Daily News Thread 12/7

Trump Jerusalem move sparks Israeli-Palestinian clashes

At least 31 Palestinians have been wounded in clashes in the Gaza Strip and across the occupied West Bank, during protests against US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Hamas Leader Tells Followers to ‘Ignite New Intifada’

Following a wave of protests in response to the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Hamas has called on an intifada to combat the “Zionist policy.”

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah backs call for new Palestinian intifada

Lebanese Hezbollah has backed calls by the Palestinian armed group Hamas to launch a new uprising against Israel in response to the US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, said in a televised address.

Australian parliament approves same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage will become legal in Australia after a historic bill was passed in the House of Representatives.

Defector says thousands of Islamic State fighters left Raqqa in secret deal

A high-level defector from Kurdish-led forces that captured the Syrian city of Raqqa from Islamic State has recanted his account of the city’s fall, saying thousands of IS fighters - many more than first reported - left under a secret, U.S.-approved deal.

3 dead in shooting at Aztec, New Mexico high school

Police have confirmed reports of a shooting at Aztec High School in Aztec, New Mexico. All area schools are on lockdown. Three people, believed to be students, have died. The shooter is reportedly in custody.

Ex-policeman Michael Slager jailed for shooting Walter Scott

A former South Carolina police officer has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for fatally shooting an unarmed African-American motorist.

Franken to Resign From Senate After Sexual-Misconduct Allegations

Senator Al Franken announced Thursday he’ll resign to end the turmoil over allegations that he groped or tried to forcibly kiss several women after more than half of his Democratic colleagues demanded he step down to make clear that mistreatment of women is unacceptable.

OAS Finally Hints at 'Irregularities' in Honduran Elections Days After Vote

OAS chief Luis Almagro finally released a statement on the Honduran elections.

Man has reached his physical peak, says French study

Humans have reached the maximum limit for physical performance, height and lifespan, according to a new scientific review conducted by the Paris Descartes University in France.

Veterinarians seek permission to research pot meds for pets

People anxious to relieve suffering in their pets are increasingly turning to oils and powders that contain CBDs, a non-psychoactive component of marijuana. But there’s little data on whether they work, or if they have harmful side effects.

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Just in time for the holiday season.

like clockwork

I am genuinely surprised that this happened. Good job America


Growing numbers of US teachers abandon unions

The historic decline of union membership among teachers highlights the extent to which these unions exist only at the behest of the government.

Trump’s Jerusalem move a good thing… US pretense of ‘honest broker’ finally ends

US President Donald Trump makes one of the most protracted and painful world problems sound like he’s selling a condo between two parties. With cheesy easiness, he bluffs everybody gets a “great deal.”

On Antifa’s Critics


Bitcoin Could Cost Us Our Clean-Energy Future

The insane trajectory of the energy cost of bitcoin mining.

I just want to watch the world burn.

I don't have to fight and possibly die anymore and the enemy leaves, sounds like a good deal to me.

Reports say Trump didn't have a fucking clue about the ramifications of the Jerusalem issue. He just wanted to seem Pro-Israel and continue his larp as a great deal maker.



To me it's hilarious how Holla Forumsreddit ALWAYS get played so fucking hard.

only because he pleaded guilty, the first trial ended in a mistrial

Stopped right there. Yelling at someone for being a nazi? Ok. Protesting nazis? Ok. Punching nazis? Ok. Getting nazis fired from their jobs merely to ostracize them and for petty revenge? Seriously?

Yeah? He can be punched for his views, but nobody should mention them to his employer?

They do the same to us, turnabout is fair play imo.

Bernie Sanders calls for Trump to resign over sexual assault allegations, calls for a "cultural revolution" over treatment of women
Bernie Sanders is Anfem gang

Powerful people should be held to account for being scumbags, sexual or otherwise. But absent a socialist revolution first, their wealth will insulate them, and the upshot of this ongoing cultural revolution will likely be that a lot of small fry get ground up into dust while the fat cats get off with slaps on the wrist (community service, court ordered therapy, donations to charities, …). Not to mention that it's turning into a bit of a witch hunt where people lose perspective. Case in point:
Far as I can tell, he didn't try to rape anyone, diddle kids, etc. He grabbed a woman's but and tried to kiss someone against their will - not even succeeding, mind you. Shit things to do, but they warrant a slap in the face, not this ongoing damnatio memoriae. Same for what happened to Louis CK - never forced anyone into anything, and cries of him having a power position ring hollow. He's a mediocre comedian, not the General Secretary of the Party.

