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Canada sucks

Everybody's a fucking liberal

News for your week:

Laurentian Bank audit uncovers $89M worth of mortgages with 'misrepresentations'

New mortgage stress test rules will block 50,000 people from buying: mortgage group

Any news on First Nations land struggles in this country?

Saber Alter best Saber

Anyone aware of any left wing groups active in Alberta? That aren't Fightback? I mean some of the folks I've talked too about it seem pretty nice but I really don't like the NDP.

I'm Canadian and not a liberal.

/quebec/ here, know a couple of other socialists but cant quite see a lot more political difference from the rest of canada. that is, excluding the separatists (which arent as strong in the english part where i am, so heh). overall liberals have a majority government for a reason, Holla Forums.

Are you in the RCP?

What's the scene like in Montreal?

Literally the only active group where I live is Council of Canadians. My interactions with them give me insight into why working class reactionaries hate academic elitists so much
Do we still have an active IWW?

Only stuff I saw while waiting for the bus was an article about the MMIW inquiry sputtering along and doing fuck all

I shamefully admit spending too much time eating bagels in the mile end when I last went to Montreal (assuming you're posting from Montreal)

From what I've read there's a lot of ancoms and sectarian maoists

Melenchon is gonna speak at a quebec solidaire thing. That's pretty cool

Wish I could go (or speak French)
Isn't QS for independence though?

from what I understand we do in fact have an IWW chapter but they seem pretty inactive.

One thing I can never understand why there's a a Communist Party of Canada(CPC), and a Communist Party of Canada Marxist-Leninist(CPC-(ML)), it just seems like the hugest waste of time and splits the vote, I mean sure the ML probably wants to storm Parliament Hill with a fucking tank while the CPC wants to do it by vote, but can it not just be put aside to deal with the fact we're selling $15 billion worth of weapons to the damn Saudis, or the fact we got Mr. I-Don't-Want-To-Say-Anything-Bad-About-Trump over here, and then we got Stereotypical White Guy for the Conservafucks, just for one minute put aside beating each other up over to storm PH with tanks vs with rifles and beat the fuck out of these pushovers

They both have half as much chance to win anything of note as the Green Party does. If you're not voting Rhino, you're not voting.

From what I can understand, the CPC(ML) considers the CPC to still be revisionist and the CPC won't bother with the CPC(ML) because they're ☭TANKIE☭s, even though the CPC(ML) routinely hauls in more candidates every election.

They both are marxist parties and if you wanna cast a ballot for the feels then go for it. Federal elections here are a depressing spectacle (and this is coming from a socdem). Your time would honestly be better off spent on local or even school board politics where you have more leeway to make changes and train cadres without anyone really noticing.

well that means combined they would have a whopping 1 seat which means that at least Trudeau would have to listen to a single communist in the House. And get on TV. The idea of just a random guy wearing a Che shirt appearing during the filming of a House session fills me with glee

I'd suggest that they try to work with the NDP but they've made it pretty clear that any socialist or marxist candidate who gets past the Electoral District Association nomination process will get rejected anyway by the national committee. For example:
.In September 2011, Socialist Action federal secretary Barry Weisleder won the nomination to be the Ontario NDP's candidate in Thornhill in the 2011 provincial election. Within 48 hours, the party's provincial secretary rescinded the nomination without explanation.

Wonders never cease.

But NDP is probably the best bet, especially with Singh appearing to be a Muslim at first glance by some of the more stupid people, which means it would be perfect when dealing with Trump, imagine a Fox News segment with Trump shaking hands with a SAND MONKEY, although he already did that with Saudi Arabia. Who knows maybe the NDP will make true socialism "acceptable" in the mainstream. maybe.

It worries me when the youth wing of the party is its most blairite.

They're not Communists though. They're much like the Green Party, the Bloc Quebecois, and other non-PC, non-Liberal and non-ND parties: vote splitting parties. They didn't start as such, but through Trudeau's wormy Liberal grasp, all were made to serve the Liberals. I reckon it'd be the same with the other parties too, though their low relative success makes me think otherwise.

haha yeah man for sure! they'll make it more than one term here in Alberta right?


Lesser of two evils right? Cause the Conservatives making Alberta an oil based economy was the right idea. Because oil is never going out of style.

On a serious note, I'm actually confused by what the NDP is doing out there since Alberta is all the last bastion of actual production, so why isn't it working? Are the Albertan NDPs as incompetent as the Ontarian NDPs?

It's that or the conservatives make us suffer under a new austerity for ever having the audacity to elect a party farther left than the fucking roses.

The way things are going, everywhere's going to be under China's control. They're the top caps. America is just their tally man, bound by its own debt.

