Your thoughts of the GDR?

What is true and what is propaganda?

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it was awesome. wish I lived there

One of the least shit eastern bloc countries
Not really
Yeah, probably
It was really, really awful. I recommend looking into the shit they did. Some here will claim its all western propaganda, but they are delusional.
It was pragmatic. Purely in the interests of the ruling class tho, but it severed the west as well as a convenient propaganda tool.

Maybe if it hadn't been a soviet puppet they probably could've expanded on their potential

If Prussia hadn't been given to the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧poles🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 then it would've been incredibly successful, however without the primary manufacturing/resource producing areas it was doomed

My friend, the stasi are said to have been the most efficient secret police the world had ever seen, rivaling and perhaps even surpassing the NKVD when Beria was in control. They say when the books were cracked open after the fall of the wall, an astronomical number of citizens were listed as being watched and they all saw that literally every one of their neighbors was told to report on the other and vice versa. It was a gigantic, Mexican standoff-tier spygame.

Good enough. One of the few Socialist states.





What about Anti-Fascist Defensive Wall?

Like all of the Warsaw Pact, it was bad.
Not as bad as propaganda makes it out, but bad.
Rewarding people for spying on each other and trying to get each other arrested must've created the worst environment to live in.


Yes, very similar to the trash you posted. Both are terrible and damage society and community.
I don't see how the turd you're showing makes the other turd more edible by comparison.

But you were calling it "the worst environment to live in".

Is your argument that its the second worst environment to live in?
Are you going to bring up theological texts of hell or ask me if I'd rather be in a concentration camp?
Either make a point or fuck off.

My point is that you are being specious.

Modern UK is worse than DDR in practically all aspects (I'm not including stuff like "30 years of progress" here), but is still much better than many other nations. Consequently, you are comparing DDR not to the real world, but to some fantasy filled with perfect nations.

DDR was objectively one of the best places to live in at the time.

It was bad when you consider the context - the development, population, industry, culture, etc of Germany until then.
Stop being absolute, even nazi Germany was one of the best places in the world to live at the time, because it was Germany and Germany has always been one of the best places in the last 200 years.

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Context is the rest of Europe.

No, it wasn't. Low wages, insane crime rate (even if most of it is legalized - because Nazi are law), fucked up laws.

Sure. Especially between 1914 and 1954.

the GDR was simply a continuation of the German reich except instead of fascism it was communism

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What's the best movie about the GDR? pics possibly related

It's a shame Leni Riefenstahl died before she could direct either of them, eh?

Decent-ish as far as 20th century ML states go, but by no means a shining example for the socialist movement to strive for.
No. Like a lot of countries on the western edge of the Eastern Bloc, they were quite open about having commodity production and limited private enterprise (allowing limited access for foreign companies to produce there under HEAVY government supervision/control).
Debatable. On the one hand, the GDR's territory was generally less developed even before the war, so they were starting off at a worse position. Unlike the FRG too, they didn't get Marshal Plan bucks to rapidly stimulate the economy post-war; the USSR did help out the GDR resource-wise, but not nearly to the same capacity.
With those initial points of disparity in mind, I'd say the GDR was at least comparable to the FRG in terms of quality of life. It generally provided better opportunities and assurances than the west did at least.
From what I've heard, the Stasi were not too bad once you were out of the major cities. However, in places like Berlin, they really were about as bad as reports claim they were.
It was the result of a moment of panic whereby the GDR realized that it could not afford to keep losing people to immigration as it was. Part of the immigration problem stemmed from some of the harsher measures by the GDR (like the aforementioned Stasi), but a lot of it was economic opportunism whereby the FRG artificially inflated wages in a number of key fields of work in order to encourage GDR workers of said fields to jump ship. There was a degree by which the loss of skilled workers/professionals was natural, but a large portion of it was made possible by deliberate action by the FRG and its backers.

And I said that the GDR was probably better than West Germany, I cant be to opposed to them. I just dont think of them as socialist nor do I like fetishising them or any of the Eastern Bloc countries.

Watch this:
Another view of eastern gemany

You're God damn right it was.

