Preserving Your Own Language

Anyone else disturbed by the recent rise of Esperanto in the left?
Now liberal sources are pushing for this culture destroying imperialist language.
The goal of Esperanto is to replace local cultures and make us culturally and emotionally dependent on the capitalist class.
Any good Marxist knows to oppose Esperanto. Leaders like Stalin recognized the threat of internationalist liberal cosmopolitanism and removed it before it did damage to the Soviet Union.
Do not fall for this anti-communist linguistic trap. Learn your local dialects and languages instead. That's how to truly build a community of workers. At the grassroots level.

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OP i agree with everything except this

Makes me a little cautious because it has become a cosmopolitan liberal cliche in itself and is often used as a way to diffuse mass movements or seizing really wider power

The goal of Esperanto isn't to replace your native language. Esperantists are overwhelmingly anti-globalist. Its just a way for people from different cultures to share their cultures and communicate on equal ground.

holy fuck it's just a hobbyist language that has no aspect for taking over anything, you need to take a chill pill and stop pulling out the "DADDY STALIN SAID IT WAS BAD."
can you provide anything more than the hottest of takes

It literally is reactionary though. Telling people not to learn things is a clear sign you're part of a cult. If people want to learn a language who are you to stop them?

Then how do you suggest we build bonds with people across linguistic barriers at the local immediate level?
For better or worse, English is already the international language, but unlike the Anglos, most countries are multilingual and trust needs to be built somehow.


Esperantists are the biggest cult members. They go around claiming to speak an international language (it's really a European language with Hungarian grammar), and then attack you and call you an oppressive imperialist if you don't learn their made up language.
They are a cult. They worship a former zionist, the creator of the language, Zamenhof.

Stalin's orders to spy on, detain, and execute members of esperanto study groups in the late 30's was part of his impotent purging spree, nothing more.

A true attempt for an international langauge would be a mixture of Chinese, Arabic, Swahili, and Russian. That way everyone has an equal footing.
It makes no sense to speak a made up of a language based on something mostly spoken in Mexico, with some French, German, Greek, and Russian mixed in.

The goal of Esperanto is to become a universal secondary language. Unlike imperialist English, which is actively destroying culture around the world as we speak right now, it is not meant to replace your native language. It couldn't do it even if it tried to, because it barely has any culture of its own. Meanwhile English has a fucking economic superpower backing it and a propaganda machine that has achieved such an efficiency that every corner of the world constantly watches its propaganda movies made in Hollywood and eats the same shitty food made in McDonals.

Esperanto could be an effective tool against the cultural influence of the American Empire, it could successful replace English without posing any danger to local cultures and remove the language barriers between the oppressed nations of the world.

But instead you are sucking American dick and betraying your own supposedly anti-imperialist principles because you fear that you would lose your privileged position as a native speaker and face foreigners as your equals.

Stalin chose to purge Esperantists because they were conversing with counterrevolutionaries abroad. Thousands of these bourgeois footsoliders were threatening the socialist project.

Civil liberties must be suspended after a revolution otherwise the capitalist rule in other countries will triumph through cultural victory.
What you can offer is economical and political freedom, but civil must be depurated from the capitalist filth

lmao no, don't talk about shit you don't understand

So don't you think it's smarter to know their language than to not know their language if it becomes popular? Honestly you should know as many languages as you can. Language divides the working class far more easily than any idpol does. I know this first hand from living in Quebec.
The Hungarian language is Finno-ugric and not Indo-Euroean.

Esperanto's vocabulary is mostly a mixture of European languages.
It's grammar is non-European in the sense that's it's extremely agglutinative. A feature shared with barely European languages like Hungarian, Estonian, and Turkish,.

You arrest counterrevolutionaries based on their acts, not the language they use. Under Stalin's rule there were direct orders to arrest esperanto groups which is completely idiotic.

And I bet that you will find these cosmopolitan swine in Quebec too. The goal of Esperantists is to divide and then spread their culty tongue.

Mate I speak both languages, they are not that similar, trust me.

You're genuinely a retard.

2/10 troll

The Esperantists were given too much power in the beginning of the Soviet Union. Esperanto before the purges in the USSR, Spain, and Germany were powerful internationally.

Stalin saw the danger and cut off a major vein in the Soviet Union. They were used at first to spread propaganda, but the Espreantists later began spreading counterrevolutionary material as a collective.
Stalin purged mostly individual movement leaders and those that caused trouble.
It was Hitler who targeted people just for being Esperanto speakers. Both tactics are fundamentally different.

That would be an interesting langauge. I wonder what it would look/sound like.


