When did it become "okay" to be a right winger?

Why do we live in a world where neoliberals and socdems are associated with genocidal/classicidal dictators?
why is it seen as freedom to be able to not pay taxes?
Why do people not learn from the mistakes of others and try again? inb4 "but that's insanity"
why is Jordan Peterson the most popular philosopher of the 2010's?
why do people not know about fascism in Chile, but know everything about the USSR?

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read Croatian meth sniffing man

you misunderstand, I mean it is becoming normal for people to say "I am a capitalist" as in libertarian, ancap etc.
Even working class people will say this

You meet too much young people. They will question their beliefs and worship of mighty dollar during next crisis, either global economic, or their own. It's not so easy to say you are ancap if you have mortgage and are a few paychecks away from loosing everything.

Kind of like how easy it is to say you are socialist when you're a trust fund baby with a liberal arts education who has never worked a day in your life?

I know, right? I am getting so tired of these fucking priviledged Cuban shits working in my daddy's business, bitching about "communism this, communism that"

this country is so fucking backwards, I swear I am going to use my birthday money to escape to Cuba on a lifeboat. Life is so much better there!


yeah. it means i get called a hypocrite rather than lazy and entitled, being called lazy and entitled can be really bad for your self esteem.

Socialism comes from having your boss nickle and dime you and fuck with your time

We don't?

Even most (if that) of the right only bullshits this, and nevertheless seems to use taxpaying as a litmus test for contribution. They just care more about poor people and immigrants paying them than they do about celebrity tax dodgers.

He's not afaik.
But then I may be biased - I see that as a bit like asking why Oprah was the most popular philosopher of the oughties or something. Even if he were, at that point just what is or isn't a philosopher blurs to the point that "most popular philosopher" is basically meaningless.

The USSR was vastly more important than Pinochet's Chile. And it killed more people, lasted much longer, etc. But essentially Fascist Chile was a US puppet state that some libertarian scab-bags creamed over at the time, and then it got quietly abandoned like all the other awful garbage the US supported (more people know about the USSR than Cambodia, too).

All the left-liberal centrists are like this. Every socialist I know has a hard working class background

Cuba's quality of life is actually goinh up, quality of life in the US just took a beating from this tax bill

I remember reading a report where it said that certain parts of the US' living standards becoming developing country tier.

Where do you meet people like this? Most workers don't identify with socialism just because they're turned off by POZ culture

Google user.

Also didn't know the right had their own badly redacted torture chamber, but I should've expected it.

Because as we all know us lefties are just so enthralled with HIV, right?
Oh, and Ronald Reagan did nothing about the AIDS epidemic either so what are you even trying to get at

I just googled it.

He's referring to all the queer shit in the left right now

Appalachia is and always has been a miserable place to live. Detroit is Detroit.

ohhhh. idk I see most of that shit coming from clintonites

The people you are referring to are neoliberals. It doesn't make any sense for someone to want to change the mode of production when it has put them into the comfy spot they're in. If they call themselves I'd be willing to wager their the Bernie Sanders "socialists" at best who think having firemen is socialism.

Radical centrists sided with trads over the "loony left" as the lesser of two evils, which in addition to undermining the organizational capacity of the left was probably an intended effect of the ruling class pumping out left-identitarian content.

Reminder that Milo doesn't even have enough "Jew" in him to get arrested under the Nuremberg laws.

It's Okay To Be Right(no)

Hey I just stumbled into Holla Forums after seeing this shit thread on the homepage.

I've worked at chipotle, Starbucks, and a streetsales company called grassroots campaigns.

Chipotle had me working off the clock for at least 10h a week. Starbucks was strict with time, but still a low-wage food-service job.

I dropped out of college because no-money poorfag. I lived the "american nightmare" in CA and I currently pay too much for rent.

None of this has made me think that Communism is a good thing, nor that theft is okay, nor that the state taking my things is somehow not stealing.

Just thought you should know that having the experiences you described is neither a pre-requisite to being Lefty, nor a catalyst for those things.

