Corbyn quotes Sankara and Allende at the UN

Labour Press Jeremy Corbyn speech at the United Nations’ Geneva headquarters-

is he dare i say it, /ourguy/?

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It's really hard not to like him tbh

He also promotes Attlee nostalgia. And he condemns Chavismo. Typical socdem talking out both sides of his mouth.

Hasta Siempre, Allende

Attlee's biggest flaw was being neutral and not supporting Bevan in the leadership election

chavez is the mao of latin america tbqh

Even if you think he's a soccdem he is pissing everyone in the West off by existing and it's fairly entertaining compared to the dower depressing bullshit we've been listening to nonstop

What do you mean by that?

good intentions, but his retardation is beyond human comprehension

It must be excruciating for Jez to have to hide his power level like this, as if it's not bleeding through. Soon, Chairman Corbyn!


Ajajajajajjajaja fuck off mate, Venezuela under Chavez was much better than before get the fuck outta here

yeah and chavez reduced poverty to a third, and still that doesn't make them not retarded regimes

Well, it's certainly going according to plan.

Can't wait for my nigga JC to liquidated all the anarchist scum in the UK


is entryism no longer a meme? Everything I read about Comrade Corbyn makes him seem more radical than he lets on.

that's an insult to Chavez tbh

No, Attlee's biggest flaw was imperialist coups and mass slaughter.

So what, we have a duty to criticize him so people know what real socialism is.

And China was ultimately better off for their revolution, that doesn’t mean making steel in backyards and killing all the sparrows aren’t retarded.

Yeah, but would you have a world where some boring fucking asshole in the UN repeats the same banal drone, or someone quoting Sankara in the UN

I would like the latter. We should hold him accountable, that doesn't mean I can't be entertained by him infuriating the EU, Britain, and America

I'd rather have the UN destroyed.

Totally off topic Can someone find that Rafiq post where he debates some liberal on revleft?

So would we all, but you can't have all you want at once



The absolute state of anti-Mao posters on this board


Is 2018 going to be /ouryear/?

Oh i get it im a class collaborationist because i just realize gommunism cant be established just cause the gommie party got into power once. Good job man! I hope you illustrate us low-life ☭TANKIE☭s on how to not become revisionist and experience TRUE socialism that will at the same time not fall into revisionism (apparently), fend off the US and NATO, create MoPs without any sort of outside trade, and create true socialism (tm) all while sitting on the larges petroleum reserve in South America and a literal hop skip jump from gringo bases

The name of the board is leftypol, not myspecialkindofleftyandnothingelse. Yes, he is. We cant be choosy anyway.


stop stealing my posts



Shouldn't Leftcoms be the ones calling out people who call stuff "Authoritarian" or "Libertarian"?

Genuinely suprised he would quote Sankara. Especially since he's a cuckdem and ideologically wants to suck the capi dick. Referencing not wanting to pay debts to the bankers ends with leaders getting murdered is pretty fucking big

Corbyn's no socdem, he said once at a conference that he would like to see "workers collectively sharing profits" I shit you not, he has to work within a centre-left party in a neoliberal establishment, he can't just come out as a marxist and denounce capitalism (he does this although he says "broken system" instead of capitalism)

He has the whole Murdoch machine looking to bodycheck him at the first opportunity, of course he needs to hide his power level

He literally has communist advisors who came directly from the CPGB, not to mention John McDonnel who openly admits he is a marxist

Tovarisch he gets lambasted for SUPPORTING Venezuela…

It will be the year of the knife edge: See you in Hell or Communism.

not very sure about the first but you got a point there

Condemns chavismo?

This is a smart thing to do. He wants to get elected and showing outright support to Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution would not help him in getting that goal.

Well 1) He was a great fan of Chavez
2) Polling shows britons legit do not give a flying fuck about Venezuela.

Fucking lol, it's going to be the opposite of what you hope.

That's an insult to Mao, tbqh

You do realize LeftComs consider literally every other form of leftist thought to be SocDem, right?

I for one welcome any half return to 20th century social democracy, I mean my god people.

No fucking thanks

All I'm saying is that I fucking wish there were more Corbyns in the world right now.

didn't the tories do the same with austerity

I think it’s pretty obvious that Jezza is hiding his powerlevel.

I only have this one in my folder, you probably mean some other post though

porky press gets more and more ridiculous these days geez

he wasn't but allende was

You get lost.

Porky is not my citizen, and some of them dying to implement communism is inevitable. Stupid trick, "why commies are so mean!" .