Holla Forums is having a meltdown

thedonald posters and white supremacists are at each others throats over Trump "recognizing" the capital of Israel as Jerusalem. I know this isn't Holla Forums related but damn it if its wrong to revel in Holla Forums's meltdown I don't want to be right.

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Holla Forums has been reddit for a year or more, they're not even on our radar. just a bunch of screaming kids.

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Time to bring out the popcorn

Wait, isn't that that guy from Community?


They'll just do some mental gymnastics and then forget it ever happened after 2 days when the next "happening" comes up.

another typical day on reddit/pol/ and their eternal war with Eurasia

The chess just keeps getting more dimensional.

At this point I think it's not even chess. It's string theory.

FTFY shill. Holla Forums has always supported Eurasia.

Spencer Pratt!!

hey this analysis is pretty good right guys

To be fair.. "Ey ya yay" or however you spell it is a hispanic thing too. Source: I'm brown.

Ay yai ya* Phonetically speaking
learn spanish

lol just last week they had a stickied thread titled "SHILLS ETERNALLY BTFO" and it had to do with Trump tweeting those anti-muslim videos. They where praising left and right and now this shit happens hahahaha.

Thread in question, be sure to check out the second reply:
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Lol the pol mods are going mental with the (astroturf) bans

They aren't even talking about it on /r/The_Donald. Literally not one thread. Interesting.

The only reason right wing evangelicals wanted this is because they think it fulfills end-time prophecy.

Next Trump will be letting democrats win so that they can fail at governing, reversing net neutrality so that increased censorship censors the censorers, and will pass TPP so that the proles can see how bad it really is and rise up against the coloreds. He really is a genius.

While not r/The_Donald on an (unnamed) app I use at least 5 of the people who follow me are at each other's throats


Y'know, honestly if these doomsaying nutters would just write books about it they could start contributing to society and making money off their insanity. They could have their bugout bunker and year's supply of ammo and dragon dildos and we'd have some peace and quiet.

Why is it that all right-wingers I meet support Israel except when I go so far right that they are Nazis? It's like, there is no grey area. At the left you have left-liberals who are critical of Israel but are still complacent with Zionism and then the further left you go you have 100% anti-Zionism - there is a variety of opinions.

With right-wingers there is no nuance, they either 100% support based Jews against Muslim orcs expect once you a single bit further right suddenly Israel controls the world and is the center of international Jewry and based Iran must be supported.

Remember the last time the entirety of internet left attempted to spread leftism on Holla Forums by capitalizing on minor squabbles – and succeeding?

Me neither.

That thread is saddening. I thought Holla Forums got over the trump shilling after the missile launch in Syria but they still suck him off like he's their king.

If you click the new tab you'll see some posts but I'm surprised it's not front page news for them.

Actually, when Trump fired missiles on Syria Holla Forums had an identity crisis and came to Holla Forums to vent. We got a lot of Holla Forumsacks converted on that day.

A good amount of people on Holla Forums are ex-Holla Forums. Meanwhile, almost noone ever from Holla Forums gets converted by Holla Forums. Some become more educated liberals but never Nazis. Obviously the "internet left" is not a coherent thing. If you think it is, I have every right to lump you guys in with reddit MAGA trash, Milo and Sargon.

none of us want to do that

Didn't Holla Forums have a lot of "I was a former leftist then I became a fascist/redpilled" threads every now and again?
I highly doubt they were well-read leftists either. Probably centrist-liberals who fell for the diversity shit in highschool/college.

Personally I only b8 Holla Forumsyps because I'm bored and want to fuck around for those delicious (You)s

Literally every right-claims that. "I used to be one of them before I got redpilled" etc. It's a common shtick. Molyneux claims he was a socialist (but doesn't know surplus extraction is), even fucking Academic Agent says he was a socialist. It's fucking awful.

every right-winger*

I lurk here everyday and am pretty much a Asserist and enjoy quite a few threads. Won't stop being a WN due to lived life experiences :^)

The best way to deal with pol would be organizing a meetup then bombing it.

That's kinda fucking stupid though. Are you going to hate women when they reject you? Do you think there are no material reasons for people acting in a certain way? If you were a student in Harvard, the blacks arround you would all be nice and educated.

is there a list of all these chess moves I can laugh at?? I want to make a meme.

is there a list of all these chess moves I can laugh at?? I want to make a meme.

[S+] [D] [D+] [D*] [B] [RB] [B&D] [B&D+] [B&D*] [Edit] [F+] [F*]

Remember when you thought you elected a president through posting images of pepe the frog and shilled him collectively so hard you thought your friendship magic elected him

I do.