The NDP proposed mild revisions to work safety laws for farm workers and completely buckled under the astroturf rage machine of the oil patch.

They should have realized that the Rebel News and the Fraiser Institute and every talk radio station would go into permanent campaign overdrive for four years, regardless of what they would do, and decide to go whole hog on nationalizations. Alberta should have a crown corporation called Petro-Alberta by now owning a third of all drilling licences with the profits explicitly legislated to fund medicare in perpetuity. Alberta should have tuition slashed by $1000 dollars and the NDP warning teenagers and students non-stop that the Tories will jack them back up if they get back in. Alberta should have a provincial internet/wireless provider beating the shit out of Bell and Rogers.

But no, they've chosen to die on the hill of Gay/Straight Alliances in high schools because that's going to get all of those oil workers voting NDP twice. Fuck these limpwristed red dippers, fuck respectability, fuck incremental reforms. When you win you have total power, fucking use it.

Dane here. Visited your country for a couple of months last year, and would just like to say I enjoyed it very much.

Also for the record; two communists parties is not that bad, we've got 6 here (4 if you don't count the trots).

I have no attention to my own politics, but polling is showing people favoring the newly formed United Conservative Party. Everybody here gets an instant hard-on for outrage over government policies. And as SocDem well shows, the NDP are practically setting themselves up as a pinatas for the right-wing and they're inviting everybody.

We need a fucking crown corp for telecoms and insurance like Saskatchewan. I hear that they're able to keep the privates down to way more competitive pricing compared to here.

Thank you for the kindness danefriend. For the record we also have more than two parties. I can think of at least 4 off the top of my head.

I don't know why this isn't in the platform of every provincial NDP, it would be catnip to people our age who FUCKING LOVE having to pay $5 to download a pdf because our phones are all bloatware garbage that blow through a month's data in ten days downloading jpegs and spying on you through Google Maps.

Glad to have you buddy!

Why is everything so depressing here? I just want to graduate and get a job.

Found these. Could have larger effects if Indigenous land was never formally ceded to the provincial govts in the Maritimes.



Good fucking luck, especially if you live in a have-not province. I graduate, now granted I did a mixed pure sciences and humanities degree so I'm pretty unemployable. But it was over a year of unemployment, weight gain and depression before I landed a job that paid anything above minimum wage. And I'm lucky since I could stay with my parents the time.

Honestly I hope they win. I hope they win, I hope they take every dipshit, inbred government east of Quebec to the fucking cleaners. I hope they get every square inch of crown land because it would literally be impossible for a band council dictatorship to fuck up worse than what we have now. Atlantic Canada IS hard evidence against white supremacy because the whole region is a ghetto, the government is run by people with brain parasites, the ruling class is the failson spawn of fish and timber merchants, one family owns an entire province, and the left is 12 aging tenured professors with a fear of winning in spite of being gifted a population more favourable to socialism than any other anglo jurisdiction in North America.

Yes they are for independence. They are pretty woke

Everything I have ever seen to be coming out of Canada was shit. All politicians are unsympathetic narcissists, every Canadian I've met was a condescending, vulgar person who pretended to know-it-all, aesthetics outside of nature are shit and Canadian leftist/liberals have cranked up IdPol to 1000%.

Explain yourself.

Oh and I don't know how you call your rednecks/bogans but the white trash is the worst in Canada. Obese, ugly but opinionated. Maybe this is just an Anglo thing.

Quebec seperatists are woke because they reject the normal Canadian bullshit while anglophones call them evil racists for being against religion.

They're in favor of independence but they're not nationalists. Separation for them is only a mean for reform.

our social democratic party forced a lot of good reforms through in the 60'/70's then went full liberal in the 80's and our only leftist groups are irrelevant maoist/trot cults. Our media paints anything other than center-left and centrist politics as dangerous and because we have some socdem shit people don't question that outside of liberal and rightist identarianism.

I'm going to Quebec this new years. Montreal and Quebec respectively. I've heard good things about the places but are the people nice in Quebec? Does my french have to be perfect? Je connais un peu francais mais j'ai envie de pratiquer

While American politicians go on and on about how the average American is middle class, the average Ontarian is middle class. And the average Ontarian is the sort of Canadian who travels to America.

Most french speaking people in Quebec City don't get a lot of opportunities to practice their english so they'll be glad to do so, a lot more so than native french Montrealers who are butthurt over their city being home to the bulk of the province's anglophones and immigrants.

I should have included in my little rant that I think better of francophone Canadians. However, Anglo leafs seem to embody all the worst Anglo characteristics.

