What drugs does Holla Forums do? including legal ones like caffeine, alcohol. Is weed the drug of the proletariat? What drugs would be legal in socialism? decriminalization vs legalization?

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Alcohol, weed, and lsd for sure. Not knowing owledgebale enough to truly say the rest, but I lean towards saying they would all be legal. Some care would have to be taken however…
I only do the caffeine, thank you very much officer.

I rarely dink and don't do anything illegal anymore.
There is no drug of the proletariat.
All of them.

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If only haha. There is just a limit of information I divulge on this board, and I draw it at listing my drug use. Polite sage for off topic.

sounds pretty paranoid for an anonymous medium, but suit yourself

Personally, I like to imagine that my autism will one day pay off in spades. Do you not avoid divulging personal info? I honestly feel like I'm risking something when I post a political compass.

What drugs does Holla Forums do? including legal ones like caffeine, alcohol.
None, there is no point to drugs.

Is weed the drug of the proletariat?
Weed is garbage.

I honestly see drugs as something that is holding the lower classes back. So I'd say they'd all be illegal.

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*PS, tell me why you belief doing drugs has a positive effect of your life, I'm actually interested.

Drugs are proven to be fun and often make people see things from different perspectives. Drugs aren't holding the proletariat back, stop being an accelerationist.

All substances should be legal under medical and state-controlled use, even recreational drugs should be possible to get from a doctor. There is no point in not generating tax from this and ignoring its demand.

I'm in uni and I don't even do caffeine

Weed and its related culture are just one more way that the ruling class keeps the workers in check.


i dont understand how anglos can fool themselves into thinking caffeine is a drug. Like, how fucking weak willed do you have to be to get addicted to coffee or tea?

Punishing the poor and the helpless and the working class for doing drugs is exactly the kind of bullshit that has lead to us to have a fucking prison population that has long surpassed China's.

I only drink but in the past I have done a lot.
What chapter in Das Kap does Marx go over drugs of the proletariat
In all seriousness tho you can’t really say much about drugs under the current system. Alienation causes proles to to self medicate, while the bourgeois feast on cocaine harvested from the slavery of broken third world countries
Depends on the community. I personally see drugs like LSD as ludicrously beneficial. You’d be surprised how many of the greatest minds in the world agree. But at the same time drugs like heroin or meth are a scourge on the proletariat and society as a whole. I’d personally like to see all drugs decriminalized since I am of the opinion law and regulation of them is a piss poor deterrent and created more problems then it solves. Others like weed or psychedelics should be legalized though regulated to prevent abuse

There is actually a connection between ADHD and cocaine. People taking ADHD pills have shown to be more tolerant of the drug if they had a cocaine history. This suggests that cocaine can be used as a treatment against ADHD and make the patient more productive.

Heroin is the drug of the proletariat.

I get massive headaches if I don't get my coffee.

The only drugs leftists should be taking are LSD, mescaline, and shrooms.

Stimulants (meth/crack/coke), dissociatives (PCP/dxm), and alcohol are my favorite

Every single one.

I'm a hardcore tripper on theobromine.

why are these drugs good or best for leftists, exactly? i have a pretty anti-drug stance – i dont think they should be criminalized or illegal, but i personally think that doing them tends to not have any positive benefits. Educate me pls

Well, they might not have positive effects if used irresponsibly.

But if you had to chose between them being controlled substances, taxed and killing the entire underground drugtrade, or banned with a living underground drugtrade with zero tax: What do you choose?

Tbh, they're mostly just classy as fuck and you can actually have bizarre revelatory experiences on them. They can drastically change perspectives - not so much politically (I guess this can happen, but it's not what I'm talking about) as on the self and existence.

Weed, Shrooms, LSD and occasionally alcohol are the only that I use. As for the legalization of drugs, all drugs should be legal. DARE and other propaganda movements should be replaced with fact based information regarding drugs, as well as drug harm reduction. For those interested in trying drugs but don't know where to start, try erowid.org and r/DarkNetMarkets.
t. Socialist Libertarian

neither solution is ideal, but decriminalizing the substance would be the best solution.

Best situation, imo, would be the attempt to chemically engineer narcotics to have the mildest side effects possible, and reduce the addictivness.

And what makes you think that people aren't doing that already?

Are you addicted to meth

Things that are fun often do not have a positive effect on your life.

As an alternative, you could read a book or talk to other people.
This'll actually make you a respectable human being while also saving you cash.

