US Police humiliate and execute an unarmed man in hotel!

How do we put a stop to this when a large percentage of Americans will respond with #BlueLivesMatter and accuse you of hating the country if you say anything negative about it's police force? :thonk:

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Should post this in the thread where everybody is whining about North Korean alleged human rights violations. This is sickening.

This cop needs to die tbh.

that's terrible.and they got 12 people to agree to this shit after they watched that video? Not even laying flat unresponsive would help you, if you do that, they would torture you with mace, dogs, or tasers until you attempt to follow their impossible commands or curl up defensively and they shoot you.

thought the same thing. The whole county needs a guerrilla war raging through it to clean it up.

(User Was Shot By The Police For Defending The Police )

pic related

Really gets the cortex in a vortex.

What a shitty country


the absolute state of americucks.

Lets see.


The policeman's weapon. Seems like a chill guy, reluctantly using violence to uphold order.

I don't live anywhere near him. Ideally, he should die in front of a firing squad when the revolution comes.
That said, it's shocking to me that cops like this are able to live without fear.

literal cucks as usual

I don't know, more than half of the posters there are attacking the policeman, as well as loyalty towards him.

Thought the same thing tbh.
More and more Americans are having experiences like this and the patience for cops, even in white communities, is running mighty thin.

Yeah nah get fucked cunt.

I'm laughing so hard because it's all so absurd but at the same time it's fucked and honestly depressing

4chan Holla Forums is having an awakening right now. Comments are overwhelmingly anti-cop, in stark contrast to previous cases of similar shit taking place.

hmm, I wonder what was different about this one compared to all the other police brutality cases. I don't think we'll ever know for sure.

There are a couple of police worshipers excusing it, but a lot of people attacking as well.
If the victim were black I doubt this would be the case however. The one retard pointing out the hypocrisy is correct in that.

Lol get bent fed.

It's remarkable indeed. One of my conservative acquaintances was recently sent back to jail for a bizarro parole violation (ie different police telling him different/wrong things about where he could stay during the decade+ of parole he was serving over an entrapment), and the one borderline alt-right friend I had was brutalized in Florida after his unstable ex made a false call. I kind of wonder if right wingers aren't sitting ducks for this kind of terror.


You must be new to Holla Forums. They'll forget about this once the next white on black shooting happens.

We can all dream can't we leftypol?

They're saying cops are leftist now:

What does FOB mean here?


Here's the MP4 for when the vid inevitably gets taken off YT for literally showing a dude being murdered by the police

Content warning: literally shows a dude being murdered by the police

Fresh Off Boat

Oh, and the description:

Body cam footage has been released showing the fatal police shooting of 26-year-old Daniel Shaver. Police were called to a hotel in Mesa, Arizona, in 2016 after a report of someone pointing a gun out of a window. Shaver, however, was unarmed. The officer, Philip Brailsford, was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder.

Surely the jury is at fault here too right? They literally just enabled his murder.

Watching this video makes me feel angry and scared. I mean what you can even do in that situation? You're completely at the mercy of some psycho retard. I need to get the hell out of this country. It's not just the fact the man was murdered by the police, but that he got off freely. Shit's fucked.

I read somewhere that the Judge ruled the video and the "You're fucked" dust cover as inadmissible. Take that with a grain of salt though.

this shit is already difficult sober, how can a cop expect a drunk guy to comply effortlessly?

Also that the cops dad was a high ranking officer in the same precinct and recently retired to become a lawyer or some shit

I know what I'd do, I'd lay there like a log and tell him "y'all can come over /here/ and do whatever, I've seen what you do to people who comply with your conflicting orders."

Fucking really, how are you supposed to crawl and keep your hands above your head? Like when they justify their attack dogs mauling people with "oh well you should have just put your hands at your sides and the dog would have stopped."

They intentionally set things up so that complying with their orders is either logically impossible or contrary to instinctual responses.

The man probably would have been shot for not moving as well though considering Officer Shitsforbrains was barking at him to crawl. it's a rigged set of orders. You're going to get killed either way.

But then the policeman will think "this guy is trying to lure me in front of the door to his apartment, he probably has armed people there ready to shoot" and he will fire at you.
If you want to rationalize this behavior, you can. Its "technically" reasonable to ask him to move away, thats why the policeman was not found guilty. He was """technically""" doing what he should be.
Of course, context and all, he was doing a shit job and killed a man for no reason, which is why he got fired from his job and will never work in the police force again.

I would rather die from a cop shooting me with no provocation than getting shot because I 'scared' him

At least their humor is on point.

They'll just say you weren't following commands.

If I'm getting killed either way then I want it to be clear on the video that I offered no provocation and gave a reason as to why I was reluctant to follow the order.

Oh my sweet summer child….

He'll be fine, just go the next county over.

This country is a shitshow.

no shit I would have died either way in that situation but you can't justify shooting a guy laying on his stomach with his hands on his head.

You don't get fired for shootings.

He was fired a year ago after this incident, though.
We are only talking about it now because he was found innocent today, but this happened in 2016 and he was fired in 2016.






It's mostly bots or very devoted people.

I mean, who actually fucking uses the youtube comments section? It's been a cesspit for damn near it's whole existence.

Are posts like these real or not? I'm leaning to just sarcasm but it's Holla Forums so I'm not so sure.

There are actual people like that on Holla Forums since the Trump election.
You might remember all the Kek memes and ironic occultism. Some people joined the community thinking its not ironic.
The spirit cooking Clinton thing and the pizza pedophilia shit didn't help. And when some guy trolls about being a time traveler from the future, and incidentally gets some things right as if he was predicting them, the loonies feel empowered.

The fuck were those pigs doing? You're supposed to close the distance and handcuff the suspect as fast as possible. Those jackasses were standing there for nearly 5 minutes before killing him. All that time just built up tension and made the situation much worse.

Oh, they can.

Sure they can but there aint no jury in america that can justify killing a an unarmed white dude on his stomach with his hands on his head.
Although I did point this and this out so I guess it doesnt really matter at all.

What the fuck is this the Satanic Panic again?

Holla Forums is as consistent as their current high school grade point average (rapidly falling)

Just look at him really.

Man, I'm reading the comments on the fucking Daily Mail and people are 10:1 in favor of declaring the pig a murderer.


Yeah, this guy is obviously compensating for something. Sucks that he wasn't jailed, but at least he was fired, and hopefully his life is ruined.

what the flying fuck

Good old Georgia god does my state suck ass.

Goddamn America is fucked

I'm sure he was posing a danger somehow.

From what I've heard, the verdict was made before the video came out

what the hell is the point of taking JUST the dog's head? take the whole body wtf how is this real what in the actual fuck????

Rabies testing is done on the animals brain. Doesn't justify it.

The jury watched the video. It's in every article.

yeah but i still don't see it necessary to have to cut the head off. just take the whole dog with you am i on crazy pills?

Instead of calling animal control the cops gave the dude 2 options of jail and taking the dog to a vet on his own dime for all the testing. He chose to cut the head off I guess cause he didn't have the money and didn't want to tempt the cops on taking him to jail.



Oink oink, bang bang bitch nigga.

Americans seem to have an odd fetish for athority figure.
apparently, you can get away with anything if you represent authority.

and if you don't suck the boss's dick, you get called, faggot, pussy, lefty, cuck…

what an odd country.

Micah Johnson did absolutely nothing wrong tbh.

Is there a reason they didn't go and check them for weapons when they were on the ground with a gun at their head? If this were just a regular police officer he'd have gone over and given him a frisk and told him to exit the building. Why did they need to go through this mother-may-I nonsense?

People that join the police turn into sociopaths, especially in the US it seems where there is far more cop worship and complete fucking lack of oversight than in other countries.

Not defending the officer but he shot because the dude reached his hand back towards his waste again, not because his hands weren't on his head. The dude was probably drunk and without thinking was trying to pull up his pants since they were dragging on the carpet.

link to long version you're talking about?

Was he asking him to crawl with his legs crossed? The man probably lost his balance and died for it.

Because you can't powertrip if you do that.


cop shot him for reaching back behind him, probably to pull up his shorts. keep in mind they were called in thinking he had a gun.

I'm calling homo. Is the guy gay? He looks like a fag. Either open or closeted, I'd put my money on it.

>>>Holla Forums11003470 for videos

Irrelevant, if this was a battlefield it would be a war crime as once a combatant surrenders they are protected by the Geneva Convention regardless what they seem to do and it falls on the other side to control the situation peacefully, if the officer didn't like what he was doing it was his fault for giving bad orders.

American here. Its extremely taboo to speak negatively about police here. If you do, you're baraged with slogans like: not all cops, #bluelivesmatter, u hayte cops till you need to call em etc. Depends on who you talk to but the overall narrative is, dont talk shit about cops no matter what the situation.

