Graphics card prices may shoot up again due to Bitcoin's spike

Graphics card prices may shoot up again due to Bitcoin's spike

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Can't wait for cryptocurrency to crash when these retards finally realize the emperor has no clothes.

It will crash when the big players start trying to fuck with it. So soon-ish.

On a related note, DDR4 prices are through the roof because of demand from cellphones providing a convenient pretext for manufacturers to pretend they couldn't foresee the need for more production capacity, and gouge PC users for DIMMs.

Gaymers BTFO.

Boy I sure am glad I got my card before that happened

I won't be happy when prices sky rocket from diminishing rare earth metals. Hopefully that is a long ways off.

wtf I love bitcoin now
get fucked Holla Forumsirgins

I can't believe people are still buying bitcoin when it's literally useless for anything but speculation, I was convinced the bottom was going to fall out of the market long before now but apparently I was wrong - regardless though, don't the new adopters realise that eventually the whole thing is going to collapse and they'll be left holding the can?

But user… late capitalism is nothing but speculation

From what I understand it has crashed several time before, lolberts are just too fucking spooked to let it go

There are places where you can cash it but I'm not sure how they work.
Bitcoinfags use them to buy weed anyway

didnt it literally just crash?

A lot of those places failed or stopped accepting bitcoin after a while.

Even that is becoming expensive if transaction fees keep increasing. (And considering the energy requirements, they will.)
There is a point where people will prefer their local dealer over paying $100 in transaction fees. We're not quite there yet (though legitimate vendors have already gone under), but it's just a matter of time now.
At this rate the bitcoin network will use as much energy as the united states by 2020. And it won't end there.
Let that sink in for a moment. Right now the network's energy usage increases by 1 TWh every 4 days.

hahahahahahaha the only thing any of you will start caring about the working class is when video games get threatened by Bitcoin mining AnCaps

This is funny to me. Fuck video games, I hope for a future war on the scale of GamerGate between neets who only live for video games and bitcoin fuckers, because they both overlap enormously and communities that deserve to die would immediately rip themselves apart.

Small correction: Bitcoin will use as much energy as the entire world by 2020, not just the US.


r/soc fuckers out and stay out, this is a gamergator board(No it isn't.)

fuck you mods.

Why do you allow communities to grow so fucking terrible, I hate you and the disease you bring to every community. Stop playing fucking video games, stop getting political over fucking video games, it's fucking gambling at this point who gives a fuck who did what to who 5 years ago

Just shut up about this tired bullshit, these communities are cesspits of reddit at this point, actually, pretending they're something they aren't. and the faster they rip themselves apart the better

I'm not unironically a GGfag but stop being so fucking triggered over video games, you people are the real cancer on leftism, the no fun allowed SJW tank wastes.

Can you guys explain to me how bitcoins are a bubble and how they will pop?
I need to look smart in front of a nerdy chick who wanted to invest in them.

Butthurt wallstreet banker detected.

They have zero value, they are basically new tulips except tulips at least look nice.

They were once sometimes used to buy drugs or underage sex slaves but now they're almost exclusively for speculation, ie. idiots see the 'bitcoin rising' stories and decide to put their life savings into it. I've repeatedly said this bubble will pop for years but apparently the idiocy of the late adopters knows no end, as long as they keep putting in money the pyramid scheme will sustain itself but that cannot last forever. Plus as others have mentioned the Bitcoin network is so overburdened at this point that it's barely even hypothetically possible to use them to buy things - and not only that but actually 'cashing out' your apparent huge gains into real money is pretty difficult unless you run a huge exchange.

I read an article comparing bitcoin to the tulip bubble and they said its not really a good example. The tulip bubble burst because big companies started to mass produce tulips on an industrial scale and undercut the whole market over night. You cant do that with bitcoin. The algorithm dictates that every coin is progressively harder to mine.

I'm not, I don't care about video games. I care about the people who care about video games. Because they're unbearable faggots that destroy everything they ever touch. And don't do the "b-b-b-but you care about video games too then!" bullshit because I literally only care about the people.

Under the guise of trying to perserve internet communities these people have managed to absorb the people who want to fit in the most, new reddit posters and teenagers who want to feel like they're authentic and stand for something they're unhealthily strapped to.

