What if Holla Forums gets shut down?

Do we have a backup site in case this board is shut down? I figure theres always a chance that a board for leftists will be taken down because the views espoused are quite dangerous. I've been lurking for a while now and just in case shit hits the fan, I would like to know where I can browse and view the thoughts of like minded individuals like here.

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ameriburgers will still try to deny the 56% meme

I personally hate becuase it portrays mixed race individuals as subhuman.

bunkerchan, /leftpol/, some other Holla Forums board, or it dies.

Holla Forums isn't a good representation of burgerland.

I hate bunkerchan and I wish more people went to getchan if things get down

I have nowhere else to go when this site dies tbh

Full of pedos? Isn't the site literally dead

Weebs of the World Unite!

Then it's the corpse of a pedo. Didn't stick around long enough to see if it was alive tbh.

ew. plz, dude.


Maybe you should actually take the time consider this real and very important quote that Fidel Castro actually said instead of dismissing it immediately.

Maybe you should watch actual anime instead of posting shitty memes from r/FC.


lefty views overlap a lot with the views of the elites. Hint: It's sites like TDS the ones getting taken down worldwide and getting congressional hearings, no lefty sites get that treatment ever. Also 8/pol/ is the reason why google removed ALL of 8ch itself from their indexes.

Pink capitalism is not, has never been, and never will be leftist.

Nothing of value would be lost.

there is no difference between 8pol and half pol, i think 8ch was dropped because it used to be filled with questionable material (cp)


Isn't plan B to learn Esperanto and join the Lernu forums?

Nah, I think an ideology that advocates for the mass of working people to overthrow the elites and establish a true rule by the people is a pretty dangerous ideology especially given how you think that gay rights=leftist

This is how I know you’re a retard from reddit.

This is how I know you’re a retard from reddit. Also, leftist websites are being surpressed, and not a single core tenent of any type of leftism is supported by porky.

What are you trying to imply with those SJW google employee twitters? That people having jobs means that communism is being promoted?

so socialism of the nationalist variety?

Kompreneble, kamarado.

Sure thing, user. Now you gonna tell me that the Bolshevik revolution was not le REAL gommunism!

8pol is 100% explicit about their nazi intentions and a circlejerk, 4pol is a mishmash of ideologies open to any topic.

lol and you fell for it. Funny how AnonIB and 12chan, which had actual cp boards, were never given the unlisted from google treatment.

Try actually watching anime some time.

Ok, name ONE leftist website that is getting suppressed worldwide via domain and host seizing. Name ONE leftist website that is getting deemed as a threat by the elites enough to try to bankrupt the owners, attacking their families and lobbying congress to take them down.

Way to move those goal posts bud

this guy's right, wanting the complete overthrow of the current economic system is not nearly as radical and dangerous as… Like ummm… Blaming bad things on jews and saying "nigger".

The only one moving the goalposts here is you. Go ahead, name these suppressed leftist sites. Should be easy since le porky is literally suppressing them by the thousands since they're such a threat eh? :^)

Most suppression of leftists nowdays is relegated to 'quite' methods such as search algorithm abuse so that leftist sights appear farther down/more pages back than they would normally or delisting of them all together. Not to mention leftists of the past being out right jailed or killed ie Debs and Hampton but also being barred from and basically made illegal by many governments with the biggest example being the US and its Communist Control Act which still has residue in many States laws


Do your research before posting brainlet.

Examples and evidence?

Nice grasping at straws. Murrican legislation of the 1950s that has been long repealed has fuckall to do with internet website censorship.

That one is a good example. But then again, it's Germany.

There you go bucko
Also ultimately whats all that different between suppression on the internet and suppression in real life

Your shitty unsourced picture doesn't explain why did 14 different capitalist powers invade Russia to crush the revolution.


There's also endchan.

go to /leftpol/

Are you retarded? Just make another board. Or go to /leftpol/. Jesus, fuck.

Do you have proofs of that son?

Holla Forums has already gone to shit thanks to the ☭TANKIE☭ mods. Look, they even wordfiltered that shit. Just goes to show how fucking cowardly they are regarding criticism, the fickle Stalinfags.

And this isn't just about deleting my meme posts or locking my initial thread, either. Yes, I'm plenty pissed about that, but this blatant authoritarianism affects more than just me, and that's what I'm most pissed about. How badly do you have to fuck up to undergo the shameful transition from the board that came to Bat'ko's aid when Holla Forums flagged his videos off of YouTube, to the board that pissed Bat'ko off due to its DPRK dicksucking?? He even renamed the Holla Forums Choir to the Black Army Choir, and rightfully so.

Holla Forums, you didn't just betray me, you didn't just betray Bat'ko…

You betrayed the revolution.

*tips fedora*

Stale meme, modfag. You know I'm right, don't deny it.