Will there be another intifada? Do the Palestinian groups even have the capacity for it anymore?


Project Paperclip but its Project Dumbass.

I'm behind the idea.

They want to support a Meritocracy and Harder Capitalism? They get to feel what that actually means.

I mean it make sense to me, albeit, these people never understand the moral of any story they've read their entire life.

What about when Assad let all those rebels leave Homs?

Those weren't IS rebels. Plus a Syrian leader deciding to let Syrian rebels leave a Syrian city is just him making work for himself later. An American deciding what happens to Syrian rebels, who are fanatics and members of an organisation which is known to blend in with local populations to perform terrorist acts, in Syria. Not only that but letting rebels go in a country which your government want to remove from power? That's CIAniggery stuff going on.


There's also the chance that the person isn't even a nazi in the first place.

The man wearing the It's Ok To Be White Shirt next to the guy with the Make Me A Sandwich Bitch shirt next to the obese man with a swastika tattooed on his gunt downing monster energy drink after monster energy drink

They don't post on Holla Forums, they were good boys



Zeal and fervor is an intoxicating drug user. How many witches were really killed in Salem?

It's hard to distinguish Holla Forums posters at a rally organized by Holla Forums

Not what I'm talking about, in that case you know exactly who you're dealing with.

Yeah I mean, it would be terrible if an entire country went on a witch hunt for certain kinds of people, wouldn't it?


What's stopping a person from calling someone they don't like a Nazi? Nothing really. I've got nothing against accusing someone of holding views promoting the genocide of multiple nations, if those accusations are truthful. We live in a time where even provenly false accusations will get you ostracized.

I have no idea, what is stopping someone from believing in an ideology that supports randomly accusing people of being an enemy of the state and a degenerate to society?

nice concern trolling lib.

Their own conscience and reason, which many of these people lack. I am merely advocating for truth.

If you were accused of being a Nazi, how would you prove otherwise?


by not callng for ethnic cleansing? how is that even a question?

I'm honestly on the fence with this because when I used to associate with aut-right/NRx types a lot of them openly admitted that the fear of getting doxxed was the only thing keeping them from joining marches or taking reactionary politics into the streets. As an added bonus, since the doxx threat keeps the relatively smarter nazis indoors, the ones that do show up are the retards and cringelords that we get to laugh at and spam across the internet
The downside is that it's hard to tell which nazis are clever and should be doxxed and which nazis are dumb and should be allowed to fuck up publicly

Also this, a lot of fascist strategy is loudly demanding that your enemies treat you according to the fair play rules of liberal democracy while refusing to give your opponents the same treatment

fucking man up you Holla Forumsyps, deal with the fact that society still rejects people who advocate ethnic cleansing

My guess is that, at the very least, Islamic Jihad and Hamas will start lobbing rockets into Israel and we'll see another Op Protective Edge

But if the idpol liberals give up their call-out abilities then they'll lose the last little bit of power they actually have over people

But how can such allegations be proven false? When I was a teenager I was dumb, I said things which were foolish, and I regret having said them. I've changed since then, I'm no longer quite as foolish, but I still fear being accused for those statements.

Ok ok, I really hate doing this to people. I really do.

But you just posted with the nazi flag and now you took it off and are arguing about how anyone can be accused of being a nazi and it isn't fair

And not only this, but this is the only thread you've ever posted in.

The boy who cried wolf.

My IP is dynamic. I had the flag on for a shitpost thread, where the OP mentioned something about square wheels or something. I posted this video, but the thread has been deleted.

To be fair how can you know if someone is a nazi when they're wearing a swastika

Excuses, excuses…

lmao every fucking time

Guys is Israel about to invade South Lebanon again? They can't be that stupid, how would they be able to fight Hezbollah?

By bombing civs and then declaring like they always do.

*declaring victory

I fail to see how that would fulfill the heart of a bloodthirsty zionist, If I were one I wouldn't be happy until Nasrallah is tried and everyone makes their kid do a report comparing the Eichmann trial to the Nasrallah trial.

Is there any sort of prominent left movement in Palestine?

All downhill from here.

They all sound like teenage kids n their parents getting met up with the feds after screeching some illegal shit on xbox live

That's all they basically are though, to be perfectly fair and true

The Trump administration declares war on public sector unions
Who would have thought!?!?!?!?