The video game industry needs another crash, if not for their shady tax evasion, microtransactions, and creating addicts who pay over $1,000 in microtransactions, then the sludge and muck of people they've created who are now politically confused adults who are so stunted and have no place to go now that they spent their teenage years arguing about who fucked Zoe Quinn; that they end up being the most politically irresponsible force in Western culture.

Fuck video games as they are, fuck people who give this shit industry money and attention, and especially fuck people who engage in some sort of bizarre act of both the worst in conspiracy theory circles from before 2010 with the worst of teenagers since 2010.

Saying "triggered" isn't an argument. Everything about the community created for video games has been destructive. It has allowed an entire generation to fester who can shrink away from their social responsibilities by hiding in their house as a self imposed prison.

And these are the very people I do care about because there's too many of them not to take seriously at this point. I'm not telling them to get a job and use their boot straps, but I am saying this environment and this event have fostered people who in the past would have paid for their mistakes and learned from their experiences.

I hate the internet too for similar reasons.

Thanks. Especially for the tulip thing. Hope It'll get me a blowjob at least

Buddy, Wall Street is filled with Ayn Rand cock suckers and so is Bitcoin. I don't care what happens to anyone at the top of either.

That image looks like an album cover.

Fuck me, I wholeheartedly agree with this.
Great post, user.

I wish it was something that innocent

Well Wallstreet is currently saying exactly what you just said.
They are shitting themselves over bitcoin because it has grown up from nothing outside of their control. They cant print bitcoins. They cant influence the exchange rate. Or the interest rate.

Bitcoin is useless except for speculation. But so are all the currencies the bankers print on a daily basis. The difference is nobody controls bitcoin.

The only track will be Holla Forums mansion and "magic missile" replaced with "fucking niggers"

Wall Street is getting into bitcoins though. What the fuck are you talking about?

I never knew bout this. Thanks user

Im talking about the fact that Walstreet is very worried about cryptocurrencies.
They want to go back to the old system where they could control all the currencies and influence their value.

They can't influence it now, but it's just an infrastructural shift, more than a different paradigm. Possess enough bitcoins and you can manipulate them as much as you want. Add to that the fact that banks or large corporations can afford much better hardware than anyone else and even your miners are out of a job in favor of the old financial elite.

Cryptocurrencies are not a threat, they are just a new playing field. Eventually a new winner will arise and we will be in the same situation we were.

Yeah that is a fair way of putting it. Im just saiyan that the current winners feel under threat by the changes to the system they have become very good at exploiting.

I find it quite ironic that the top bankers are saying 'bitcoin is just numbers on a computer' when that is EXACTLY what they turned every currency in the world in to.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay faggots. I can actually but subways from subway.

They only can't control Bitcoin because the main use of cryptocurrency is black markets.

Of course. It will be helpful for money laundering during the revolution. Bitcoin and other currencies that become assets will die though.

"t-t-the revolution will come any day now" - delusional

None thought great Russia could fall to the socialists. Wait a couple of years when the new great depression will be unleashed.

And because the central banks cant print it on a whim.

nothing destroys economy like unbriddled lolbert retardation

The banks don't really care because it's worthless unless backed by fiat currency.

Bitcoin isn't really scalable and it's entirely just speculation at this point. Are you honestly going to buy shit with your bitcoins when your pizza today might have cost $1000 tomorrow?

As I said on Holla Forums on 4ch. In 2010 I had hundreds of bitcoin. Spent them on a bunch of shit from that Shamanus ethnogenic store. Those items that were few hundred dollars then, are now worth MILLIONS in bitcoin. But back then, Bitcoin

Le cybernetic man take on bitcoins for those interested and how they are not in a ny way useful for socialism

In related news, Steam is no longer accepting Bitcoin payments due to volitility and skyrocketing transaction fees.


Yes. You have responsibilities to uphold. I know it sucks, but sometimes your room needs to be cleaned. It's just part of growing up, I'm sure the tank is just a phase.

I wonder if the manlet saved them.

Thanks for the advice Peterson, but I'm perfectly capable of playing some vidya and keeping my room clean.

good, fuck gamers

Gamer guys are usually OK politically. They are only reactionary with respect to women for some strange reason.

You don't need to be a lefty to hate Dickless Dickie.

Because revolutions never happen.

You know that guy was dead at the time Richard Spencer was punched right

It was never 100% confirmed, but unlike with Clanton Holla Forums lost interest and didn't pursued the leads pointing out that he is alive.

