I don't even

But CIA IS the deep state?

what the actual goddamned FUCK

Donald Trump: State Anarchist


this is hilarious and i hope the us goes full failed state within daddy don don's reign

You mean collude with actual deep state figures. Prince, the CIA, and especially North are part of the deep state.

Yeah, that's more accurate

I can’t really fault Trump on this one. The CIA and NSA are out of fucking control. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them if I was president.

How are we supposed to have socialism when the super cia is surely going to be nastier than the regular cia?

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It's just like that meme about the US in the ME
Or something

they just keep digging holes for themselves…

This is a recipe for complete government collapse or a coup

Except Trump has been doing everything any other candidate would have done with foreign policy. And he's hiring a former CIA agent, and Oliver fucking North, one of the quintessential "deep politicians". What rightists call the deep state is not what the deep state actually is.

But the agency will be under his direct control, just like the military. You don’t see him trying to replace the army. CIA and NSA are fucking rouge full stop.


Sure it will.

Maybe he is /our guy/ after all.


No, it won’t, it will be under the control of smarter advisors and partners. And do yog really trust trump with a private intlligence agency.

Well he is definitely a blow to American hegemony

And what happens when that organization gets out of control? Create Super-Duper CIA?

I spent 12 years as a military contractor. The fucking president controls the military. How the fuck so you think there’s never been a coup in the US.

That wasn't even the point that post was responding to.

This intelligence agency wouldn’t be privatized dumbass, it would be under his private control but still be a part of the government. It’d be like his personal royal guard. This is how SOCOM works practically already.

Yes it is dipshit, the military is under Trumps direct control, and so will this private agency. The CIA was created outside of the military, since it was intended to be an intermediary between the armed forces to prevent another Pearl Harbor. How a government organ originated determines its authority.

my body is ready

This is so terrifying
How do we even fight this when we can't even fight the normal cia?

you can't. unless you're willing to sacrifice yourself through a suicide attack or something that will get you a life sentence

You can't fight it. At this point you just gotta let it collapse under its own weight and be ready to pick up the pieces.

Were not big enough to take on the cia

We need the masked man.

Trump gave the CIA more control though.

We need more big guys.

This won't be anywhere on the level of the ordinary CIA. They don't and won't have the funds, manpower, and connections.


They will get them illegally

LBJ, the CIA and the mafia already did a coup

Wait wait wait, he is basically making an SS to purge the SA: First as a tragedy…

If only the president was a billionaire that could finance them…


Heeeeelp this is blurry

Go on…

what's the story behind this?

ok, nvm. I guess it's an ancap hypothetical, but since we live in an ancap's dream already, really, I figured it had happened. I know there's many horror stories resembling this that have already happened.

Is there any way out of this? Seems like world war 3 waiting to happen.

Doesn't the Anti-Pinkerton Act (theoretically) give the deep state the authority to prevent this?

What would you like to know. Ever see robocop? Ever wonder what it’s like to work for a Corp that’s essentially an arm of the state? It’s like that movie.

Can’t read it please summarize.

Robocop is Holla Forums's unsung film
How do you go from military contractor to leftist? Those things don't seem to go together.

Came from a working poor family. Father was an enlisted soilder but hating being in the military. Told me unfiltered stories of the aweful shot he saw.
I became a military contractor in Ft. Huachuca AZ. Unbeknownst to most people even in the military it’s the second most valuable base in all the DoD. It’s more valuable than the second only to the Missle command somewhere in the Midwest. This ranking is based on a leaked USSR document listing the bases that would be nuked in order of greatest importance.
Anyway Ft. Huachuca is all hacking, intellegnce and electronic warfare base. Worked huge projects that normally would have required bachelors or a masters degrees but I was the only one around to do the work so I did them. Became a better and better hacker mostly OS hardening and then left
TLDR I did it for the money nothing else. Now I make near 6 figures.

*its more valuable then even the pentagon

Jeez man, that sounds like a hard life

Really? How so? Both of my parents grew up stupid poor so realative to them I never felt poor. Also there’s been someone in my family that’s fought in ever war since WWI so our family has a ton of institutional knowledge about the US military and the government in general.

So my uncles have told me all these horrifying stories of Vietnam and other wars.

It’s very weird being in meetings with military contractors. Just like robocop they talked about weapons systems and other politics that had real long lasting material effects like they were all consumer products. They would talk about upgrades and changes to weapons system s like one would talk about upgrading the engine in a car. I always thought there would be more reverence but it was just sell sell sell.

Sorry, more legible version.

In most states where there has been a coup against the president, the military was also nominally under the control of the president.

Was you point that the president being the commander in cheif is what brings stability?
Because that seems to conflict with reality.
If not, then this point confuses me.

Why even live

that ultimate sentence does not make any sense: how would any country even hope to profit from such a disastrous scenario? the world needs cheap saudi oil


Zizek is never wrong

A N T I - E S T A B L I S H M E N T

I mentioned that I was a military contractor to show I have first hand experience with military culture. The indoctrination institutions like West Point are stupid strong and the military itself is stupid compartmentalized (read alienated). The US military IS under Trumps control and if you spent anytime on a base you’d see for yourself. The DoD has its own intelligence agency (DIA) for the same reason Trumps wants one, no one fucking controls the CIA expect shadowy porkies.

North is a nobody now

I fucking told you guys, reality is cyberpunk but without the cool technology.

but the US is demsoc

It's not "how can we profit?" in the sense of "let's make this happen", but in the sense of "when this inevitably occurs, what can we get out of it?".

Yeah, prepare for China to do it so much better. Unlike they US, they have a stellar human rights record and won't take advantage of their newfound position like the US did. Totally not how capitalism works or anything. :^)

Countries aren't necessarily going to profit but mercs will.

That is some good shit user


I, for one, welcome our new chinese overlords.