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So i was wondering why Brazil is such a hellhole now, and i realized something. Social Democrats are cancerous. They are capitalist liars who pretend to care about the working class and they must be cleaned from the face of the earth like the filth they are. I read up on the presidents of brazil. It started with Fernando Collor de Mello who privatized many industries and opened brazil to free market practices, got much worse with Fernando Henrique Cardoso who was close friends with bill clinton for fuck's sake who privatized many more industries (who actually took away indigenous reservations forcing them to live with the brazilian mutts), and now it's getting worse as of last year because of their current capitalist president who allowed deforestation of an area of the amazon the size of denmark. The entire time since the corruption scandals started in recent history it was these disgusting social democrats behind it. First they took out the "dictatorship", then they sold their country out to corporate interests, they privatized the mining industry and agrarian reform, and holy shit why is it that nobody talks about the disgusting shit that happened because of neoliberalism in latin american countries this is fucking outrageous.

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None of the things you just described sound like actual social democrat policies.

Then explain why the presidents who enforced it were mostly social democrats and workers' party members.

The "social democrat" party of brazil is basicly this neo liberal party that is actualy in Line with Fabian society and their ideas.

You have to be less vague. First of all, there's a Brazilian Social Democracy Party which is probably the comprador party you're talking about. But there's also the Worker's Party, which is basically socdem in policies, but was actually a threat to imperialist USA rule, hence why they are being taken out. "Corruption scandals" could mean anything. Finally, you need to base your analysis on the material situation. Neoliberalism isn't an actual thing, imperialism is. One of the most important characteristics of any government is where it stands in relation to imperialism.

The PSDB, Brazilian Social Democracy Party, is a neoliberal party. Our friend here got mixed that up.

The Workers Party dindu nuffin. Actually, if keep up with the investigations you'll find out they have yet to find any evidence on any sort of wrong doing. Half of the scandals you could pin on them either didn't benefit them personally or was to make the whole state not collapse on itself(as we can see it didn't matter).

-dilma coup(workers party)
-vice president is a neolib
-reactionaries everywhere
-imperialism happens
-wew brazil gones so shit eh guys

Apologies, apologies. Even with my rudimentary knowledge on the subject as of right now, i was just sent into a semi-incoherent rage. What happened in brazil 50 years ago is happening in europe and canada today, and the true left still doesn't do anything about it. It's sickening, really.

No, not really.

Yes really. The same "diversification" and importation of cheap labor for the bourgeoisie and privatization of brazil seems to be a model of european socdem reactionary reform. This shit needs to end, social democracy needs to be removed.

Explain why the Democrats in the US don't act like Democrats.

Because democrat nowadays is just another word for corporate bitch who likes importing foreign labor so their CEO friends can force illegal immigrants into underpaid jobs picking grapes and shit. They're all capitalists now and i am 100% mad.

Social democracy is heresy to true leftism and collectivism. No matter how you put it, everyone, whether they be leftcoms or MLs, should hate them for being lying capitalists.

It's the same shit as it ever was, notwithstanding the narco-driven crime wave which specifically started in the 90s.

When Manuel Zelaya was couped, the local left predicted that, now that Latin America was allowed to be """democratic""" again since the Cold War was over, reactionaries would use these extremely dubious tactics that left them with plausible deniability, especially when involving the judicial branch, the only one that doesn't have popular representation. The pundits here used the terms, and I swear I'm not making this up, "constitutional coup" and "legal coup" in order to defend. Lo and behold, it happened again in Paraguay and then again in Brazil. Hell, more coups may have happened in other Latin countries but I would never hear of them because Porky Broadcasting Corporation considered it just some bureaucratic hiccup and unworthy of news. Fuck, they still call the Paraguayan coup an impeachment.

Of note: back when Zelaya was trying to revert his ousting,
See the genius part of the neocoup? Not cancelling the federal elections is brilliant, as it sets a deadline on the couped fucker's reivindication and on the public outrage. "Whoops, time's up. This new president was elected lawfully just now, so there's nothing more to be done for the couped president. Let's just forgive and forget, okay?"

And right as I'm typing this, I that Brazilian Porky's latest smear is that Lula got election financing from fucking Ghadaffi.

Let's not forget the new Military Coup that they are planning.
Sources: diariodocentrodomundo.com.br/essencial/general-mourao-volta-a-pregar-o-golpe-e-defender-a-acao-do-exercito-se-o-caos-for-instalado-no-pais/
Fucking 64 allover again. This time with less dissent and resistance.

Is this a capitalist coup or an anticapitalist coup? The current president is "democratic".

Capitalist, of course. Do you think there's any hope? How naive can you be?

But why would capitalists get rid of a capitalist president?

just to cement the reaction I guess

You could try ask a brazilian about the situation, OP. How about it?

No. Stop falling into ~actually fake news~ from these shitty pseudo-leftists outlets. The hysteria and incapacity of these journalists to see and interpret reality just make them a laugh stock.
There are some good trustworthy ones, if you're interested, but stop spreading disinformation.

Because everyone hates the current guy, there's an election next year where the guy poised to win is the ex-president Lula(who is hated by the military and all of the right-wing) and the country is on the brink of social chaos. All institutions are perceived as hopelessly corrupt with the military being one of the few exceptions(just this week a dozen of officers got caught in a corruption scandal, not that makes a diference).
After the coup of 64 there was going to be new elections and the guy who would have won was JK, a nationalist bourgeois politician, guess what they did.

They said the same thing in 64, and yet here we are.

You know life is not just good vs evil? They want to accumulate wealth and if they need to get rid of some other capitalists to do it, they will.

It was Bettynho Zirigdum, who destroyed Brazil with his shitty taste of cuisine.

I know that, i just never realized the extent of how slimy the politics in brazil was because of socdem policies. I used to only dislike socdems but from this moment on i'm going to hate them more than capitalists because of their betrayal to leftism.


You are a hundred years late.

Sorry i hadn't heard of this sooner, i'm an american so i'm stupid and don't hear anything about latin america.

Not about Brazil, but the socdem betrayal of leftism.

LMAO literally no one.
If you stop to think for one second you will notice they don't need a military dictatorship to advance their neoliberal project.

I can't imagine why Brazil would be like all other countries with a similar population. I doubt there'll be another coup, that was only possible due to the external threat.

Man, I kinda have a Rio fetish…

Social democrats are absolutely filth on this earth.

You also have to remember that, in Brazil, parties' acronyms have no bearing on what they are in actuality. PSDB, PMDB, etc are about as neoliberal, free market capitalist as you can get. Even PT in their later years could barely call themselves leftists.

So then, just to recap, since the 90s the main parties have been PT, completely hogging the left's limelight, PSDB, nominally socdem but really a gathering of people who have a pathological hatred against PT, and PMDB, the parasitical centrist kingmakers who will never ever be outside a ruling coalition. Now that the leftwing has been crippled by the mega-investigation and a colluding press, whomever PSDB puts forward is pretty much guaranteed to win the next election.

All of the preceding paragraph was just a preface to say that a few days ago, the media was covering internal poceedings of PSDB's national convention. I have never, ever in my life seen our media do more than mention a national convention in passing. As if we needed more circumstantial evidence that this is all orchestrated.

pls no

Brazil is what you get when you have weak government and company conglomerate who are more influence than the government.
Inject Brazil with some dose Authoritarianism and SOME socialist policies and see the country rise from its ashes