Kids Dressed As Elves Go To Speaker Ryan's Office With Coal, Police Show Up With Zip Tie Hand Cuffs

Capitol police immediately pulled out zip-tie handcuffs to restrain children from arriving at his office to protest various issues (Mostly About Cutting Education and Deporting Children). One officer reportedly shoved a child away by grabbing his face and pushing him down to the floor by his head before putting a zip tie cuff on the child's arms.

The rest were pushed out of the Building, police behind yelling "Let's go, let's go"

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Video of the event, only photos of them being forced out. So far only eye witness testimony, but children were allegedly bound by zip tie.

so this is the power of freedom…

The kids dressed as elves could have had guns, you have to be sure


Why are some people such dipshits to kids? Yeah the abuse of power by police is fucked up but that's to be expected at this point. I'm more mad at the stupid fucking people who are dragging kids to where the police are a threat and telling them to sing some schmaltzy parody song.

You're stupid.

This is your mind on sociopathy

Yes I'm more mad at people putting kids in front of mad dogs than I am at mad dogs. What do you expect from dealing with cops? They're pieces of shit. If you as an adult have a point to make, good for you but don't drag kids into it.

So you're letting abusive cops out of responsibility for letting children do a fucking simple protest dressed as elves with fucking coal, by saying they can't be responsible because they're animals. While that is an insult that's still defending police brutality on fucking kids dressed as elves.

Holy shit

You know kids have UNICEF drives too, does that make you fucking scared dipshit

How the fuck is being angry at somebody for putting children in a situation where they might encounter police, sociopathic? I wouldn’t let my child anywhere close to murderous psychopathic burger police.

RE: To Concerned Parents

Children can't protest their local politician and they should expect the police to abuse them, sorry.

From the Office of Paul Ryan

Little guy on the left is just mad that the kids are appropriating his culture

he isn't a very big guy

Because it lets the police off the hook for their own behavior and forces it on parents for having their children abused? Like what the fuck did you think they expected to happen with their students in elf costumes

Elf Costumes

Do you really think they thought "I really hope these children get abused"

No shifting the blame onto anyone but the police is absolutely ridiculous

No, I just don't have the energy to constantly be mad about cops for predicatably doing what cops do. Meanwhile, you have some dipshit who should know full well what cops do, given the nature of the protest, who is making the choice to put kids in harm's way probably because they know it will win them extra sympathy points from people like us.

Fuck off. If you're this dedicated to twisting my words you're either a fucktard or a shill.

"You're a shill"

t. I'm defending cops over teachers and parents

Good to see our tax money funded training of police by Israel is starting to work!

If the kids get brutalized, then the publicity would be catastrophic. It's a win/win.

Letting cops beat up your kids is dialectical

Then why post. Why twist the responsibility onto children, teachers, and parents, who just wanted to protest cutting a school budget and the dream act, and thought it would be fun if they were dressed as elves with coal

This isn't about you being "exhausted", you are shifting the responsibility from police officer to civilian, when the police officers zip tied children. Dressed in elf costumes.

You're cynicism about "hurr what did you expect" is obnoxious

How am I shifting blame? The cops are responsible for their actions. So are the adults who dragged kids in front of cops. Blame isn't a zero sum game you numbskull.

Nowhere did I defend cops. I criticize parents/teacher who drag their kids in front of cops in a protest. The adult/child hierarchy is one of many in society. Adults frequently use kids for their own purposes, disregarding the wellbeing of the kids. This is a prime example of that.


No they aren't. Parents, teachers, children dressed in elf costumes, not really responsible for the police going ham over fucking Billy with coal in a bag fuck you

You're high

Not even this user, but you are putting words in his mouth. His point is entirely valid. Fuck the police. You are dealing with the most lumpen of all. Why throw kids in front of them unless you are explicitly looking for the lumpen to fuck them up? Which then begs the question, why are you treating kids like that?