There were no leads.

He was dead. There was a memorial for him and everything. This is why you don't latch onto the first person that happens to fit your narrative when they only tangentially resemble the person you're looking for.

His twitter account still posted once or twice after he supposedly died, sauce for the memorial thing?

Yeah, and now the age of revolution is over. We're living in the end of history. The liberal world order to destined to spread across the stars.

.t delusional

Starting to get really pissed off by this, I sold my 480s to make a quick buck back in summer and the prices still haven't dropped. I don't want to go through winter break on integrated graphics.

…and doing blackmarket transactions of all sorts and running a business in Argentina or some other country the economy has failed. There are a lot of people genuinely dependent on bitcoin to function. No, it's not going away, it will however be a long while before it gets used for buying stuff that doesn't cost a lot or isn't illegal, since there's huge transaction fees.

Other coins can be used by those people. They aren't the reason it just broke $13,000. Cryptocurrencies are good, crypto-assets are stupid and only help the petite and normal bourgeoisie.

Each time it pops that is the time to buy. They're not going away ever.

What the fuck is happening? Why are people putting all their money into this instead of normal investments? Is this a sign of economic uncertainty?

Listen I am a regular tor poster with a customized homepage and bookmarks and stuff to go around all my onions and everyone takes bitcoin and nothing else. Also on youtube it's bitcoin. Everyone wants bitcoin and nobody cares about those other currencies. Whatever advantages the other currencies have also always get nullified when they just make changes to bitcoin.

I believe in bitcoin because it actually gets used. The other currencies never get used and are powered entirely and purely by SPECULATION.

When I start seeing people actually posting wallets for other currencies and seriously trying to use those currencies I might change my mind but the whole darknet currently only gives a shit about bitcoin.


oh and videogames / entertainment is pretty big money too, people need to distract themselves from this shit life

Steam just dropped support for bitcoin.

Where to get this btw? t. knows where to obtain sex slaves of all sorts but not that sort

Yes I know but they'll bring it back in about 5-6 months after some changes that help bring down the transaction fees from 20 dollars to something much more reasonable.

I was also just going to purchase a game too with bitcoin when that bit of news hit me.

I think this is a good place to ask but can anyone explain the autism spinner or whatever it's called phenomena? The pajeets at the market literally brought in boxes of hundreds of them and they have flooded every single store even when it makes no sense for them to be selling them. They have become as ubiquitous as gifts cards and usb cables and lighters and gum.

Does it make you happy to know that if it wasn't for the opportunity to spend my time developing and playing games and living off of daytrading and shitposting on the internet I would have 0 outlets, reach maximum frustration really fast, and started killing people at random much sooner in life? You seem to want to take away everything that makes life bearable for me.

I bet you are some faggot low T betacuck who is absolutely ok with femoid fun destroying civilization, but its VIDEO GAMES that triggers you.


You can take away my video games the moment you take away female sexual freedom and not a moment sooner. Otherwise, we are here to stay. Feminism has redpilled our generation, and we will continue to grow stronger and righter the more you insufferable cucks refuse to admit you are wrong. The future is fascist unless the left puts the collar back on women first.

If she's actually intelligent (which she won't be because she's a woman) she'll realize you're full of shit and don't know anything.

I am a NEET who lives entirely off of what he makes in the markets. My strategy can be summed up like this; is there an actual and sustained demand for the product? Is that foundation going to continue? Is there decent growth potential? What are the volumes like? Where can I identify an irrational and misguided panic that gets people to bail on the stock?

I only lost some money once on an oilstock. I sold because of an environmental disaster. They recovered and I could have made money if I just held on. I thought they would be sunk but nope.

Other than though (and it was a trivial couple tens of thousands of dollars for me) I have never once lost money in years. I do daytrading, swingtrading, etc.

Concerning bitcoin I just buy it everytime people are announcing it's crashing and it's done for, then it goes back up, then I sell it, then I buy back in again at the next panic. This strategy has made me really rich. Nothing I see this thread hasn't already repeated in cycles over and over and over now for years. I always love to see people finally declaring Bitcoin is dead now, when really, it isn't.

Don't however put all your eggs in one basket… if I lost all my bitcoins I would be completely fine. If bitcoin became totally worthless I would still have hundreds of thousands of dollars in other stocks.

