, ammo, armour and food.

>>257095040>Normal rome also considered women property so thats a dumb argumemt.And Rome eventually needed to allow women to vote.Again.Pol doesn't understand anything.

>>257129929What is the concept of big? Economically big and militarily big but not much else, or big where they shove cameras in your ass like in England but have to call in the SAS every time a paki goes on a knife rampage? Hitler was very specific on authority

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>>257131778>*like us but not much else

>>257131132the world only functions because of the international market. life will be much harder if the nation you live in isolates itself from all others.

>>257092586the real Furher is immortal

>>257131778by big i mean states like china or cuba and other socialist nations, basically a government which controls all aspects of your life

>>257095638>fallout has everyone mutated so we can assume women maybe got a bit more competent in fightingFallout wiki says NPC wastelanders have a base level of one to five.Weakest NPCs.

>>257092016Fascism is a civilizational fever response to a threat. It's the body of a nation responding to an infection.You don't want a fever to last forever, just long enough to deal with the illness.

>>257096811Bingo, sounds like you played the game.

>>257096368>as the old world returns and groups like the followers are able to educate and re-modernize more and more tribes Caesar's legion will be impossible to rebuildKaesar was former member of the followers and learned about Ancient Rome through reading many texts in his travels across the America.Please, play the fucking game and talk yo every NPC, read everything you can.

>>257096551>but everyone in the legion was conqueredUp in till you proved yourself to the legion.

>>257132008Okay, so what if I have an autocratic system where the number of actual government people with power are known and held accountable? No parliaments or congresses, just councils to help a single person in charge of a certain duty handed out by the leaader. These councils would handle the political and economic aspects of the society and while they'd have no power, they'd be the direct mouth of the people towards whoever is in charge. All of them would be made up of people who made it to their position solely through skill, education, and how well qualified they are. The person to actually make the decision would be the leader, who would hand out roles and duties to head to other people chosen by him. By ensuring responsibility and more importantly, not creating faceless parliaments and congresses like we all have, not only does this ensure that those in power have something that backs them, but also doesn't allow them to shrink back into the background of politics so if the country collapses or a revolution/coup is necessary, people know who.

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>>257097721>All within the state.Because everything in the state was only able to be because of the state and individual efforts.>Nothing outside the state. The fuck do you care about "outsiders"?>Nothing against the state.Why you would want enemies is fucking beyond me.

>>257132492No voting but whoever leads come solely from within the populace, even their ethnicity has to be the same

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>>257131859Places like Germany would struggle. The US/Russia/China would not struggle. It would take less than a decade to kickstart the production of the products we normally buy internationally. Europe would need some kind of nationalist EU or it would need a country to conquer a large portion of Europe. France and Germany are the biggest contenders.I think the return of scarcity would be a good thing. War is healthy. This current state of affairs is gay. Country solve their disputes with war so it festers and promotes globalism. Back before this countries would not have enough to sustain themselves so they invaded other countries and grew in size and power. This is how great civilizations are created.

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Every single person under Caesar was safer and more productive than they would have been otherwise.That being said, there is zero chance the CL survives his death. Zero. Less than fucking zero.Every single intelligent character in the game believes this including Caesar himself.

>>257097872>The old world is alive and well in the NCROkay retard, replay the game.Multiple times it's mentioned how caravans get raided and the only work is brahmin shit shoveling.

>>257132492this just sounds too good to actually happen in my opinion but it's still a great point and idea

>>257132671>>257131859*meant to say they can't solve their disputes with war3rd paragraph

>>257132786But it's something to strive for, and it worked well in Germany. Of course systems fade away and it's not going to last for ever, but the death and rebirth of a society would be far more beautiful if it's process was done on the grounds of preservation and advancement of the ethnic people, not for corporations or to get every sheboon and tranny prostitute to vote. National Socialism is clear in it's words, you should read Mein Kampf and the various literature. It's ideals are solid, and it has many objective truths to it that shatter any subjective ones

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>>257124848You don't pay attention to anything at all. That's your basic problem. Bluepilled fags like you are emotional and impulsive creatures who don't understand the nuance of history and human nature but only spew garbage that has been spoonfed to them throughout their lives.


>>257107093Dude get a better graphics card kek

>>257092016Most people are followers. That’s why you win the game of chess if you kill the king. The pawns stop receiving their marching orders.

>>257133169Embrace the homoerotic meth fueled maniac murdering tens, if not hundreds of millions of people all over the world.National socialism isn't even a proper platform. It's a thinly wired together political platform allowing the commonfolk to submit to fascism.