Rightists have low Autism Level.

kek. That filter.

Holy shit nice reddit spacing faggot.

you a literally a fucking cuck. The guy who owns your service job is fucking you in the ass for profit and you still want to suck him off. pathetic

How do you feel about stealing surplus value?

no, he just has good work ethic and doesn't feel right sitting on his ass while everybody else works, FAGGOT.

Damn u work two jobs to get by and your story makes me feel like I get less fucked in the ass than you loser as I would never work for free in my own self interest and I'm not even a leftist.

Enjoy the taste of that dick cuck.

So you mean someone like the ruling class? Yeah we hate them too, death to porky!

Gonna chime in and nicepost -

Not all Socialism is Marxist/Communist, and Marxism itself is ostensibly anti-state… it just has a stupid-as-fuck way of getting to that point. I mean, others are going to disagree with me on this point, though.

Just like in Nazi Germany, it's all about the man next to you.
They give you a choice, they didn't force anyone to massacre Jews by the truckload. The orders were given, the Jews were lined up, and nobody was willing to let their brothers carry out those orders alone.
Retail is comparable.
Responsible workers show up to work because they know they would be fucking over their coworkers if they didn't show.
Obviously if you have no work ethic you're just as useless, and killing you would probably be fun and easy…for a Nazi.

nothin personnel

You have no idea how much disdain I have for you and how wrong you are about everything. From the bottom of my heart, kys

What the fuck is this Brotherhood think tank bs? Who gives a fuck about your coworkers when they would screw you over in a heart beat for a 30 cent raise?

Why not just tell the truth and say that your such a spineless that the big boss man can work you for free and you'll happily gargle his nuts because you see no other way.

Pol please.

So you're saying we're retail Nazis for wanting to rid society of of people who do nothing but accrue wealth on other people's labor and then use that wealth to shit on the laborers?

Well, I guess you're entitled to your opinion.

Okay and why does any of this not apply to communism? In fact you're arguing in favor of communism and you don't even know it. We don't need money to incentivize workers because workers will do it because of good work ethic and wanting to help out right? Why does a business need investors if the workers are the ones keeping it afloat?

this but unironically


Boot lickers like you need to wake the fuck up

Or you could lead by example and gain respect as a shock worker or Stakhanovite you weak bitch

I'm saying working retail is like the Holocaust

I'm arguing in favor of certain socialist attitudes towards work, not communism, you absolute retard. Can you not into nuance?

Why does Jordan Peterson attract this kind of person?

Can you explain the difference between socialism and communism for us please?



I can't imagine being a Christian Communist, having to constantly suck off two failed religions created and destroyed by kikes. KEK

Can you lrn2google, or kindly off yourself? Pretty plz?

So you don't actually know the difference between socialism and communism huh, didn't think so.

Why is it assumed I'm lazy dumbass.
Parents raised me with work ethic but taught me that my time was valuable and if you don't respect yourself(especially in the Working world) then nobody else will.

Try warehouse pussy.

Fuck all of you. This guy just politely stated that he hasn't been convinced. Why not engage him?






Also stop samefagging.


Do you also engage with toddlers when they call you a poopyhead?
Learn to discern intent, he's not here deb8

you getting mad?

your all caps make you seem kind of mad

y u mad tho?

Why not read the fucking reading list sticky? Do we have to hold your hand for you? Where's your precious "work ethic" now?


Two jobs Mr reading comprehension.


Did you say something about failed religions?

That's a nice strawman you've built there. Have any other non-arguments that'll make you look pathetic and dumb?

Try working back of house, hauling bed/cribs/bikes off of trucks and then immediately going out to do customer service while juggling layaways and online orders. You are a fucking pleb dude, you suck.
Your dad lied to you. Your time is not valuable and you will die thinking about how you wasted your life no matter what, unless you become a billionaire, president, or have children. You might even kill yourself BECAUSE of this; in fact, many people do… Sorry if that's inconvenient for you. Have fun dying thinking about how hard you worked to afford weed and pizza. Boy that life sure sounds FUN.