That includes police unions though.


good shit.

The downside is that it's hard to tell which nazis are clever and should be doxxed and which nazis are dumb and should be allowed to fuck up publicly
Sounds like the only reason not to dox nazis is if you have plans to run over their march with a heavy duty vehicle.

That's ana amazing edit, but it's a shame the author didn't keep Mao too.

You know, at some point in my lifetime I hope that the good old violence comes back. When American labor actually committed labor violence to the point of suicide bombing. I miss that. Bring back the riots. Why wait. Come on. It's not like they're promising you a future worth living in. What is there, at this point, you can loose?

You load sixteen tons, what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

If you see me comin', better step aside
A lotta men didn't, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don't a-get you, then the left one will

I dont support either side in the Israel Palestine shit
One side is a bunch of spooked as fuck Neo-Con heebs
The other is a bunch of spooked as fuck Islamists

>take that, my subjects citizens!

see, my fellow leftists! we don't need a sustainable economic model or a biosphere or the ability to look at small tits or mean words online! this is a true victory for us!
see worker, police are accountable! we repurposed this one worn-out part from legbreaker to slave labor! the system works!
so in a year or so an animal can legally get high in Colorado or Washington or, Hell, the owner may legally be guilty of animal cruelty if they don't get their pet high, meanwhile humans will still be locked up for it everywhere else, top fukkin notch. Best fukkin thing since the old lady I was working for having me get cheese for her dogs pills that was more expensive by weight than the kind I was eating.

well this definitely isn't a moral panic
eat a dick

just like ET for Atari lol


And what would you care about? Christians? Are christian civilians more valuable to you?

Nah Christians are just as Spooked i just didnt think of them when i posted that

this, everyone expects you to pick a side, and if you don't they'll consider you as part of the opposite side.

i hate people so goddamn much

The implication is that socdems are cryptomaoists and when bernie wins he'll unleash the socdem rose guard to struggle session the neolibs and maga chuds

just let them own themselves in the streets

how the fuck will I be able to afford to buy a graphics card for my three children now, you shitlord?

You are ok with all warcrimes around the world? There should be no interference ever from the international community whatsoever, no matter how heinous the crimes against humanity are?

Would these rules apply in the international station too in space too? Should certain people there be allowed to hurt other people? Or is violence and injustice only tolerated on earth?

Screw it, feminists started doxxing first. Not right wing.

The view that i hold on the Issue is that the only good solution is a No state solution

Im sorry, i meant jews.

Right wingers got quite far without doxing. Why start doxing now?

Doxing is kind of a thing you would expect from a losing side. No offense.

And what does that mean in practice? That the entire state of israel AND palestine should be abolished? I highly doubt that either of those sides will sign such an agreement, ever.

Well a man can dream…

He is saying that the only solution he supports is the solution of there being no nations no boarders everywhere which means no palestine/israel

member when pol said that Trump would be good for the working class?
I member.

Are you insinuating it's unrealistic?

That basically means giving israel the entire region until all other countries in the entire world have abolished their borders, just so israel then can abolish its borders.

You might as well say : "Fuck palestinians, let them all die and get deported". You see that right?

I don't agree with it. It was just the 'solution' that he was giving.

The I don't care 'solution'

guys I feel like it's actually habbening and its terrifying

Don't be so optimistic, what makes you say that?

Why doesn't Israel just make all the palestinian citizens? Problem solved. I don't see how a group that was almost exterminated by nazis can act like nazis themselves with a total lack of self awareness.

If AIPAC controls nearly all American media and politicians, how come the entire US media has been blowing up over Trump's embassy decision? Even politicians known for being pretty pro-Israel said Trump's move was impulsive - why would that be the case if the entire US political system was bought off by da Zionist lubby?

Most Palestinians would probably refuse if given the option. For them, it would be a sign of humilitation.

But is congress trying to do something about it? The answer is of course no. Politicians will say just about anything. Legislation is where they actually exercise power.

They passed a bill to move the embassy in 1995 and every president before Trump delayed it.

Besides, if AIPAC really was in control of nearly all US policy you wouldn't see the uproar AT ALL in the American media. Even if they give the reason as "potential violence" it still shows disapproval and will no doubt have an affect on public opinion.

Netanyahu is probably aware of the irony, but is too powerful to give a shit

Because actual Zionists don't like the move.

It's too fast, the arabs aren't tamed yet.

