STOP TALKING ABOUT THE DUMB GEORGIA SHOOTINGIt's a slide thread.In case you missed it last night we had a thread talking about this FISA Senate - Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source declassified March 13 2020.pdf>Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI>Clinton body double was real>Russia probably never did anything>IF someone did hack the DNC, they have no idea who>More likely it was Seth Green>"Chalk another one up for the Clintons" on Seth Rich's death>the media is doing all the work for us>shocked that WaPo made articles against Hillary >CNN took the Russia rumor and ran with it>China hackers counter-hacked and we know a bunch of shit(all details were redacted here)

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Other urls found in this thread: FISA Senate - Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source declassified March 13 2020.pdf>Summary>Combating>Assembles

>i spent hours making this fake document please post in my slide thread

>>257066675>>fake documentFuck off commie.

>>257066732kys shill

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>>257066675> FISA Senate - Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source declassified March 13 2020.pdf

literally nothing also yeah gonna need a reliable source, not some right wing conspiracy news outlet


>>257066440>hearsayThis is a slide to get people of the actual info in the docs!

>>257066785The shill cries out in pain as he strikes you and posts a picture of himself at the same time

>>257066440BUMP!!!This is what they're sliding with all the jogger BSBUMP!!!

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>>257067138Is this real?

>>257066440What are UI and OV?In the first context, UI looks like useful idiots.

>>257066440Nice summary but there is allot more in there. It's a good read and isn't even that long FISA Senate - Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source declassified March 13 2020.pdf

>>257067138Kys faggot

>>257067371Read the docs man, seriously like just the first doc is juicy throughout like 70% of it.

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>>257066675>>257066785>>257066989Who the fuck is paying these shitbags? Seriously I got an insta reply from this fag.

>>257067371UI = Uninteligable OV = Overlapping voices there is a legend at the top of the file on page 3

>>257066440I don’t care until somebody important gets arrested. It’s not 2016 anymore. I don’t care if Trump gets all worked up on twitter. Two everyday men just trying to protect their neighborhood are being railroaded by trump, the left, the right and the media. I care more about that. That’s an actual injustice.

>>257066675>>257066785>>257066989These are bots.

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>>257066440Agreed. Now that Obama is under the limelight, (((they))) are going to try and get whites and niggers to go after each other.Don’t fall for (((their))) meme.

>>257066440>>257066999>>257067333God Damn right its real. Checkin

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>>257067624stop posting bullshit and post some credible sources

>>257066675This is the best ai they come up with? Really?Lol you guys are really fucked

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Fucking nice OP, good shit.We already have an Ahmaud general anyway, minimize all the other shooting threads.

>>257068055>more conspiracies you are fake news

>>257067844They the Ahmed Arbery case since FEB. They were saving it to release when the docs started leaking. It's a fucking diversion and Holla Forums is falling for it. Even I fell for it, now I'm ignoring all the threads.

Assange . Assange .

>>257068055lmaoSo the same shit they've been doing forever?

>>257068055Shit that is actually possible that this is one. I got that first reply to this thread within like 5 seconds. The bot probably saw ".gov" and freaked out.

>>257068163/pol/ is not falling for it.Learn to recognize shills talking to each other and CTRL + LEFT CLICK the threads m8.

>>257067501>>257067686Thank you.

>>257068277Yeah their responses aren't engaging in any kind of discussion. Its just copy paste slides

>>257068248Basically. It was just some Wag the Dog shit, make a big bluster about the shit we've already been dealing with lol


Race threads are also sliding info and investigation into the Wuhan lab and it's major players.Look into Charles Lieber, the Harvard professor that was arrested for chinese espionage and was a major player at the wuhan lab in January. There were also arrests for the same thing in canada at the time. This virus was engineered specifically to shut down economies. Asymptomatic for weeks but also contagious. Then potentially deadly for a few days. Or nothing. Or anywhere in between. Helps to have a good health record or be young but there's still a risk of death. Mass carnage and tons of deaths if we reopen again.

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>>257066989>.gov>right wing conspiracy news outletspotted the discord tranny

>>257068491THIS TIME we'll btfo the racists!

>>257068459Please be aware that while most of the posts you refer to are indeed bots - that they have human handlers. When you reply to a bot, the handlers are alerted and then can choose to take manual control of that bot, as to counter any claims that it is a bot in the first place. Therefore it is extremely difficult to “prove” the presence of bots, as the shills take direct measures to prove anyone who makes such claims as being wrong.

