I'm interested in learning about geopolitics and foreign policies of the global players. Can anyone explain the goals of each or suggest sources to get a better understanding?

USA/NATO - spread liberal democracy mostly through coups
Russian Federation - weaken NATO, do they really follow Dugin?
China - seems like they are the most benevolent power, wants to be left alone as much as possible

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USA/NATO - spread imperialism and exploit
Russia - spread imperialism and exploit
China - spread imperialism and exploit

Nah mate they are just trying ot buy up as much of Africa as possible and scare their neighbours into submission.

Also the US/NATO and the EU spheres are starting to split: god bless Sleeper Comrade Trump.

This is orientalist nonsense.

Side with no one.

This, Read Lenin.

NATO is more than that. NATO was created in 1949 as a defensive pact against USSR- if Soviets invade one of pact's country, everyone will fight them. Later, in 1955 Soviets created Warsaw Pact, pretty much mirroring the West, with the difference that Warsaw Pact disbanded in July of 1991, and NATO should get disbanded as well, right? Well, not exactly. It's worth adding that NATO now is merely a tool in US hands, using it's forces to invade Libya and help securing Iraq. Still, NATO is more or less subject to UN Security Council, and de jure it can't attack anybody without council's approval (one expectation- Serbia and Kosovo 1999) This is where we go to the second question- Russian Federation. I think that what you actually had in mind is CIS- Commonwealth of Independent Countries, organization that followed the dissolution of USSR. Newly formed Russian Federation tried to keep post-soviet republics as close as possible, preventing West from influencing the region. What Yeltsin had in mind was Russian equivalent of EU- it didn't work out though, because post-soviet states didn't like the idea of associating with Russia again. CIS today isn't really strong organization- although Russia had success in keeping Belarus and Kazachstan close, other countries are drifting away from Russians. CIS also provided some economic benefits, but in limited spheres.
China is kind of mystery here. It surely follows imperialist methods in order to regain the positions they held for centuries- the position of global hegemon. They will cooperate with anyone they find useful, Chinese are pragmatic people, one of the reasons I find them really fascinating. Other than that, China has huge influence on the region, which builds tensions (especially when it comes to India-China relations).

anything bad being said about China but not other countries at the exact same time = orientalist

But who would you rather live under? A liberal democracy, Russian mafia state, or whatever China is?

idealistically I'd rather live under Chinese-style one party democratic centralism.
realistically I'd stay in America because the people here share my language and culture.

Great pic OP

Fun fact, the USSR tried to join NATO in the early 1950s

Why people don't go buy/download a fucking book or read an article on the subject? I'm not sure why ask for anonymous people to explain you instead of asking for example books recommendations and trustworthy sources on it.

I did

By this logic we should support Hillary clinton because her America is not as bad as Trumps.

Over Trump, well yeah you should

America doesn’t even spread liberal democracy. They spread economically capitalist policies, they have no problems imposing brutal dictatorships to accomplish that.

Shit list

Pretty sure Kazakhstan isn't christian..

Watch Caspian Report:

As the name implies, he's most focused on western Asia and Muslims (his series on the history of Islam is superb), but he covers geopolitics all around the world, both current events, deep analysis, and relevant history, with tremendous insight and detail in a succinct fashion. Research aside, the production quality of his videos is top notch, easily better than what most TV news networks pump out.

Ideologically, the guy is a bit of a technocratic liberal centrist, but he's impeccably neutral about keeping his opinions and his analyses separate.

Start with his earlier backgrounders on major regional powers, then watch some of his current events videos. I can not recommend this guy highly enough.

That map is totally some Huntington Clash of the Civilizations bullshit. Nobody with any knowledge of either History or contemporary politics would put Vietnam and China on any same side

He's shit tier sorry.

If you want to know something about geopolitics read Mearsheimer and Kolko.

I'll give you the quick run down on global politics. More or less nothing that happened before Britain became the world hegemon helps to explain the current day.

Brits control the world for a while spreading colonialism to fuel nascent capitalism. The Americans revolt and are split between industrialists trying to usurp Britains place and good boy plantation owners who just want to live a patriarchal lifestyle. Northerners massacre the south to protect US industry, conquer all of America over time. Germans try to be like the Brits as well and industrialize so Britain puts in a plan and alliance to keep the continental powers contained. WWI breaks out because golden standard is fucking up, everyone ruined with twin deficits and low profitability, Everyone btfo but Germany especially. Next phase of war Britain sweating it because Russia is getting a bit dangerous. US and Brits rebeef Germans to btfo Russians. Anglo alliance moves in to take over Middle East after Ottomans fall. WWII breaks out and both Germans and Russians btfo each other but somehow Russia survives and gets stronger than ever. US usurps Britains role as ruler of the world and immediately sends troops everywhere it can controlling the past fascist states through the Pentagon and CIA, basically hundreds of thousands of troops sitting on Europe as well. Soviet Union vs USA and their pals for like next 45 years. Capitalism and its treachery finally wins out, Russian chauvinism stronk disbands USSR.