Esperanto is to linguistics what quackery is to medicine.
A fantasy made out og gglued wood that will fail anything it aims for
What truly pains me are esperantists that will cover their ears at all criticism and always talk about unexistent issues in this world

This! Esperanto speakers are as bad as Jill Stein voters in politics.
There is no language problem. English is the universal language and is spoken in every major city of the world.
Esperanto nor any other made up language will ever be picked up by the masses.
Esperantists are fools and should not be respected in leftist spaces. They should be actively blocked from spreading their bullshit.

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Ohhhh I get it now. The eternal 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Anglo🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 is afraid.

i know too many linguist that will kill and burn your corpse.
how much brainlet are you ?

Dubious source.
Only the leaders of the movement and prominent figures were targeted in the Esperanto movement.
It wasn't a thoughtless genocide.

If it weren't for Stalin, the USSR would have collapsed into an Esperanto-speaking multi-national bourgeois federation. Stalin made mistakes. This wasn't one of them.

Supporting imperialism is not allowed on Holla Forums.

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Alright then let's all learn Na'Vi but fuck Esperanto.
It's ridiculous that you edgy "anti-imperialists" want to destroy the relationship between English and billions of people because of liberal privilege checking.
English is already the world language. If you are for Esperanto, you are against the proletariat.

Travel more.

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sorry if calling bullshit on your made up language makes me a troll

Most Americans don't have passport. Typical cosmopolitan mentality. I bet you use uber to get around everywhere.
Also, you don't know where I've been,

Jesus Christ man what is with you? You're always the same visceral anti-esperanto ☭TANKIE☭ shitposter who continually makes shit up about esperanto. Did an Esperantist piss on a picture of Stalin in front of you? The entire idea of Esperanto is to PRESERVE local cultures and languages.

English is the international language precisely because it takes the place of native ones you fucking doublenigger.

And you call other cult members who worship dead ideologues.

English is the language of the global bourgeoisie you enormous faggot. It is inherently anti-proletariat because it forces them to learn the language of their oppressors while forgetting the language of their people.

Why the fuck are you such an autistic rapid anti-esperantist?

Bourgeois Esperantist id-polers are now attacking white people. No surprise here.

Every language is "made up".

God the whyte genocyde cant come soon enough

Really fucking isn't lad, actually learn some linguistics.

English is only a "world language" because it is backed by the economic power of the American empire and the British empire before that. Thinking that it is so widespread because it is somehow superior to other languages or that as soon as the American Empire collapses it will remain in its privileged position is pure idealism.

Most of the working classes don't speak English or do so very badly and you wouldn't understand them. English is most prominent among the bourgeoisie and the intelligentsia.

Even if we take this as true, forcing people to learn Esperanto is not the answer. In that case, people should learn the languages of their neighbors, whoever they may be. Instead of communicating in a made up language.


Thanks OP. Before this thread I had no idea Esperanto was even a thing. Now I'm going to learn a new language because of the arguments presented in this thread and there's nothing you can do about it.

Do you think people found languages outside their caves some day and started using them? All languages are products of conscious human activity, and thus made up.

The universal language should be Finnish : DDD

Nobody is forcing anyone to learn anything. You are fighting windmills.

I actually do, and they are. There's nothing authentic or natural about languages, regardless the number of speakers or their age. If Esperanto replaced English in the world in 1000 years you wouldn't be able to read old Esperanto texts due to the changes that occur.


Conscious and unconscious at the same time.

Now you sound like like a libertarian.
"No one is forcing you to participate in the markets. Capitalism is a choice,"

This! Finns, Lithuanians, the French, and Jews cannot read ancient texts.
Languages cannot be controlled and languages cannot be created. They are natural.


Are there people that will throw you in prison or kill you if you don't know Esperanto? How retarded do you have to be to think capitalism is even close to the same as learning a new language?

English is a far bigger threat to other languages than this meme called Esperanto.

English is the ultimate imperialist language.

You could claim that people are coerced into learning English. For example to get a programming job it is an unsaid requirement. But Esperanto? Come on, you can't be this paranoid.

Yet here we are all speaking it, because we know English is the language of the masses. Not any meme language, not any languages a bunch of autists make up.

I learned it because it was forced upon me.

I didn't really have a choice to learn English or not. My school system taught it to me.

Anyone else disturbed by the recent rise of mathematics in the left?

Now mathematicians are pushing for this thing destroying authentic local logics.

The goal of mathematics is to replace local ways of thinking and make us culturally and emotionally dependent on the capitalist class.

Any good Marxist knows to oppose mathematics. Leaders like Stalin recognized the threat of the "universal language of all sciences" and removed it before it did damage to the Soviet Union.

