So the liberals at Kurzgesagt released a video about UBI...

So the liberals at Kurzgesagt released a video about UBI. I think it will be fun to check out some youtube comments and see the absolute state of the first world.

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what did you think comments are gonna be like? Youtube is filled shitty american teens, of course it's gonna be full of reactionaries. Nothing unusual about this.

UBI is reactionary as fuck lol, this is the best part.

I never quite trusted Kurzgesagt, not sure why.

A mirror is always nice user

UBI is dystopian as fuck tbqh

Kurzgesagt knew there would be a shitstorm of autistic burgers in the comments. They probably think it's funny.

It's the perversion of science by Capitalism, and possibly a slight add pain form being betrayed by "rational scientists" in the past. That's me at least.

Imagine how easy Communism would be if it was how liberals claim it to be? We'd be in the 422nd failed dystopia by now. Fucking idiots.

The thing about this image is that it admits that capitalist exploitation exists in a veiled way. Why would anyone want to "work hard and keep half" when in an ideal world they would keep the whole thing? Why would you choose "work hard keep half" over "no work, free stuff"? It's just not economically rational.


stop being a retard

You don't need to tell me welfare capitalism is unsustainable. Either they implement UBI properly by taxing the over-accumulated wealth and pushing it to the bottom like Keynes intended and buy the capitalist system another decade, or they botch it with "concessions" and "compromise" or gutting the welfare state and get murdered for it.

Capitalist system either collapses in one year or ten, I don't care which.

I was really disappointed with this video because the majority of Kurzegast I found insightful and interesting. Especially the ones about history(ical materialism) and ecology which could be easily be construed to push a socialist view.

Are you trolling m00t? #real_life

is it ignorance or is every single comment there made by Mises from beyond the grave?

Why do they portray people going back to the country side a bad side effect?

UBI is a bait and switch designed to eliminate all entitlements and replace them with monetized and crapified versions via the """free market""". Of course, once those entitlements are off the books, we suddenly won't be able to afford to give the proles as much as they were promised. It's austerity with a human face.

Fuck Kurzgesagt and their positivist science worshipping nihilist asses.

1. Rural communities are often more conservative than their urban counterparts, so a moral ruralized country means a more conservative country that's against ideas like UBI.
2. Infrastructure doesn't exist as much in rural areas so medical care, internet, and things like specialized stores don't exist
3. It's harder to congregate and share ideas, from politics to conventions.

Kutzergat or however you spell it is a channel idiots go to to feel smart so the question is why should you or explicitly us care whatsoever?

That optimistic nihilism video was the point where I completely abandoned Kurzgesagt. I knew it was shot before, but that’s whenit became irredeemable. Anyone who likes it or even specific examples of its content is a brainlet bu definition.

This is the white American meme, and it's been one of the most horrifically damaging things in our history. The idea that the rich only ever got there through either being clever, or hard work. That no white people are ever actually poor, it's just a temporary state of affairs while they get their shit together. That everyone who is rich deserves to be rich, and everyone who admits they're poor is admitting that they're a fundamentally awful person.
In actual fact what would happen is that 95% of rich people wouldn't know how the fuck to even begin to get their money back, because they never earned it. It was given to them by their ancestors. Paris Hilton would never be able to claw her way back up. The Trump family would never be millionaires again. Because only money begets more money in America.
And true, most poor people would likely remain poor, because they too don't know what the fuck to do with money when they have it.
But assuming we did suddenly evenly distribute the wealth, there are a lot of Americans out there who right now don't have very much, who would suddenly be starting up their own businesses, and a lot of small business owners who would suddenly have the means to expand and compete with big business.

You're missing it comrade, this is latent class consciousness. They understand that a certain class of people will accumulate to the top. They just don't understand the why, they still buy the lie. You bring out important points about the trumps and hiltons, that's true. I think a lot of them get that. You can direct this to pointing that the system is built to sustain the people at the top.

Its part of that thing with trump-reactionary populists always rising in response to economic stagnation/anxiety.