Dude looked like he was wearing basketball shorts, little hard to conceal a piece in that particular piece of clothing. If he had one, there would have been a noticeable bulg on his has or thigh. Just another case of pussy cops power triping behind fancy gunz.

I hope the cop in this video gets some heinous punishment for killing someone for no reason.

seconding this, the Police are like the military in that they're a protected class/group. You can't talk shit about them.

Happened back in 2016, cop was charged with second degree murder, video came out now because the trial is over

he was found not guilty

It's a fucking miracle we don't have more leftist domestic terrorist attacks here tbh

but… but… it looked like he was reaching for a gun!!!!!

wtf. I hope karma is real

Never been happier to live in the third world.

People will dox and bully people to suicide for using a word wrongly but this piece of shit will be celebrated and thanked for his """hard work""".

These cops are fucking idiots, but that's the way they train them. Even the most well-intentioned individual will do shit like this because the training for police drills into you that you're going to die if you don't react aggressively to anything a potential subject does. This is, surprisingly different from military training, which is much more open to letting people make mistakes. Let that sink in for a second.

This is why the current institution of police in the US is fucked. Other countries do not manage to do shit like this, but they are getting there. The UK seems to want to shift to a US-like approach to policing. I don't know how that's going to turn out, but it's guaranteed to be worse.

The worst part about this video is that those cops are going to keep telling themselves that they had to do it, that they didn't have a choice, and that they were just trying to get home alive. Even when it was obvious that the guy was confused and unable to comply with instructions, they had no idea what the right thing to do was.



Micah Johnson was a sexual predator and a piece of shit. Just because you hate cops doesn't mean you have to glorify another asshole. This is like defending the norks.

We need more Michah's

This explains everything now…

The left here is crippled by pacifism.

Read Ward Churchill.

You might be lost…

we must critically support child killers and their struggle of sleeping in holes.

His arm movement was a balance reflex.

That's so awesome…i wish police in my country had the same power has police in the US does.
If that police officer did that in here, he would be doomed for ever, he would be expelled, he would go to jail.
Like a few years a go on a alcohol checking point late at night, one driver refuses to stop and runs away, the police chases him. The police shoots and one of the bullets killed the run away driver.
That police officer was setenced to jail as a murderer! Wtf! He was just doing his job, a drunk driver is a menace to the well being of others.

lmao piggie

There's a police forum on reddit

The irony of the picture is fucking astounding, like holy shit.

It’s actually not ironic at all.

That is because the military trains soldiers to not panic when they are scared. You couldn't have a functional armed force if soldiers were scared of two suspects laying on the ground that were mostly complying with orders. The military trains soldiers to suppress their fear while police train officers to act on their fear.

This is like Nazis, telling their members not to get swastika tattoos because it might make them "look bad" in court. Except it isn't, it's the fucking POLICE.

That's because American police are basically gestapo


I’m almost happy the US is going fash. I hope they enjoy their blue libes matter tape and pinochet memes while they can.

There's a guy with this tattoo there
It's a fucking gang

It’s a standing army.

The American left quite literally has a better inroad with the fucking military than the police.

Remember we have literal open Nazis on the police force who get protected by scumfuck police unions.

But police are workers the Democratic Cops of America said so.

wtf i love the repressive state apparatus now

The police had been infiltrated by the neonazis groups for years by now

“Cops and Klan go Hand-in-Hand” isn’t just a cute chant.

This pig fuck couldn't wait to unload on something, he probably dreamed about it his whole life. That's how all these fucking deranged cops think, they all think they're Rambo. A bullet to the head would be too good for this piece of shit.

I will show this to anyone who defends America from anything ever in the future.

Yeah, this fucker was obviously just itching to pull the trigger. The guy had no chance at all, he was dead from the get go.

This video literally made me feel physically ill.

As a Eurofag at this point my question is how the fuck do you even live in the US? How do you get up in the morning knowing you can be shot dead by your neighbour on your way to work and if he misses you then the fucking cop that you called to protect your ass might get you?
I know there's a bunch of things that might kill you even here but goddamn, how can you call yourselves a civilized nation after this?

It's called being trapped.

So you would leave if you had the chance?

The FBI are cops…..

Yes, not him but I'm planning on it. It genuinely is tough to leave though.

It's implying that those posts were done by agent provocateurs.


what in the ever living fuck. this country is an inhuman fucking hellscape

why the fuck, this must be fake

I would leave if I had the chance, unfortunately I don't know any other language besides English, and I'm a NEET.

jesus christ

it's real yo

Brotegd and serve :::D

This needs to be in every cop thread.

Feels bad man, i want to play irl postal but with the full backing of the state apparatus


RedLetterMedia just did an episode of best of the worst where they got their hands on a cop training tape, and it demonstrates this perfectly. The video makes a point about how weapons can be hidden in everything and all cops are about one quarter second from being murdered to death at all times. Watch the fuck out for that man holding a lighter, that lighter could have a fucking concealed knife! Kick the shit out of that lady with the lipstick, or else she might try and fucking kill you with it!

Holy shit, why is our country so fucking retarded

I'm straddled with debt. I quite literally cannot leave or else I'll get an international warrant lol.

It's pretty sad that this isn't a reality. Imagine if cops ACTUALLY were afraid of people. They'd leave people the fuck alone.

Something's gonna give in the US soon.

Boo fucking hoo what a poor guy, maybe he would still be alive if he just listened to what the police officer told him

That video is actually decent. Knifes are fucking dangerous, and the solution is to maintain distance, and physical control. not to shoot anyone you think has a weapon

watch this, 5 cops with pistols and rifles in an open park get totally owned by one guy with an edged weapon.

Anyone have that youtube video that makes a europop music video out of the knife training vid?

bad bait



Angry, bitter, poorly educated, with sleeve tattoos? A truck or huge SUV covered in assault rifle stickers? Looks like every young cop in my town.
Pray that the guy you interact with is an old cop.

lol they're worse

Damn I thought it was going to be that one vid of laughably ineffectual brit police

Damn, that's some badass Oldboy shit. Nice.

What a thug. The officer ordered him to crawl towards the swat team with his hands up. Police officers don't just tell you to do stuff for shits and giggles. You either do as you're told or you're gonna be stiff and cold. It's that simple. #BlueLivesMatter

Sarcasm aside, except for police officers every burger's gonna be calling for that pig's head on a platter cuz he shot a white guy. See, Amerikkka doesn't *really* #BackTheBlueLine. In fact, burgers back in 2012 were on some libertarian, Alex Jonesian, anti-police militarization shit, but then #BlackLivesMatter became a thing and people started looking at police brutality as it pertains to Black-Americans. That's when 50% of The United Snakes population went from being critical of the police to deep throating Porky's little blue foot soldiers overnight.

For real though, pre-emptive nuclear strike against The American Heartland and full-scale land invasion when? Bot even socialism can save The United Caliphates Of Burgerstan.

Here it is

oh so you're actually a retard then

You sound reactionary as fuck my guy even if you have a point. The average Americans trust in law enforcement and the governments dwindles with each passing day.

Yes, it is. Do it. It ain't gonna get better.

There's a reason why there were purges in the old M-L states.

M8, you took a wrong turn on your way to Reddit. This here's Holla Forums. We'll take our memes back too, thank you very much.


In my experience the olod cops just want respect from their uniform, if you snap to attention and say "yes sir", "no sir", "how can I help you officer?" then they sort of set their brains on "This is a Helpful Citizen" Mode and they'll often just let you go. The young cops are all new-right edgelords, they have something to prove and they have fantasies of beating up the people that bullied them.

the old cops were the ones who would literally hood up on the weekend

If an American isn't a cop or an overeducated black from the suburbs, they probably don't realize you shouldn't reach toward your pockets, glove compartment, etc. if you don't want to be murdered by police.

I love to be protected by my boys in blue who will murder me at the slightest wrong movement even when i'm crawling on the ground

They're british though: the concept of our police doing that shit would trigger Daily Mail readers.

You keep fucking with people and getting away with it time after time again Micah Johnsons and Gavin Longs are gonna keep popping up. Didn't Christopher Dorner's anti-cop sentiments develop after he got fired from the LAPD for reporting his colleagues beating a homeless schizophrenic guy within an inch of his life?

LOL This.

Cops have killed over 1000 people in the US in 2017

Salt the midwest tbh. Lenin was right about backwater hicks.

they also could have cuffed him when he was on the ground with his hands behind his head, but its obvious this dude wanted to either humiliate him or just flat out cap him

There's a war with cops, the right is correct. The difference is that the cops are winning.

Literally why? Can some burger explain this to me?
Is America LARP central?