>>257133169but pic related isnt capitalism, its rather corporatismin a truly free market, only the people i. e the customers decide which business they want to support. if a business is evil, most of the time it looses support, the only reason scummy businesses stay alive is because theyre friends with the government and because of that they grant these companies the possibility to create monopolies.

>>257092016i reckon facism will work out because there are heaps of weak beta males that love group think ideology. They will follow the one alpha whilst attributing vicariously the achievements of the few alphas of society as their own.

>>257133530You misunderstand the meaning of the word corporatism. That's what fascism is. Not pic related

The problem with a fascist/NatSoc nation is, nobody is going to let you do it. You won't be allowed to trade with anyone, do business, participate in markets, etc.You also can't control your people well enough to keep degeneracy at bay, unless you wanna go apeshit like North Korea. And point out that, if North Korea was made up of white/European peoples instead of orientals, the world would have invaded and "freed" it by now.The entire collective might of the world in all forms will work against you. That's how it is now. Sorry.If you have some evidence it wouldn't go this way, I'm all ears, but I've been telling national socialists this shit for over a decade on 4chan and chon that it's impossible.

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>>257133413>Believing propaganda>Muh methAmphetamines was an experimental drug made in labs by actual chemists not Heisenberg and Jessie, many countries like the Finns and Americans used it. That's like complaining about morphine. It was used by soldiers on the front line, the rest is propaganda based on reactionaries, jewish myths, or papers from Nuremberg. >Its not even a platformClearly you haven't read a word about it

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>>257133214to me it seems like youre the manipulated one. whenever someone has a different, progressive opinion, a lot of you nazis say that its all the joos instead of actually arguing. and how am i bluepilled? im anti mainstream as well. i just dont want anyone to tell me what im allowed to do with my own life, not commies and not fascists

>>257133530Capitalism is a tool. In small amounts it's simple trade, in larger amounts its stock exchanges. Hitler didn't seize all the private property of people or companies (except Jewish/Red ones) and it was able to flourish well in Germany. >Only the people decideYet the continue to buy phones made with exploitation of 3rd worlders who hate them for it, and fight for companies that outsource it's economy. How have all these companies that sold out our land and generations before we were even born still around and doing things? Because nothing would actually stop them so long as they are able to continue. The economic system works for the society and for the people, not the other way around.

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>>257134033This is the basics, but Hitlers Revolution lays the whole thing out

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>>257133530>if a business is evil, most of the time it looses supportYou're joking right?Please be joking anonoh nononono

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The State should be a more clinical institution that is largely run like a corporation. CEO, board of directors beneath him, and shareholders (citizens).Solves the "next leader" problem. You have a pool of capable leaders in a board of directors type of group

>>257134498the only time it doesnt loose support is because of state corruption

>>257134498and by evil i mean that it damages society, in a truly free market, people wont work for a company which treats them shitty. but most people are in such debt because of taxes and all that that they're not able to create their own business. read mises, he made great points

>>257135043Found an AnCap faggot here. kill yourself>oy vey you violated the NAP

>>257135527Are you 12 years old or just a libertarian?You're fucking retarded if you really believe the drivel you're sloppily flinging onto your keyboard right now.

>>257135557im not an ancap kiddonot an argument btw.

>>257092016most countries run on caesarism now. I don't see them crumbling.

>>257135043>>257135527Railroad Barons in the early 1900's?Mining companies refusing to pay people real currency? Only company creditChild labor in coal mines and factories?en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_JungleWithout a state to tell them not to. A corporation with chase profit like an AI that's been given that directive regardless of anything.>people wont work for a company which treats them shittyExcept they do because they have to feed their kids. Go outside lolbert.

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>>257135642ok i must admit that this post wasn't very good, my point is just that the government is mostly to blame for economic problems

>>257135527So you think the ideals and cultures of a society should be in the control of money and corporations? Think about what you're honestly saying man. Culture is the flower which blooms from the stem of tradition rooted in the biological aspects of that ethnicity and race

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>>257135865but in a free market someone would create a fairer business because people don't want to be treated shitty, theyd be more motivated to work for them.

>>257135873>my point is just that the government is mostly to blame for economic problemsI agree, but it doesn't end there. At the end of the day it always goes back to the fucking Jews.

>>257136068And then they'd get shut down by corporations and/ or the state. Or they wouldn't get anywhere and would be crushed under the burden of the existing economy, which people will prop up and fight for so long as they believe they can earn money from it. What happens when that benefit is simply because that man has the qualities but is also of my race, in any country except Hungary that'd be begging for a Jew to rape you in court

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>>257135886no, corporations should serve the peoplethis just won't be the case in a corporate society i believe.

