Minecraft Lenin Statue Riles Russia’s Communists

How do you guys feel about this? Do you like this sculpture or think that it is a disrespectful depiction of a great leader?

Looks cute tbh, KPRF in it's current state is far worse as embarrassment rather than this statue.

I don't understand why anyone would be upset about this, especially another leftist.

Never underestimate the power of spooks, especially when dealing with MLs.

This opinion is retarded. Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the planet, especially among kids. "If you wanna make it big, you gotta go where the people are."

Why do so many leftists have to be so autistic?

Marxism is not about appealing to kids, retard

Holy fuck you must be a fun person to be around.

Fuck off Rafiq.

Fun and games are for children, and wont save you from exploitation and oppression.

Yes, wouldn't want to disrespect our de facto religious hero figures by allowing individuals to use their creativity freely, now would we

How much more do you get done by not fucking?

Try to use your brain for a single second. I know it's atrophied from disuse, but I'm sure it can handle this. Socialism built in a single generation, and one day these children are going to be adults, and the struggle against capitalism is going to rely in part on them and those that come after them.

So, and here's the tricky part, which is better: these young people learning about Lenin and socialism from the relative neutrality of the internet, or in one of Porky's "school?" For socialism and its figures to be ubiquitous and relatively familiar, or obscure nonsense they learn about from the Black Pigeon Speaks video YouTube so helpfully places beside PewDiePie's content.Take your time, you're using parts of your brain that obviously haven't been used in a while and you don't want to pull something.

dialectics are in motion.

but clearly the englightened KPRF have spotted the real issue threatening Russia, some dude put a cardboard statue of minecraft Lenin on a building

All idealists, whether closeted or not, are puritan life-denying bourgeois moralists.


KRPF are just a hunch of autistic right wingers draped in red flags who are controlled opposition of United Russia.


what I'm curious about is why is Lenin brown?

I'm so fucking tired of these election-hacking Russian scum who think that they can tell us about Lenin and Communism. I've read so many books about this when I was doing my PhD in Gender Studies- I bet this fucking fascist can't even read English!

black guy in the october revolution? fucking based

Are you actually defending a bunch of autists freaking out over a cardboard toy statue, calling it a "nightmare" and a "blasphemy"?

go away Holla Forums

It is the work of cultural marxism

Why is he giving the roman salute?

he's doing a thumbs up

Good post and 100% true.


Isn't there a Lenin quote literally about engaging with children

The russian revolution did abolish the age of consent, but I don't think anyone was making speeches about it, no….


They're acting religious without being religious. The house of Lenin requires his personage to feature in every park and every room, down with these revisionists.