I am against Jacobin for being too to the left, while it seems Democratic Cops of America's opposition stems from the tumblr left.

It seems like identity politics has a grip on Democratic Cops of America.


btw I am a dues paying Democratic Cops of America member and this tumblr feminist thing seems to be the fashion in the coastal chapters.

Where I am, we actually care about spreading Marxism and helping the working class.
Jacobin unfortunately is controlled by a bunch of Brooklyn identitarian hipters.

Jacobin is run by crypto-strasserites

Quad quads confirm Jacobin is NatTrot.

Don't act dumb.

it seems like this guy is directly involved with the Democratic Cops of America, if we can somehow make him popular that would be a massive win.

Holla Forums doesn't have a twitter presence.
And if they do, they're mostly hiding their anti-liberal tendencies.

No consistency to the succdem outrage

amber is losing a factional struggle right now.

Can you elaborate?
What exactly does Amber do inside of Democratic Cops of America?

He's sperging over harmless jokes, he's be perfect here.


who fucking cares

Yeah, what is the story with Amer?

She wrote stupid shit in The Baffler and then smeared RL Stephens for really no reason at all.

Sperging out over harmless jokes is all the left does anymore tbh

"fuck wypipo" is far from a harmless joke. I honestly can't tell if you're being ironic or not.

Just call the joke bad and move on, stop being a fag

I'm not an SJW. You're a moron for pretending these "jokes" aren't exactly what enable neoliberal populism.

t. troll

I don't think you understand how that word was meant to be used.

t. neogaf rapefugee who doesn't know how to sage


Anti-whiteness means being against the "white" identity tho


Amber has been in the Democratic Cops of America for a decade or some long ass time and is pretty ingrained in the old "left-wing" of the Democratic Cops of America which are more old school social democrats compared to the dominant social liberals. The new crop of Democratic Cops of America members is either aligned with this "left-wing" or are even further left. Fetonte and the old schoolers are being kicked out which was a win for Amber's left social democrats (jacobin milieu), unfortunately the party keeps moving left and more militant members are pushing hard(rl, who was booted from jacobin for being a "maximist"). This is all takin place in Democratic Cops of America's prime project Medicare for All's committee of which both RL and Amber are chairs(?) of. RL has been constantly criticising it as a reformist program that relies on the Democratic Party, whereas Amber and the socdem clique refer to it as a "non-reformist reform" where they run socialists on the Democratic Party ticket but are somehow not just electing democrats.