>>257136068>most people are in such debt because of taxes and all that that they're not able to create their own business>someone would create a fairer businessAbsolute state of lolberts

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>>257135865>because politicians have never been bought by big businessYou should reread the jungle, even if it is socialist propaganda.Trust busting is the way to go, time for a new era of small businesses working together, establish new guilds and a ubi.

>>257136272this is often a problem. i do believe that markets should be somewhat restricted, im not a libertarian, i just think that it should be done for freedom, and not for some fascist or marxist ideals.make society as free as possible

>>257136285That's what National Socialism preaches, some industries have to be nationalized like health and education, better for it to work with elements of private insurance allowed for those who want it, then just rely solely on them.

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>>257136552The market would have more of a basis than material wealth and monetary assets. More focus and care would exist, the economy dictates so much that it wouldn't make sense for it to be thrown around by a leader without the back lash being immediate

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>>257136594but when a state has a monopoly on the whole health industry they have the control to do whatever they want to to their civilians. these are the reasons as to why big Pharma and water fluoridation exist

>>257136451What happens in a vacuum of power?It collects and forms more power like a star in a nebula.Libertarianism is based around denying this fact.The only time power does not collect in this way is when an external power acts upon the system.This external power is the state.Libertarians literally do the exact same routine that communists do when you point out how nightmarish all the historical implementations of their ideology are.

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>>257136950>If a state has monopolyPrivate insurance would exist but it wouldn't be the most common one. There will always be those who are too weak to survive but not worthy of eugenics. In reality it's better that the state takes on the burden of the masses with companies taking off some of the burden. The state would only be concerned with actually treating them. Eugenics at this point might play a role but it's an entirely different aspect. More importantly, I counter with this. Why should I give as much trust to the corporations when they fill my communities with opioids? I'd rather my taxes go to making a working health care system rather then feeding Shaniqua. although that'd imply she'd exist in said state

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>>257136451The state intervening in the modern day is the product of it having been libertine in the past.This THIS IS THE RESULT OF LIBERTARIANISM.They amassed power and this is them using it.I fucking despise lolberts"bbbbbut the free market"Shut the fuck up retard. We will literally put you in jail.

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>>257137308have you ever studied economy? even for a mere minute? its not just ethics that matter.

>>257092586That's why you need a dynasty. North Korea understood that at least.

>>257094247> this game literally made me question my blue pilled worldview It's called growing up, the game is shit and doesn't teach you anything of valuestop wasting your time on this virgin franchise

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>>257137529Have you gone outside?

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>>257096199This is the correct answer, if everything ever crumbles after the death of a single man, that single man must take responsibility for the failure.

>>257132492As someone with a minor political career who had to sit on many multiple "democratic committees", I can personally attest to the Council system you described above Committees. Committees are fucking awful, ineffectual, and produce sub-par decisions. In a nutshell the democratic committee diffuses responsibility to the group where only the loudest, more persistent voices get their say while the rest just grudgingly go along with it just to get it over with. Every committee head I knew refused, absolutely refused, to make decisions for the group, and because of it the only decisions that could be assented to by the group were the most milquetoast and baseline things that everyone could agree to. This inevitably made such committees absolutely pointless.A book that explains this in even more detail is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Basically every great organization he studied had some kind of Council system where one person was responsible to make decisions visibly, and everyone else had to council him. This made the leader very keen on gathering enough information since a bad decision would fall on his shoulders (can't blame those who don't make choices very well), and the councilors were very keen on speaking because only by convincing their leader could they get their way. So long as all the participants fundamentally respected one another and held a common goal, they would produce excellent results that were decisive, swift, and unified. For companies that means massive profits, and for governments it means prosperity.

>>257137601you probably just suck at the game, i get that, it requires some form of strategy, its not like cod

>>257137529It literally is just ethics that come first. That's like half the point of fascism you dumb nigger.

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>>257137653Guys. Stop wasting your time with this loser. He's been sitting here being braindead for who knows how many hours.

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>>257138035what do you mean?ive been just trying to argue because i find such topics very interesting

>>257138015just because an economy is morally correct, that doesn't mean that it will work

>>257137880>DemocracyNo a committee would rarely actually vote. Hitler said it himself that it's purpose would not be for voting but to manage the relation between the people, and to manage the politics and economic aspects of various trades. There wouldn't be many, it'd be staffed by people who have the history, education, and qualifications. The point of lower grade political "houses" would be to not only give multiple means of the lower classes to interact with the above, but to cultivate those best to fulfill the shoes of what >>257096199 said. Councils would not be democratic nor voting.

>>257092586North Korea died after Kim jong

>>257095841That's Switzerland you pathetic fucking retard jesus

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>>257092016Caesar's Legion is such a shit tier faction, even the Fiends are more desirable than they are

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