There is a different mentality to investing also depending how rich you are and what way you're approaching it. Some people do stupid things. I get rich on human stupidity.

Oh this said though bitcoin really is plagued with a lot of problems including:

1. Difficulties in buying bitcoin in excess of 70,000 thousand dollars.
2. Slow transactions and huge fees.
3. Difficulties selling your bitcoin.

At this moment I have very few bitcoins. Yeah I'm making huge gains one what little I do have but I can't invest a large volume of money into bitcoin because of all its stupid issues.

So you can definitely make a few thousands dollars every few months on bitcoin but good luck trying to do something like buying and selling say half a million of bitcoin every month.

You know that not everyone has those kinds of issues with women right? A majority of young guys are totally fine with girls. Why are you so fucking defective?

Bruh, I'm gonna hook you up with something cool. It's called Wizardry. Ever heard of it? It's probably the best game series ever made. Most the game are easily emulated without a dedicated gpu. I've even been playing the Japanese remakes for PSX on my fucking phone. Cool thing is that after plebs abandoned the series the Japanese kept making proper Wizardry games and countless clones over the years

Another option is roguelikes. Not all are good, but the major games all have their own twist and have enough variation to keep you entertained a long time. Personally, I recommend ADoM. It is closed source which is a pretty major downgrade for a roguelike, but the gameplay is tight. The latest version costs money and is on Steam, but the older free versions are totally worth playing too. Related though not quite a roguelike is Dwarf Fortress. Learning curve alone will take a while, but after you've got over that there are countless challenges and other random shit you can do. Also there is adventure mode which function more like a traditional roguelike, but in the insane Dwarf Fortress generated world.

These are just a couple examples that are easy to pirate/download, but they represent 1000s of hours of gaming and no graphics card necessary. Old god-tier action games can work without GPUs as well. Really, this is the perfect opportunity to work through a massive collection of 80s and 90s games. Even some up through the early 2000s can work. Or you could play some more recent indie games(I don't recommend this despite there being a few gems). My old ass GPU barely gets any work when I play games and the reason is because the best shit was getting made 10+ years ago.

Kill yourself.

Because he thinks feminists and/or women are out to literally chop off penises and needs fascism to control women to get laid because HE'S the low T cuck.

Fake news.

What does TDS mean?

If you have no standards like yourself of course you get laid all the time but good luck actually creating a long-term and worthwhile relationship and also enjoy your early exit from life, maybe you'll be like that faggot that got shilled all over the place when he died of a drug overdose, lil peep or whatever.

No matter how good a single player game is, I have never bothered with any single player games, The Sims being the only exception. I vastly prefer to only play multiplayer games.

Just play Quake Live, Broodwar, or CS 1.6 then you stupid nigger. Your aversion to single player games reeks of shit taste. There are countless classic multiplayer games you can play. Also get rid of your shitty flag you stupid LARPer faggot.

Cool your autism fucko you can reply to more than one post at a time

If I replied to more than one post at a time though it wouldn't make you upset so why would I do that?

Also in a faster moving thread my posts get scattered anyways.

I just write a post and send it off. Trying to combine multiple posts increases chances I'll exceed the char limit and have to break up the posts or that my posts won't get through in time before the thread disappears or someone else thinks the same thing and posts it before me or whatever else.

I don't like to play very many games and I hate to play or be involved in anything that is not open source. Fuck your proprietary games tbh fam.

This is the shittiest taste I have ever seen in my life, holy fuck you're a pleb

I mostly prefer to code my own games and change them however I like. Good luck being stuck with some frustrating thing in a game you can't just modify however you see fit because it's your own project you work on for fun. Besides this I try to move away from games and sometimes I don't play anything for months or a year and then for whatever reason I get hooked again. I have very high standards for games and I personally think Warcraft III was the best game of all the time. I put tremendous amounts of hours into very few games and do not like to play a wide variety of games. Minecraft is also a great game, Dota 2 is decent, Team Fortress 2 I play once in awhile but it gets boring fast, and I play various linux games a windcuck slave like you probably doesn't know about.


Play dominions then, faggot.

It keeps crashing, and people still invest.


etc etc

The last crash was

And ever since the military coup in Zimbabwe reminding people of physical currency fuckery, and a few celebs mentioning it, it has been growing.
Its about $15000 right now, and I imagine it will crash to under $5000 in January of February. Basically as soon as any government announces its not a real currency.

kill yourself faggot

What if bitcoin gets banned, and all the miners go to gulag?

