Who did Marx admire?

Who did Marx admire?

From Bakunin to Kautsky to his son in law to Lincoln to Bismarck there is a letter of him shitting on every single one of his contemporaries, even when he's taking their side or supporting their cause. Is there anyone who was alive and active in Marx's time, other than Engels, that Marx liked and respected?

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Definitely Dave Ricardo since Marx gets a lot of his economic theories from Ricardo's writings

I think Karl Kautsky is like the funniest historical figure. He was so universally reviled in the USSR you read any of their political writings on any subject from philosophy to law and it’s like part of their country’s ideology was hating Kautsky.

Charles Darwin.

Sauce on Marx shitting on Kautsky? I thought Kautsky only went super revisionist around 1903.

When the second German edition of Capital, was published (two years after the publication of Darwin's Descent of Man)), Marx sent Darwin a copy of his book, with the words:

Mr. Charles Darwin
On the part of his sincere admirer
(Signed) Karl Marx.

— London, 16 June 1873

His wife Jenny

He said besides Engels

Stuart Mill maybe?

That greek materialist guy
The image of himself BTFOing other philophers


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And then he has found a companion in Kautsky – at whom he scowled so darkly; Engels too has taken a much milder view of this Kauz since he has proved himself a very talented drinker. When this charmer first appeared at my place – I mean little Kauz – the first question which escaped me was: are you like your mother? Not in the very least, he assured me, and I silently congratulated his mother. He is a mediocrity with a small-minded outlook, superwise (only 26), very conceited, industrious in a certain sort of way, he busies himself a lot with statistics but does not read anything very clever out of them, belongs by nature to the tribe of the philistines but is otherwise a decent fellow in his own way. I turn him over to friend Engels as much as possible.

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The French Utopians, the classical economists, none of which was

Hegel, Richardo, Darwin, Engels

Marx only seemed to respect Engels in his lifetime. He was influenced by plenty of figures, but generally disliked most people he came across (with good reason).


Goethe? Or was Marx too young to be his contemporary?

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and he only liked Engels because he kept his family alive


Certainly not. Advocating a bit of welfare here and a bit of proportional representation there doesn't make one a comrade of Marx. I can't be bothered to dig up a relevant passage right now, but he crapped on John Stuart Mill several times in Capital, where Marx distinguished between those who in his view attempted to do economics as a science (mostly older stuff, Ricardo being the one he had the most respect for, and Tooke the last one "of any value") and on the other hand the vulgarizers and apologists (which he saw on the rise in his time), and Marx put Mill firmly into the second camp.

Marx loved Shakespeare and Goethe.

Also he considered Spartacus his personal hero.


Marx hated utilitarians. IIRC he once said of Mill that the only reason he appeared to be bright was the general mediocrity of contemporary English bourgeois thought.

rosa luxemburg

Marx wasn't into lolis with noses like parrot beaks.

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Marx was /ourguy/ .

Didn't he have correspondence with Abe Lincoln?

He wrote letters to Lincoln but only got replies from Lincoln's secretaries, so who knows if Lincoln himself read them.

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Some historical figure that you've not heard of

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Rosa Luxemburg was born in 1871 , she was 12 when Marx died.

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With the exception of Engels, Marx trashed all his contemporaries. However you can find him saying positive things about a few, such as Bakunin being one of the few to have not regressed but developed more.

Adam Smith

Interesting. Then how come he was generally liked by everyone else, even her wife's relatives?

Did Marx write about him? After a class about Epicureanism I debated with my classmates relating it to Marxism.


Marx did his doctoral dissertation on Epicurus.

sauce on this pls

What about Thomas Hobbes? I can't imagine a materialist who doesn't respect Leviathan

If Marx had access to the radio he would've essentially done Chapo Trap House

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Btw I just remembered that he actually admired Nikolay Chernyshevsky, the russian founder of Narodism.

…Sure, for material in writing another book critiquing reformist social democratic shitstains.

Is this the general Marx biography thread? If anyone can tell me any of these I'd be greatly appreciative:

Marx was a NEET all his life. Therefore he HAD to respect Engels, since Engels was his NEET provider. Marx was autistic. And so am I.

That's hilarious. Especially considering how much of Lenin's earlier works was almost entirely dedicated to polemics against the Narodniks

Balzac, he seemed to like Mary Shelley too but I've never seen it mentioned

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Lenin's all-time favorite novel was What Is To Be Done? by Chernyshevsky. Obviously as a materialist he took issue with their idealism but he was still inspired emotionally by the Narodniks.

I know he read Dickens and much contemporary British/French literature. Also Goethe. He was a big time /lit/ nerd tbh he even read Ancient Irish literature. It really shows in those works like the manifesto where you can see that red hot energy flowing through him.

He reread Virgil's The Aeneid every year IRCC

Given that the russian Marxists only succeeded because of the revolutionary discipline and spirit of self-sacrifice ingrained in russian socialism by the Narodniks, I'd say that the Narodniks, although they had to be surpassed, were essential in laying down successful foundations for russian socialism.

He worked as a journalist and was even considered one of the most respected journalists of his time. He was mainly employed as a foreign correspondent at the New York Tribune (a Republican Party paper) which was America's largest newspaper at the time. He also worked as a Newspaper editor at Rheinische Zeitung but that was closed after 1848.

If Marx had been alive today he would be offered multi-million dollar book deals and offered high-paying jobs by various industry leaders etc. but in his time you literally could not maintain a decent standard of living and work as a journalist alone. So his fame really took him nowhere although Engels, who never needed the money, was ironically more famous than Marx in his lifetime for his work on the English working class

He was contracted to work on an Encyclopedia but it never went anywhere. The biggest job opportunity he was ever offered was from Bismark who invited him to join his government but unsurprisingly he turned it down.

Tbf Marx was a spendthrift and whatever he got from his work or from Engels or well-off relatives he would promptly spend.

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It's well known that he admired Spartakus, but i doubt that there's anyone besides Engels he'd have held in high regards.
Maybe his wife, dunno.

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This. Marx was a spoiled egomaniac brat.

Balzac, de Sade.
Isaiah Berlin's is a classic. For a more recent and critically acclaimed, Jonathan Sperber's.

This is pretty relevant. Marx did a "Confessions" (or what is now known as Proust Questionnaire) and here's what we have.

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