Forgot the shitposting flag

Because gud guys with guns.

how so? "Don't tread on me" is literally about the gubberment staying out of your shit, but the police are the part of the gubberment that specifically messes with your shit

Because cops fear for their safety and every citizen is packing a weapon.

It's much closer to 2000, especially if you include deaths in jails.


For real, The Daily Mail's a bit too right-wing for me, but seeing reactionary comments by readers for whom it says they're from Bumblefuck, The United States get shit on by the whole site with downvotes and sarcastic replies makes my dick hard.

Because muh terrorist and muh school shootings


It was his own gun, not issued by the police. I'm not sure why he was allowed to use it.

Don't get me wrong, I think there's a good argument that lots of innocent people are killed by cops because they don't think exactly like the people shooting them, and that's terrible.

Love having my tax dollars arm and train right wing death squads at home and abroad

I swear, billions of your tax dollars are being wasted on toys for them glorified boys clubs people call "police departments" to play crime fighters and take selfies with while they sit in the garage all day.

Whether that was his personal rifle or not doesn't address the fact that police departments across the country use AR's.

The American police force is essentially an on guard army at this point (yet no where near is well trained obviously)


I think you can drop the irony now.

Every cop must die.


The last thing I'd ever do if someone broke into my house would be to call the police. Seriously.

yeah what ever will do without some idiots showing up 3 hours later to say "well, there's probably nothing we can do?"

Not sure what it's like in other countries but in the UK they literally don't care if you get robbed they do fuck all

They only solve crimes on copaganda tv shows, in real life they're an occupation force

I can almost sympathize with Dorner if he didn't go around killing people who weren't cops and weren't related to his case. Micah Johnson is a piece of shit, though, and at no point suffered any police brutality. He was just a whacked out faggot that wanted to kill white cops because they were white, not because they were cops. This is individual terrorism and is shit praxis. Only illiterate anarkiddies defend that shit.

I have an AR-15 for home defense. It's a good rifle and there's no reason not to use it. However, it isn't the rifle that fucked this up. It's the cop. You could have given the cop a six shooter and he would have still done this.

Tbh im not sure whats worse, burger cops that will gladly shoot you or uk cops that are completely worthless and prevent you from defending yourself.

At least in burgerstan I can deal with robberies myself if need be


Because porky doesnt want them underarmed compared to a likely civilian

There is a case to be made that the police are a necessary institution. At the same time, there is a much better case to be made that the institution of police as it exists in the US today is an evil that we're better off without as it is not only ineffective at carrying out its expected duties, but may actually cause harm to the most victimized.

I do not subscribe to the belief that being a police officer makes you a bad person, because good or evil is meaningless to the individual, and you can always stop being a cop. However, I do not believe in special exemptions for good people finding themselves in evil institutions if and when things come to a head. I will always side with the people, but we should definitely seek to degrade the machine by turning cogs inside it against it. This can be done, but not by individual terrorism like some advocate.
It must be a wider movement. BLM is a good start, but too much idpol, and too much anger against individuals. I believe that we're getting to the point where the good officers will have to make a choice and leave that institution or be branded as the same as the bad cops they cover for.

most of Holla Forums is trying to dox the cop and want him dead with the few people defending the cop being called a ZOG Occupied Governmentbot or jewish shill.

This won't achieve anything. The former cop is a piece of shit, but killing him won't fix the system that trained him to do this and then let him get away with it.

There are "bobbies on the beat" as their called but only in upper middle class or affluent areas elsewhere the police force here has been massivley undercut and defunded and the number of police has been slashed in order with austerity. In other words it's like a watered-down version of South Africa where the wealthy areas are well policed where as the working class areas are left to fend for themselves.

On the grand scheme of things, maybe not. But it might make it harder than it is already for him to get jobs, at least in the near future. Nowhere close to the lifetime of penance he deserves for what he did, but it might serve as a deterrent for other such pigs.

Well, I don't believe in retribution for its own sake. However, this won't deter cops from doing the same because they see him as his own failure, and not something that the whole system is complicit with.
It's like when we have an economic crash. It isn't that the system is rotten, it's just that some people got too excited or not excited enough.
A better use for this guy is as an anti-police speaker, but knowing the level of indoctrination, this isn't likely. However, since it's Holla Forums attacking him, he might be more vulnerable. I know it doesn't feel right, but pragmatism is where it's at. We can use him even if we don't care about him.

imagine getting killed because you tried to keep your pants from falling down in front of a cop. what a world

they can use whatever gear they want, generally. and every single cop car in the US has a rifle in the trunk, since there was an incident when the standard shotgun was useless and the cops needed rifles to kill a hostage taker or something

North Hollywood shootout, m8.

was that the one with the insane DIY body armor and machine guns? that was fucking sick

Watch the wire.

Good point, but I'm still under the impression that a lot of burger cops pull shit like this because they see themselves as above the law and feel like their actions don't have any consequences. Maybe showing them that at least something about their crimes will come back and bite them in the ass might make them tone it down a bit. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking, I don't know.
The Holla Forums thing I feel might be a double edged sword, seeing that they'll more than likely frame it as "don't touch white people, the niggers however are fair game", basically condoning their racism. I can easily see something like that strengthening the far-right's presence in the police force and making them even more of a fascist death squad.

Yes, somehow the only two killed were the perps. I don't know how. One of them had an HK-91, which is mai raifu.

you sure? It had a full auto receiver.

cop culture here is fucked up. they're all megalomaniac academic failures making up for their own inadequacy

No, it just had three selector markings. It's a semi-auto.

thats not to imply there's any unfucked cop culture, though

Girls in bikinis get thousands of (You)'s. How many can we get for our true patriots?

It won't have immediate benefits like offing someone powerful, but I don't think it'd necessarily be pointless. Americans love drama and would be motivated to take control of the issue. As it is it's one of those things that people want to ignore because they think they can't do anything.
It's not like the guy doesn't deserve to be lynched, anyway. There is no ambiguity in the case, his personal camera caught everything. Rightards will have to openly defend him if a shitstorm brews, and you know that'll be a lot of fun to watch.

I thought you weren't allowed to own receivers like that because it shows "constructive intent", and people who want 3 position selectors for coolness need a Safe-semi-safe selector..

Unironically this. Prisoners are a hyper oppressed class with huge revolutionary potential.

No, that's perfectly legal. The selector is semi, and even if it wasn't (as it's not in my PTR-91), as long as the actual auto sear is not in the rifle and the hole is not drilled, then there is no problem. Just don't have the parts to make an auto rifle lying around. Also, this exits:

And it's still semi.

Seems right
M8 fuck reddit. You're better off telling me to fuck off to Holla Forums.

Thank you Daddy Dormer ;*

Daily reminder that this hero was executed by the state for defending his life against the police.

See, this is the kind of shit they show cops as examples of what happens if they don't react fast enough and aggressive enough. Shit's fucked.


That kid was 22. The fact is that he isn't a soldier and he didn't want to kill the old dude. He shot him in the back because it's obvious that guy is a fucking psycho and might shoot at others. You can blame a lot of things, but that kid was actually trying to be cool and ran into a guy like this.


every move he made was the wrong one.

The shooter was a vet that served in Vietnam at about the same age, and he was given an honorable discharge. That's a lame fucking excuse. The cop handled the situation horribly and it cost him his life.
Individual instances may not be worth justifying, but the political fallout is utter horseshit. The killer had severe PTSD and the government basically went out of its way to avoid dealing with his issues, both before and after it was too late. He deserved an insanity plea and was ignored because people wanted a lynching, and now we have straight up psychopaths walking away freely.
America wanted this shooting to happen and complained when they got it.

Remember when the US held the entire world hostage with their doomsday weapons and flipped their shit when other countries developed countermeasures? Burgers are mentally ill.


Cops could literally microwave puppies and newborn infants to death for the fun of it and burgers would still defend them. The authoritarian cock is too far down their throat, I have to get the fuck out of here.

Good thing the entire country is effectively a psych ward

Apparently this execution was "justified" because the victim made a mistake and that somehow renders the disgustingly incompetent conduct of the police officers totally okay. I can't comprehend how could anyone watch that video and believe that the victim was at fault here and not the cops who were barking contradictory instructions and threatening the visibly panicking guy begging for his life who couldn't even cross his legs without serious effort. But I'm supposed to believe that the cops feared their lives from that guy.

Maybe it's because I'm older, but to me a 22 year old is just a kid. I'm only 27 myself, but I deal with young people.

Yeah, but the point is that he was trying not to shoot the old guy.

Yeah, but what I was trying to say is that it isn't that guy's fault that this whole system is fucked. That's where it was always headed. We can't pin this on a dead rookie cop.


I can almost understand the ACAB mentality, but where did the "All Americans are a Stereotype" shit come from?