Yeah, 'cuz that's how the workers learn to mobilize and seize the means of production- when a professional shitposter tells them to read some long-ass texts that were written in completely different social and political climates than the one he is in right now.

Revolution any day now, may may.

Ouch the irony.

So you're saying you have no work ethic?

Holla Forums is not a revolutionary vanguard, it's a fucking left-themed dravidian japanimation chatroom with shitposting characteristics

get off the internet retard

My non-argument is better than your non-argument.

The tax bill will benefit the economy, including wages throughout the income scale, in the short term.

Read Bordiga.

These people piss me off the most.
Then leave you stupid niggers, this isn't the socialist vanguard, you don't get free Gibs when you show your post record to the commissary. This is a socialist shit posting board that a drunkard BO attempts to make into theory posting.

Nice post you got there. Care to post literally any proof you fag.


Okay then show your reasoning behind your prediction.

Wow I sense some anger there chump.
Did I touch a nerve there?
It must hurt to realize the truth but keep your head down your bosses ass and maybe you'll make something of yourself someday.

The cuts in the US tax bill WILL reduce the quality of life and probably the honest-to-god life expectancy of Americans, so heiresses can write off their private jets on their taxes.
The bill killed a fuckton of deductions that benefit the middle class.
At least even you recognize that a massive cash infusion will make things a bit nicer for six weeks or so (while inflating the asset/debt bubble the western world is in even further)

it's such a fucking cop out lmao.

every time they disagree with someone or don't understand a post, it's the exact same reaction

Yeah this you pedant. If it's a prediction why would you state it like it is well evidenced and not give any evidence. I'd sacrifice anything to get quality posting like yours.

Stop Reddit spacing. It is annoying, they always, always come and complain. I read Socialist theory because I personally enjoy learning about a philosophy/political ideology that I agree with. I like the perspective it gives and it is personally "enlightening". I don't understand why these Anons think anyone here is chomping at the bit to gain their approval. Egotistical.

Why would I be mad? At the end of the day you are completely hollow inside. Mostly I just feel pity at how weak willed you must be.

wasn't my prediction, ask the other guy, economics are for kikes and plebs

Are you black by any chance? This doesn't sound like the writings of the master race. This sounds like low INT score mongrel posting.

How dare you imply that niggers are inferior!


lol what an idiot


I don't have empirical proof of course, but here's the rational case: If taxes go down and spending stays the same, that means more money in the economy. It's like taking out a new credit card. Obviously for a while your life will improve if you can buy more things. The question is what the long term effect on the debt will be.

The loser who works for free calls me weak willed. You sound mad as fuck with the personal attacks man.

So much for the tolerant left.

holy fuck stick to evola, you seriously don't deserve to understand anything that's happening in the world past MUH KIKES and MUH CULTURE

You're so stupid that you are confusing my posts with somebody else's. Try, for once in your life.

okay, continue counting pennies until you become a bourgeois pig and then die violently at the hands of a wave of red terror that you helped create. LEL. Disgusting.

Top. Fucking. Kek.

Eat a dick.

So this thread is the power of the left.. Woah!

Lmaooooo, someone doesn't understand what "materialism" means in a philosophical context, huh? Evola a shit, read Nietzsche instead.

More like a year or two I think.

Sure as hell was a catalyst for me

I already did, I'm a Nietzschean.

Listen bud, the whole point of Marxism is a return to culture. Do you even understand anything we propose? Ending the ecological disaster that is capitalism, production for use to abolish the law of value therein freeing up every labourers time tremendously and creating a common stockpile so everyone can enjoy the goods produced. Everything you touch is tainted by mindless consumerism and the profit motive, and your nat "soc" isn't going to stop that. You fucks will just continue to uphold the bourg as Mussolini and Hitler did.

