What job should I take in order to maximally help the movement?

What job should I take in order to maximally help the movement?

I was thinking first of getting a union job at a local port. Eventually, I could rise up the ranks and we could launch a strike, which would seriously destabilize things considering it's one of the biggest ports in the US.

I was also thinking about going into coding/cybersecurity thanks to that Mr. Robot thread from a couple of days back. This also has the potential to cause disproportionate destabilization.

Another option could be to work as an agricultural laborer and try to take things from there. If the people who collect all the food go on strike, that's a major social destabilization.

I could just do Uber or your typical Wal Mart type shit, but the potential for affecting wide-reaching social change seems to be a lot smaller in those type of fields.

Legit any job.
Socialize with people and spread our ideas.

I've had ideas of using a temp agency to get into random places of work and talk about class struggle with the permanent workers in the places I'm sent to. It takes advantage of Porky's gig economy and the worst they can do is not ask you to return. If I were really social I could even befriend the permament workers and build a strong movement bridging several fields of industry instead of focusing on one or two of them.

I don't think anyone posting on Holla Forums is going to be able to socialize with anything but his four walls and his pillow.

nothing you do helps or hurts the movement. you are not the revolutionary subject, the proletariat at large is. Sit in your armchair and read bordiga

Uber/Walmart shit will be automated soon. Agriculture only employs ~1% of the population and we subsidize a lot of them to NOT grow food.
IT is the most thoroughly classcucked field around.
Ports will take longer to automate, but as companies pull factories out of china and build ones utilizing robots in the continental united states, the importance of ports as a node in the system will decrease.

Regardless of what you do, you will eventually sell out like everyone else.

I mean I'm a manager at my pizza hut so I think I can do pretty well with some slick entryism.

What's gonna happen when tens of millions of people are just laid off suddenly? Sounds like a recipe for inevitable social explosion if you ask me.

Get into a large surveillance company. For burgers that would be Microsoft/google/facebook or work for porky's state surveillance organizations.

Learn the methods, and devise resistance strategies.

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Those are the most classcucked jobs around, especially any position that would require a security clearance.

This is some CIA anti-agiprop if I've ever seen any.

Whatever you do, just don't be a cunt about the whole leftism thing

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Which is the best option …

… that you want to do for the worst possible reasons.

The point is to organize people, not to destabilize situation.

Uber won't be automated any time soon.

Something that gives you access to thermonuclear devices.

I'm thinking of becoming an unlicensed psychotherapist (psychic). People are in need of help with mental health and aren't getting it from the pill pushers.
I just checked out Mr Robot from this thread and wow. It's a little corny but captures the feeling of the present age so well its almost eerie. Something that kind of bugs me about media is that actors can sit in the place of all-too-real events. Like US torture chambers become a movie, there are actual prisons and yet there are prison dramas, there's a need for revolution so there's a show about it. It's this very real layer on top of reality which is quite irksome considering the fact that if you used the budget to solve the problem you wouldn't need the show. Tangent sry.

I want to write bullshit but i feel like that way i wont be able to connect with the working class

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Ride hailing service automation is just a few years out.

Stay in the working class and fulfill the important role of the organic intellectual

OP that's good that you're thinking this way, but if you have the privilege, don't choose a job that will be too physically and mentally strenuous. The instability of Uber or the exhausting lifestyle of agricultural work could be a detriment to your development as a member of the advanced layer of the working class. You don't want to come home every night and feel like you have no choice but to give into the hedonism porky offers you. You need as much time to read theory and build organizations as possible.

Any job that can keep you coming back without wanting to blow your brains out is a win in my book.