He thinks women are lesser beings. It's only proper that he never gets laid.

Then play OpenArena you triple nigger. Holy fucking shit I was only trying to help this guy out. I would bet anything your rig is running wangblows or has proprietary firmware because you're a poser piece of shit that doesn't know fucking shit about FREE software. Also I doubt you know shit about coding or at the very best dick around with babby tier scripting. Seriously KYS.

there only has to be one hoodrich bitcoin millionare who gets the bright idea to start manufacturing their own mining cards..
please tell me someone has thought of that/ is working on it

How high will it peak before it crashes? I'm guessing it hits about $20,000 by March.

I think it will hit $20,000 in January, honestly.
It will crash in January of February to half value, then slowly start recovering, then crash again, etc.

5 December 2017 $12,000 Bitcoin surpasses $12,000 for the first time.
6 December 2017 $13,000 Bitcoin surpasses $13,000 for the first time.
7 December 2017 $14,000 Bitcoin surpasses $14,000 for the first time.

Either way we will have GPU components and rare earth metals getting wasting on this crap.

I honestly don't believe there are actually people who believe anything to the contrary. Everyone knows women are lesser beings some just to pretend otherwise for various reasons such as being a white knight. Amazing white knights like you still exist at all, they are definitely a dying breed, heh.

What if I told you… that I already do heh.

How is it wasted when it can all just be recycled? As long as the overall world population keeps going down we should be ok thanks to recycling.

Also concerning rare earth minerals, something I have read extensively on before, it's only the economically viable quantities of get expended and then by the time they are expended well new economic conditions suddenly make other deposits viable. Eventually though we are going to run into serious issues at some point and have to resort to asteroid mining but that so far has been sacrificed in the name of pozzing up every nation that could have done it breeding niggermonkey pets.

That's USD you're giving right?

Yes, one BitCoin was worth 11000 USD three days ago, its worth nearly 15000 USD today.
The bubbles are obscene.

So are the profits from bitcoin just reappropriation of electricity?

What negative effects could the insane surge in value for Bitcoin be? I'm a brainlet and haven't studied much in economics.

The electricity required to store BitCoins is approaching the consumption of a country.

How can they change transaction fees? Isn't that part of the algorithm?

Can we have a framework for this shit licenced under gpl.
Like gnunet in a set or cryptic wrappers like tor?

Tickets can be traded but cannot be split up into smaller quantities. What a shit comparison.

People like you make me believe there is objectively something like bad taste.

It already is comparable to the power consumption of a small country like Denmark. Its going to eclipse countries like the UK or France by the end of next year. It will surpass China and the United States by 2019. And in 2020 it will have eclipsed the electricity consumption of the entire world.
It's already causing blackouts in countries like Venezuela. In a matter of months new power plants will have to be constructed in order to support the exponential growth in energy consumption.
This is shaping up to become the most legendary bubble of all time.

It sort of needs to stay at a minimum price to recuperate the energy cost of running the network. Right now miners are also the ones that facilitate transactions. Perhaps it could theoretically survive if transaction fees reach a level where it would be profitable to "mine", simply to collect the fees. But at that point the network itself would break down.
Regardless the tendency for profit to fall will kick in. Even bitcoin is not immune to this. Bitcoin will die, and it's death will be spectacular.

But will it have an affect on real markets when it does spectacularly crash?

Seriously, look at it right now, it broke 14,000 in less than 4 hours then kept going to break 15,000 shortly after
And now futures trading on bitcoins is opening up pretty soon and big finance is jumping in. Ameritrade, Ally, and even JP Morgan are going to jump in

Even if Bitcoin recuperates from every crash, how sustainable is it? Really, even if all those big players join in, what do e do about the increasing energy consumption and other shit?

build more power plants :^)
but realistically no it isn't sustainable based on energy costs alone. And given that big official players are moving into crypto now those energy costs may take off even faster

The hot conspiracy take atm is that bc is being artificially inflated to astronomical levels in the face of eminent brute forcing, so that "they" (not necessarily da joos but depending on which brand of conspiratard you ask…) can short it just before announcing cracking it, making literally a trillion dollars before crashing the market

It really wouldn't be the strangest thing tbh

They would make this trillion dollars by what? Exchanging it just before it crashes? No one could complete that exchange no one has that much US currency to exchange.