this is what Nietzsche has come to

Serf n proud

Be mad, but are you okay?
Assuming you don't attend UN meetings and aren't in the top 1%, you must have a child right???? Your entire purpose in life hinges on three roles, and one is entirely based on your ability to become pregnant/impregnate (assuming adoption is cuckery of course). I like how you set two absolutely crazy goals, so you have the nice & easy "have children" goal. Jesus what a "wonderful life".
Making me a bit depressive here. Thanks for the focus, faggot

For one, in doing this you are automatically choosing the currently reigning class, so this is still a Capitalist ideology.
Nope, dialectical materialism (the main philosophy of Marxism) talks about progress in many, many different ways. Socialism is just a more progressed form of production/political structure to Capitalism. So when Socialism is referred to as progress, they aren't meaning that all human progress can be distilled into Socialism.not really everything wrong with that quote but w/e.
I think it is sad that I, a Malaysian Puppet sewing shitposter can BTFO a philosopher. What a shame.

user… what exactly do you think the government does with the money it taxes…. Maybe you mean more money for consumers? It would still be the same amount of money going around, so it's not like the dollar would gain/ lose value from this. It doesn't make sense that less taxes would mean more goods for the average consumer. If people did start buying more, demand would increase, and I'm not seeing the connection between tax cuts for million, billion dollar companies translating into more consumer buying power. I also don't see how this adding any real buying power to consumers. I need more explanation/proofs, please. Unsage for good posting.

Pick just one, faggot. Evola's esotericism and occultism directly conflict with Nietzsche's metaphysical and epistemological beliefs, and Evola's conception of the individual's place in society is fundamentally opposed to Neitzsche's.

The one-two combo of raising middle class taxes and cutting social programs for the poor (and also many in the """"""middle class""""") is going to fuck up a lot of people's lives. The obamacare repeal alone is going to kill the health insurance of millions. This will probably be the push over the cliff for many families.

How is the USA going to grow when millions of Americans will be forced to curb spending? Most of these tax cuts got to dividends, and god knows how many of those shareholders live outside the country.

All I see is a quick orgy of spending followed by a slow, hard and grinding decline. This is nothing but a wealth transfer from the poor and middle to the obscenely rich, there's no dancing around it. But at least we'll get another few rounds of funding for the next Juicero!

Marxism destroys culture. You see any actual culture as a product of bourgeois power structure which has to be torn down and replaced with the new ideals of your ideology. Look at China, a nation rich with thousands of years of culture, which was completely destroyed by the Maoist revolution. The Chinese today are the most materialistic, morally bankrupt people on earth.


marxism and capitalism both """destroy culture""", evola is kinda right in that

How does Marxism destroy culture? Please don't cite Marxist-Leninists or MLMs as examples of this, I want you to give an example of how Marxism (i.e. the political economic theories of Marx) destroys culture.

Yeah, great, I don't care what you do, leave tradition alone and stop with the boatfuls of niggers youtube.com/watch?v=JagCrDFR8Ng

Having children isn't a "goal", it is a biological imperative. My point is that your life doesn't matter unless you are influential or you prolong your race and culture through reproduction. You are so stupid, I wish I could describe this to you user.
The Evola quote is very basic, it is so simple that even you can understand it. There is not much of Evola you will find like that, which is why you see the same quotes over and over. You did not "btfo" Evola, as Evola was not meant for people like you.

they are marxists you anarkiddie dolt


They're Marxists but they do deviate from Marx in some pretty fundamental ways fam. You'd have to be retarded to not see this.

culture sucks anyways

Which part of my Evola quote that I posted relates to esotericism or occultism? Which part relates to individualism? It is a very vague quote, did you read it?

Mao was a fucking autist everyone knows that.
Nonetheless, the supposed character of the Chinese is massively blown out of proportion as any country with ONE FUCKING BILLION people would be. I bet all you have to refer to is that dumb fucking user posting how he got ripped off from Steel companies in China all the time. Yet people still buy Steel from them for some of the most important projects in the world, hmmm.



Once again, I didn't mention economics, I only mentioned race and culture. PLEASE TRY HARDER.

Why do you care so much about tradition? Is it because everyone you know thinks you're a weird autistic loser and it makes you feel like you belong to something?