>>257068951That makes sense. Look at them piling in like 257068858

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>>257066440Nothing anybody here since before the election didnt already know

>>257069307except 257068858 seems to be someone piling on the retard/bot/shill claiming that an official government source is a right wing conspiracy news outlet.

>>257070196Yeah i caught that after I replied. Fuckin retarded

BumpPost any other docs.

>>257066440Bump The real question is: Why aren’t you promoting comunity card games? There’s nothing (((they))) fear more than an organized card game league, fraternity, sorority, or society. And why?1. Chance to meet your neighbors and form bonds.2. Build strong communities by building friendships. Strangers are no longer strangers.3. Provide an outlet for conversation so that everyone can enjoy themselves while drinking beer, listening to music, and smoking stogies.4. Learn new games and games To improve your brain’s skill sets.5. Male bonding makes stronger better men.What games to play:Card:Rummy, spades, War, Hearts, Batak, 31, whisky poker, oh hell, 500, 1000, Kangs in the corner-aces in the corner, garbage, spoons, old maid, go fish, kemp’s, trex, 42 (dominoes), Mexican train dominos, crazy eights (full), Chicago, (((Yaniv))), Basra, Dilote, Pitch, All fours, Skat, bridge, whist, sheepshead, euchre, tonk, Belote, scopa, canasta, Trump, Pinochle, Durak, spite and malice, rat-a-Tay-tat, golf, hockey, Beggar you’re neighbor, Coup, army ants, sequence, cribbage, all fours, Sueca, neets, 7’s, phase 10, faro, 66, 99, gin rummy, 13 rummy, tarneeb, spoil 5’s, concan, poker, Boure, blackjack, red dog, ronda, klabberjass, ombré, pit, coupDice: Farkle, pig, passages, midnight, ship-captain-crew, crag, yahtzee, yazy, yaht, 3’s, Qwixx, tenzies, craps, street dice, Can’t stop, left-right-Center, Board: ticket to ride, Agricola, pandemic, pax, coin...What’s stopping you from forming a game night? What card games do you play?

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>>257066440Don't forget this was all Holla Forumss doingNewfags don't know, but the dossier was written in real time here, and the dnc servers were snooped by several anons after the first incident too

>seth green

>>257066440this seems pretty big if substantiated>.govso what does this mean?

>>257066440>seth green>SETH GREENanon I..

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>>257072112That's actually something else entirely that was the so-called pee pee vids. where they shit blasted trump for pissing over hookers and having gay tranny sex. PIC RELATED

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won't get reportedit doesn't matter

I'm really fucking tired of political crap being classified like this. It's not fucking damaging to national security and it's an abuse of a system designed for protecting military plans and nuclear designs.If I was allowed to participate in politics I'd make it my life goal to reform the classification system. It's a cancer on our republic and enables tyrants. The federal government has no constitutional authority to keep secrets beyond the military.

>>257066675>>257066785>>257066989>>257067931>>257068123when someone tries this hard to slide a thread...that means theres something they dont want you to see

>>257066989Are we getting too close?

>>257072112>>257073137Dudes shut up, as if we're not under enough investigation already, we don't need another giant flood of newfags trying to get their conspiracy fantasies written into intel dossiers.

>>257073137is there a link for this?

>>257073137Oh yeah, that was it

>>257074403Pretty epic though we got a Banepost in some fucking obscure intell dossier.

I remember the body double and the apartment thing, #whereshillary was trending

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Remember Hillary's weird seizures? One close-up where she was surrounded by a crowd of reporters, and another with her and Bill onstage. Remember the weird glasses she had? People know about the blue Zeiss seizure glasses but seem to forget the Fresnel prism glasses for double vision.

>>257066989are you just retarded?

>>257072147Glad I wasn't the only one to notice

Seth Rich? Seriously? The family of Seth Rich has spoken out against spreading baseless conspiracy theories about his son. They want you to stop. Leave Seth alone. The family has begged the world to let them grieve.