Do not fall for this anti-communist mathematician trap. Learn your local logic and algebra instead. That's how to truly build a community of workers. At the grassroots level.

We're speaking precisely because of imperialism. Do you think people consciously chose to learn it because they thought it was really logical and easy?


But, really though, there's nothing wrong with keeping your native language, which is precisely why esperanto exists, so that you can.

The cult of real numbers must be stopped.

All the languages you listed has serious language reforms where the state forced planned changes on them. They are, like most other modern languages, proof that languages can be controlled and created.

Is it a coincidence that 9 out of 10 mathematicians are jewish? I don't think so. Everything beyond natural numbers and Hellenic trigonometry is a jewish lie.

An example.

I have 2 bananas in my hand. I am content with them. In comes the Jewish matamaticians to mess up the natural order: "that's actually 1,99999999… bananas!"

"FUCK YOU", I say, but then I have a realization! The remaining 0,00000…1 bananas in my hand – you know what it is in the jewish made up "irrational numbers"? In their eyes it's the debt of the white race to the semites.

Flunk school, kids, you'll be better off detecting the ZOG Occupied Government.

Fuck Esperanto. Revive Latin.

No they developed over thousands of years through a process of evolution. They weren't drawn up in a year by a group of wanks in a room.


From any evolutionary perspective worthy of serious consideration language is at best a sprandrel, or a parasite on the human organism.

I remember there was a thread on Holla Forums a while back where there were a lot of people defending Esperanto. Glad to see that isn't the case in this thread. All I have to say is that is a meme language and it will never gain prominence and anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded by meaningless superstructure bullshit. That being said if you want a global language, you're better off with English since it's already almost de facto world language (thanks burgerland). Spanish and Mandarin are also contenders for "world language" status but let's be honest, anything that doesn't use the latin alphabet is pretty worthless for most of the world anyway
Now that I think of it, it'll probably be easier to get the world on one alphabet before we get everybody speaking the same language

Most modern languages were actually drawn up in a few years by language reformers.

The fucking literati in the ancient world codified and altered the authentic natural languages in their texts, proclaiming the rule of such artificial constructs as "letter" or "grammar" or "punctuation".


Jewish mathematicians be like "the sum of all the natural numbers up until infinity is -1/12"
But WHITE mathematicians be like "Don't eat beans"

Good luck getting the far east to do that.

go to a working class neiborhood in Mexico City speaking only English and then get back to me.

I like Esperanto and I support its use for its own sake. If it became the world language, I wouldn't be disappointed. However Esperanto needs a second worldwide popularity. At one point it was called the People's Latin.
I support Esperanto but most workers don't even consciously think about the langusge problem we have. If Esperanto became popular, maybe a new modern language more based on modern linguistics and Chinese, Hindi, and English would be made. Similar to how supporting Democratic Cops of America is a good step in spreading class consciousness, learning Esperanto is a good way in getting this issue spread. I've only studied Esperanto for two months and know more than the Spanish I've studied for six years.

Koran saluton karaj kamaradoj,
Se vi povas legi tiun ĉi mesaĝon sen tradukilo, mi ĝojus. Mi estas pli malpli meznivela komencanto. Mi eklernis tiun ĉi lingvon antaŭ du monatoj kaj jam estas en la mezo de la duolinga arbo. Tamen verdire mi lernas multe pli el aliaj rimedoj. Ĉefe libroj.
Do laŭ mi, Esperanto estas bona lingvo kaj mi plezure lernas ĝin kaj babilas kun aliaj samideanoj. Sed mi ne estas tradicia finvenkisto. Esperanto estas sufiĉe bone konata ilo por disvastigi la subtenon de artefarita planlingvo. Kvazaŭ klaskonscio, la laboristaro ankaŭ ne scias multe pri la lingva problemo. Se Esperanto fariĝos la lingvo de la proletoj, mi feliĉas tamen mi divenas ke plej verŝajne dum la dua monda disvastiĝo de Esperanto, homoj ekfaros novan planlingvon. Sed tio ne okazos se la ideo ne estas populara. Jen eĉ plia kialo por subteni Esperanton.


Yeah, tbh it was the great committee of 1948 that decided the grammatical rules of english adjectival order.

Oh and we can't forget the grand congress of 1873 that agree that "an" should come before a noun with a vowel.

Fucking spelling rules are effectively nothing compared to the base architecture of languages you utter dolt.

It's more than that. Certain grammatical cases were chosen over others. English is a bad example because it was already a unified colonial language centuries ago. But look at Italian, German, or Hebrew. The grammar and vocabulary chosen did not faithfully reflect any particular dialect spoken.