Idpol Contributes To A Suicide

I have noticed (based on personal experience) that Idpol tends to breed people who are anti-harassment and bullying, and engage in harassing and bullying people.

Pornstar August Ames (who had a history of despression apparently) was bullied because she didn't want to perform with bisexual pornstars, due to the higher risk of STDs.

She was harassed and bullied by people who took exception to it, and many believe it contributed to her taking her own life.

An example of how toxic idpol can be.

Twitter should be burned to the ground.

you have the RIGHT to be a reactionary
muh idpol

How can you be a porn star and not know what STD testing is? And then claim to have done research on the matter while calling everyone else a moron?

I won't say she deserved it, but I'm not going to pretend to feel bad.

>being sad over some porn star whore commiting suicide

To be fair pornstars aren't going to be the most stable of people

Why the fuck is everyone sperging out about this? Not to be insensitive but if you're going to kill yourself because of a bunch of angry twitter messages then """maybe""" there was something else going on and that wasn't the only contributing factor.

i've read that gay porn actors don't get tested but just wear condoms
also i've seen rumors about many hiv positive actors
i'm not sure how reliable this info is

Thesis: some dumb whore's idpol
Antithesis: Whiny twitter literal faggots
Synthesis: August Ames killing herself

Basically this. The last pic summed it up perfectly. Twitter lynchings are cancer but I'm completely unsympathetic to this bitch.

gay porn actors don't get tested you fucking retard

Is this the porn thread?

Who's your favourite pornstar, Holla Forums?

how do you even know that?

Also worth noting that she killed herself less than 48h after this whole drama started and the bullying apparently took the form of literally dozens of replies (and thousands of likes), many of them after the suicide.
That looks less like "relentless bullying drove her to suicide" and more like "suicidally depressed woman is so fucking done, pulls some controversial stunt and kills herself."

I don't enjoy watching proles being ruthless exploited by the entertainment industry.

ur mom xd

Even if this were true, the second they signed up to do mainstream straight porn they'd be put through the same standards as anyone else hired by that production company.

Secondly, this shit's boring who cares

Not to be fucking heartless or anything but this is such a stupid fucking thread OP should probably be assraped by a bisexual bugchaser

What kind of nonsense claim is that? Testing isn't legally mandatory, but porn studios take STIs seriously.

Stavvy what are the fuck are you doing here bruh you should probably be on /fit

Well… yes…

How could she not think of having them required to do STD tests? Although to be fair it takes months to show up positive on a test so that is being safer but it's not limited to gay for pay dudes and bi guys it's anal sex that makes certain STDs pass more easily.

Are there any fucking leftists on this board anymore lol. You all need to just fuck off back to Reddit.

I think you underestimate the spontaneity of suicide. Yes, plenty of people off themselves after years of struggle (Robin Williams, Elliott Smith, etc.), however an individual can be driven to suicide very quickly if they feel there has been an enormous, negative, and irrevocable change to their situation that necessitates it.

For example, the mass Nazi suicides at the end of WW2, the suicide of Dr. David Kelly, Budd Dwyer shooting himself, not to mention all those who kill themselves after losing their jobs, or a great deal of money, a family member, or what have you.

This is clearly an impulsive suicide.

Its just natural selection naturally selecting.

Rejoice friends, we are one less degenerate closer to a master race.

I'm not a fan of homosexuals tbqh, they seem pretty decadent and obnoxious. Oh, and they tend to be pretty perverted.

I'm not saying they all are or whatever, but it's a pretty obvious observation anyone who interacts with these people can make; they're generally fundamentally unusual.

Okay explain what is decadence to you fren

Well considering they make something like less than 10% of the population wow you really did hit the nail on the head there man good job

> Not to engage in reactionary idpol, but…


I don't know why she would expect to not get attacked when she can't even defend her own position, as evidenced by the last pic. Not much sympathy for people who kill themselves over some Twitter hate, sorry.