I actually don't consider right-wingers to be human beings either. They're just cancer with a human face and should be treated accordingly.

Yes, it does make me happy.


Gamers fuck up everything they touch once again


Bitcoin's real world value is de facto established on being able to exchange it for actual money.

Most of v despises bitcoin miners

Honestly after checking r/Bitcoin I realized that it has tranformed into a petty bourgeoisie pyramid scheme that will never implode until most of them are bought out by wall street.

Yes actually. It requires so much energy that it's become, basically it's own nation in terms of energy consumption. This pushes power demands on the rest of the world that doesn't have infrastructure yet, or the funds to make said infrastructure. The first world isn't feeling it, but the third world definitely is.

Valve is no longer accepting Bitcoin on steam

oooooooooo shiiiit

Now I get to see how many gamers I was told hate Bitcoin react to this.

Forgot about the statement from Valve

Wow, this place is officially run by Reddit.

It was a one second joke ban.

goddammit that comment section
snake oil salesmen shilling their special snowflake totally not broken coins

just look at this shit

Spotted the boomer

Monero could be a lot better if they actually translated their website into Esperanto.

I'm not a boomer. You know this is a problem, just as well as I do. Human beings need to be socialized to understand the things that hold up society, empathy, charisma, fucking sympathy

There is a non zero group of people who rely on image boards who, might have mental health problems, who refuse to get help for them by the way. Who just fucking, gave up on ever learning how to become a normal person and embraced comfort over learning their mistakes and owning up to them.


The count of unconfirmed transactions just keeps rising. It's currently up at 218 000, up from what some said was only 150k a few hours back and 90k some time before.
I don't know shit about the normal, but something might be up.
Can anyone confirm?

Oh, it just dropped down to just 215k. Crisis averted, right? Right?

Forgot the link.

Polite sage, 'cause I'm an idiot.

The total fees is bigger than Chad's GDP

No one ever wanted to be their friend and there never was a role for them in society, and with the way the economy is going even less likely. They don't have anything else to do but to play games and browse the internet all day just like us.

There's an international reciprocal postage treaty between China and the US. As long as your package size is below a certain weight, you can ship something from China to the US for less postage fees than it would cost to ship from one end of the US to the other.

A combination of aliexpress and e-commerce platforms like shopify have enabled any random idiot to set up a fly-by-night website that takes orders for chinese shit and passes the order through to the chinese shitfactory. The shitfactory posts it to the consumer using the cheap mail trick. The 'dropshipper' as they're called charges 50% or more over the chinese shitfactory price without ever having to actually deal with any inventory.

Autism spinners were pretty much the perfect product for this business model, being small enough to qualify for the shipping trick. You set up your website, charge $15 for them when they only cost $3 each at most, and even after the zuccbook ads CPS you'd still clear $5 profit per sale. Some people would go so far as to offer the product for 'free' with only a 'shipping fee' (of course, shipping was actually free and the fraudulent 'shipping fee' was actually the revenue stream).

The flood of aspiring petit-bourgeois jumping on the gravy train flooded zuccbook with ads and youtube with ad videos ("Wwwwwhat's up guys, YoutubeAsshole53 here, today we're going to be unboxing the top 10 best autism spinnerrrrrrrrrssss"). In turn, this created and stoked demand as people started to assume that autism spinners were popular based on how many ads they were seeing for them - a great example of a dialectical process.

The manufactured fad eventually reached such a peak that people seeking greater profits started to buy autism spinners by the continerload since Alibaba manufacturers offer steep discounts on per-unit prices for bulk orders. The arse fell right out of the market the moment these shipping containers made landfall though, so now every retailer in the developed world has 10K unsold autism spinners that they bought for $1 per unit because they were convinced that they could quickly flip them for $10 each.

tl;dr lots of small-time aspiring vampires saw an open vein on the Chinese proletariat and swooped, there was an arterial spray, now everything's covered in worthless coagulated blood.

Why does wall street have to ruin everything?

Bitcoin fucking required enough power to black out areas randomly fucking a year ago just so someone could buy fucking Quaaludes to shove up their ass from Silk Road, why the hell should I care about such a piece of shit

Let it die


I know that, but the crossover is there. People who declined to learn from the mistakes they've made that hurt their community, both off and online, and decided to fully embrace it. This sounds like SJW or Boomer trash, I don't care.