I remember that very well. I have posts capped all about it.

"Black women bullied me and called me an albino mayo sun dried tomato"

this is literally the worst thing you can do though. It's the best way to get people to hate you when the bulk of people in your movement are screaming autists that get mad at everything.

Fuck I accidentally copied the options with it. Whatever peace. Holla Forums you'll never live the next 3 years down.

Holla Forums is really triggered by these pictures as is made evident by all those (Astroturf)s
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>>>Holla Forums11006066
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>>>Holla Forums11006109
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Holla Forums is about to implode. And it will be fun to watch.

I thought Holla Forums already concluded they didn't like Trump?

Cant wait to see Holla Forumsyps get drafted cause of the "god emperor" they elected.

Holla Forums has been a shitshow of nazis and facists against the innumerable hordes of neocons and redditors ever since pretty much all communists, ancaps, and lolberts left.
it's gotten so much worse over the past 2 years that I've been forced to start lurking leftypol and realizing that commies are mostly right not giving up my racist spooks though

also old ladies

Holla Forums has cycled from BASED LE TRUMP to FUCK TRUMP to BASED LE TRUMP like an abused fucking house wife

I check the ban list occasionally; there's usually a couple of bans from Holla Forums for criticizing Trump's administration whenever I take a look.
Actually, all of the posts linked by have been hotpocket'd for "Astroturfing."

I bet you actual money the mods of 8/pol/ are working for some backwater bullshitter pushed by Breitbart's money or some shit, the Mercer's who knows

You will eventually

t.ex Nazi

Kampfy and his goons are almost definitely working for someone.
Or they're just really hardcore neocons.

I doubt it user, the one time I forgot the old adage and relaxed, my gf was nearly raped. Only a nearby security guard saved her.

Why do you hold those spooks?

Holla Forums your legacy would have been better if Moot just deleted the board during Holla Forums harbor, but he did something even more mean to you.

He let the board exist.

Lifetime of living with lower class blacks and running into the worst kinds of jews.

Same but exchange jews with white protestants and Holla Forums posting upper class neets

Which was due to the shitty socioeconomic climate of where ever the hell you were and the poor upbringing.

What's more likely a lower class man who comes from a poor background around a culture of thugs and friends and family going to prison for criminal activates with a poor education since tall poppies get shot down for bein white reacts irrationally and continues the circle of being poor.


The man was suddenly quite literally due to this obvious subhuman genes unable to resist the the woman and even educated non whites can in a single second rape a woman cause their genes take over

rather then the rapist being literally unable to rape cause his money genes overrid him

probably one of the most accurate descriptions so far.

I've never gotten to meet anything but ameriburger political spectrum normie whites, which I still despise

It was in Houston in the 2nd poorest apartment area of the city
it had to have been the warrior gene…

Assuming any one identity is more of your friend than another identity in America is just going to leave you fucked over by the one you were rooting for every god damn time, you just haven't hit that ceiling of life yet

Clearly, the opinions of a handful of users on Holla Forums is worth discussing.

this basically confirms that palestinians will just quietly go extinct unless there's immediate military effort against israel.

Holla Forums the fact you have only a handful of opinions on this is very interesting indeed

Well that says it all. Let me guess Slavs are also subhuman trash cause even though you can literally track economic prosperity and wealth with a peaceful and secure society their the reason their poor and no other reason.

I mean it's not like during the great depression Germany and other countries/major cities around the world became a violent hellholes full of roving gangs of paramilitary groups or anything.

And Syria is next on the chopping block if the recent exchanges show anything.

No Slavs and Finns are the only people left I trust.

This Please.

I can really only see this shitty dog when he smiles (every time I come home)

lmao wow I cant unsee it now.

How many of you think that this will lead to a Third Intifada? Not that that's necessarily a bad thing

cucknomia is triggered too, if you want to mine salt but are b& from Holla Forums there's still some to be had on Holla Forums lol

feed me the 504s Ron!

How do you manage to moderate a board with your busy schedule of dicksucking?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?


That's not true, you stupid nigger.

Israel is a the closest thing we have to a modern first world facist ethnocracy plus it's a place where they can ships Jews too

Great work by fleamarketsocialist as usual

We can't sit back on the internet and chatter away.
We need to go against fascism where it lives.
If this means bombing their sympathisers, whether they are aware of it or not, then so be it.
Clintonite neolibs, civnats, or aut-righters all need a good drenching with hydrocarbons

Like clockwork!

nsa pls go

Neglect makes people get really nasty, I've seen some shit in europe and can't take racists seriously in any way, if anything they just make problems worse.