Because they were just protesting and usually police officers don't actually fucking go into


Over children dressed in elf costumes escorted by parents-teachers.

This is just silly, getting mad at parents more than the police in this situation.

Because in contrast, I do have the energy to get mad at adult activists endangering children.
I never said shit about the kids, you liar. They have the least agency in the situation.
They thought that being innocent would make the cops look worse, most likely. Pushing kids into activism is shitty in general but doing it around cops who will fucking shoot anybody and should be regarded like live grenades is irresponsible.
Both the cops and the adults are responsible for different parts of the situation. Just because the cops were predictably abusive doesn't absolve them of anything. At the same time, the cops being predictable makes the protesting adults culpable for putting kids in danger.

Your idealism about cops exercising self-control is dangerous to children.

So are you like volunteers who are looking for a reason to ban an ancom poster or what?

I mean, do you really think they expected the police to act that way if they thought it would just be a cutesy protest for their local school, if they brought the kids. They probably thought the police would be fine with it, because they're just kids. I'm not seeing the link, why should they fear for their children's safety over police for a protest this mild? Maybe if they were adults, but this is just a completely different situation where I doubt anyone involved could have expected any child to be physically pushed or cuffed with zip tied over bringing Paul Ryan coal in costume and caroling.

Worse, this has been done in the past over school budget cuts, so why would this year be any different?

Jesus christ, it's just a fucking protest. If cops start beating kids at a protest over school funding, then whose fucking fault is it? If you say the parents, you might be a fucking retard.

Oh ok. You have the energy to get mad at parents and teachers for doing something they did last year to Paul Ryan over how much he wants to cut school budgets, they should have just expected an entirely different scenario to happen where the police go apeshit on children.

Get mad at the people guilty of fucking caroling, you have energy for that. Not police officers using force on actual children.

The police are more responsible than the adults for shoving Billy into the ground for daring to approach Paul Ryan's lair with an elf costume with his mom.

The breaking point of cynicism for me is when you blame parent teacher associated protests with your local or state politician in a really silly manner for the kids being dragged out by police with zip ties.

Like no, I would not expect a parent to expect police to do this to children.

Do you live under a rock or something?

It's political action, and a pretty direct (but nonviolent) confrontation of the people in power.
Primarily it's the fault of the economic and political system. Next in line are the people in power who decide how the police force works. Next are the police. Then you have the adults who are bringing kids into a situation where there are psycho cops.

They should have considered the wisdom of bringing kids in front of cops, given what cops are like.
I'm mad at the cops, just not more mad than I already/usually am. They pull this shit all the time. The costumes and caroling don't really add anything to my negative feelings toward cops.

Yes. And they're completely responsible in most of the scenarios where they abuse their power, which happens all the time. I don't know what to tell you if you think there's something special about this incident of abuse.

Well maybe you should consider that if a cynic who would have expected this had a role in the protest that there would not have been kids in a situation where the cops could have dragged them away in zip ties.

Friends, friends, let's not fight. Let's mourn the true victim of this unfortunate event.

Paul Ryan.

If it didn't happen last year and it was just a small little protest, why would they expect this time the cops to suddenly go berserk on their own students/children

Like I just do not understand your logic here. They were even in costume. Parents, teachers, whatever, they shouldn't have to expect the police to act that way towards their students and their children.

Your slave morality is showing, user.

*If it did happen last year

So if you show up to carol protest with your son and his teachers over the dream act and school funding, where the kids are dressed in little outfits and saying "Don't cut our budget! We need more money for our schools!"

They should expect for the police to go full Gorilla and bring out the zip ties, pushing kids in elf costumes, yelling at kids in elf costumes, zip tying kids in elf costumes

That's pushing it. That's a bit much

lmao dumbass peas get PWNED by cops… fucking retard parents should have kept them inside!!! hell; yeah!!!! fuck kids!!!!!