I don't blame them for wanting independence, but if Quebec does secede then the rest of Canada would absolutely become a clone of the US dominated by the west and rural Ontario
Also the sovereignty movement is all over the map. You have the PQ and BQ trying to be Diet Front National and La Meute is a PEGIDA clone. It's like the Catalan separatists, there's little to unify the movement except a desire to get out of Canada/Spain and I fear that Quebec would become incredibly reactionary as a sovereign nation.

Nah, Quebec has white trash as well


Montreal is fine, almost everyone speaks enough English especially in the east end and the hipster neighbourhoods.
Quebec City less so, but I've never been there so take >>2296010's word I guess.

You *probably* only met ontarians, but every anglo province is awful in its own unique way


Why do you think the name of this thread is /sorry/

Because members of the Ontarian middle class say sorry after every single thing they do, because their whole existence is an error.

I agree man. I'm in NS and it's fuckin dire, and since we've got Halifax it's not even as bad as most eastern provinces. Hell we even have a massive labour history, especially in Cape Breton, and even a history of secessionism (Maritime Union shit like 100 years ago). Not only is all that shit hidden from people (hidden in the sense that never once did I hear it mentioned in school, hell the entire history of our province isn't even a footnote through grade school), but the working class has been so thoroughly cucked that even knowing the history might not be enough to get people to see themselves as historical (in the Marxist sense).

Half of me wants this place to burn so we can build fresh, the other half of me wants to see secessionism come back as a street level political movement, just so people get engaged with what politics actually is. Hell, this probably isn't even just true for the Atlantic provinces, but 99% of people think politics is just voting (with the expectation of disappointment, since we're always disappointed) with the addition of maybe "those crazy lefties" who do nothing but protest at Dalhousie.

And hell, not even touching on black history in the province, which is a goddamn disgrace. Most of Black Halifax is literal ghettos. It's fuckin dire man.

who CPC-ML here ?

Just gonna fix that up…

I live in NL, it's the same here.
I wouldn't. We have a nationalist movement here in NL (mostly on the island) but it's the emptiest vessel imaginable. There's no coherent ideology behind Newfoundland nationalism, just general feelings of nostalgia for bygone independence and anger at the province's mistreatment by Ottawa. We have been mistreated, but this never gets translated into a coherent ideology. Instead the province just elects a charismatic strongman who then governs as supreme leader and does fuck all. Anyone who challenges the leader gets branded as a traitor and you have to wait until he's gone before you can point out all of his shitty giveaways and boneheaded decisions.
Switch "black" with "inuit" for Newfoundland. Most of the inuit and innu communities in Labrador are borderline third world. Doesn't help that Newfoundland governments have basically treated Labrador as a colony only useful for its resources.

Here's some maple-flavoured drama for everyone, and something probably ready to blow up: an ARA organiser from Calgary and member of the CPC executive council named Jason Devine recently resigned from their position on the council, and left the party entirely. The reason was that the party is actively involved in covering up sexual assault allegations against another member of the executive council named Johan Boyden. To this date, the party is continuing to cover it up, even as more and more people learn about it.

Just so I'm clear
ARA = Anti-Racist Action
CPC = Communist Party of Canada

When I first read this I thought that the Conservative Party of Canada was covering up sexual assault allegations. That explosion would have been more fun to watch

Yeah that's correct.

don't you have a pointless $50 class to take on marxism ?

Trudeau says international trade is part of fighting populism

Anyone who says that the Native tribes are asking too much of the Canadian Government really need to off themselves

Nice spooks nerd.


Everyone should ask for or seize what they need, whites or natives

Sounds like all he wants to do is fuel it.

Correct, but demanding their own private land where they can exclude everyone else from access and get special privilege tax evasion because they had ancestors who went through some shit is messed up.

How hard can it be to fix up reserves? Other than obvious government negligence, is there a problem at the local level whatsoever?

you should read the book again.

You should learn about what the native tribes are demanding.

Agreed, but see my rant in . It feels like the whole treaty system needs to go imo

Trudeau is accelerationist

Yeah I gotta agree with the other /quebec/ guy. Honestly like as far as leftist politics goes Montreal seems to be the best place to be with the large student population and a population thats more open to socialist ideas than pretty much anywhere else in North America to my knowledge but even then its kinda bleak. The only organizations that do anything are Fightback which are a bunch of nerdy introverted trots that nobody would ever wanna join (seriously they fucking suck as an organization even tho a couple of them individually are chill) and the RCP which is just super sectarian maoists for the most part. There's a small population of leftcoms but again they are super sectarian and when I've talked to them they basically disregard anyone else and claim they're the only "real marxists." Other than these organizations most leftists here seem to be raging ancoms, e.g. the demonstration the other week where ancoms dumped red paint on our John A Macdonald statue and then everyone trying to demonstrate with them left and complained because the ancoms were throwing flares all over the place and being obnoxious. The CPC is also pretty fucking lame, its run by boring old people. and pretty much every leftist march that isn't a unionist one in this country (at least that ive been to) gets fucking hijacked by hyperbolic whiny liberals and environmentalists that make leftists look like whiny fucking idiots.