Probably one of the most pleasant Eastern Bloc nations to find yourself in. Also, better national anthem.
It sure was
Depends who you ask, some say it was the early 80’s, others say it was socialist ‘till the bitter end. Personally, I’m inclined to go with the second one.
I feel it’s a bit apples/oranges. East Germany achieved a heck of a lot with not much in the way of support from its allies; West Germany however was doused with aid and thus redeveloped with comparative ease.
They were no worse than the KGB. However, being ““““German”””” it was much more thorough operation, which explains why so many people had Stasi files.
Well the wall was pretty much an inevitability after the Berlin Airlift - the Allies weren’t going to leave West Berlin and they weren’t going to stop letting East Germans walk in and defect to the BD, so something had to be done. Germany should never have been divided in the first place but that’s a whole other thread

Have you actually watched Goodbye Lenin? If you have we appear to have taken away very different things from it.

That poster is utterly terrifying. I’m unsure why Britain has a habit of producing such scary public information campaigns (search YouTube for some of the ones they made in the 70’s).

afaik at its peak 14% of DDR's population had some kind of relationship with Stasi, most as low-level informants.

how do you work that out

wow Western nations do it too, I guess that makes it okay.

I mean I read somewhere that they where supposed to be the socialist successor to the German state. but your talking out your ass

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My grandpa lived through the whole 40 years of the GDR, should I get him to do an AmA here? He's told me that he was shocked when he saw homeless and unemployed people in the West.

That'd be interesting. He'd probably find this place to weird though.

What does he have to say about the propaganda about the GDR? Especially the Stasi.

basically a nazbol ethno-state which is ten thousand times better than the degenerate german republic of nowadays
>Your thoughts of the GDR?
It was Germany for the germans, so I think it was great except for their persecution of christianism
Until the re-unification, 1989-1990-
In certain things yes in other not, in the GDR everybody had jobs, a house and basic goods but not as many luxury goods as in the FRG and the nomenklatura was full of nepotism and the usual things.
It was as bad as the federal secret agencies:
The germans nowadays have even more agencies monitoring their activity.
Lovely anti-immigration wall, it should be rebuilt.

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Not an argument
I also dont think the Soviets and their allies where evil. There where no "good guys" or "bad guys" in the cold war, just rulers of countries looking out for their own intrests. Stop worshiping the corpse of dead states and ideologies. Even if the USSR or the GDR where socialist they are still not worth "supporting", they are gone and so are the conditions that they arose out of. Grow up.

Can you provide an argument as to how the conditions have fundamentally changed in your opinion?

Daily reminder that class struggle is continuous and keeps going under socialism. Just as Marx observed that the Paris Commune wouldn't have lasted a day without terror and repression, the GDR wouldn't have lasted with the Stasi.

Give us your infantile liberalism and embrace the truth: That everything has a class character and that a proletarian state can only survive through the use of brutality. The only alternative is falling into the "hurr fascism and communism are just as bad" bullshit, no they aren't as bad because one uses terror to support capital while the other uses it for the masses.

ok. it would have been a lot better without western sanctions, without the damn wall and with better environment policy (although the latter wasn't as bad as liberals like to suggest).
maybe till 1985. then schalck-golodkowski started to sell out our workforce and people's assets way under value to capitalist companies.
yes and no. the frg was running decent liberal-left/social democrat policy during cold war and the 1990s, which was okay, too.
no. i'm not particularly fond of them, however we didn't even notice them. the west needed something to make the ddr look bad and horrible after 1990 so accusations of stasi membership serve to this day as a method to keep leftist politicians away from important positions or sack them if they annoy porky too much.
my dad was under surveillance by 3 officers, because we have porky (family owned company with 100+ employees) relatives in the frg and his job as specialist engineer required him to travel to trade fairs in countries which might have been aligned with nato. he learned about the observation only after 1990. basically the stasi would get active when they believed they had a reason to do so, today everyone is under surveillance without a reason at all… former liberal/right-wing opposition whines about the stasi, but they were actually meddling against the gdr's best interests from within (eventually succeeded in 1989), what did they expect from a domestic secret service? what's more, these bigot fucks have apparently nothing against actual 1984 style surveillance in the oh so free west.
kept us from seeing our relatives in western germany. i reckon that having such a strong fortification on the border was perhaps neccessary during cold war, however it felt like a prison. and the complete travel ban to western countries for all ordinary citizens below age 65 (academics, politicians and other specialists were allowed to travel, that is if they proved to be no risk for the state) was definitely not neccessary at all. i mean the border was completely open from 1945 - 1961, everyone could move freely from and to west- and east-germany, yet there was no mass exodus from the gdr to the frg in those 15 years at all. my grand-dad was actually in the west while the wall got erected, yet he chose to come back. he could have easily remained with our porky relatives.