Only if the victim is a white male :^)

From how cluless you guys are.
This post if proof of that too.

Do you have a lisp while typing?

I'm surprised no one has mentioned how the mentality today, when situations like this occur, is to protect the officers life at all cost, even if that means the sacrifice of an innocent person.

Isn't it supposed to be the complete other way around, that if anyone was putting their lives on the line it would be the officers first? Like they'd put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation before reacting (and at that, actually reacting to something)?

I know this is obviously not the way things are or have really ever been, Im jsut an American confused over why we're taught one thing and then expected to be totally fine with this completely opposite practice…

That's a complete non-answer. You do realize that there are Americans that don't like what cops do, right? You do realize that a lot of posters here are Americans, correct? Or is is just the way you vent frustration?

I love people from outside the country explaining what the country itself feels.

Nobody likes the police

The only people who like the police are the fucking people that get protected by the police.

And that's not a majority of Americans. That's a majority of people in America who can be comfortable with their own lives financially, and their orbiting doting families

Everyone else is sick of their shit

Stay mad burgercuck

I know and the board would be a lot more clean and smart without burger posters and burger politics


Yeah, this isn't idpol at all. Next you'll be telling me that Evropa would be cleaner and smarter without all the mudskins.

A lot of Americans don't like cops, and might agree that this shooting wasn't justified. But it's less that Americans defend the particular actions of the police force (as can be seen in the uproar the country gets into over each police shooting, that the media latches onto). The problem with Americans is that despite knowing about all this shit, despite just how awful things are, they will not question the authority of the police or any institution. That's why there are calls for reform - by who exactly? The people already invested with the authority to change the system, the same people who have been overseeing the system run in its shitty way for years.
But yeah in short America is full of retarded children with Stockholm syndrome

dude stop lying, americucks love the police.

Except you have Americans doing that ITT. Why the harping on about people being Americans as if it's a negative?

Why did suburban retards come in in droves for the pro-police candidate then?

No, "protect and serve" is just PR, legally they are not required to protect or serve you:


Suburban retards are the people that participate in electoral politics and call themselves the "real" working class. Durr.

Im an american myself. Not being delusional, I jsut accept the reality that the vast majority of americans think this way. Theres a reason we're talking about this shooting on leftypol instead of facebook, reddit, youtube comment section, or any other place where avg burgers


Even then I admit, there's cross over, but I really haven't met many people in public who don't fucking shit on cops.

: O

Keep in mind america's justice system is terribly slanted against the poor and racial minorities. The jury's decision is essentially meaningless because the system is gamed so much.

Yes, that doesn't change the fact that harping on about how Americans suck as if it's something intrinsic to being American is idpol as fuck.

These are places with wildly different levels of shitty. The youtube comments section doesn't even deserve to be thrown in with Reddit, it's that awful.

And generally two of those has an international audience that can engage in what they think about this or that

71% of Americans are "protected" by the police??

I am American and live in Texas, the heart of burgerland. Maybe in coastal urban areas US liberals dislike the police but I'm talking about the broader conservative culture, its basically backing the blue no matter what. There are many, many Americans who love the police regardless of whether it is in their interest to do so, they identify with them as "our boys, true red blooded American heroes risking their life every day to keep us safe." It's the same mentality you saw during the 00s with those stupid yellow "support the troops" ribbons. Maybe you get a different impression running in radical circles or whatever but the reality is that political consciousness in the US is really, really basic and usually amounts to "America Good. Capitalism Good. Police Good. Military Good."

T be honest, I think there's so much nuance to the question that asking "DO YOU LIKE POLICE" "DO YOU HATE POLICE?" in America is a fucking stupid poll.

Of course you rely on the police because you don't want to be involved in someone else's crime, that's just how people are hard wired everywhere. But at the same time it's not like people approve of their methods universally, even by this polls standards.

The poll is a crock of shit. A yes or no answer won't work with most people in America right now.


This is the exact kind of shit I was taught in burger public school that the SS did for fun and what to look for as a sign of totalitarianism that needs to be resisted as a matter of principle.

I live in Texas and some of my friends are cops and others were/are in the military. That doesn't mean I think they're heroes or that I like what the police does. The thing is that most of these posts are aimed against Americans for being American as if we all held some collective guilt. This is identity politics, and we give it as pass because it's against Americans.


Shit analysis. Cops don't prevent 99% of crime.

The problem is America you fucking liberal Yank.

Cops don't prevent any crimes, they act afterwards.

i live in georgia and think you're a stupid fuck

Your friends are enemies of the working class.

That doesn't matter, because people usually don't fucking consider it when it comes to themselves because this country is so individualized. "What if this happens to me" "What if xyz happens to me"

Also, does not mean said people also don't hold negative beliefs for the police. That does not mean cops actually do their fucking jobs.

The poll is garbage, don't cite it again.

The problem is Texas.

They literally can't do shit. Moreover, the job of actually "catching criminals" is a detective job, hence why literally all major cop shows are actually about detectives. The average cop makes his wage by ruining people's lives daily, with drug charges, traffic tickets, beatings, murder etc.


Kill yourself liberal Yank chauvinist. You're no better than smug Canadians who think they're magically better than Yanks.

Considering how polarized states are, and the fact this is a majority by fucking only 4%, doesn't tell me much.

That's a lot of Americans who by your own poll, do not enjoy the police.

My dad's an ex-cop and when he's gotten drunk he's proudly told stories of how he'd intentionally give conflicting/confusing orders to the black men he dealt with so he'd have an excuse to beat them. The way he told it, it's one of those kinds of things you don't learn at the academy and that veteran cops teach to rookies. I.e. it's standard operating procedure but the sort of thing that's not on the books anywhere. The difference was back in his time cops weren't trained to shoot to kill any time they got a little worried about safety.

The poll proves that Yanks love cops.
That's that. Stop apologizing for copcucks you fucking shit.

No, the poll shows that 54% are in absolute passionate love with cops, and the other 46% are at least indifferent to said law. The other 46% is full of copcucks as well.

I'm not talking about police violence, though, I'm sure the number goes higher in Texas. I'm speaking generally in political attitudes

Texas should have been a part of Mexico. Everyone would be better off.

I just explained why it doesn't

I think a lot of that has to do with their media portrayal. Most people don't deal with the police very frequently in real life, and most of those encounters are benign. Yet there's an almost unending list of cop dramas, from Law and Order to NCIS to COPS, all that shit, which gives the cops a generally pretty favorable or even heroic portrayal.

The only place for people to see the grotesque and oppressive side of policing is online (with the exception of some of the larger cases, which have caused riots in the last few years because of how gross the conduct was), and even then they kinda' have to go looking for it or have to hang out somewhere where anti-authority content is, well for one allowed but for two posted relatively frequently. As a result the amount of people who see the worst examples of policing is generally small, where as there are a thousand different fictitious cop-dramas and movies playing at all times around the world giving the police credibility in the minds of the populace.

American love for the pigs is engineered - just another aspect of the spectacle.

Name a single state that doesn't bend over backwards for cops.

Considering how polarized states are, and the fact this is a majority by fucking only 4%, doesn't tell me much. Forty Six Percent is a minor number to you? Are you really not going to go much deeper and general than that? That's retarded

That's a lot of Americans who by your own poll, do not enjoy the police.

Can we just shut the fuck up about who does and does not love cops

Fucking Christ shut the hell up

NO! Everyone keep arguing about who's the bigger cop-lover! Nothing will bring The Revolution faster!


You haven't explained shit.

and people make fun of us for saying America is fascist.

Yes, it's copaganda.

What the hell are you talking about? I bet you voted for Clinton you stupid fuck. STFU.

Let's talk about how much Americans love their cops for 9000 posts. This isn't redundant, repetitive, and generally unnecessary.

I'll take this a step further:

How many Gen X'ers played cop games at arcades?
How many of us remember D.A.R.E. classes?
How many of us played cops and robbers with other kids?

Yeah no shit.
What's crazy too is if you look into how expensive some of that gear they're wearing can be.

Reminder that cops have below average I.Q. by design, and are trained to start taking lethal shots if they get flustered. If you saw a random citizen standing around with that kind of gear they would on average be less of a threat than a cop with that gear.

I don't vote at all. How about you?

I'm with you on the media being a big part of it, but I think you're underestimating how deep the cop love goes. They could watch an innocent person murdered like what happened here and STILL think the cop was justified. The bias in favor of the cops is so deep that they cannot see a murder for what it is, it alters their perception.

I will grant that there are a lot of Americans opposed to police brutality but that 54% that support Blue Lives Matter is a huge problem, that's all I'm saying. And yes there might be other views in the 46% but the percentage who are openly critical of cops is relatively small and mostly confined to fringes of what goes for the left here.