Pretty much everyone in Canada and especially MTL that could have any potential to turn to socialism falls for intense liberal moralism and identity stuff to the extreme. I'm not against supporting identity rights and Im not a reductionist, and so it is annoying how intense a lot of people take identity based politics and views here especially considering I study politics and philosophy at concordia - polisci students are starting to become sort of unbearable with their constant nagging and bitching about trivial bullshit and its hard to have a discussion with any students without something "problematic" about identity and gender and stuff coming up. I don't let it get to me though as i know once these people leave university theyll chill and retreat into being a regular plain liberal so who gives a shit. But anyways its unfortunate that this seems to be the way to go in Canada - the only way people really get involved is indulging in the moralism rather than thinking really critically about how to get involved physically and politically in building power.

To be honest the state of politics in Canada has made me feel like pretty much resigning from the political sphere for a little while since its exhausting. I don't know if anyone else here feels the same but the hyper bourgeois liberalism and identity stuff wears me out and i prefer to just read and learn about politics and discuss it with close leftist friends rather than participate in politics. What have been your guys' experience with Canadian leftists and politics elsewhere?

pls go bait pedophile

Anyone here read/have these? I've been looking for left oriented histories of Canada/histories of leftism in Canada. Are these any good?

Some evening news

Kinder Morgan cleared to start work on Trans Mountain pipeline expansion despite Burnaby's objections

Bitcoin gamble: Canadian couple pours life savings into bitcoin mine

That Vimy Trap book looks like it's worth a good read

If bitcoin takes over the entire world currency, then one coin will be worth several millions.

absolutely. it's over, might as well burn your useless fiat ""dollars"" bitcoin has freed us from usury and energy independence, which we never needed. why should we save energy when we can use it to run millions of computers to solve completely arbitrary math equations in exchange for a series of numbers a computer programs says someone owns

I bet physical representations of currency has a higher carbon footprint.

And that would be a shame if they weren't inherently deflationary, but hey

Decolonize activists are the most reactionary bunch of activists. I watched a video of the protests in Montreal and the movement seems great, and then in the end it boils down to "fuck this statue." I get making a better space for indigenous people but trying to actively decolonize the country seems illogical and backwards as fuck. The left needs to unite the working class, not attack symbols of historical figures and promote brown people nationalism. Are idpol-centered politics really that big of deal in Canada?

Ignorant burger here. In spite of its continental philosophy rhetoric, idpol in general as a concrete movement, and 3rd-wave feminism specifically, seems mostly Anglo in origin. Within this, as the most influential of the Anglos, America is usually blamed as the point of origin, but whenever I dig into it, mentions of insane Canadian university departments in the 1980s keep popping up again and again.

Are leafs patient zero for feminazism?

Just to scratch the tip of that iceberg, I'll point out (for those unaware) that the comic you posted, Space Moose, is a Canadian comic that was published in the University of Calgary's student newspaper throughout the 1990s.

Graffiti in a montreal working class neighborhood


is Québec and Montreal really Canada tho?

I mean from a geopolitical standpoint id say yes, they are apart of canada, quebec and ontario basically run the elections. But from an ideological standpoint they are seperate for sure. The good thing about the montreal/quebec leftists/scene is that thy arent afraid of reprocussions unlike those in toronto who have been scared shitless since G20.
Also there are more Anarchy A's in montreal per square km then anywhere else in kkklanada

How reactionary is Quebec City though? From what I've read they've always been a breeding ground for pure laine talk radio DJs who rant about the gays and muslims and liberals

Yeah dont know much about quebec city politics in general, other then that they have went from being anglophiles, to islamaphobes but I suppose dialectically that a radical left creates a radical right.


yeah i was actually in this march with some other marxists and socialist and the anti-colonialism anarchists were just a total fucking nuisance to everybody there. They hijack everything with their larping and turn everyone off of it and they don't even have concrete goals. People were legit having to walk out of the crowd and stand on the sidelines coughing because these people were just lighting so many smoke flare things everyone wanted them to fuck off.

there's a lot of anarchist and marxist grafitti around saint henri. Also there's a bunch of anarchists that have been smashing windows and shit ive heard? But yeah as far as radical politics go Montreal is the place to be in Canada i think

Don't repress them you colonial shitlord!

