What's the furthest to the right your country has been?

A couple of weeks ago, I made a "what's the furthest to the left" your country has been. Now, let's do the opposite: in the entire history of your nation, how far to the right has it been. For me, the answer is pretty obvious, with the murderous Pinoshit scumbag. So, how about you guys?

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Not sure about nationally, but regionally in the first third of the 20th century Western Canada had an experience of far-right nativist populism, including anti-Semitism as an organising force, and an active eugenics program.

Well this in modern history I guess but it depends how you classify 'right wing' if we go back to the time of Kings and feudalism.

Tbh, in a traditional sense, a monarchy probably is more right wing than Thatcher, but she's probably more identified with the right than say, any other king the UK had

Eh apparently the Queen is a SocDem so…

The furthest right we've been was with our first prime minister, who drank so much that he had to sit down or lean on chairs whenever he was having his pictures taken so that he wouldn't stumble around the place. Aside from him, its been constant centrism from what I can tell.

The US was probably the most right wing at its founding, though the Trump administration still has a chance to take that spot, this tax cut gets him at least 3/5ths of the way there.

Trump is left compared to Reagan and Nixon.


Him alongside Nixon are my two picks for american presidents I hate the most. Nixon mostly due to my bias (he pretty much orchestrated the 1973 coup, along Kissinger) and Reagan, not only for being extremely neolib, but also for sucking Pinoshit's dick


Laureano Gomez the colombian nazi, and that's not exageration he literally was ambassador in germany during the rise of hitler, and expressed his liking for him and for franco, he belived that people were stupid, and any power to them would result in evil communism. And he got to power in a retarded way, there was literally two candidates and the other one retired for fear of his safety, and laureano got into power because of that, his first action was to suspend the courts, and reduce civil liberty, he then created a secret police that killed every progressive liberal and communist, after that he created a constitutional assembly that would modify the constitution to be more like nazi germany, in the middle of that assembly it seems that god himself saw him, and that he was literally a nazi, and sent him a heart attack, in the confusion a general overthrew him and banished him to spain

Tfw youre Puerto Rican and you have to deal with this shit and having your people suck up to gringos

God confirmed for /ourguy/.

I bet she is. Has there ever been an actual, not a literal-who, aristocrat that went full comrade? Hard mode: no generals.

Sounds like your average south american right wing dictator on crack

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No, I meant actual "I can use the word dynasty unironically" aristocracy.

Then why are you here?

Does Kropotkin count?

I mean, yeah.

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Being an actual good democracy

lenin was a landed aristocrat, he even spent some years managing the peasants on his estate for his mother.

We had an unsurprisingly incompetent military dictatorship, which the local reactionaries still want back every once in a while. But now, after the """leftist""" party that hogged the label accross the entire society was smeared past the ground and into the Earth's core, things are looking bad for next year's election. There's a chance we'll elect someone far worse than Trump in every regard.



Engels was a factory owner

Right now, we're living under super-fascist Nazism under Donald Drumpf

One of the Carlists in Spain was a titoist lol

Well my country has the great merit of being the first proper fascist country in the world. In fact the word for the movement came from here.



TFW the Horty goverment wasn't even the most right wing


Horthy was a piece of shit, there wasn't really any difference between his state and the Szálasi's. Both were cucked up to germany, both executed and tortured socialists, both had antisemitic laws and both were only sustained because of the nazis.

So present day I guess

Italian here. Obviously mussolini. That said I don't think mussolini is the worst leader ever. I still hold the opinion that berlusconi was worse

Back to reddit you stupid fuck. I'd take trump over reagan any day.

somebody said mass grave ?


Being part of the axis in ww2.

Nothing personal, kid.

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Collaborationist governments during WWII sort of count too, I guess

nazi vassal state

Definitely Andrew "old hickory" Jackson

He is basically what Trump babies wish Trump could be but the Donald is just too incompetent and retarded to pull it off.



You could choose any time since WW1 for the US but the 1968 election is a point of no return. The Vietnam war was widely unpopular but both parties put up pro war candidates, although Nixon lied about his pro war stance. Red scare conspiracy theories had become orthodoxy in American politics and a police riot took place on the floor of the Democratic convention. A wave of assassinations took out figures that could be charitably described as left wing and the military simply continued its mass murder campaign in Indochina, totally free from civilian oversight.

Jackson is one of my favorite Presidents
I know I'll get shit for this opinion

Right now. The starkly Christian and conservative party is consciously ignoring the rise of fash, because it works as their muscle now, and a tent party comprised of fash and neoliberals acts as fake opposition. Also they are almost surely going to be reelected because they mix fash rhetorics with social security the neoliberals in power have ignored.

Thank you neoliberals, who having lost the election are now basically dead, and they're perceived by the majority of the society as "the commies". Basically, I live in a country where succdems are called "the commies" on a regular basis and the fash party has called for them to be banned.