>>257067624they’re just trolling for yous dude

>>257068123>conspiracydocumented proof of self admitted evidence?>who are CTR, Share Blue, reddit power moderatorspaid astro-turfing working out of dozens of countries>who are CCP, JIDF, CNN, Five Eyes400+ journalist colluding over secret google drive forum>who are google, twitter, facebook loyal toit's not America or Americans, that's undisputedthey create the AI that runs Social Credit Scorethey create the AI that controls your recommended linksthey create the AI that reports your hate speechthey create the AI that demonetizes your videosthey create the AI that slides your threads>conspiracystating established facts is fake news?did politico-fact debunk it after locking a Wikipedia page with no sources?was it the 17 intelligence agencies projecting evidence on hear-say?does bernie sanders still have a chance?

>>257076673>to let them not be suicided by the clintons as wellftfy

>>257066440It's actually pretty obvious she has a body double if you pay attention. I'm sure at one point they were basically identical but they've aged a little different and you can really tell the eyes cheeks and mouth arent the same. I also suspect the same of Biden.

>>257069544Checked. Document really sets the tone.

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>>257066440papadapolous and mifsud?

>>257076673wrong. they stfu because they don't want co-conspirator adam rich killed.

>>257069544>[bathroom noises]

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>> you go...


>>257066675fuck you commie faggot

>>257066440This doesn't prove she had a body double. The exchange is an elaboration on what was being reported.

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>>257066440Cool now do something about it white boi

>>257067844>stir up racial tension>say that any legitimate concerns are being voiced are racistsI wish we could go back to the Uncle Sam signs

not one smidge of corruption

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>>257066440CT is George Papadopoulos?How would he know it was a body double?

>>257073137Top fucking kek I didn’t see this at the time

bump>>257083874Hi chaim

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>>257066440>>More likely it was Seth GreenSeth Rich

>>257067738This. I don't care about the jew teams in Washington DC fighting each other. I'm more concerned about the Jews in the judicial system making it effectively illegal to use your guns for anything other than retarded larping

>>257084204it's not georgethis whole thread is to get people down the wrong track I thinkthis is obviously two deep state actorshopefully next OP isn't a braindead shill or useful idiot adding in this drivel

>>257083110What’s that shit on the edge of the image?

>>257066675kikes will hang first

>>257081251>[bathroom noises]I think they mean BRRRRRRRAPPP


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>>257068055punching water with money fists.

>>257066440They won't stop talking because many of the posts are bot posts and people take the bait.Jimmy Church had a guest on recently who describes how advanced the social media AI is:

Did a diversity hire transcript this?

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>>257086009i think you found another fbi name for somebody. they called papadollup crossfire tyfoon several times in the release. might be worth digging on. good spot

>>257083069>kissing little girl after tipping over passed out from pneumoniacool story faggot

>>257086420No, I think the actual dialogue was "bicycle all over Delhi (the city)", implying the "barefoot ambassadors" take a more hands-on, grassroots approach to diplomacy, like backpacking hippies


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>>257066440What do>UI>OV>CT>CHSmean? Sorry I am ignorant and thanks.

>>257073944>user the government does things you dont want to know about to keep us safe>just gotta trust them or you're unamerican

>>257068055>Who is Michael Hastings

>>257076673He belongs to us now.

>>257076673sometimes I think some JIDF are actually based.>no memeflag>obvious opinion>double agent troll

>>257087863CHS is 'confidential human source' don't know about the others though.

>>257066999Holy christ, digits of power

>>257066440>Seth GreenWhat does that retard have to do with anything? Seth Green is alive and kicking. Seth Rich on the other hand was murdered by associates of Hillary Clinton for exposing the DNC dirty laundry after they fucked Sanders.

>>257087863Post below has abbreviations>257067501

>>257087863>>257089123Found em. Just didnt want to read the pdf at work. Godspeed.>>257067501

>>257066675First post is always a shill post

>>257066440>Clinton body double>Ctrl-F “Clinton” no results>same for restCitations, user.Help me


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If you actually care about this topic, OP, you should only be posting the documents that the DNI released and not Schiff's faggoty redacted versions that he got clowned with.

>>257068692>In October, a pandemic exercise called, ‘Event 201’ was held involving Johns Hopkins University and the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The school is named after Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg who gave 3 billion dollars to Johns Hopkins. Now that center was hosting the exercise that’s also sponsored by the Gates Foundation. Their part involved money-making solutions, which in the opinion of Understanding the Threat, are questionable in the sense that they seem to restrict liberty.>The people on the event panel were recommending policies regarding how the U.S. should respond. On that panel was the president of the U.N. Foundation who advises the U.N. secretary general. Next was a Chinese doctor who’s the equivalent of the director of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control. So on this panel you have a member of communist China along with a hard ‘left’ Marxist woman who was the deputy national security adviser to President Obama and the #2 person in the CIA.