Ive heard rumors that on Pender Island(BC) that there is an anarchist collective farm but ive never seen it or met people from it, just word of mouth. Anyone else hear this?

I'm sure it isn't the only one on the west coast

Finding one thats not run by hippies or traveling kids might be hard 8

we were making fun of sjws for years while you nerds have only encountered them about 3-4 years ago



How fucked is Onterrible next election?

I can't see how the PCs won't win, the Wynne Libs are flaming hot garbage and the Ontario NDP is stagnant. Both are going to run on idpol first platforms and get crushed
Silver lining is that Brown as premier might be a wake-up call and force a hard left blowback
Or both parties might just double down on the idpol

You dont think the $15 min is going to be the standing stone for the Libs?

I spend a lot of time around the southern gulf islands when i visit my parents back in BC but i've never heard anything of this. Sounds interesting though I'm gonna ask some locals next time im back and see if i can check it out

The BC islands have plenty of "anarchist" communes run by idiot hippies and rebellious children. Hearing of another is never really a surprise, and it's not likely to last

It might make the difference between a minority and majority PC government, but
I could be wrong and they might pull another rabbit out of their hat but I'm pulling a Matt Christman and going with my gut feeling about this

This. It's virtually all primitivists, deep ecologists, and anti-civ anarchists.

A Toronto rabbit

and you don't see the NDP pulling any weight at all?

we just like, felt like we had to live better with nature maaaann

The downtown core and Ottawa will go Liberal until the sun goes nova, but the suburbs can be peeled off with the right tactics
A lot of NDP voters freak the fuck out and bolt to the Liberals whenever they're threatened with PC rule.
This is from Harper's Team by Tom Flanagan, a book recounting the 2004 and 2006 federal campaigns

Hey buddies! What news/commentary sites should I check out? About 80% of my news and 99% of my political commentary is American


Mini-election time! 4 by-elections just happened. Liberals held seats in Newfoundland & Labrador and Ontario, Conservatives hold their seat in Saskatchewan. As of now the Liberals seem poised to take a seat from the Conservatives in British Columbia, although less than 20% of polls are in for that race.

NDP is eating fucking crow in every race except the Sask. riding.


NDP is the default opposition to the Tories in Sask except for a couple Liberal pockets. This really fucks up our provincial politics because they constantly trip over their dicks while still getting support from the unions because lol who else are they gonna support?



And fuck our limp wristed sorry excuse for a third party. Tommy Douglas would be rolling over in his grave.

Because we get all the libshit dregs from burgers. And they repeat the same pattern of behaviour that turned burgerland shit.

Apparently the BC race is literally a BC Liberal (running as a federal Liberal) running against a BC Liberal (running as a federal Conservative). From what I understand the BC Libs is an unironically neoliberal party with a small paleocon/socon wing. And the provincial NDP/Green coalition in BC also just broke their promise to cancel the hated Site C hydro dam, so what the fuck is up with that province anyway. Also, I think this is the SECOND Conservative seat lost to the Liberals now. Goddamn they bet on the wrong horse with Scheer.

I feel you, we have the same problem in NL

If they lose more seats in the next fed election just burn it to the ground and rebuild from the ashes.

meet your new MPs

The BC riding is actually my home riding. The guy running Gordon Hogg is really popular in the area and was our provincial representative for a super long time. He's pretty much a red tory, like just a total milquetoast liberal who is fiscally conservative. To be quite honest I grew up most of my teens following politics closely in BC but i have no fucking clue what this guy has literally ever done while in office, like he's held a fuck tonne of positions including Mayor of white rock for 10 years followed by like 20 years in the BC legislature with a bunch of different minister titles like mining and intergovernmental relations and a bunch of others. But for the life of me I have no idea what he's ever actually accomplished other than hold high positions. Doing research on the BC legislature site it doesn't look like he's ever even presented a bill of any sort his entire career.

This is the kind of barebones digging that should be in The Tyee, not on an obscure message board that's 20% hentai

who else here voting for trudeau? i will never vote ndp with jagmeet at the helm

actually tho is there some sort of elaborate accelerationist strategy behind this or do you really plan on sticking it to a bourgeois neolib party by voting for another bourgeois neolib party

As a First Nations myself it fucking suck unless you are next to a big oil city, then they actually just pay you off

g*d damnit

“No,” the NDP is not a serious political party. While Trudeau does goofy photo ops at gay rallies once in a while, Jagmeet actively brands himself as a fashion model.

seriously what, I'd like a source for that m8

Fat piggy wins by-election in safe conservative seat, heralding end of socialism