ITT: Capitalism in one video

Summarize Capitalism in one video, props if you can beat mine.
Go tell yo mama, she gotta buy it all

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where did you find this? lainchan?

isnt it a joji song? i cant remember but its really familiar.

sauce please



One video? I can do it in one picture.


I feel bad for living in the same country as this guy…

I am not watching more than thirty seconds of that, I hope Jesus fucking weeps because of this stuff.

Whose foot is that, and why is it there?


Merchant capitalists have been around for millenia though, that's not a defining feature of capitalism.

I think Shopkins summarizes capitalism as it is a toy line and web series the fetishes shopping.

Fuck me I want to die

makes me think of pic related.

I couldn't watch OP's entire video. It was too painful. It made me want to quit internet completely and go full force offline mode with a 100terabyte drive.

Why does he have a retard voice?

This has everything I think.

alex - Drowzy

What did they mean?

Rap is so cringy and is capitalist poison for the lower class

You deserve a god damn metal

That's just what modern rap sounds like.





hey cuckchan user , just to let you know you can post more than one pic here

Hey, at least he doesn't have any lifestylist delusions.

your video makes me want to die


based anti-lifestylists

this has 2.5 million views and people arn't hating on it. WTF is this?

The voice actress is pretty cute tho

bump to good comrade!

Capitalism is the Whore of Babylon.