What does Holla Forums think about kickstarter and crowd funding in general?
Why do these systems attract so many cranks when it could be used as a way to start cooperatives?
Why do the pojects that get funded have such bumpy development?

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I think it is a shitty practice, but a few games I like wouldn't have been made without it.

Hopefully it will make rosy eyed Americans realize that no one gives a shit about their stupid ideas and inventions, and they're never going to make it.

just makes friends irl and collect the money in a big pile

Few things are cringier in this world than American-dream-style entrepreneurship, yes. It's just so intensely phony and cheesy.

Most of these platforms are heavily geared towards attracting funding in return for incentives, i.e. turning potential collaborators into passive consumers.
Meanwhile, these platforms are almost completely unregulated. Anyone can jump through the hoops and collect thousands of dollars for a project they'll never come through with and it's up to the consumers to chase the offending con artist down

It's a secular religion for many westerners, it's not going away

I think it shows how the market can't produce certain media, especially niche, on its own. For instance Pillars of Eternity is one of the best RPGs ever, but without kickscammer it would have never been made because publishers are chasing Elder Scrolls.

I like Idubbz' quote on Kickstarter: "they don't have a returns policy, they have a fuck you policy, because fuck you dumbass, you were dumb enough to give us your money"

It's three b's you fuck.

Sorry, I forgot it stood for Big Booty Bitches

Idk if anyone remembers DaxFlame, but he recently did a kickstarter to avoid going homeless for some stupid bullshit reason and he actually got $11k for absolutely nothing.. This pisses me off beyond reason and I'll probably make a video about it actually.
He shouldn't have gotten the money. He should have been made to go homeless. His idea is factually stupid & won't produce anything. I hate this so-called economy and I'm so pissed I'm crosseyed shit!!!


Never heard of him, but within 10 seconds I could tell he's a fucking insane person. I think if I met him I'd be worried he was going to randomly shank me. Idk I just got a 100% psychopath vibe.

Bump, my questions are unanswered

nothing good about it, nothing bad about it

Not really relevant.

I am not MarkSoc. Capitalism is not abolished by cooperatives.

Define "bumpy".

It's good for niche ideas that would never see the light of day if pitched to some big company, but when someone like Tim Schafer asks for a million dollars to make a sequel to a game, I think people need to see that they are being used.
That being said, some of my favourite games came from kickstarter, and a few minifigs I like.


Centuries of propaganda are hard to undo. I know at least in Burgerland, we've had this small time entrepreneur bullshit mythology shoved down our throats since mass media became a thing.

Watch this, it's pure, distilled American domestic propaganda, a more concentrated version of all the shit that's been pushed on Americans for a century at least.

Watch through this, and you'll see the ideology that allowed Kickscammer and its imitators to become a thing.

use at own risk. so what?

I'm still laughing about scam citizen, it's does not stop :
-Using Cryengine well know for it's bad networking.
-Chris "I must validate every single detail about everything and make useless craps"Roberts .
-Selling ships & "Land" not even in the game up to 2.500$ & more.
-Still receiving millions of dollars in donation.

if you want to support a game or a project know the background of the team that will make the project.
Good example of project that were successful :
-Divinity: Original Sin 2
-Pillar of eternity

wish i saw the humor in it. i dont like how people like that can get ahead

Kickstarter provides a way for people without capital to produce good and services by themselves, without having to take loans or sell their idea to a capitalist.
Karlus Marxus would approve.