It is professor Noam Chomsky's birthday today Holla Forums (December 7th)...

It is professor Noam Chomsky's birthday today Holla Forums (December 7th), let us celebrate such a wondrous occasion by writing him a letter one post at a time. I'll start.
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Dear Professor Chomsky,

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so now that you're old

do you still think that memes are spicy?

And was Lenin really a right-wing deviation?

scratch that;

are traps gay

and if they are

What does gay even mean

for this, we must rethink the concept of gayness, must we not?

For if traps are not gay, then what is the definition of a trap?

Regardless, it is of no importance

I regularly email him, trying to convince him of the necessity of theory, but he consistently states that none of it is empirically provable, isn't really theory by the scientific definition, and thus is worthless.

He also thinks most leftist theorists are charlatans, and calls dialectical materialism, deconstructionism, postmodernism, and historical materialism, "nonsense peddled only by those who live in abstract seminars"

google bookchin

fuck him.

He sounds so lonely.
I'd feel sad if he dies and I never got the chance to email him even if I could have.

lol chomsky is a positivautist

Please disregard this email in its entirety, including anything that comes after this subsection.

If there were two guys on the moon and one of them killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what?

The reason that this email is so erratic and crude is because it originates on a leftist image board where we have challenged ourselves to write you an email one post at a time.

Imagine fucking a corpse in space though

Noam Chomsky was a fascist and a racist.

Being attracted to members of the same sex.

But whatever, your revolution, my revolution.

And I apologize for my random spurs, I have autism

That seems very simple, I do not accept that.

Is it true that you’re a Left-wing Zionist and if so, did you sire any illegitimate children with some Jewish or Palestinian qts while you were on that Kibbutz?

and it is a particularly troublesome type of autism, with bouts of severe and violent mindlessness

Can the mods purge all off topic discussion in this

Purge is a very loaded term

all off topic discusssion must be spoilered as for it to not be included in this thread, thanks

Nomnomnom CHOMPsky

I actually ironically love you Mr Chomsky I'll email you something legitimate at some point.
Head over to for some delicious 😋 memes fam.

Thanks for ruining the thread fag

He's right you know.

this was a terrible thread

blame the leftcom for derailing

He's right.

Anyone got a good critique of positivism?

Being a positivist doesn't exclude theory. How do you think science or engineering works?


no you

read bordiga




Chomsky said "The singularity is fake"

What did he mean by this?

Not really. Positivism is contrary to naturalism isn't it?

I messed up. I meant to say positivism is contrary to rationalism.

Singularity means that technology will surpass human intelligence. Meanwhile we have no scientific idea how the brain works beyond conciousness.
Basically its a silicon valley billionaire circlejerk.

It's famously kind of a dead end.

But also Chomsky isn't a positivist. One of his main contribution to linguistics is the idea of universal grammar - that humans have some innate sense of language. As children, we know more about language than we should given the available data in the world around us. That seems to be against logical-empiricism which (I think) emphasizes the importance of experience to natural science.

But also, one of Chomsky's well known contributions to the philosophy of mind is his critique of behaviorism - which according to the SEP was rooted in philosophical positivism. In my epistemology class, the professor said something like: "Chomsky basically shut that whole project down" because of how devastating his critique was.

But do we really need to know how the brain works exactly just to make robots that are smarter than us?

Have mercy, he's just a poor old man.

He literally isn't. Not all analytics are positivists.

He's right you know, and thanks for derailing the thread.

It depends on what you consider intelligent or smart. If your calculator calculates an equation faster than you could, is it smarter?
We have a ton of programs that can outperform humans in certain tasks but those things are just tools that can be used like any other tool.
Singularity would mean that technology and humanity would become indistinguishable and for that we have basically no theoretical understanding

We could've had some fun.

It's only a dead end according to rationalists since it doesn't have an answer to everything.

I still think it will be possible one day. If we make it through this century, that is.

Have you even read the article?

Chomsky will aswer any question though. I don't really see the problem here.