I generally find that homosexuals are impulsive, hyper-emotional, obnoxious, greedy, and shallow. It is also worth noting that homosexuality appears to be co-morbid with other mental/sexual dysfunctions or paraphilias.

Whether or not I happen to share some views with reactionaries doesn't bother me.

funny, I feel the same way about anarkiddies

Probably would have just been the best if she kept it to herself really. I don't really know anything about the topic but you probably could have stated it much better if for some reason you felt like you had to. Some shit like how she doesn't believe the industry goes far enough to create safe working environments for gay men or some shit like that. Probably will be forgotten about in a week though as will all of these things.

t. Proudhon

Hello Holla Forums


Hello Holla Forums

Not an argument, kill yourselves.

Provide anything but Holla Forums tier anecdotal evidence then.

Gay porn studios just require talent to wear condoms. HIV testing is also not perfect since it takes a while to show up after being infected. Most talent is not willing to wait for the period necessary between each scene to confirm that they are clean.

In America there is now a concept of HIV shaming where people with HIV are seen as quite high up on the idpol victim scale. And drawing attention to the fact that thye have HIV is being prejudiced. Even in vulnerable activities like giving blood or having sex professionally.

There's nothing wrong with whores. The problem is when they are being systematically exploited.
Really surprised Holla Forumsyps do not comprehend even the most basic principles of communism.

The guy in question could have been straight and done gay porn. I saw a list of male talent who she's fucked that had done gay stuff in the past but stopped once they were stable enough to work in straight scenes.


Im racist and homophobic as fuck in private and nobody suspects a thing.


Most of the HIV outbreaks have happened because of male talent who went from gay scenes to straight scenes.

We're hitting IdPol levels that should not even be possible

Homosexual men and lesbians are much more likely to have serious substance abuse problems.
Cultural promotion of homosexuality has likely increased its practice. Those with latent homosexual tendencies have had them brought to the fore thanks to LGBT propaganda.
The endorsement of homosexuality is, first and foremost, an endorsement of anal sex and scatophilia. This sets a bad example for children.

She did actually explain herself but since you're a lazy piece of shit you're basing your opinion of another person based on one image instead of taking the time to do any research before you spit on the dead. Fucking scum personality you have there mate



Whores deserves to be systematically exploited though (because they won't sleep with me)

I support Stalin's anti-homosexuality and anti-abortion stance.

What's wrong with anal sex? White girls love it so why not give it to them?

Nothing per se, but I don't think it ought to be promoted in the media, and I don't think we should have "anal parades" through city centres.

Okay, show me the evidence then, OP is on her side so I would expect him to present the case

You people are beyond any help.

Is this real?

Also known as "gay pride"

When did who you fuck become a race/ethnicity-tier identity? If I'm an adult performer and don't wanna do BDSM scenes are gimps gonna start calling me names on social media too?

Only in his mind.

RNS. Except I'd be cool with gay shit as ling as it's done behind closed doors or in shady nightclubs.

I mean, I think her reason for not doing it was nonsensical (considering testing is widespread in the industry, and a bisexual dick is qualitatively identical to a heterosexual penis), but the fact that this entailed systematic harassment of this lady is ridiculous.

I think people should have the right to engage in gay sex without fear of discrimination or whatever, and if people were being routinely prosecuted or lynched because of it I'd support the movement, but as it stands the argument now appears to be "actively promote as much as possible my behaviour, no matter how vulgar or crude, and don't tolerate any criticism or questioning of it whatsoever"

Are you so incapable of doing anything that you can't go to her fucking twitter to read what she wrote?

She's fucked men who have done gay porn in the past. Testing in the industry is not mandated and gay porn companies do not demand testing before scenes. She didn't want to do a scene with a man who had recently done gay porn since that is highly risky. It's only nonsensical because you are so fucking stuck up thinking you understand everything you won't even spend a fucking minute looking into what she was saying and why she said it.