What does Holla Forums think of Albert Camus or absurdism in general

What does Holla Forums think of Albert Camus or absurdism in general


Wasn't he an idealist? Absurdism is okay I guess, but isn't kind of bland? Never read him, mind, but doesn't it seem a little simplistic to say "Just make your own purpose, here's some explanation why". Anything important for a leftist to get from Campus?

Camus seems the most "pop" of all the supposed existentialist philosophers. Not that I entirely disagree or dislike either absurdism or Camus, but both are more marketable, sorta in a vein too much of self help at times.

His novels are good but absurdism will turn you into a tranny who likes small fascist cock if it's mixed with e-celebrity.

are you talking about rebel?

Glad you feel you have the ability to speak about him then


pls explain

Well yeah I just did speak about him. Are you retarded? Want to explain why you're triggered I gave my two cents, explicitly stating that I haven't read Camus?

Rebel Absurdity was an obnoxious namefag with a hard on for Camus and Kierkegaard, he eventually had some sort of mental break down and is now some fascist's tradwife (male).

I love him. Existentialism is totally compatible with materialism

this. read critique of dialectical reason by sartre.

He was a cracker who supported colonialism in Algeria.

Camus is clearly an avid reader of Marx. He even directly referenced the proletariat and alienation several times
and its struggles, it is Christ in human form redeeming the collective sin of alienation. It is, first of all, the multiform
bearer of total negation and then the herald of definitive affirmation.”
His work originate from a very blunt materialistic view, and expands itself as to find a solution to suicide. Which is rebellion, an uprising against the system the prole, be it mankind via revolution or sysiphos via happiness, finds himself in.

rebel converted to kierkegaard before he got doxxed

He might have been an anarchist but his philosophy really promotes class apathy, imagining sisyphus as "happy" serves much like religion and how Marx criticizes it as the opium of the people, you take refuge in whatever meaningless routine your life revolves around for no reason other than to condition yourself on enduring the daily alienation of your labor.

Heidegger was better (don't want to give Sartre a (you) for fucking up half of heidegger's work)

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Nigga, the whole point of sysiphus is blending stoic peace with constant revolt (and existential conscience). This means that he isn’t in favor of “letting days go by, nothing matters anyway”. He is rather someone who says “i will try to pursue my objectives and stay in peace if they don’t work out”.

Camus was not an absurdist. He wasn't even a philosopher. He was a novelist who wrote fiction which questioned social norms of the society in which he lived. So unless you are going to call Jane Austen, Mark Twain, and Mel Brooks philosophers of the same caliber, you really need to let go of the esteem in which you hold people like Camus, Sartre, Neitzsche and Rand. Just because someone writes about issues that delve into philosophical territory does not make them a philosopher, any more than successfully changing the oil in your car makes you a mechanic.


How was Nietzsche not a philosopher?
you're right about ayn rand tho

What DOES make someone a philosopher then?

Just let such things be forgotten in the sea of the internet

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Camus is my fucking nigga. One of the first people to get me away from being a self-rightious classcuck.

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