The state provides it free of charge :-)

As long as you keep trying to ignore the problem, which is that AMERICANS ARE CLASSCUCKS, you'll only prolong it.

You live in fucking Texas, you're an exception to most states

Modern Western Man is taught slave morality in general. The cop-loving is just a product of there being cops (someone with power/authority over you) to love.

Shut the fuck up about Texas you stupid shit.

Agreed it is pointless, it should go without saying that America loves their cops. Which is why I'm surprised anyone here is questioning it with #NotAllAmericans.

No. If you think any area in this country, whether it be the south, the north, the pacific northwest, the midwest, etc… is a different situation or culture from any other region, youve been fooled.

And Texas is different from all the other red states how? You live in a blue state I'm guessing?

Why? Texas is one of the more reactionary states in the US.

Do you really think people in Dallas have the same opinions as the people in Seattle have the same people of people in Fresno have the same opinion of people in New York have the same opinion of people in rural South Carolina or Florida?

No. There's a reason why it's called the fucking Bible Belt

Anyone with a credible knowledge of US history would call it the black belt instead. So. proving my point.

It's similar to other states that fall under "Southern Strategy States", if you are going to suddenly say we all bleed red, I'm going to disagree. I'm not even promoting fucking bullshit liberalism, I'm just stating a fact. The South is a very reactionary place.

You seem really pressed to defend your home by claiming unwarranted superiority over another state. Why is that?

dumpan some cop pics. my folder isn't great, so you're welcome to join in.

Don't mind me, just the friendly neighborhood officer…


what is the third picture?

I am not declaring superiority over another state. I am saying Texas is more reactionary than other states, the South has had Confederate apologia since the end of the Civil War. Black communities are are shoved into corners while white communities are shoved into gates. There is no bigger place more emblematic of America's cultural identity crisis than the South, and it's been that way for a very fucking long time.

I'm not declaring "superiority", as I hate my state for different reasons entirely.

But as a non white person, I probably would rather live somewhere else than the South.

where do you think nonwhites live exactly

cops shooting teargas at a film crew and then stealing their camera

Uh huh. You seem to be very vehement about taking a dump on less "civilized" states while the rest of us are bitching about cops. I think you're just trying to feel good about yourself.

You're a fucking moron. Northerners, Southerners, liberals and conservatives, they all love cops equally. The ONLY metric that you can use to predict cop hatred is class.

Are you implying I live in the South. Or are you really making this an issue about black Americans

yes, when you talk about the south you are talking about black americans, whomst the majority live in the south

Quote me where I said this. I hate my state for its own neoliberal problems, but you are completely ignoring the fucking problems of Southern States because as far as I'm concerned

It is now politically incorrect to shit on Southern States for their long standing issues, and just gloss over them, because oh this other state has shitty problems too. No fucking shit Einstein, that doesn't make the South a complete paradise where their shittiness doesn't exist.


that's south american police, it's not the same, it's not because we are better people or anything, for once they are badly trained in here, mostly do nothing, and are inept, if they had the resources i'm sure they would be worse

No community is represented more, respected more, and given more opportunities to not be killed by the police, and has no better respect for police officers Than Black Americans in fucking St. Louis.

Than working class black Americans in areas where they are policed more heavily than other parts of a district. Jesus Christ Give me a break.

So shut the fuck up about Texas. Americans love cops.

I'm not surprised. The police are and have always been good goy soldiers for porky the politican.

Property value is lower in Texas and attracts exploitative business practice because of its laws, more than most states. Texas' highways are becoming more private than they are even public, the local governments are inept on purpose and look the other way, and the state government bends over backwards in such a way worse than even most other Conservative states.

Which is really saying something considering we're talking about America here.

So, the class dynamics are probably different for some Hispanic family living in Southern California where the property value is extremely fucking high and they have to work their ass off with no end in sight for their future.

Obviously, working conditions and material conditions depend from state to state, and so do demographics.

I have no idea why anyone is offended by me saying this.

Which is to say, that Texas' working class is exploited in its own ways by health and safety problems, more than one other place might have extreme financial stress. Both exploited, both in different ways in their working lives, both have interests that inform them politically.

You're just describing the process of capitalism decaying from with in, which is happening all over America.

Is this why the media is blitzing from one moral panic toanother? To distract people from the rampant inequality, police violence, and domestic terrorism from nationalist groups in America?

I don't think there is a coordinated reason behind it. Moral panics are just good business. Even police brutality and right-wing terrorism can be a distraction too, if they're not talking about fundamental systems of oppression/capitalism.

No it's because they report on politics, as they admit by themselves, politics are filled with built context, and it invests people in elections, so the media then has access to politicians later, so it can report in concert with them or against them; whatever gets the most ratings and is about state and federal politics. Short of natural disaster.

There is no conspiracy there is only rudimentary profit motivation.

Yeah as long as people think in terms of "bad cops" or "lone wolves" they can be kept from interrogating the systemic causes.


Yet there will be no mass movement to deal with this, and the police will continue to benefit from these killings in the form of a submissive and frightened populace.

This can no longer be attributed to a few "bad apples", nor can it be pinned on the actions of the deceased (e.g. Philando Castile). People must demand institutional change.

It was never taboo for me, growing up in the ghetto in KY. Everyone felt the same.


Where I'm from, talking shit about cops is natural, the scum fucks get no love here.

Same. I moved to India from the US almost 3 years ago & have never looked back. I've never been happier. Still, almost every time I brave to get on FB again, I find another US friend has died from opiate OD. I've lost 6 friends since 2014.
2014 was also an insane year on FB. My feed was constantly bombarded with videos of black people being murdered by police. Something has got to give. Now that there's more body cams being implemented, more people's eyes will be opened as to how you can do nothing wrong & still be murdered by the state.

Anyone still in the US should get out if you're able to. Any way possible.

This is why IdPol is cancer folks. This kind of thing ought to be uniting people, yet the corrosive impact of BLM, the Alt-Right, and similar movements only serves to radicalise both sides.


Context? Also what the fuck are those commands? Is he playing twister?

Was the court not allowed to see this body cam footage or something? Isn't the entire fucking purpose of body cam footage to hold cops accountable in a court of law?

There was one starting in Ferguson, but COINTEL got to work.

Even with your fascist USA stooge president and the mass starvation and pollution?

They saw it but decided that it was in self-defence!

Do you think the USA, as much of a shithole as it is, has more problems with pollution and starvation than India


What? I'm saying Modi is a stooge of the USA.

Probably as much; our cities are filled with malnourished kids.

Those issues you mention seem to be present in the US as well. At least I'm allowed to have healthcare here & don't fear the cops every time I see them. The community is great here, too. People actually give a shit about more than themselves, in general. The first thing you ask someone after meeting them, to be proper, is "have you eaten?" That was an alien concept to me.

It's just the best when you get someone who's decently perceptive but doesn't understand that they're not supposed to say certain things.

wow holy shit. Do even Indians have better healthcare than Burgers?

This makes sense since people live much closer together. America was designed to keep people isolated in suburbs.

Seems to kinda tie in with the fact that millions starve to death in India all the time.

Pretty much the whole world has better healthcare than burgers. Nowhere else on earth do so many people go into life-ruining debt over pretty routine hospital visits.

The book is actually pretty anti-cop, the guy is now a legal defence attorney who mops up their mistakes, so his views are much less favourable. There's another passage that more explicitly compares them to a street gang, and in general his advice to be "arrest proof" can be boiled down to 'stay the fuck away from police because they are nuts'. He's just covering his ass because if he doesn't talk about muh thin blue line, hordes of angry burgers will track him down and beat him to death in the street.

Yeah, access-wise mainly. There are government hospitals, church hospitals that give care for free. You can even get heart transplants, etc. Although there are some predatory doctors who will try to charge you a lot. But just being able to see a doctor whenever I choose was a huge step up. Also, I got some major sticker-shock when I saw the price of prescription medications. It's dirt cheap here. We're getting plowed by big pharma in the US.
Yeah, sending your parents to a nursing home is extremely shameful here, for instance. People see it as a responsibility to take care of your family, because that's just how it should be. My SO talks to his parents at least every couple of days, too. We frequently go to his hometown(7 hour train ride) & take his relatives to doctor check ups in Chennai(bigger city = higher level of care, more specialists). My family & I are estranged in comparison.
I'm not sure about that figure, but yeah, they value things better because of hardships, I guess. It's more a cultural thing, though. They actually care, a lot. I always gain some pounds when I visit family.


Cop loves are intently worthless. If they were people of any value they wouldn't be cops.

If you see a cop, kill a cop. It's that fucking simple. They don't deserve any mercy. They don't deserve any respect. They're walking targets along with the scum vermin that defend and support them.