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>>257066440but for something non nigger realated niggers kill or get killed all the time the trick is not to live near them


what do you guys think the reaction will be when its revealed that seth rich was the leaker?and how will they reveal it?

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>>257092172thanks user, here's the webm version

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>>257066440this swap was so obvious

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bump interview with email timeline.Look for dates via wikileaks.Cross reference.

How much stem cell and baby blood is keeping Hillary alive. Also have you seen bill fuck he looks rough


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>>257066675like dis?

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>>257095532Remember those israeli spy towers they found near the white house

>>257067623Fuck I wanted to post this.

>>257067823It doesn’t even look like her

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>>257072064Nice user

>>257067501>>257095532>Are-are you JewishThe fucking memes write themselves in this timeline


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>>257100494>the FBI gets clued in to Clinton shenanigans by Holla Forums and the bottom feeders on twitterthis timeline is fucking hilarious

>>257100938Right? Holy shit man.

>>257100938I hope they really did get the Dossier from Holla Forums that would make my decade.

>>257101018I think they use [UI] when they say 4chan.See:>>257066440



>>257066989BEEP BOOP

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i wonder what kind of disgusting pedo shit stefan halper is into to end up in such a rotten existence

>>257102022Yes but insert "4chan" mentally when they type [UI] and it makes perfect sense. I'm aware of what the acronym stands for. But I'm saying it's a Corney, CIinton, Obarna type deliberate error in transcription.



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>>257068055We figured out how to beat this already. Make such fawning lickspittle retard-tier "supporting" counter-narratives that it fools the AI, which will of course have a tough time with sarcasm. Then bump them all.People will see the AI posting these bizarrely fawning idiot-tier posts and think "what the fuck is this shit?"


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>>257069544Remember what they took from us Anons!

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>>257066785>Loo-Look I used the word shill I'm one of you! I've been on /pol since 2006!Daily reminder all shill will get the Tokyo Rose treatment and are culpable.

>>257069544fucking kek



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>>257066989>.gov>yeah gonna need a reliable sourceFUCKING LOL

>>257066440>NO WALL>INTERNET CENSORSHIP GOING INTO OVERDRIVE>RED FLAG GUN CONFISCATION LAWS>ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AT HIGHEST LEVELS SINCE DUBYA'>GEN Z ONLY 49% WHITE>No repeal and replace Obamacare>Appointed zionist jewish bankerster Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce >Trump couldn't end DACA>Trump couldn't pass the RAISE act>Trump couldn't end Birthright Citizenship>Trump couldn't defund Planned Parenthood>Trump couldn't invest $1 trillion to improve national infrastucture>Trump couldn't pass the travel ban>Trump couldn't close the Wall Street special interest loopholes>Trump couldn't put price controls on prescription drugs>Trump couldn't stop foreign lobbyists from raising money for American election>Trump couldn't resist bombing Syria>FBI declares white nationalists as dangerous as ISIS.>Anti bds laws>Gave israel 38 billion>Increased the National debt by $2trillion>Gave the 1% a tax cut>Farmers bill>Omnibus bill>Amnesty bill>Crime 'reform' bill>No unclassified FISA>No Awan indictment>No Uranium One investigation>No voter fraud investigation>No Feinstein Chinese spy investigation>Pedogate has vanished>55k sealed indictments went nowhere>Hired a bunch of neocons>Continued middle eastern wars>Ramping up for even more wars>Global LGBT crusade >Full amnesty omnibus>Summary of>Combating European Anti-Semitism Act>Assembles a cabinet of bankers, generals and chickenhawks who precum to the thought of war with Iran.>'Gives' Israel Jerusalem.>'Declares' all jewish settlements to be Israeli land.>fired McMaster and replaced him with Bolton because McMaster dared to criticize Israel>the Trump Dept of Education makes it illegal to criticize Israel at public universities as it constitutes 'antisemitism'

>>257073137holy shit kek

>>257093132Do you think the glowies who went rogue after reading the stuff here got got or does OP imply they are still alive?