What I'm just saying is that we have a large group of people who have been enabled to become selfish, probably helped along the way by various interests to produce a loyal voting bloc. I may sound paranoid, but truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.


They're going to build coal power plants to help power the infrastructure for it, and it'll pass bipartisan as an amazing opportunity for American jobs, but not lung problems (they can't pay for because they live in America)

I don't think your average gamer even knows or cares about buttcoin, and if they do they probably aren't a huge fan. Most cryptocurrency shills are /biz/ retards.

gameers are annoying because they literally consider htemselves nerds and their nerdom is really not based on books and shit, or education, but consumption and mindless viewing of anime/japanese horseshit porn

i hate video games and prob always will

such a shit fuckin "hobby"

Whoah don't associate gamers with weebs. There's overlap but it's not all that significant. Most gamers are unironic anime haters.

It's not a hobby. It's more of a sign of a hardwired conditioned addiction to instant gratification caused by social isolation, social incompetence and chronic fear of failure.

This is why you never see gamers pickup girls, because here the failure is too obvious and painful. They very rarely attempt to do anything that will risk further social rejection, often going so far as avoiding psychotherapy.

I don't think "gamers" are some hivemind entity that all think and act exactly alike. There's arguments you can make about commodities and their effects on people's psychology but this is a vulgar oversimplification you're putting forth here. The situation's a bit more nuanced than that.

Possibly. Elaborate please.

Because even for self-described gamers, their hobby is just one aspect of who they are. What kind of household did they grow up in? Where do they live? What kind of education did they have access to? What friends did they make growing up? What kind of job do they have? All of these are things that can have a big impact on how a person turns out, and how they consume and view different forms of media. Not to mention that the commodities/media a person consumes can influence each other. A gamer that likes comic books might not be the same as a gamer that's also heavily into movies. It's not a one-dimensional problem, so it's asinine to try and treat it like one. Leave the black-and-white absolutism to the alt-right, the left is better off without it.

managed to make about $100 in profit off that one.

All the stereotypes about gamers (overlap with weebs/comics/tabletop, technically inclined, adolescent, antisocial, apolitical or libertarian and in spite of recent whining from salty PoMos gamers always have been and still are primarily left-leaning, etc.) certainly have a basis in fact, but the biggest problem with stereotyping gamers is that it isn't a niche hobby anymore. Even ignoring the casuals "playing" whale-subsidized mobileshit/socialshit (who make up 1.3 billion "gamers" worldwide, concentrated into developed nations), hardcore gamers amount to ~35M Americans, and being primarily younger males, that means around a quarter of the ~133M American males under 65 are probably gamers.

As such, any stereotypes melt away under the fact that, really, we're all normalfags now.

How does that melt away any kind of stereotypes? "Young American males" are internationally known to be useless pieces of shit.

All the "left leaning" things about gamers and nerds in general are not to do with economics or society, though.
Its mostly live and let live stuff. Like "women can be warriors, its cool" or "so what if he is useless, he is having fun", stuff like that.
I would really hesitate to call these groups left leaning, more like accepting of others. And again, this isn't the case nowadays. There is a big divide among the nerds, between the bitter cynical hardcore srs bsns people and the more enthusiastic casual fun loving people.
As someone who finds themselves on different sides of this divide in different hobbies (gaming, comics, fantasy, tabletop, etc) I can feel it strongly.

Sure, the focus on social issues as the entirety of any politics is broadly the case among nerd-dom, especially since the 1970s. But even if it's worse among nerds, isn't that also true of the left in general?

Adam Curtis lays this all out in his documentary HyperNormalisation, how the blame is lies across numerous segments of leftism for allowing inane "end of history" capitalist fatalism to embed itself within a priesthood of "technocratic" "radical centrist" market fundamentalists, to whom the "irrelevant" government was abandoned in a "liberated" age of anti-establishment privatized freedom.

Either way, the screeching one often sees now about how gamers, techies, STEM, etc. are all being subverted by neonazi frogs, and only the Enlightened® PoMo humanities majors can save us, is a colossal load of nonsense, their shit stinks at least as much as ours, and they know it.