He's criticizing capitalist and Marxist ideology for focusing on the material conditions of the world rather than on ideals. This is clearly an idealist critique. He holds that the ideals of a society determine the conditions in that society. Have you not read Evola? This type of critique directly conflicts with Nietzsche's perspectivist epistemology and his atheistic metaphysics.

No. Culture isn't supposed to be some static, unchanging museum piece. Both culture and tradition are only valuable insofar as they are manifestations of how people adapt to and live in their material and social surroundings. When those things change, cultures change or die off.

Traditions that have no point should in fact be killed off, since they have no purpose and only serve as a reference point for nostalgia. You want tradition? Fine. Go defend the House of Lords. Go defend peerages. Go defend an arcane, inaccessible legal system that you have to pay thousands of dollars just to avoid getting creamed by.

Im sure they still swing around shitty katanas and eat lo mein erry night. And wear those funny hats.


Evola was autistic as shit, that doesn't mean he wasn't right about what is essential. He himself was influenced by Nietzsche. Are you fucking so dumb that you think my posting a quote by somebody means I represent every belief they hold? Sweetie…

what makes you feel like you belong to something?

Correct, culture is the ever evolving zygote of race, which is why the two are forever combined. Culture helps you identify as a group, which is why Marxists want to destroy it with a global monoculture based on a mundane god. People don't participate in Norse Pagan hanging rituals for "nostalgia" you mong. Your culture and race (i.e your DNA and clothing) will help future civilizations determine what group you belonged to, should you happen to die in a bog.

Lol evola thought aristocratic hierarchies were essential

If you're posting on Holla Forums, chances are you're weird, autistic, and a loser all at once tbh.

They are.

hanging out with friends during our free time

To be fair, you have to have a very high Autism Level to understand Jordan Peterson. His arguments are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of evopsych most of the points will go over a typical person's head. There’s also Dr. Peterson's Western outlook, which is deftly woven into his online persona- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Enlightenment literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these points, to realise that they’re not just right- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Dr. Jordan Peterson truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the depth of analysis from his personality tests. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dr. Peterson’s genius wit unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Dr. Jordan Peterson, PhD. tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 Autism Level points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

Oh my God this picture

Which is why American culture has stayed in America and hasn't spread throughout the globe. Which is why the Romans were completely unsuccessful in assimilating the tribes they conquered.
As opposed to capitalism, which is happy to chop up cultures and sell them, bastardized, across the globe?
And why would Marxism concern itself with culture (a symptom of material conditions) when it can just address those material conditions directly?
Culture has no inherent connection to race. In a free society one can adopt or discard the trappings of culture as he pleases. I've met Nigerians and Chinese who act and think in ways more western than you and many other people on the right.


You fucking idiot, you claim to be a Nietzschean and yet you uncritically accept a person who makes the claim that Marxism is bad because it's based on an analysis of the structure of society instead of an analysis of it's ideals. Nietzsche believes that the concepts one uses to interpret the world are defined by the circumstances surrounding that person. The entire point of Nietzsche's genealogical approach is to gain the perspective necessary to interpret the world. For Nietzsche nothing is essential, moron. If Marxism is overly materialistic then so is Nietzsche himself.

Face it, the whole of master/slave morality in Genealogy of Morals can be taken into account with economics in mind and can be applied throughout history.

-American and Roman are not races
-I'm literally arguing against capitalism, kys
-They don't do it for money either
-Because it is the way it has always been since culture developed. The burden of proof is on you to prove why not.

Yes, thank you for beginning the definition of moral nihilism, nothing is essential…unless you make it essential. It is the job of the ubermensch to to make things essential. That kind of suggests a societal stratification based on an aristocracy or master. How fucking dumb are you? Did you not read or did you not understand? You must've read the Kaufmann translation.

Face it, the anti-semetic canards in Mein Kampf can be taken into account with economics in mind and can be applied throughout history.

there is no fucking saving you whatsoever you disgusting prick.

Wasn't antisemitism in Germany strongly linked to economics?