Hello, reddit/FBI.

Low quality bait
The fuck you even mean with this shit, bomb people without them knowing?


they had to have known. it's just in the moment it was the better option to le pwn the libtards. now they're just doing mental gymnastics so they don't look stupid

by ~leftist~ they just mean rightwinger who didn't quite want to gas the jews yet

*ay, ay, ay
learn better Spanish

Am I the only one who posts in both boards because I don't have an ideological allegiance? I can't be alone..

your apathy is allegiance to capitalism whether you want it to be or not

Naw, I actually sometimes shit on capitalism too. Depends on what the issue is (see for instance "planned obsolescence"). To me, all political problems are individual problems that need to be solved on an individual basis, rather than following some template of model solutions. Maybe I'm ignorant of your ideology I don't know, but for now, there is no optimal general solution manual for the world problems as far as I see it.

To be honest, you could say that statement about any form of ism. Just replace "capitalism" in your sentence with X. And see yourself. Nazis could use that sentence with X=jews, commies could say that sentence about X=capitalists, libertarians could say that sentence with X=government , religious people would use it with X=atheists etc etc.

Let's focus on specifics instead. What is the problem exactly? What are the circumstances? What are the resources allotted? What is the timeframe for the solution? Surely, it would be in all our interests to maintain as much clarity as possible with minimal naive reference to classical ideology?

was to

ok? one of those is objectively true (here's a hint; it's the one based on the superstructure society operates in) and the rest are completely false. you treating all of these as equal is just even moreso making me question your lack of allegiance to Holla Forums

claiming to be post-ideological is an invidious excuse for an ideology, so invidious in fact that it even fools yourself into thinking you aren't adhering to any "naive classical ideology". read zizek

This chan is populated mostly by Holla Forums, we get shitposters from there all the time, they've got an enormous online present and for a good while we've had constant Holla Forums rehabilitation threads.
It's not an obsession, that's like telling the weather man that he's obsessed with clouds.

So according to Holla Forums this is a 4d checkers move to make the world atheist and abolish tax evasion. Those guys are either paid shills or have poisoned their brains from posting too much

These people are worse than the 1998-2008 David Icke fuckers I swear to God. If they were consistent it would be one thing, but they flip ideas on a dime. They can't stay consistent.

Don't you think that is something someone with an ideology would say? Don't you think it is also possible to say that "being ideological is an invidious excuse for being post-ideological" ?

Maybe I will. I haven't read anything from him before. He is on my reading list for sure.

But as a final point. Just consider scientists, what ideology do they have when operating machines and doing research? What ideology does an artificial intelligence have when talking to a person? All these domains are treated with objectivity and determinism, leaving zero room left for ideological interpretation. I might be too autistic for ideological reasoning perhaps, but for me, it has been impossible to find the one optimal ideological set of generalized policies with a name on it.

Sounds like you haven't read Marx.

How do you, as an individual, stop the private property owner appropriating your surplus my man?

Private property of what? what kind of surplus?
Like, appropriating my surplus of consumption?

Tell me where Marx isn't objective. That's the whole point of his project; providing an objective critique of capitalism not dependent upon moral arguments, and using the dialectical method to develop a conception of societal and economic processes.

Everyone aims to be objective, wtf are you talking about?

The owner of private property extract surplus value from the workers who sell their labour power. How would you, as an individual, stop that from happening to you?

I need to go to bed now, just read this if you have any questions:

Hmm, I don't know. I assume you mean the owner of a company when you say property? Maybe you could impose a CO2-emission tax for instance? That would mean that, the bigger carbon footprint they have, the more they have to pay tax. Later, that surplus extraction could be returned via tax-returns. This would at least be a solution for those whose physical manual labor is corresponding to the value. I think this CO2 tax is a solution to the planned obsolescence problem as well.

If it's not physical labor, i guess it depends on how they extract the surplus. Is the extraction mutually agreed upon? Has the value of the workers labor been established? It's a highly fuzzy question. I'm not sure that can be answered. I'm not even sure if there always exists a surplus value.

But as an individual, I would make sure to find out exactly what I am paid for, and if my salary is agreed upon, then there is no need to discuss the "surplus value" later on. Who can predict the future value of anything with a certainty?

le defeners of christian values and western culture but uh fuck religion tho lol


If you're at the point where you can personally impose taxes then you don't have any problems in the first place.


I figure it's in a reactionary's nature to prefer to harm his enemies than to benefit himself.