Thank you for protecting us from the dangerous ghetto children Paul, God Bless



10 Hour Compilation All CQC Secret Moves + Brutal Takedowns (VS CHILDREN)

Because cops feel empowered with all the shit surrounding Trump, the alt right, and friends.

Being an idealist and expecting savages to be nice because you're wearing festive costumes and singing songs is liberalism on par with pic related.

My entire point is that the kids were victimized both by the cops and adult protesters and that actually caring about kids entails not putting them in danger.

They pull this shit all the time, stop being naive.

Your point is shit, faggot. Just kill yourself already, bootlicker.



The bootlickers are the ones who think the cops won't fuck up their kids.

Heartwarming: These Children Wanted To Meet Their Heroes, The LAPD. Instead, They Got To Meet Jesus

This isn't reddit. You're not creating an upvote train.

keep crying, im reloading

That may be the case, but do you really think they expected this 100% and were less responsible than the cops? Over kids? They didn't even bind the adults, they bound the kids.

In costume. This is absolutely ridiculous you're blaming the parents for this, you're acting like they expected this to happen

Why don't you expect cops to crack the skulls of children at a peaceful protest? Don't be any more upset at the cops than you usually are, be mad at those dipshit stupid parents who wanted their kids to have school funding.

Yes they should expect it, because everyone in the US is on a Morpheus level of class consciousness. We all travel via sewer to avoid the packs of feral cops in the aboveworld.

I think they will. Do other people, like parents, teachers, children? No, no I really don't think they're on the same page as us, and I really don't think you should be blaming a mother for engaging in a silly little yearly protest

You're treating the cops as incapable of being held to a higher standard. That standard stops and ends with children.

No it doesn't, have you seen how cops behave inside ghetto schools? They tase, bodyslam, beat, clothesline, and generally abuse the students on video, and nothing gets done to stop it.
It's even worse in Juvie.

Breaking: Mother arrested for daring to put her child's life in danger for dumb friendly holiday protest, child services involved, child under protective custody.

Terrorism charges considered for the elf boy for daring to question Paul Ryan Thought in decadent Elven Garb

Yeah, but they did that last year, and regardless it's a public office, right above Paul Ryan's door it says

"Make yourself at home" lmao

Maybe they should sue Paul for false advertising

well i am liable to be ziptied and arrested in my home so i guess it aint a lie

All you're doing is derailing a thread about police brutality, while calling other people bootlickers for expecting cops to be abusive shits. At least have the decency to sage given that the argument is offtopic. Or are you really not from around here and don't grasp how that works?

I think you meant so say "more" responsible, and no I think the adults were less responsible than the cops. But that doesn't mean they weren't responsible.
What does whom they bound change who was responsible? I'm not placing any blame on the kids.
They expected some kind of response. That's the point of a protest. Given the presence of cops and the general atmosphere they should have at least considered the possibility of cops putting a stop to the protest.

If you're madder at cops for this than you usually are, I don't think you're usually mad enough at cops.

They're politically aware enough to be protesting DACA, which should mean they're aware of what law enforcement regularly does to "illegals."
Where did this even come from? Cops are "incapable" of being held to a higher standard insofar as they're effectively not accountable to anyone. Let me ask you a serious question: do you think cops serve an important role in society?

dude, you're a liberal. read a book.

Paul Ryan, desperate to push further cuts to education, in phone call with Betsy about how to make Charter Schools hip, interrupted. Rude little elf children knock on door

You can't wait to see what happens next

I am a liberal for not blaming parents, children, and teachers, for not expecting cops to blow the fuck up

dude this is my thread gtfo or i call the mods my uncle works for Holla Forums

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. These kids would be growing up to be terrorists had our boys in blue not shown up to save the day.

I seriously think you're pushing intent that isn't there. Are you suggesting they expected their kids to be knocked around? Come on man

We now have an entire generation of kids who hate you and hate cops, so I got to give props for you for sucking hog cock so much that you blame the kids parents or teachers


I think if they didn't consider the possibility of the cops shutting down the protest (which would involve knocking people around, possibly the kids), then they didn't put enough forethought into the matter.