>>257095532>Are you jewish?>NonononononoTOPKEK



Based. Seriously who gives a fuck?

what the fuck, why is so much of this blacked out and what are they talking about here?

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>>257096240"chalk up another one" kek

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Attached: mexicans.png (962x572, 117.54K)

>>257067823Memeflag posting snopes.. lmao, you can’t be serious.

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Attached: 13.png (955x621, 161.24K)

>>257112567GHIDRA can unredact that shit.

>>257096240Where do we get the unredacted? Is there a List out?

>gets hacked by jews

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>>257066675You fucking worthless rat motherfucker.

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>>257066440[Ui]What does it mean?

is there any way to start making memes about how our fbi treated flynn and trump like a jogger

>>257066999Checked for Dems to get wrecked


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>>257066440based Seth Greenbump

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>>257113392discussing seth rich or assange?

>>257068248It's not even a well written bot. It's like a slightly evolved AIM chat bot.

>>257073063LMAO nice one, leaf bro

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>>257096832Yes I do. There were a lot of them being found all over. Even as close as where the POTUS would load/unload from the BEAST.

>>257066989Lmao the other newfags don't understand jokes

>>257066989I hope everyone can tell this is a joke.

>>257115020>>257115142>haha just jokingkill yourself

>>257066440Holy shit papodapolus was talking to this spy guy about fucking Seth Rich

>>257115332it's pretty huge

Bumping for Justice for Seth Rich. Reminder that Holla Forums is always right and is way ahead of the curve.

>>257115875is that what this all means?holy...



Daily reminder that the NSA have at least 32 pages of classified documents on Seth Rich.

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>>257111403make sure to say glowNIGGERif you say "glowie" we will know you're just a JTRIG infiltrator with a low IQPut some NIGGER into it.

>>257066440so why is half of some of the conversations blacked/marked out?

>>257117012They're called redactions zoomer memeflag.

>>257066440i liked seth green in Enemy of the State and Robot Chicken is taffy for the spirit. he's a subtle mover and shaker in the industry


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is this from a bugged hotel room or something?

>>257067624>payingAI Is free duud, well mostly


Attached: you dense motherfucker.png (775x509, 211.5K)

>>257066440No shit! To all you newfaggots, if a thread is in the board 24/7 with dozens of copies at any given time, a government or partisan organization is behind it. No organic topic will be spammed. It gets posted once or twice and dies.

>>257118898You sound ass hurt. Why don't you ever post this in the BLACKED threads?

>>257072064Thumbs up- nice post bro.

>muh politicsI do not give a flying fuck about republican versus democrat politics at this point.

I just realised that shills will sage their own posts.So respond to OP to make sure its bumped on good threads lads.Also, whats the even more QRD on this doc?Are they in a meeting? location?who is there? are they bad dudes?

>>257118898t. literally fucking milhouse lmao

>>257067789I actually enjoy filtering the bots and shill posts. Patterns are in everything. It's like those Brain Games. Keeps the mind sharp.

Shut it down!

Attached: Screenshot_2020-05-11 2020-3-13 FISA Senate - Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source declassif[...].png (411x448, 125.74K)

>>257120204thats un-redacted. real? fake?subversive fake? story?

>>257068858Jesus loosen up a little man

>>257120204do you have this on the technology?I want to see if anything cool is out I havent heard of.

Attached: tech.png (784x916, 217.91K)


>>257121259From the PDF

>>257121468>do you have this on the technology?Probably Silicone / Intel Backdoor.Only Use Older Thinkpads if you care about not geting backdoored

>>257121731yeah I just read the same. have the same info. I thought you had one without black redaction.whats the scenario in the room? wheres the location? who are the people? did they know they were being recorded? this is interesting shit.

>>257120204Wtf lol this dude was clearly on /pol

>>257121830You are day zero'd if you run windows.I need to literally build my own pc, from the cpu up.

>>257066440>>Clinton body double was real>>Russia probably never did anything>>IF someone did hack the DNC, they have no idea who>>More likely it was Seth Green>>"Chalk another one up for the Clintons" on Seth Rich's death>>the media is doing all the work for us>>shocked that WaPo made articles against Hillary >>CNN took the Russia rumor and ran with it>>China hackers counter-hacked and we know a bunch of shit(all details were redacted here)Almost none of this shit is actually in the document.