Well, obviously you won't be able to personally directly impose tax. Those taxes would be imposed by a party that you yourself personally voted for. And surely, "carbon-footprint tax" isn't really too controversial? no?

What I wonder is not so much how surplus protocols are designed and implemented, but rather what kind of surplus there is. How did this surplus come about? Where? When? By whom? Under what circumstances? I don't think its too fair to talk about all kinds of surplus in a general sense. Does the surplus of a hedgefunds options work the same way as the surplus of a farmer? How about the surplus from a government employee when the government is in war? You see, its very hard to make just a "what would you do when surplus happens?"-solution in general.

I highly doubt that the expected age of someone that spends significant time on frogmemes on a daily basis is an adult though.


you'd be surprised

Memecancer (among other things) online has made me highly curious on how I can implement online filters against unwanted content for myself. In my want I found out a nice chrome/firefox addon called "VideoBlocker". This lets you block entire video channels from showing up on the youtube recommended list and search results. (I highly recommend it against online cancer).

Hopefully there will be more methods to filter out online cancer. To be honest. I would actually pay for a good filter so I never get exposed to infantile viral intellectual rubbish ever again.

Fucking saved


In the span of a year and a half, Holla Forums has now achieved its dream of supporting Israel. It has utterly broken itself utterly and will never return to what it was. It is broken, it has been abused and warped into loving Israel.

So in other words, they think because of Trump moving one of Israels biggest suppliers of weaponry right smack dab in Jerusalem then the public will think "da jooz" that we're funding are all a race of bad people and should die in a holocaust that apparently, according to them, have never happened "but should've"?

I thought ancaps are all about tax evasion, as well?

Yeah, but I don't think there is a single american troop in Israel. Trump is probably thinking "Palestine is done, arabs might as well just become a respected minority in Israel". Which is strange, since this approval is in that case openly tolerating creating nations using illegal deportations and settlements.

Probably because Israel and Holla Forums both support nationalist ethnocentric ideas.

The one that bothered me most though was:

To be honest this is Holla Forums's future at this point. If it lasts long enough, they're going to make a cult. Considering the Kek meme magic mass hysteria, I mean it's pretty much cat in the bag at this point. They're going to become Millenarianist cultists with an ethnic cleansing core to their ideology, Nationalism as Religion, and a Transformation of Society through occult magic.

Pessimistic, I give it ten years.
Optimistic: I give it five
Realistic: I give it two

You can't excuse literal years of being anti Israel with a hand wave like that.

And by "occult magic" I mean it in the same sense as they did during the election. It'll probably be less pathetic looking then PRAISE KEK, but slowly the worms will swallow their brains bathing in cognitive dissonance at this point.


The virgin meme brought life. Also the guy in the front with the green shirt is the only normal looking one.

Holla Forums (you)s are pretty bland though, since they are so easy to get

I recommend you read Marx, he explores these questions in Das Kapital for example.

Its 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧right wing🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 when it comes to hating muslims, or at least the brainwashed part.

To be fair this could just as well be a meetup for third-rate codemonkeys, there's certainly a lot of overlap in both fashion and demographics.


It's more a case of not having time to explain elementary concepts to someone who hasn't bothered to read. In fact, you've even been supplied with Ernest Mandel's work, yet you refuse to read the answers to your questions.

If you insist upon not reading even the most rudimentary introduction to Marxian economics, then put simply surplus value is the difference between the value created by living labour, and the compensation of the worker.


You should never trust anyone that you don't know personally or have a modicum of control over, regardless of their race. Enemies are everywhere.

Holla Forums's reaction to lauren southern's ex bf was glorious

Oi dickhead, why are you flashing your BV status for no reason. You think your better than us proles?

why though? whats so horrible about looking stupid on the internet? how new are they?

Trumpx/Pol/ mind break doujins when?

Holla Forums is always having a goddamn melt down, its what happens when the ground you stand on is like 80% lies

Holla Forums has spent about 3 years now endlessly shilling for Trump 24/7. To admit they were wrong now, would be to admit they sold out to Reddit, Facebook and Twitter and buried their own site's culture for effectively no reason at all. Not to mention admitting that they were yet again fooled by the elites.

so much of that was just shills though using their new youth pandering techiniques. theyre the first board to admit shills are active, and they could be taking the opportunity to study and showcase just how insidious the people they hate can be.
instead, they let the seeds take root. or maybe they would but theres nothing left of them? crazy world.

That sounds fucking hilarious, like 1980's action movie hilarious.

an actual Holla Forums meetup would be a whole lot less white