Mike Pence once ratted out his fraternity brothers for having a keg. Then Became Virtual Recluse


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tl;dr Mike Pence is a sociopath

Wow, Mike Pence is a snitch and a cunt? I totally couldn't tell that just by looking at him.

Snitches get stitches




,>Pence is the average protestant christian ameriburger
Whats the point of this



Nice quads.

Somehow, this is the worst part to me.



Sounds like how Holla Forums is run.

Holla Forums will churn out worse future American politicians than Mike Pence probably.


So basically,

Mike Pence is a soulless machine with a fake personality he's engineered his entire life, a smile that behind holds cool hot rage for a world he thinks is either full of sin or soon on the end times, who wants control and power over people like an abusive step father, and has for his entire life, adapting to becoming better and more strategic at it. And he justifies it all in his mind as biblical. His entire life has been about controlling other people and he's hell bent on becoming president.

Mike Pence is the Republican Hillary Clinton.

In a world of sinners the only true crime is having morals.

No wonder why every Democrat shitheel loves him.

I didn't know being generally manipulative and breaking up friendships with gossip was God's word, but hey, if enough White Christians do it

For some reason, reading this with "And There Will Your Heart Be Also" on is really fucking groovy.

This looks like it was drawn by Chris Chan.



No it doesn't.
I was just admiring the colored pencil work - unblended, yet effective. Actually kind of inspiring. And the marker (or artist's pen?) work is fantastic.

The Spanish Reds had the right idea about you evil fucks. Anyone who upholds your so called "Christian morality" deserves the wall.

Christianity stabs the left in the back every single time. Church burnings when?

I was reading this hoping for a frighteningly virtuous man and all I got was a slimy social manipulator.
He really is Mike Piss.


Mike "If you got a keg imma report you niggas to the Feds" Pence

Seriously though. This man seems like the biggest case of no-fun ever. I guess this is what happens when you take anti-degenracy as a serious political praxis.

With how devout this makes Pence look, I honestly wonder what the fuck he signed on with Trump for. Surely he knew that not only Trump is everything he seems to hate about people, but it could also cost him political popularity

He knew that Trump would be so hated that the country would be cool with his horrific theology.

Even if he believes that, it's a huge gamble.

Mike Pence did nothing wrong

t. Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence

There've been recent reports suggesting that Pence and Priebus were planning a sort of coup at one point. Pence's wife is apparently disgusted by Trump - the "I'll look less bad" theory is probably on the money.

Disgusting. Daily reminder that Christ came for the conquered not the conqueror.

I never doubted it, I just think he might be betting on him coming out of this term looking clean. His silence is audible, I wouldn't doubt this is his strategy. But it seems to bold, and remember he did lose twice before he turned himself into a self help politician for the Conservative right. This seems like an over step on his part. I could be wrong.

Christians like Pence always use the church as a crutch for their own personal shortcomings rather than as a tool to attain salvation/liberation. I hate them so fucking much.

fixed for you

Every. Single. Time.

True enough.

Deuteronomy 13:5

Mike Pence thinks he's fucking Revolver Ocelot

So you want us to like Mike Pence for being a controlling doting mother his entire life on his entire community until he courted the far right religious voting bloc of America, playing politics and media and lies his whole way through, just because he's Christian.

Nah, I don't think that's a good idea. Getting someone who's always been bent on controlling people for his entire life.

Whats wrong with being controlled?

The New Covenant supercedes the Old Covenant. Almost everyone, including the most backwards prots recognize this to some degree. Get fucked.

But it doesnt negate it

The motivations behind the want for power. Everything in this tells you he's compensating for having some kind of fucking personality disorder that wants to rule over people, by being a devout Christian. He's actually just like your average hyper strict/abusive Christian father in this sense, what's always interesting his how they always end up alone without power. And the power he has to get this far is lobbying, capital, bribery, and back stabbing.

I have a better question for you. What's wrong with being responsible, and just deciding not to do that? I think there's more virtue there.

Stop defending this living hemorrhoid Because Bible. Even in your own world view he's Babylon at this point.

Because the interests of the person controlling you do not align with your own interests you dumb classcuck

You know I'm willing to bet he abused his wife. All this "I'm so kind to my wife I love my wife, I stay away from other women" shit, combined with this profile

It all seems sketchy as fuck

This is a heretical belief, at least under the theology of most branches of Christianity.
To rephrase John Ball: When Adam delved and Eve span, who then was the employer?

He is a neo-conservative and one of the Christians whom believes that Israel is the land of the holy.

Who was the one talking about meme magic. Who.

Who did this to you Holla Forums

Btw, why are you against Neoconservatism when it is nothing more than renamed Trofskyism?

Because even if that was true, and it's not, Trotsky is not a particularly popular person here. You could say we picked him out.

Except it very much is. Here's a unyn song about it hooktube.com/watch?v=AXv3CvVZBzA

Who wants to bet he's also secretly bisexual?

I think you'll find that it actually does negate it in lots of places.

Russian Orthodox Church had plenty of those tho

that or kiddie-diddler

He came to make the conquered the conquerors. Why did he fail?


The fuck?

Strap in, shit's about to get weird

Your morals are spooks,
and your waifu is trash

It actually does, in a lot of parts.

I think his stragety is to wait untill trump gets impeached so he can be prez with little effort. The snake.

What a fucking dork


Evangelicals deserve mass graves. Zero exceptions. It's our duty as communists to eradicate this social group from the face of the earth.

He sodimizes little boys just like all these super Christian right-wingers politicians do.

Arius got maced over this heresy back at the first council of Nikea, don't tell me the proddies are trying to bring it back.

THIS is what happens when you let plebs read the bible people, protestantism was a mistake.

Read Hegel
also Arius was right

I don't care. Remove him from office.