Christ this is hard to watch. The man was on the ground with his hands on his head, what more did he want? And those commands, fucking Saw tier. "We're going to play a little game and if you fail you die!"

fuck off liberal, they act like this shit all over the place. Sorry if your Portland police wear flowers in their vests or some shit

It's a pretty good book. The advice it offers is hard to swallow because it basically amounts to being a pleasant gudboi slave, but the author isn't saying it because he wants you to like the taste of cop boots, but because the advice really will keep you from being arrested. It's also good on the theoretical side in that it explains how the system actually works and how the individuals think. It's pretty funny too.

intently or inherently?

Holy fuck this man is retarded

I was speaking on acceptance of it, but I actually looked up the data and Oklahoma, Washington DC, and New Mexico are the tops of the charts when it comes to likelihood of being killed by cop.

And while New Mexico and Washington DC are similar in more black deaths by police officer than other demographics of states, Oklahoma has by far one of the largest police biases in the entirety of the United States of killing African Americans, and virtually everyone else that isn't white, but you still have a higher chance of being shot white in Oklahoma then you do in most other places.

It seems Texas somehow does its job of being competent police fairly well, which is shocking, but Oklahoma does not, which is not as shocking.


Top five states you are most likely to get shot by a cop for no reason in America.

1. New Mexico.
2. Washington DC (Not a state per se, but for some strange reason cops are more violent here.
3. Oklahoma. Also a good idea to avoid this state if you're not white. Over half of its annual victims of police violence are black, and the rest are broken up into different racial groups.
4. Arizona
5. Alaska. Similarly to Oklahoma, not a good idea to move here if you're not white. Police violence towards Native Americans also seems to be pretty prevalent.

I cannot find anything about this anywhere on r/news. I found one submission that was made 5 minutes ago and was then culled by the mods. Almost all commenters on other subs that do have posts up about it are uniformly disgusted, but they still have relatively low upvote ratios. What the hell is going on on reddit?

Fake as fuck troll my man. Look at any #blm supporter on twitter.

Also those "Official ANTIFA" Twitter accounts that were proven to be Holla Forums. Really makes you wonder & ponder… If the left is so bad, why do they have to create controversy/imitate to slander leftists? They're the perpetrators of what they claim to be against. One wouldn't think there's a need to do so if lefties were so powerful or terrible. A decent amount of Holla Forumsyps, once caught, admit they're hypocrites but "just don't care" because of muh culture/propaganda war.

More regular citizens need to know that these are troll accounts, because a lot of them are easily duped & then go "centrist" or "classical liberal" in retaliation. Granted most of them are really young, but need to be shown because no one else seems to care enough to do or explain it to them. That's why I sometimes ok, often… take the time to post in the YT comment sections or other places online. Because I wish someone would've taken the time to inform me earlier & if I change one person's mind it's worth the time. The key is to find common ground & obviously not to be offensive, rude or condescending at all when replying.

The same that happens every day. It's shilled by corporate & powerful interests, heavily. You should've seen the obvious astroturphing that r/politics underwent during the primaries, then general election. Correct the Record ran roughtshot over that & other popular political subreddits. That's why I valued Holla Forums so much & it helped maintain my sanity. I never had to worry about being banned for saying how I really felt. My comments aren't ever buried by downvotes(a very effective method at silencing dissent). We could talk openly here about the shilling at reddit & all around the net, for that matter.


if this gets them to attack cops then im all for it

The US is shit. It shouldn't take rocket appliances to make that apparent. Fuck the police. And fuck the US government. Wear it like a fucking badge and find common ground, most people would agree if you can get past the "team sports" mentality of politics.

It was recently on the news a couple hours ago here.

They just played a short clip and glossed over.

I would have never guessed

You're doing god's work user. Keep it up

Alright, I loled for a good 15 mins at the level of rightwing mad in that post.

Read it in either Dale Gribble's voice or Buck Strickland's.

They are their own mafia. They murdered a detective a day prior to him testifying dozens of cops in the city force for doing all sorts of shiesty shit. Such as trafficking, selling guns to people outside of the force, etc.

Even the articles state the cops have something to hide.

That's the same with any big city police force here. The "thin blue line" and all that bullshit they spew

Its almost like this meme has become a reality

Leftypol mods confirmed LEO trying to setup a honeypot for later arrests of anons.

Oh no….how did you know….

The cop was all “get on the ground and crawl!”
And the fat guy was like “okay”
The cop was like “your fat and you smell”
blam blam blam blam blam
I lol d, fat fuck shouldn’t have reached for his waist.

No, but seriously explicitly advocating violence is not a good show. Saying it might be necessary is one thing, but shit like this can land you on a list, and I'd rather not have you guys on more lists than necessary.

Neither is warming up to the police too hard. There should be a middle ground.

This, and no there’s no fuckimg middle ground. This fat fuck just got vaporized (shot with a modded AR 5 times his inside were probably pudding) and you want to open the door to giving LEO a legit excuse by allowing for talk of violence against pigs, get your head out of your ass.

Why are they playing simon says with them? They were called for the hotel room which in court they admitted had yet to be clear and they didn't know if there was still a threat in the room. Police LARP as bad asses yet this shows they are cowards that are stopped from their objective by two suspects on the ground just because they don't have the balls to move up and can't trust their fellow officer to not shoot them in the back while getting near their line of fire.
Never forget

Right, but we can have an argument about the police. I still don't buy the ACAB rhetoric, but I get it. However, being a bootlicker isn't going to get the FBI knocking at your door. I think at the very least the advice should be not to post explicit shit like "go shoot some cops, kid". Because that could be FBI shit right there, or it might land someone in hot water. The left is not too strong right now. We all need to be careful.

For those who want the data on Oklahoma and Alaska

Comparative Average Annual Police Killings Rate for Ethnic Minorities: 28.66

Burgers are fuck rock stupid. So it’s Hotmail really a miracle at all.

*so it’s not really

Dornor it up harder

Goddamn they are just begging for people to fight back. This has got to be a part of some bet. What’s the wildest thing you can make punk burgers do.


WTF Ben drew this?!

Chris Dorner is still alive, don't you dare say otherwise.

Before Trump came along he was a paultard. Like most libertarians he went full fashy when a tall, orange strongman entered the scene.

Now go, and let the legend come back to life!

Thank you, user. It's thankless work, many times.

The one ben cartoon i can agree with

Notice how his issue seems to be that they are spending more time collecting revenue (presumably by harassing poor, hard working petite porkies like Garrison) instead of "fighting crime." The guy has always been a fascist.

Fuck cops, they can fry. People should be allowed to express their anger & outrage at what has happened here. There's also a huge difference between wishing them dead & saying you're going to do it. I wish these psycho fucks all dead. They didn't charge the cop for murder, when it's clear he just murdered someone in cold blood. Fuck that.

Not to mention we're all being spied on by the NSA, anyway.

Holy shit man I just saw that video and I'm shook, I didn't know it was this bad in burgerland
how the fuck do you people put up with this

a lot of daily life, in my experience, is planning on how to avoid cops

its not as bad as like south america but definitely always a bit on edge. especially if you drive

OH i quit smoking recently so i forgot but that used to get me in so much trouble with cops, especially when taking the train. its mostly rent extraction but if you look shady you can get in some real trouble

Can you also spot them from a mile away? I had to learn that skill. I could spot the uniform or car from a safe distance, most times. Then turn the opposite direction & keep walking or driving, even if it's in the complete opposite way I was headed. The inconvenience of taking more time to reach somewhere is minor comparatively.

Is he wrong though?

yeah they love to wear the tactical vests and loaded up belts so theyre not exactly inconspicuous

True, especially when on foot patrol.

The pig seems like a vet. Why are they even allowed to be cops?

Yes, yes! Everyone should react to these cops murdering a scared drunk man by declaring their intent to kill cops in retaliation, and include their social security number for convenience!

Because Russia is the real threat.

Seriously though, it's insanity in the US with police brutality & what they've been able to get away with & for so long. Once the #bluelivesmatter fucks get on board, we can have a shot to handle/address this finally.

they're never going to get on board, even then it wouldn't matter. you can't reform the inherently antagonistic nature of the police

Not to me. He seems like your run of the mill power tripping, young cop. Tbh he also sounds fucking drunk or just "not all there", by the way he's speaking.

You can do better than that.
Plus I haven't seen any "intent" posts. Only saying that these cops deserve to die for outright murdering someone. Stop with this, already.


Helpful tip for burger anons.
Cops are most active at the end of the month, because that's when they are trying to make quota

Because it saves money on training and muh troops muh sentinels on muh wall around muh civilization. Please disregard the fact that soldiers (and now cops as well) are trained so that when they perceive a threat they reflexively pull the trigger (specifically training the behavior so that rational thought and empathy cannot enter the equation). The psychology behind it is pretty interesting actually.

