Peak liberalism

daily liberalism hate thread. post pictures, videos, etc. that reveals the ugliness of pink/rainbow capitalism and profitable 'social justice.'

"peak liberalism
The critical point at which liberalism becomes equal to its own reductio ad absurdum, leading any rational person to abandon it for truly progressive ideologies."

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The worst liberalism is the kind that wears red.


What the fuck. You have a sourse on the fourth image? That's some bad shit



Tankies have been absolutely ripping into this guy lately. He is such a piece of shit.

EXTREMELY cursed image

that fourth image is a semi-famous copypasta making fun of neoliberals. It gets posted by people on social media all the time.

Does anyone unironically like any of those bitches? I mean I guess Schumer might have some fans but no one likes that gargoyle on the right.


oooo got links?

What is the deal with Guardian writers? They have so little self-awareness its amazing Yank here, I've heard rumors that the paper is run by MI5 is that true?

twitter ☭TANKIE☭s like eugine levine and phil greaves, idr the rest of their twitter names.

fuck but that means I gotta search through the cancer that is twitter

You don’t know the half of it.

do you have the similar screencap about the guardian writer complaining that you shouldn't admire soviet art because it came from a dictatorship?

Unfortunately no, but I do remember one article that said we shouldn’t read or appreciate any of the Ancient Greek philosophers because they were sexist.

good news I found it

fucking pseuds are the worst


this is literally what ussr apologists think ancoms are

So the twins are going to have an incestuous romance? I mean whichever way round it's weird