>>257066440I still think it was that Russia sent stuff to wikileaks anonymouslybecause: a) Fancy Bears; b) it was in Russia's interest; they knew what they would be getting with Clinton (same old anti-Russia bs), but at least Trump publicly didn't bash Putin and Russia and wanted to get along.I'd do the same thing if I was Putin, as they had nothing to lose already (sanctions from 2014 are still in place btw) and the risk of hacking is minimal.

>>257121918>had one without black redaction.No, and If I did, I wuldnt share... Though, I am curious about the MEtadata in these PDF's

>>257122156>RussiaChina. China is AssHoe.


Attached: joe.png (1178x802, 838.45K)

>>257122207Can I get the QDR on the document contents?Who is talking to who and where, why, under oath? NYT are there??? who gave the recording to who? whats the motivation?Basically, whats going on. lol.


>>257122433>QDRGeorge Papadopulus Speaking with a FBI confidential Source I assume from the PDF title. They are in a restaurant, discussing the DNC hack, and Wiki Leaks, and Israel, and China.Idk the rest,

Attached: Screenshot_2020-05-11 2020-3-13 FISA Senate - Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source declassif[...](1).png (871x498, 371.89K)

>>257122433Also the USA doesn't like how Trusting the UK is of China. Neither do I, Please change that.. Come Home to Daddy.

>>257122810QDR is when I am mocking myself for my need of absolute start QRD. But nice.The dude at the start says "The New York Times is here to serve you" or some shit?what does that mean?

>>257122947I have just got to that part...Is GP a DNC dude?when was it recorded?

>>257066440Q be praised


>>257067624Not enough clearly lool


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>>257122947Its not trusting. Its the British way.Get them to make a franchise of your tech because at least it will be at a decent standard.Those fuckers would be building them globally anyway, better us behind it than their knock offs.

>>257124554This is mind blowing.

>>257097275That fucking faggot is so annoying with his jewtube ads

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>>257117256And also a diddler


>>257124554he said "New York Times is here for you" at the start.So this dude owns NYT? The CHS guy?

created a non alignment movement, as all the former colonies have.cock. giving away methods.

>>257126587CHS guy is probably Stefan Halper. A CIA agent our media reports as a "former" agent. From other docs Halper meet with Papadopoulos around that time, if I remember correctly.

>>257129180and hes cool?

>>257120204>are you jewish?>no no no no no nobased

>>257129180I was worried half way through reading it, because I liked the guy, I thought he was DNC at first. lol.hes based.

>>257129180I think Halper was on loan as a temporary glownigger to the British actually, was the arrangement. He apparently resides there too. That's probably useful to skirt a host of pesky laws and regulations.

>>257102373nepotism and affirmative action can only do so much user

>>257129644No. CIA spooks are never cool. They were entrapping Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign aid. Worked to, Papa got busted lying about a interaction with a another (British?) agent Joseph Mifsud. Nothing came of it though, Papa didn't have any dirt on Trump to trade, anyway.

Obama and jogger threads are all slide threads by /ptg/.

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>>257132571They must be seething that he stuck that $10,001 in a safe and left it there, skirting the law he was supposed to break by sneaking it back.

>>257119390CT is Cream Tart, CHS is Custard-Honey Strudel. These are bad bad dudes on such high level that they could make Corn-Pop look like a horse's ass. My time is up. Why did we stop?

>>257131844Maybe. I suspect the other spook Papadopoulos meet with, Joseph Mifsud, was a British agent. Pic related was from UK foreign ministry's Christmas party. 6 months after our press was saying Mifsud was a Russian agent. Boris Johnson was foreign minister then.

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>>257133005Didn't they actually report that Misfud had been located for like a day earlier this year or late last year and then backtrack on that? Like in Italy, sometime around when Barr and Durham went on their world tour?Shit's been so muddied up. It's deliberate.

>>257133655Yep. Living across the street from the American embassy in Rome. In a building full of diplomats. Barr and Durham went over there and interviewed him, but it's unclear what they got out of him. It will end up in Durham's report, or prosecutions. The extent of which our press was complicit in covering up all this shit makes me sick.

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>>257136138We learned decades ago that the press is just the intelligence agencies namely the CIA. Everything makes a lot more sense once you understand the function of the media.

not complete, but you really get the idea here and the speculations are fascinating

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>>257066440currently hiding 86 absolute shit threads

>>257139257117 now