Way to miss the point, retard. If essence is predicted on the conditions surrounding a person then the only valid way to make statements about the world is to analyze the material conditions surrounding you. In that quote Evola is either rejecting Nietzsche or misunderstanding Marx.

LOL I didn't compare Nietzsche to Hitler jesus fucking christ. I was pointing out the absurdity of your statement. What the fuck is that? This is why ultimately the gas comes out, because you misunderstand and project, and never understand how stupid you are.

I think you are misunderstanding Evola and Nietzsche, as well as Marx. Your whole worldview rejects a prior essentialism while mine is based on it, and lends itself to hierarchy. I genuinely am starting to wonder if anybody here even knows what they're talking about.

And yet a fairly uniform American culture has been imposed over many latinos and asians. And yet an incredibly uniform Roman culture was imposed on caledonians, gauls, celts, latins, greeks, and many other highly distinct tribes with distinct genealogies.
Both of these aren't arguments
Fine. Japan is incredibly westernized, South Korea is westernizing rapidly. Mostly due to rapidly changing economic and sociopolitical realities that tore them from the confucian world and reoriented them towards the secular west.
This isn't proof of anything. You're literally saying the following:

Why did he want to bring back the aristocracy if it was always there forever?

I think maybe we have different readings of the three and yours are just incoherent.

Talk about incoherant

because of the biological reality of race

You didn't show that I was wrong you just asserted it. How exactly am I misunderstanding Marx, Evola, or Nietzsche? I'd prefer an answer about Marx if you were only going to answer this for one of them tbqh fam

Anyway, we're straying from the actual core of what's being argued. Culture is based on material conditions. Look at Japan. Even before WWII, after the opening of the country by Perry Japan gobbled up western culture like sex-flavoured dango. The country's education, medical, martial and financial institutions were highly western by the Taisho era.

This was all done by an ethnically homogeneous country, without any serious outside coercion. What happened was that the Japanese economy started to industrialize and Japanese people dropped traditions that were no longer needed to create new customs and traditions that were more suitable for a 19th/20th century industrialized economy.

This is evidence of nothing. You're just saying a connection exists between hierarchy and ethnicity without proving that it actually exists.

He should put a warning at the head of all of his pamphlets.

>Hi, I'm crraaaaaazy Jay Evola! I'm a very silly boy, so don't be too harsh ok! By the end of this story my beliefs about the nature of aristocratic hierarchy will be rendered very goofy by my ideals for society! It's almost as though my work is pointless! Lol, time to go cook-a me some Rice-a-Roni!

lolwoops i jumped the gun.
However you sidesetepped me completely. Address how economics and culture are not intertwined. Every bit on power and its control over morality in Genealogy can be shown through the economic systems that uphold and enforce classes.

Everyone is at fault here, the prole is clearly uneducated tho due to the fact he works 100 hours a week and has little time to read. He has just enough time to squeeze by a Jordan B. Peterson video here and there or read a Ben Shapiro blog but he has no self-awareness and yet to develop the ability to critically think. Mix that with general gamer culture (another favorite pastime of the low Autism Level rightists, anything but reading a fucking book, am i right?) and you have a recipe for literal fucking animals vehemently fighting against their own self interest; and not for a great or divine cause, either, but simply due to lacking the education necessary to understand the world and his position in relation to that world.

Sad really.

I like you, user. You are wise.

imagine being this cucked by liberalism

It will do literally nothing for wages. This helps big corporations who are already sitting on mountains of cash and have no desire to invest. This does nothing except make the rich richer.

thanks you!!
to be honest this guy didn't seem interested in actually arguing though

You mean the real estate deduction? If this prompts people to move out of the overcrowded cities and into places with depressed housing prices, I see this as a good thing.

I'm only talking about the tax cut itself.

We will see, a lot will go into investment in the company, which would including hiring and raising wages. And dividends from one company could be invested in another, again, increasing hiring/wages. Also, the lower corporate rate will likely attract more foreign capital.