Who the fuck believed that life expectancy was going to increase indefinitely
We cleared up a lot of our deficiencies and exterminated many of the things causing premature deaths. We've done nothing to positively add to human lifespan or physical characteristics. And it won't change until we embrace a species-wide eugenics program.



Oh no chump whatcha douing?!

They would rather gas the Palis than ever let them become Israeli citizens

Being your standard Neocon.

After cutting taxes, Trump looking to localities to raise revenue for infrastructure


We're going to totally invest in infrastructure you guys. Really.

What was the benefit of this ban?

We're already doing it though, it's just that it is voluntary. Selective abortions are on track to pretty much eliminate mongolism in the industrialized world. Other genetic defects will follow once gene editing is further perfected.
Eugenics have historically been crude, cruel, and based on faulty "science". Doesn't mean there isn't room for objective improvement. Humanity is not enriched by having people born doomed to wither away from MS, or choke on their own snot from cystic fibrosis.

There's room for improving the material conditions of human beings, not believing we can control genetics arrogantly and ending up causing more trouble than good, biologically and morally. There is a long gap between perfecting this technology and it being a frontier since it's been essentially banned for human testing.

This sounds very simple, but I would rather not have Gattaca with bias towards traits that could even end badly for those who could afford designer children or whatever you want. And the amount of women who get abortions rather than just use birth control is far lower than you think it is.

What you're saying as it stands is science fiction, and the only people in charge of the industry is Silicon Valley and the Pentagon

Science is about the pursuit of knowledge for the purposes of education, not science for the pursuit of capitalist product where two countries go to war because one created what they claim are genetically superior people

Which could all end in disaster fairly quickly.

This isn't a "MY GOD, WE DID IT, WE'RE BRAIN KINGS NOW BECAUSE OF EUGENICS!" because first of all, nations compete and they''re going to see you as a threat, industry is involved and industry always wants to one up itself; with technology this radical their going to suffer from Industrial Espionage by other companies both in and outside their own nations borders (or perhaps a government) ala Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park.

These comparisons are stupid but once you start a race to the top to get to the sun, everything else you didn't take for consideration is going to drag you down to the bottom when the wings start to melt.

I would trust a biased AI more than I would trust a person allegedly built to higher standards than a normal man.Creating a society like this can go wrong in about twelve hundred different possible ways.

Killed? No idea. But I read somewhere that no witch was ever burned.

Is this true?

No. Even if they weren't, in England women falsely accused of being a witch were imprisoned into tiny cells collectively, where they were rarely fed, malnourished; and most became ill with jail fever (Epidemic typhus) and died in droves in the same cell until nobody left inside lived (this was done purposefully at times, but the claim that these mass deaths were "accidental").

So let's say they weren't burned. How the fuck is this any better

palestinians would outnumber jews, it couldn't be a jewish state.

Sweet bloodied fuck….

Is that supposed to be a before/after pic of an ftm Holla Forums user?!

It's not.

I'm just asking if "no witches were burned in the Salem trials" is a true statement.

You just blew my mind. I think the glasses are the same.

No it's a before and after pic of a Holla Forums user from 2013 to 2017

That plus all the t hes more than likely getting from the darknet. Since he doesnt want his conservatard mommy finding out his cuntboy secret via her health insurance, he neglects to get himself an endocrinologist. Because of this, he loses hair along with increases in melanin and density.

right, a user during that time period of turning into his true cuntboy form

Yeah, just like nazis wanted to make everyone in Europe citizens of their 3rd Reich. Why would anyone oppose that.

Playing and controlling both sides. As usual. Jews dont have any beliefs.

congrats, you just summed up the entire australian left in one line

Of course it is true. Witches, as the people of Salem knew them, don't exist.

This type of statement easily gives up a shitton of ground to the other side. You can reword it to: no people who were accused of witchcraft were burned in Salem. But, now that you have that gem you should consider if this factoid is really a talking point to hang your hat on.


Pakistani Air Force ordered to shoot down US drones

Pakistan’s Air Force (PAF) commander has reportedly ordered to take down drones violating the country’s sovereignty, including that of the US.


Now this is Hamstering

t. leftypol

Was this person banned? WTF?

you don't understand how imperialism functions then.

This conflict is never going to be resolved is it?

It will end in Zionist defeat, little right wing island states either liberalize or are overcome, the Kuomintang became irrelevant in Taiwan, The NP were defeated in South Africa, Ian Smith in zimbabwe, you get the pattern