Converting normies

So has anyone had any success with radicalising friends? Any tips and trick for radical gains? The more dramatic the change the juicier. Maybe someone fucked up and made a friend become the next hitler.

Pic related; it's a friend of mine who used to make helicopter jokes and parrotted the 'human nature' bullshit.

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I got a friend to start going to party meetings I guess, but he was already "radical."
Most of my friends are totally apathetic. People just ignore politics like a distant nuisance here.

You need to find social gropu that is frustrated about their living and working condition, and slowly give them hope to change this state of affairs through revolutionary socialism.
I have been successfull with some people in my area, mostly transgenders, unfortunately.

Never ever under any circumstances use stereotypical leftist terms like "bourgeoisie" and "proletariat", don't use any Soviet or broader M-L iconography, and wait a good while before you say Marx's name, don't ever bother with The Manifesto. You can use comparatively obscure leftist thinkers like Proudhon just fine though.

Another thing to do at some point is explain how influential Adam Smith and David Ricardo were in the development of the far-left.

I told a Christian surfer chick that Communism was about equality and sharing and she seemed pretty open to the idea.

The best way to radicalise normies is to ruin their material conditions.

that's 100 percent right. marx's basic ideas are common sense and just plain reality for most working people. explain it in basic terms to a middle-aged woman who has been working the deli at walmart for 20 years for shit pay. they hate their bosses and want to throw them off the rooftops.

I have to do with a limited supply of information. My perception, which could be false, is that the alt-right is good at targeting recruits. You guys fail at it. I hate both of you.


I've had success by pointing out the prison like conditions in the modern workplace. Metal detectors, random searches going in and out, barbed wire fences etc. People resent being treated like criminals.
I try to avoid mentioning politicians or political parties by name, so many political normies have strange and inaccurate beliefs about them.

Psychedelics, especially psilocybin mushrooms and DMT.

I had one friend who I had lengthy discussions about how capitalism was fucking Brazil during the 2014 Olympics and he agreed that only a violent revolution would actually solve the problem. We also talked about police brutality and I despooked the idea that the police were in the right and got him to hate cops. I didn't radicalise him but he was fairly left.
I had lengthy discussions with another friend on history and ended up having him support Lenin (and the cheka) and say that the Russian revolution was the best thing to happen to Russia.
Despooked my Polish immigrant friend but only got him to be a left-liberal.
I stopped talked to them for two years and now they are all genuinely alt-right. At least I tried.

there are some people you just can't reach

I've had relatively minor successes, that is I've managed to explain to a few friends that leftism isn't the same as SJW liberalism. That's about it.

Not sure if crudely undialectical or profoundly very dialectical.

That's a good approach, to compare leftism to SJW liberalism. Use SJW liberalism as a foil.

I've gotten my grandfather more sympathetic to Socialism & talking about why Zionism is bad.

Thats about it really, its seen some success.

Gotta love how idpolers intuitively pick the most irrelevant battles to distract from the capital-labour conflict

This post is so confusing I'm almost tempted to say it's a bot.

I think E's just a non-native speaker.

Why do lifestylists think that 'fuk da po po' is somehow peak leftism? Is it just american brain rot? Or a more general violent-SJW-antifa-ism?

neither, just a simple truth

How would you prove this negative?

All they're sayi ng is that pol is better at recruitment than leftpol. Which seems pretty self-apparent.