I disagree.
Lower class people being stones off their asses instead of doing shit is holding the proletariat back.

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Not even once

I smoke tobacco and marijuana. Ideally no one should do drugs. They just act as pacifiers. That said, weed and other typical drugs would be legal. Everything else would be decriminalized. Heroin use shouldn't be allowed but throwing someone in jail for it doesn't fucking help.

I'm an alcoholic so I don't drink anymore. Last binge I had ended with me in the hospital with a breathing tube. Can't do coffee or any other stims because anxiety problems, weed does the same for me sadly. I use kratom (soon to be illegal, thanks DEA).

Proles are free to choose whatever substance they want in their body. All should be decriminalized.

Stop doing drugs

I just smoke occasionally and drink
uhhh idk, definitely weed, hallucinogens that don't make you go like "eat someone's face" tier, I read in a sociology book that if heroin was legal it'd be cheap as fuck, but I'd just worry about everyone becoming an opiate addict.

None. I like to be the master of my psyche and need to be able to articulate clear concepts to people for organizing.

Nope. Use it a few of times a month.

Opiates is the opiate of the masses. Ban them all, as well as weed. Alcohol isn't too bad.
I personally only do alcohol and cigarettes.

You are the worst type of faggot and deserve the inevitable lung cancer liver cirrhosis combo.

Coffee two/three times a day. Alcohol occasionally: once every third month or something I get retarded drunk, do something stupid and throw up, and then swear I'll never drink again. Psychedelics a few times a year. Cannabis a few times a year (would smoke every weekend if it wasn't illegal). Also, I sometimes try random drugs if someone offers me (benzos, kratom, kava).

In socialism (or in any society tbh) weed should be legal for recreational use just like alcohol. Maybe the same thing for some of the more harmless psychedelics. All drug use should be decriminalized, and drug addicts should be treated like they have serious health issues, not like criminals. People who sell drugs like heroin could be sent to a gulag though, I don't care.

Amphetamines are a gift from god. I'm hugely dependent on Adderall for medical reasons and it's the main reason I can function as an adult. Shit sucks because it can be a pain in the ass to get consistent access to. It's technically a controlled substance and the feds are very reluctant to keep it legal as a prescription medication, because retards think all stimulants are made from cleaning chemicals in public restrooms. Pretty much a matter of time before some inbred gets it banned.

The drug debate can get kinda sad and preachy, but the War on Drugs personally affects responsible citizens way more than people seem to think. The line between narcotics and medicine is thin and blurry, especially regarding the pill mill epidemic.

This. People are getting hurt by assholes and kids abusing controlled substances. Benzos helped me through a period of my life when I couldn't even leave the house without having a nervous breakdown, now it's near impossible to get thanks to kids and 'xanax culture'. I feel especially bad for those hooked on pain killers now thanks to doctors. Imagine depending on them not only to function but also to keep debilitating pain away and addiction, only to have them yanked away thanks to the retarded drug war and the deal maker in chief.

The only ones I do regularly are weed, alcohol and caffeine.
I've tried a bunch of different ones though (cocaine, lsd, shrooms, lsa, amphetamines, ketobemidone, morphine and probably some I've forgotten about).
I still smoke weed waaay too often, but I'm taking a break from it for at least a month atm. Also, I'm going to have a kid next year, so that's good motivation for cutting down. I'm pretty sure it has fucked my memory to some degree, but that might as well just be my ADD (smoked on/off every day for the last 8 years)
Here it's cheapo beer imported from Germany.
All of them, but heavily regulated and with strong harm reduction programs.
Legalization, definitely.

oh, also mdma and whatever is in those pills that get sold as xtc.

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take a chill pill bro, also take some drugs and discover that its mind expanding/ like some spiritual shit. you can't judge unless you've done

Fuck off lifestylist. Drug gloryfyers get the bullet first.

I'm not glorifying the use of benzos to help with crippling anxiety nor am I promoting the drug culture lifestyle you retarded ☭TANKIE☭.

I smoke weed but I don't drink booze or smoke tobacco. I used to drink a lot of pepsi but it gave me a headache so I stopped.

Not taking drugs, and talking to other people/reading is far from being an idealist.

I abuse drugs, I use valium to get through tough social situations, I drink when partying to have fun, I use speed to do work, I use opiates to relax

would it be better if I didnt use them? maybe.

but that's not for you to decide you freedom hating asshole

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