They train by shooting targets that pop up randomly and get scored based on how quickly they respond and how accurate the shots are (fuck whether they can discriminate between targets lmao). This engages their primitive visual processing (we have more than one - a quick and dirty one processes visual information before it gets to the more sophisticated shit in the occipital lobe at the rear of the brain). This visual processing system is there so that when you see a snake or a bear you can immediately respond, and by training with human-shaped, pop-up targets they're reinforcing the path from that system to motor functions involving use of the firearms. To be clear, they're trained to shoot before their brain has fully processed what's in front of them (because it's faster) - they are training a reflex response to a processing system characterized by its proximity to the fight-or-flight response and its propensity for false positives (think of those videos of cats being spooked by cucumbers). And given the nature of that system and the inherent violence of the situation, the default response to any fear/stress/confusion is to pull out the guns and unload. I'm not trying to absolve the cops of this shit (they uphold the system that trains them this way), but to explain why they shoot people at the drop of a hat. They train themselves like Manchurian candidates to kill literally without thinking. Soldier/cop training is some real dystopian shit that these institutions are careful to avoid addressing, in part because it can contribute to PTSD, which makes all of the above even worse.

And this kind of "maximize efficiency" bullshit is applied to every aspect of training thanks to capitalism's disregard for everything but the bottom line (which for cops involves paperwork for messy - i.e. still alive - suspects and raking in revenue from tickets and confiscated goods).

I'll say I expect they're gonna die. The rate at which US power is falling apart (look at this thread), they will be the ones on the front lines defending porky when shit hits the fan. And with all this footage and known identities of these cops there will probably start to be assassinations of police. The silver lining is with how much the cops have turned people against them, having them as the adversary of the revolution would make propaganda easier than it would otherwise have been.

hahhaahah a pedo cop in prison? he's gonna get shanked!
also checked

I doubt he'll get off that easy.

Yet they don't take have the army culture where troops historically have hated develop a hatred towards brass and thinks the army are run by idiots. Thus while soldiers are have been trained to shoot first they also tend to grow cynical towards higher command.

Why the fuck do they have quotas in the first place. Shouldnt less arrests and tickets mean something good about the town theyre in?

Because it is how they justify their budget.

Why couldnt they just taze him with a tazer gun? Why use a ar 15 instead of a tazer gun?

I think that's also partly because in the military when brass fucks up people fucking die or at least have an awful time. Whereas in the police what's the worst that will happen when your superiors are dipshits? You get stuck behind a desk doing tedious work for a while? So the material base discourages skepticism among cops.

protip, it's not ok to torture people with electric shocks either.

1, they're trained to go for the guns first
2, the proper response to the situation is to calmly tell the guy to approach slowly with hands visible because they've heard reports of someone who's armed. If a guy is freaking out about apparent danger, don't you want to know what they're on about? This man died without even knowing what he was suspected of. He had no frame of reference other than that the cops were upset. Cops act this kind of way for traffic stops sometimes, so if a cop comes up on you screaming to put your hands up, unless you were just committing a crime, they usually don't do anything to indicate why they're there. I.e. they behave like social retards with guns. There was a time when cops weren't outright murder machines and they got training in de-escalation, but then someone figured out it's cheapest to have the fewest loose ends possible.

This is wrong. Cops are like sharks and will take any opportunity to give you a ticket, no matter the time of the month.

No there wasn't.

This. Cops under capitalism can only reproduce oppression. Once we establish socialism cops will actually be able to truly enforce justice.

Wtf am I reading? Everybody needs to be armed under socialism. Having cops means you're assigning a minority of the population total control over the rest.

Aside from ye shall not kill in cold blood and ye shall not steal, what other laws are needed?

There have been cops in every single existing socialist state.

And they're more active at the end of the month. Cops are lazy and procrastinate so when they gotta fill that monthly ticket quota they'll be most active last few days of the month from my experience

If the proletariat weren't armed and there were weapons around then there's a very good chance it wasn't socialism.

cuz its cool !

That's not what I meant. They didn't used to be trained to reflexively shoot at the drop of a hat. They absolutely murdered a lot, but they weren't getting programmed to be highly efficient at doing it involuntarily.

There's no goddamn difference between this and being held hostage by a terrorist

/pol here

Just to be clear this made me livid, and there is one person on our board on this topic shilling support of said pig.

This pig has no honor or courage, and is a coward. I think that nowhere near 40% of the population could watch this video and think it is acceptable.

The state calls its own violence law and the one of the individual crime
t.Milkshop man.

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with America?

Even the fucking Gestapo were more courteous and less psychopathic than that guy. Litteral police state.

Only because it was a white guy being killed. If he was black, you'd be having a field day.

Now fuck off to your cave, shoo, shoo.

yeah, it checks out

If he was black it would instantly be a race issue

A terrorist might keep you alive for ransom or something. To a cop, the more people survive the more paperwork they have to do. If they shoot you they will probably get to go on paid vacation leave. Cops literally have more reason to kill you than terrorists.

That dude looks like he barely got laid in high school because he gave girls the creeps. Look at those dead eyes.

Craziest thing is that their 'strategic mentality' is still that the immediate postwar situation of being the sole atomic power is the standard to reach for. Maximum unilateral strategic freedom to act as they deem necessary.

To day is the funniest day on cuckchan /int/ of this year for me.

*blocks your path*

Holla Forums is actually defending the cop lmao:

That place really has become the cesspit of the dumbest people imaginable.

can someone dox this asshole

They were a SWAT team. They were called in because people saw the victim with a scoped pellet gun that he was showing another couple (he used it for pest removal) and assumed it was another Vegas incident or something.

It happened a year ago

Yes and you'd be cheering that a black person got shot. You are scum.

I hate Cops as much as anyone else but tbh the blokes cant be faulted for this
The bloke reached back to pull up his pants i guess but obviously the cops thought it was a gun
It just seems like a tragic accident

The guy very clearly did not have a gun and was not reaching for a fucking gun.
The cop knew full well what he was doing, he was escalating the encounter with every intent of getting the guy to fuck up and give him an excuse to pump him with lead.

Just lmao at the state of America. People are never ever going to wake up

Like 3/4 of those comments are actually calling OP an idiot. Lots of Holla Forums aren't from burgerland so their confirmation bias hasn't kicked in, so for once they actually see reality.

The fat fuck reached for a gun. Deserves what he got tbh

weak bait

Nope, you can see in the video they are just normal police officers, not SWAT. Most cops in the USA carriers a AR-15 now not just SWAT.

Tragic lapse of judgement is the best case situation for the cops.
Telling suspects that are in an immobile position to move is stupid at best.
Cops should've cuffed him while he was on the floor with his hands on his heads. After crawl it was at best manslaughter but could as reasonably be murder. There was no tactical reason like an active shooter to justify a crawling suspect.

It's easier to control a suspect if they are not moving than if they are crawling which is a full body motion.

It's much easier to control a suspect that is walking than one that is crawling as you want the hands to move as little as possible and someone who is crawling needs to use their hands to move.

so much for ALL LIVES MATTERS…

Why are people not rioting about this

because if they rioted the killing might actually stop
and police executions are a cultural tradition in america that needs preservation

Americans should kill police officers. Not trying to be edgy. For every one of these, they should take two officers.

those fucking twitter replies are so fucking stupid

I swear half of those people know they're full of shit but just don't care

Why was this poster banned?
Didn't break any rules, didn't shitpost, wasn't needlessly vulgar, isn't marketing, anything like that.
Just posted an opinion and TO THE GULAGS WITH YOU COMRADE :D


literal whataboutism, sasuga tankman

This is why Huey said every household should have a shotgun armed and ready…

Honestly this may seem like a viable solution on the immediate. Instill terror on these psychos and they might think twice before abusing their power. This should be easy on a country where guns are so widely available.

Nope a better solution would be the formation of a revolutionary like the 1877 great railway strike where armed railway workers took the streets to the point even some guards men defected. Historically when you have a revolutionary army locking horns with the army the police go into hiding like the final push into Havana in the Cuban revolution.

The Panthers tried this. They'd follow police officers around at the minimum legal distance and just look at them with shotguns in hand as they went about their business. Turns out police are a lot less inclined to randomly murder, threaten or otherwise brutalize people when uniformed men with loaded shotguns are standing on the other side of the street.
Of course, then the Mulford Act was introduced and publicly carrying armed weapons around became illegal, so then the police could just shoot the Panthers if they tried that tactic. Intimidating the state doesn't really work when they have all the coercive power.

It does when you are crushing their army and your tanks are advancing into their capital. Thus why you need to go big or go home when it comes to going for armed revolution.