Now resurgent Russia trying to strengthen border integrity, NATO moving ever closer and US doing their usual to Eastern Europe. Immediately btfos Yugoslavia since they looked too good, continues trying to make these countries """Free""". Putin plays 4D chess for years and slowly begins to start being openly anti-western. China kicked out imperialists previous century, makes deal with Americans to allow manufacturing to be imported for cheap labour since OPEC caused price shocks and Vietnam war are screwing over dollar hegemony. Volcker restablizes US currency by raising interest rates to double digits and btfoing US gini coefficient forever. China now becomes mercantilist like every rising power before it but takes extra precautions to ensure its sovereignty. Americucks not really sure what to do about this in the long run, friends on the surface but the great game still being played underneath it all. Japan realized it could say no! but didn't realize the Pentagon got a whiff of their plans to use technological dominance in high tech to blackmail US security w.r.t missiles and the like. Pentagon sabotages their economy and Japan goes into the slow burn, future uncertain but they push through.

Eurozone controlled by Germany, Germany controlled by CIA. Small mercantile empire, mini-gold standard where poorer countries basically labouring to feed German coffers. System naturally breaks down due to falling rate of profit and reverberating effects of US financial retardation. To save EU Americans try to push in cheaper natural gas to them, cue Arab spring and Syria war. Muh terrorism and false flag attacks for next 10 years.

New coldwar simmers in Africa. China knows it has to secure tis energy future and access to resources so begins reaching out to other developing countries. Can no longer rely on exporting to west for growth, looks to their other west and applies extra production capacity to build infrastructure. Develops long term links with every nation between Burma and Ghana but CNN/BBC start crying muh Chinese colonies in Africa since they're getting edged out by better Chinese deals. China literally canceling debts over $50 Billion and people pretend China is trying to indebt everyone. Marshal plan for the global south a go.

Same old shit continues in Latin America, coups vs socdem nationlists. Brazil gets cucked, strong hit to BRICS, Venezuela about to get cucked, strong hit to Latin American left. India continues its life long REEEEE about Pakistan. Australians put a shrimp on the barbie and call it a day. Global south still slaving for the north, everything as usual except now Big Daddy Kim is doing Big Things with Big Toys. Entire world cucked about it. Turkey reemerges as middle power, starts its regional hegemon shit to take back middle east. Erdogan doing his best to implement 1D chess. Nigeria slowly becoming threat to US as nascent middle power, future uncertain. Frenchies still being human cockroaches living off North and West Africa.

Great disorder under heaven, situation tentative but good guys getting relatively stronger and the Law of Value remains supreme above all else.

Dugin is a meme boogeyman.

Also I forgot to mention about ecology. Climate change will actually be good for northern countries. The US especially will have a field day. Its agriculture gets boosted and all of the growing competition from the third world reduces and there is consequently an increase in demand for their (US) exports. Almost like god is on their side with this one.

In the mean time people unironically think that Republicans are just too dumb to realize climate change is real.

Warmly recommended. He's also got a lot of public speaking appearances on youtube for the illiterate.

start reading lots of history
As for right now, the world is split between the US bloc and the Sino-Russian bloc, with the US entering terminal imperial decline with no real successor to take over. It's likely we're returning to a multipolar world along the lines of post Congress of Vienna
The US is likely to undergo economic and political upheaval before 2030 and will most likely be unrecognizable from it's current form by 2040 or 2050

I hope you mean the American Counterculture?

I was Right Wing, then Left, but now I don't know where the fuck to place my opinions. Left is a bunch of pussies, Right cuts themselves on their edge every five seconds, so what now?


youd have more luck on Holla Forums than here

to try and make it a liability for the US like the UN



similar backstory, now im just in it for myself.
all politicians learn that the only side worth fighting for is yourself.
geopolitically all sides are selfish and wicked, and the masses are dumb fucking animals anyway.

this basically.

heres the actual chart:






This is a meme. Putin and his oligarchs already control everything.
China made an astronomical investment in the Greek port Piraeus so they could acces EE and Central Europe markets but either "Macedonia" or Serbia will join to block the chinese.

"states" as reified anthropomorphic beings matter less than the nature of the oligarchical families ruling them. I mean sure in a general sense you could refer events/phenomena such as the great game played between Russia and England during the 18th century, whereupon England tried prevent Russia from access to warm water ports. But that doesn't explain the primary driving factors. As to who these oligarchical families are? well many powerful noble families from previous epochs did not simply lose their wealth and influence.

like pottery

before putin came to power russia was being sold off to everyone from china to the US. his last major move was to nationalise the central bank and to abandon the dollar as a trade currency


this is kinda true. States in on themselves are meaningles without a driving elite behind them.

not an agument:)

Why are you so mean? I don't understand? Did I say something? :(

It's kind of true, because it's not the whole truth but a simplification that risks obfuscation through omission. The point I was making was the nature of previous epochs was very different to the contemporary totalized World that we live in, insofar as it acts as a drive upon historical events. To view states as beings unto themselves is terribly spooky.

Tim Marshall's Prisoners of Geography is the most basic For Dummies 101 introduction into geopolitics.
It is very tame and western in its perspective, no long words, no hundreds of pages of introduction to geography, you can read it easily in a weekend.
Find the updated version of you are buying new.

inb4 elitists bash me for recommending a beginner a beginner book.

the term youre looking for is a "snob"
t. snob