Wew, you went all the way over there, when I was just saying that nerds aren't traditionally lefty. I'll check that documentary though.
By the way, just consider how much popular fantasy and sci-fi glorifies empire, the god emperor, military tradition, etc ideas that are historically close to the right. Do you think a Warhammer fan would be a lefty?

man i just want to hit balls with cars why you gotta be so rude

It's just something that sets my teeth on edge, especially since the facts needed to debunk it are hardly DEEPEST LORE: (individuals) (employers) (scientists specifically) (gamers specifically)
And speaking of deepest lore:
Now you've done it, you've gone and went there. Let's set aside a basic principle of fiction, that drama and conflict are necessary to create interest, and that stories set in happy communist utopias are probably never going to be very popular, even among people living in happy communist utopias. Let's ask the question of whether stories that feature bad things necessarily glorify them.
Nigger, WH is the perfect example of drooling idiots (some of them sadly inside GW itself of late) conflating FOCUS ON a subject, with PRAISING it. WH is among the most blatantly sarcastic artifacts I can think of in all popculture. Pic extremely related.

WH may have started as a joke on space fascism or whatever, but right now the setting and all of its fans are serious about it.

It waxes and wanes over time depending on present background levels of newfaggotron radiation.

That seems to happen to communities based around satire a lot…

Some of us like to have nice graphics cards for doing math. Why cant we just have nice things without gamers fucking it up?

About the worst thing you can say is that commodity gamer hardware killed SGI/Sun/HP/IBM/Intergraph/etc. *N*X workstation platforms in the '90s.

Lol, I didn't even know bitpay was a thing. So all of the big companies that have been/were accepting bitcoin do it because there is another company that promises to pay them the instant, equivalent dollar price for their goods/services?

I was going to mention the same thing about satire but what truly annoys me is how GW seems to have a monopoly on the hobby, today is better but I heard years ago you could hardly play anything but WH. And you guys know that you can get kicked out of a GW store just for not having official models, how can anyone be okay with that?
And I really hate the fandom because they're about the lore and not the game, the lore is retarded and I always hate the pre packaged lore because what I enjoy about tabletop games is making my own lore and stuff but these people eats that shit at no end without giving a damn about the game.
I just want to play war with my toy soldiers, Fuck!

yeah like 4chan

Tabletop wargaming is going to get raped into the ground without lube once cheap personal 3D printing catches on. Unlike a lot of applications being hyped (sintered particles for hazardously shoddy zipguns!?), minis precisely overlap with every strength and none of the weaknesses inherent to 3D printing.

Not even 3d printing, we can play with cardboard and paper but these nerds can't conform with that, they need their plastic amphetamines to even use their brains
I remember on 4/tg/ the story of a guy who came to a game shop with just paper tokens, nobody wanted to play with him but the user that told the story played with him, paper token guy won and a comment to that story said "Because he was there for the game and not the autistic lore"

Reminds me of how the guy in Valve games with the most overpriced cosmetics seems to be the worst in the lobby.

I'm sure if 40K was actually a really great game from a crunch standpoint, it would have an equivalent of MegaMek in all its barebones glory (not to mention more TBT vidya in general), but your point is a little unfair.

There are three basic types of tabletop wargamers:
Most players are some combination of the three, so plastic crack is important.

cryptocuurency isn’t the problem, bitcoin specifically is.


I can admit 40k may be a good game but if it is such a good game why would you need plastic crack?

Crypto culture is very libertarian because of the whole anti-fiat thing.

I'm subtly implying that GW is kinda' crap at crunch, and always has been

The main problem is actually their deflation fetish, since 99.999% of the people involved in cryptocurrency are goldbuggerers. I actually really like the idea of untraceable, anonymous, blockchain-based digital cash, but every one I'm aware of is some sort of deflationary pyramid scheme "investment" vehicle.

I agree, but as far as monetary systems go I'm pro-sovereign fiat currency. So I'm fine with digital cash, but I don't want it to be a fixed, deflationary virtual commodity like bitcoin.

Agreed that national mints should be offering something digital with all the freedom and anonymity of physical cash, but if they refuse to do so, it falls on us to in their stead. Like I said, it's a shame every effort I'm aware of is a ridiculous Ponzi Scheme.

The hell I know, never had the chance of playing that shit

I had the idea of cryptocredit, you buy credit, it is untraceable and its paged to lets say the dollar.
So you will get all the privacy of a cryptocurrency but speculation is impossible