True, that's why I said it's only good for the economy in the short term, or at best the medium term. Unless if the supply siders are right and the increased growth rate makes up for the reduced tax rates.

No, there will be more money in the economy if taxes are cut and spending remains the same. The debt will go up. Again, it's like taking out a new credit card; it's free money…. for now.

Lower corporate taxes will allow for companies to invest in more capital, including human capital. They will be able to grow faster, open new departments, factories, etc. and all that will require more workers. UNLESS, of course, they use the tax cuts to invest in new machines that allow them to use fewer workers…. That's the nightmare scenario here.


Disincentivizing home ownership doesn't do that at all.

The lower cap on the mortgage deduction only comes into play for the middle class in expensive cities.

I'm not American, so I'm not up-to-date on every deduction they've killed. But they've also gone after deductions for education (high school and post-secondary), personal exemptions, state and local tax deductions and a host of others. This was a slash-and-burn operation.
This is going to fuck over people who might not be able to afford to live in their homes anymore. This will probably cause a small wave of foreclosures.
You can't talk about a tax cut without talking about the cuts the Repubs are making to (somewhat) fund the cut. Apparently they're waiting to pass those later:
The Fed has been pumping money into the economy to do these things with little to show for it in rising wages or the creation of permanent jobs. Why would corporations hire permanent employees when they can hire just as many temps, part-timers or contractors for a fraction of the cost (as they've been doing since the Great Recession)
The effective tax rate is pretty low as it is, and why would companies invest in the US given the uncertainty caused by how president swiss cheese brain is handling trade talks?
IIRC to make up for the lost revenue we'd need to see growth rates not seen since the 60s.
See my linked NYT article, the GOP has explicit plans to go after social programs.
All firms have an obligation under capitalism to choose the option that yields the most profit. If companies see more profit in squirreling away money in tax havens and automating as many jobs as possible, they will take that course of action.

I'm and I pretty much agree with you on all of this, actually. The Fed QE and low interest rates have kept the US/world out of recession though, I think that's pretty clear.

There's no reason for them to get foreclosed on, they'd just have to sell.

Evola and Neit were supporters of Not Socialism.

Classic right wing sophistry right here. Shapiro tier almost.

I have no doubt that one of the intended effects of the lower mortgage deduction cap is to encourage people to move out of the overcrowded cities. They want people to sell and move, not get foreclosed on.

National Socialism didn't exist until after Nietzsche died. Nietzsche also explicitly denounced antisemitism and nationalism. Stop being retarded.

karenposters need to fuck off

An extremely clever decades long anti-communist propaganda campaign.

Tell me, how does an analysis of capitalism destroy culture? And did you know that the Soviet Union was a beacon of high culture, while the west slipped into pop culture and modern art?

Modern pop culture is largely trash. What we need is to not just tear down bourgeois-liberal power structures, but replace them with aristocratic-premodern alternatives.

The Qing dynasty suffered from inept rulers during the 19th century. But what really destroyed it was misguided liberal "reformers" that ended up plunging the entire country into decades of civil war. Trying to smelt pig iron in backyard furnaces was a mistake, but Mao was just picking up the pieces after the civil war. After decades of misrule - including by the liberal Kuomintang.

Tell me people, would it really be that bad to disenfranchise servile classucks such as these?

There are entire libraries-worth of free PDFs and documentaries online. These aren't the dark ages. This is due to a profound lack of intellectual curiosity, not a lack of time or resources.

Read a book you simpleton. Not only do you have a piss-poor understanding of Marxism, but your understanding of culture is that of liberal kitsch.

Lol. No he wasn't. Not in his latter years, at the very least.
Perhaps you should consider actually reading his books instead of some out of context quotes from the internet.

“Culture is not your friend. Culture is for other peoples’ convenience and the convenience of various institutions, churches, companies, tax collection schemes, what have you. It is not your friend. It insults you. It disempowers you. It uses and abuses you. None of us are well-treated by culture.”