There's copwatch/block now, it's just kinda pointless because most police activity isn't like this, so they're following around cops while they make routine patrols/traffic stops. What instead needs to happen is there being a copwatch team on standby in case someone "911"s them whenever there's a genuine event going on.
Typically the police will not engage with an armed group unless they're being overtly violent. It's just not worth it enforcing some petty law when doing so gives a high likelihood of you getting shot. That's why whenever militia groups are engaged in a standoff or illegal protest the police are on their best behavior. Also, the Mulford Law is only California, not national.

I like how there is a car right behind them just going sunday driving lol

Looool. Holla Forumsfags actually started a police appreciation thread


HA take that socdems. Now you have two murders on your hands.

All serious crime has dropped, decade by decade. But the people who work as judges, lawyers, cops, jail and prison operators, parole officers, social workers, etc. are not just going to shrug their shoulders and step down and downsize themselves. Instead the solution is to relax the standards, widen the net and process more and more people to keep the whole system moving. Oh, fuck, that middle age woman has her child's ritalin in her pocket, in a plastic baggie instead of the orange pill bottle and without a copy of the prescription! Send her ass to the slammer, we need to lock up this dangerous menace right away! A cop can, for no reason, start screaming an inch away from your face; if you move your arms (to protect yourself from the spit landing on your forehead) it counts as 'flailing', or resisting arrest, and allows the cop to arrest you on the spot. These laws exist simply to make sure there is always someone filling the jail cells and giving the cops, lawyers, jailors etc. work.

Why was this man shot?
Didn't break any rules, didn't shittalk, wasn't needlessly vulgar, wasn't a shooter, anything like that.

Did he get banned? Says the user doesn't exist anymore?

His twitter account got shoah'd either by Twitter or assmad Ameriburgers
Or he baleeted in after getting harassed into oblivion by the bootlicker "Blue Lives Matter" crowd



whatcha slidan porky?

I really think we need a "US police brutality general" thread. Would be great for sharing these insane stories & as an archive for them when referencing them when needed.

Darren Wilson did nothing wrong you stupid faggot. How can you retards still push the "gentle giant" narrative when its been completely BTFO'd?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Whatever that dude is wearing makes it seem like he's ready to gun someonw down and not lose a wink of sleep over it. I understand you want sociopathic policemen, but the rest of us find it distasteful.

he must use Holla Forums.

He stole some cigs and listened to violent rap music, he was "no angel" and therefore deserved to get shot! Go back to Holla Forums, policecuck.

The kid wanted to die via suicide by cop. The cop wanted to murder someone for shits and giggles. So the cop just kept the kid on the ground until the kid got enough balls to go through with his suicide by cop fantasy. End of story.

That nigger 100% deserved to get shot. He physically attacked a cop. That's incomprehensibly retarded if you're not wanting to get shot.

no, this was actually one of the times Holla Forums was right.
nog nabbed at the pigs gun, then later after being chased charged him.
pigs or monkeys, both are covered in shit.

The victim, Daniel Shaver was a married father of two, a pest control worker and was begging for his life, you fuck. He very clearly did not want suicide by cop. Why don't you go suck some cop dick, clearly you're on their side rather the side of average working people.

Even if that were true that he physically attacked the cop, still fuck the cop. If you weren't aware of it already, this shooting of Daniel Shavers shows that cops are class enemies. If he attacked the cop - and I don't think that's proven - then good for him.

Anyone who refers to black people as "monkeys" is no comrade, you belong in Holla Forums yourself.

This guy has a point, the cop had it coming.

So how do we abolish the police without replacing them with something like the NKVD?

Abolishing the police and replacing them with the NKVD is good though.

NKVD created the conditions that allowed corn man to rise, we can't just repeat the USSR

Every community should police itself. Workers militia.

So much for being the new counter culture.

They really fucked up big time.

Once again we live in the least cool possible cyberpunk dystopia.

fuck off with Rated PG Parental Guidances

I'm surprised Holla Forums didn't all jump in defence of the cop as I was sure they would.
I can't believe most people are actually calling the others "bootlickers". Are some of these you guys too?
Of course this could only happen with a white dead man desu

Also, the cop overreacted, but how else do you deal with someone who insists on getting their hands close to their bodies? He was reportedly armed, and things can happen very quickly, so you really need that he keeps the hands away from his fucking waistband.
He done goofed

They had a 6 man fire team on the floor yet didn't have the balls to simply advance and secure them. They only ordered them to crawl to them because they were too scared to move out of cover, meaning the cops only LARP as bad ass warriors.

If imagined or hypothetical weapons count as reasons to shoot someone, then I'm better off without this "protection." Security guards, bouncers, etc all seem to do just fine without this shoot first, ask questions later mentality. Cop needs to grow some balls if he wants to protect and serve. If the only thing he cares about is his own life then fuck him, he is the enemy.

The American conditions, being the result of a bourgeois revolution, centers property ownership as an inalienable right.

Police protect property.

Black people were disappeared by police all the time in places like Nevada and Indiana well into the 1990's.

"It was one bad apple."

By the way, my boomer parents defended this cop.

My local talking heads just gave a report on the tape where they repeatedly said "despite the warnings."

That's a bad thing? It's what happened.

Saying that cops were scared for their lives doesn't help you case.
There's this absurd standard that cops should both sacrifice themselves and take lots of risks but they shouldn't be scared either.
Get out of your fantasy.

Don't be dense, you always need to assume the other person, who insists in touching his torso, is armed.
Here's another fantasy:
If he actually was so sure that he was unarmed, he wouldn't have shat his pants and shot him.

I don't know what "just fine" means, they deal with difficult stuff all the time and get killed too. Bonus: often they literally hide and call the cops. It's what happend in this case, it wasn't the security from the hotel doing the "asking first".
They are there to prevent shit from happening in the first place, but they don't get "called in" to deal with situations all the time. A cop that lowers so much the threshold as you want is a dead cop (inb4 edgy "dead cop, best cop"), and security guards mostly encounter problems when someone is already making trouble, or robbing the place. It's cops that get called in into unknown situations that others couldn't handle.

"Don't tread on me" refers to outside authorities, not the abolition of all authorities. There are some that take it to the extreme of being "sovereign citizens", but not everyone.
A lot of people use that just to say they are fed up with of the federal authorities

Fuck that shit. They had him with his hands out on the ground for almost five minutes. Six men against one. Them deciding to play Simon Says in stead of cuffing him was criminally negligent and sadistic in the extreme. The shooter should hang, and I hope someone torches his house while he sleeps.

What is their function? Why is it that when soldiers are too scared to leave cover that is considered cowardice and they go to Leavenworth yet when cops are too scared to leave cover that is okay?

I do get your point, but they serve different functions.
When soldiers need to leave cover, it means they cannot act without leaving cover. Here the cop was trying to get the guy to stop being a potential menace. While at it, he keeps himself safe.

Now here is where your really fucked up with your analogy:
Both are required to take action against hostile entities (or at least perceived hostility). They would both shoot an enemy.

So what's the problem? You are comparing a cop trying to ensure the man was disarmed for the safety of everyone there, with someone who would have literally just shot his ass without saying a single fucking word, because that's what war is.
The military expose themselves to tougher shit, but cops have (or should have) more restrains. By being passive by default, cops need to remain safe while they do their job.

Nope, here the cops primary objective was the hotel room thus why they stacked on the door to make entry afterwards. At the time they had no idea what role the suspects played, for all they knew they were hostages. Thus not leaving cover delayed the cops from reaching their objective, also advancing would have ensured the suspects were secured with less risk with the trade off of getting in a better position to breach the room.

For posterity. Probably at least one of them is a troll, but there are plenty of people there who unironically believe it, so whatever.

Dunno if it's below average, but they do reject people they think are too smart.

Obvious troll.

Holy shit, it's an unironic Kelly cartoon. Seriously, if a drawfag re-drew it in Kelly's style, no one would notice.

The NYPD is woke.

The chief of police of the Kiev oblast is a neo-Nazi, part of a LARP battalion and all.

The intellectual colossus who started le cultural Marxism meme, William S. Lind, wants police to have fucking RPGs as standard issue.

Remember when they tried to smear Assange by saying he "traded secret correspondence" with the Trump campaign? I made a snarky post about how the very institution which, having ruined its own reputation, has spent the previous year trying to convince me Putin got Trump elected, was now trying to convince me Assange got Trump elected. I was downvoted well past the hide threshold in minutes.

Memes are invading reality, it's par for the course by now.

Remember when you were saying things like "Don't want to get shot? Just don't antagonize cops!"? Yeah. I'm glad you folks are getting a grip, altho it's a shame it only happened because the victim was white for a change.

Except they just did.