Before that, of course in the feudal times. Between the wars, we had openly anti-Semitic and fash parties, but they have never been in power.

Forgot to add the ruling party is currently in the process of dismantling democratic institutions, curbing freedom of speech and basically Orbanizing the country with strong Catholic and nationalist undertones.

Also if you're interested in any way in the shit that's happening with the fash and with Poland in general, I recommend you this accurate write-up:

attached imagery related

The 2nd Viscount Stansgate: aka Tony Benn.
*Although tbf his father was granted a peerage for being a good air commander and shit so not an economic aristo**

Wtf what a lad, from King to Comrade.

See, we ChristComms were right all along.


I fully support reversing all territory ceded to Poland after WW2 and giving back to Germany, along with Danzig and Poznan.

Forgot image.

Because it's a shit opinion.

That's Pu Yi AKA the Xuantong Emperor AKA the last Qing Emperor.

Not sure if he genuinely went gommie though.

wasn't he raised by the communists essentially?

'How far to the right a country is' is very ambiguous, but I'm gonna define it as the prevalence of class consciousness under capitalism.
Defined this way, in Finland, things might be worst right now, or they might have been a couple of years ago. It's the usual story. Things are discussed in terms of rich and poor, as opposed to capital and labour, the 'left' has nothing to offer but gay marriage and calling everybody racist, and the only people with worker appeal are reactionary idealists.

What I meant by "how far to the right" was that I was referring to a government of a country, and how far right it performed/acted regarding economics, social issues, etc. But your definition is nice aswell


Hard to say, either right now or Qin Shi Huang.

so what?, does god do the catholic church's bidding?, are they their dog?

First Red Scare

One time, I was in my country, and there wasn't soda for 3 months

Ironically right now (Britain) Maybe worse under Thatcher

Oh, I know!! The Korean War lead by Democrat General McAllister.


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user that was the second. You forgot about the one in the 1800s

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Death to the middle class

interested to hear why you think this? i know berlusconi was a scumbag, arguably fascist especially taking into account the crazy propaganda 2 fascist freemason clique.

But, I would think the war alone could put mussolini lower?

was basically the aussie rendition of pinochet lol

god i wish trump was more like andrew jackson

1964 military coup
Massive repressions to the media, censorship, mass abductions of civilians suspected of being communists, torture, murders, and numerous american-led death squads spread throughout all of South America
At one point, the use of lethal weapons against riots was approved
All south american military regimes were bad, but I still think we had it worse, mainly because of how shady and secret everything was, there is people missing to this day

Not to mention how it forever killed any kind of leftist organization in the country, the left had a extremely intimate relationship with the military, mainly because of common nationalistic goals of economic independence and the wish to free the country from the american sphere of influence
After the coup, numerous purges to the command structure eliminated any leftist presence in the armed forces, and to this day the left and the armed forces have this hostile feelings between them, even if there is some leftists there
And what are you supposed to do when the entire country's armed forces want to see you dead?

Does it count if your nation was under occupation or no?

arming and financing ultra-nationalist paramilitaries which massacred civilians and help sex-slave camps in 1990s and genocide on albanians in 1912/1913

t. Hrvoje
Slobodan je bio nazbol

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Corporatists infiltrated leftist groups by pretending to be just citizens of the world, driving a "leftward" swing that dramatically consolidated power among the politically connected wealthy.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Win the people over. Build a People's Army and strike back. Take military conscripts as prisoners and do agitprop among them. Then they desert and join the guerrillas. :)

da ukoliko termin nazbol proširiš do te mere da u njega ubrajaš sve nacionaliste koji su u svojoj propagandi koristili bilo kakav 'socijalistički' prefix ili sufix, u suštini on je bio boss bande koja je ostatak titoističke birokratije i njihovog represivnog aparata

bukvalno je u jednakoj meri socijalista kao i milo đukanović

nije njiegova zvanična ideologija toliki problem nego ljudi koje je on naoružavao, finansirao i pustio sa lanca

nego druže, odakle si ? :)

Boris Yeltsin? Which country?


Literally everybody, starting with Lenin himself.

Marx wasn't an aristocrat, but he effectively was, through marriage.

The Union National government under the leadership of Robert Duplesssis during the '40s and '50s was pretty strongly conservative.

Awfully late answer, but yes, you're right. It's like the country was thrown two decades in the past, shrunk economy included.

Literally Hitler.
I'm surprised to be the only german here though.


Wot if the Queen is waiting for Corbyn to become Prime Minister to abolish the Monarchy?

I honestly don't know, possibly now (for the last 8 years or so, and before that as well during the Lebanese wars.

t. Israel

tough pick


No no, she is waiting for Corbyn to become PM, then she will finally let herself die and then we abolish the monarchy,

On a real though, there was an interview with Prince harry and he basically said none of them want the fucking job, there is a real chance the monarchy will wind up after Liz dies.