"But the culture is a perversion. It fetishizes objects. It creates consumer mania. It preaches endless forms of false happiness, endless forms of false understanding in the form of squirrelly religions and silly cults. It invites people to diminish themselves and dehumanize themselves by behaving like machines.”
~Terence McKenna

It'll only help increase wages for workers whose skills are already in high demand and short supply. Everyone else won't be seeing jack shit

Homeowners aren’t working class.

You don't think there will be more barista jobs if there are more tech workers with more money?

Of course an American would say that.

Culture is a cult!

because he is that kind of person

Not everyone is a cuck like you fam

Fuck off bitch, Some shit was erased by Maoists but some retarded stuff like foot binding was gone too. Mao is a mixed bag

they try to summon _space

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Someone tell me what the argument Jordan Peterson makes in the linked video is? I'm on the train, and my headphones are out of charge, so can't watch it

Depends on how much more tech workers are getting how much more money, if it's enough money to increase the demand for coffee consumption, and then if that demand can be met with the current amount of baristas or more. I think you can already tell that the effect, if there is any at all becomes more and more negligible, and I don't think you're going to get that big of a wage increase, if any, for the initial tech workers to begin with.


When extreme leftist retards pushed normie leftest center.

every fucking time

What a shitty excuse that makes the right absolutely blameless.

If anything I find that we have failed to recognize both parties as bad by allowing Conservative apologia get out of hand because the left can create cancerous democrats too.

No, fuck Conservatives as well. Fuck them all. They are just as dangerous and cancerous and selfish as they ever were.

When the american humanitarian empire started to crumble and the internet got mainstream.

The question is what sort of capital the corporations invest in with their tax cut: human or mechanical/digital.

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?
archive.is/w5EXu //////////////////

because they're paranoid as fuck, especially 8 Holla Forums

There is no radical left. They have no influence in the west.

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Capitalism transforms culture into a mere consumerist shadow of itself.

The internet is not real life, notmal people haven’t heard of him and are too apethtic too care. Also that video is cringe.



Human capital is just a worker's labor power. It isn't really similar to regular capital and the way you're going to "invest" in it is by paying to retrain your staff, not raising wages. I would say the only incentive a company has for raising wages over investing in capital would be if your department or industry is undergoing a labour shortage and the turnover rate for that firm is increasing.

Best image

Quite literally, political correctness did a complete spiral and managed to suck its own dick and now it's not politically correct to call Glenn Beck's former listener KekUncle1973 who posts on r/The_Donald a fucking dumbass because you must support immigration if you do and the only answer is more Germany style conservatism and austerity.

The only people who make a career out of defending "The Right" are guilty of capitalist apologia since that is all they are as well. For all that complaints the left is, while valid, do not mean excuses for the right. I almost smell agenda about it.

That's ridiculous. When you expand a business, open a new department or factory say, that always requires hiring more workers, unless there is new technology that allows you to replace your workers by investing in that.

Hes Slovenian.

since always?
It's never be OK to be communist.

Yeah, we're aware classcucks exist.
Thanks for reiterating that point.

I can't imagine being an atheist and still clinging to Protestant ethics and ideology, but here you are.

When the Left gets to rule your country for 20 years.
Here in Chile the right wing biggest argument is fixing everything the left did wrong. And there's a lot of stuff that wasn't done correctly, mind you.
Sebastián Piñera is practically the only right-wing guy that can be president, he already ruled 2010-2014. Why? Because despite being rightwinger he always was more interested in the money and less in philosophies. He was never a true Pinochet-fan and that was the reason why the swing votes choosed him: he wasn't a true fascist and through him people could express their disaproval of the current left-wing government. Also, despite all his crimes, nobody ever died because of him, not even indirectly.

In the end, 90% of chileans forget about the 3,000 people who died more than 20 years ago and only care about having a system where they can go to the malls, buy some big TVs and a cool looking car and go to a fancy beach. You first, then your family. Fuck your neighbors, fuck your country too.
I believe Piñera thought of copying some ideas from Trump & his America First motto, thinking it would work in Chile. I'm sure it would.

that's insulting to those of us involved in the field