If you're going to shitpost and distort what I'm saying then at least sage the thread.

Kids, Kids

Settle down, your parents should have expected you got zip tied over knocking at my door.

Do you know how hard my life was? I had to work my Tennis skills to the peak, isn't that worth your education and a few missing friends

Big huge difference between shutting down a protest, and grabbing a fucking kid's face in your hands and shoving his skull to the ground.

I'm still waiting for an answer to
Because I'm extremely suspicious you people are redditfugee liberals who think we need to "hold cops accountable" instead of abolishing the police.

I disagree, and said as much in the post you're replying to. You almost have to be willfully ignorant not to be aware of police brutality anymore, and for someone politically engaged enough to be protesting DACA not to be aware strains my credulity too much.

its not exactly hard to find people here who will suck pig dick or excuse brutality as bad apples. the fact that you think everyone is hyperalert near cops belies that you might not be from here

Maybe it's this magical emotion called empathy, having the ability to see where the motivation of this came from, which was largely an innocent place, protests like this have happened for years now. Maybe it's a lot of things.

I just think you're being a bit too edgy right now.

oh i didnt see the daca part. maybe, but i think even pro-immigrant libs are blinded to the reality of policing

It's the most wonderful time of the year

If pro-immigrant libs aren't aware of police brutality then they're very bad at being pro-immigrant libs, which is still their fault.

I have plenty of empathy, mostly for the fucking kids and not their parents/teachers who are grown ass adults and definitely didn't get roped into the situation by someone who had power over them by virtue of being adults. People love to virtue signal about how much they care about kids but most of the time it's hollow bullshit, like how ITT the victimization of kids is being used to make political points (which I suspect was at the very least a known possibility of including kids in the protest).

Liberals? On this board? No way. So far 1 person starts a rumor without any evidence and everyone believes it. That's Progressive. Liberals would be asking for proof and listening to both sides. Believing anything without a shred of evidence is a Progressive thing, not a Liberal one.

You forgot the giant fucking welcome sign on the door to his office.

You might be illiterate, so hears what it says "Welcome, please come in"

I guess kids in elf costumes are fucking sacrilegious

"Politicians don't lie badly for PR" is probably the most naive sentiment there is. I'll refer you to this picture as a scorecard for how liberal your post is.

The parents should be aborted. And I bet they learnt nothing from it and will be taking the kids to slap around some vipers at the zoo.

Pot, meet kettle.

Not wanting the police to fuck with children is liberal

It plainly reads, "Welcome, please come in" user

Cops can't fuck with kids they don't have access to. What's liberal is thinking the cops will exercise restraint because you're in kitschy costumes singing wry parodies of sentimental songs.

Get the police dick out your ass.


Both of us are saying cops are pigs, one of us is saying Children cross the god damn line. And blaming parents for not expecting this to happen is so edgy and cynical, that I think it's one of the worst takes I've read on this board.


This is far from the only time cops target kids. They kill black kids all the fucking time.
Parents do a lot of stupid shit with/to their kids and bringing them to a protest is a bad idea in general, not just in this case. If you haven't encountered critique of family as hierarchy then I guess you haven't talked to a lot of anarchists.

This tho.
I mean fuck the cops but fuck that liberal cunt shoving bourgeois spooks down those kids' throats

You're an idiot.

go cool your head you autistic faggot, find another hill to die on
unless you were baiting, in that case 10/10

As if these wee bairns are some kind of activists acting on their own accord.
Here's what that headline should say:

you're a coward that assumes that other people are too
when i was 11 we were closing streets, protesting
by 14 we threw rocks at cops and occupied our schools

T. not ☭TANKIE☭

another coward that because he's a mindless sheep, believes everyone else is just as brainless as him

sure thing


also i though kids don't have the brain power to make decisions for themselves but now you tell me they can be anarchists?
a bit contradicting eh?

The police felt in danger so it's okay.