Does Andrew Anglin have the right idea about the American left?

Does Andrew Anglin have the right idea about the American left?

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anglin is nazbol confirmed

Now I truly start to see what cancer nazbols become.

He's only 5'4".


Dow Jones Doubles in Six Years, Americans Still Broke

>When all is said and done, no nation is closer to pure unadulterated capitalism today than the United States (except when Goldman Sachs needs more money to gamble with, then we have socialism, because of the conundrum of capitalism, where investment banks simply bribe politicians). Thatcherist and conservative ideologues believe the stock market, where no productive work is done, is how national economic health is gaged. According to this metric, we must be living like kings. But instead, we’re living like kangz.


Fuck you you twat
If anybody want to read this here is the archive so you don't give these cunts the page views.

This is Capitalism: 1% Owns Nearly Half of Global Wealth


Who cares?

Anglin doesn't have """ideas""" at all. He's just a numbskull troll who wants to own le SJWs.

He cared enough to show his DL to try and disprove it.

why the fuck is the daily stormer suddenly getting woke, did they decide to hire some closet marxists, or are they ideologically turning Asserist ?

What common ground does the left share with fascists?
Fascism is predicated on war. Without war the fascist state has no means to turn the internal antagonisms generated by class struggle outward onto the rest of the world.
The fascists opposition to globalism begins and ends with the aesthetic. There is no opposition to the economic mechanisms that drive globalization. It's a rhetorical LARP.
As long as you're the RIGHT kind of worker you'll get the privilege of dying in some manufactured conflict to keep the gears of capital's destruction/expansion cycle greased. Annnd if you aren't one of the chosen then you can expect to be driven into the ground and liquidated as soon as possible.

Fuck this dude.

tfw dailystormer talks more about real problems than democratic cops of america

His DL said he was 5'2".

Anyway, I think the fact he's a Nazi loser is what we should be getting at. The whole "picking on some aspect of a person's appearance that deviates from the norm" is a liberal/alt-right tactic, and in any case isn't good praxis.

1. Dailystormer does not earn anything from page views.
2. They lose their domain in an average of 3 days.
3. Dailystormer is blacklisted from every search engine and ad agency.

It makes little sense to archive Dailystormer since all their income comes from bitcoin donations and mail-ins, but you should continue archiving all the other "acceptable" sites like Infowars, PrisonPlanet, Salon, DailyMail, etc. since they still earn money from ads, stocks (yes, Infowars is a publicly traded company), etc.

It's a very good tactic when your enemies are obsessed with aesthetics. We would be fools to not point out that the defenders of the white race are generally the worst examples of it.


the left still is
> that was the case up until Bill Clinton, and through most of his term – and now they’re just about tranny bathrooms and exterminating white people
this only holds true if you accept idpol liberals as left wing.


I don't tend to define short, chubby, lanky, socially awkward, or effeminate people to be the very worst of humanity (or of their respective "races").

I don't consider a muscular Nazi to be any more justified than a fat Nazi.

/r9k/, please take these wojak images back to your board. we don't want them.

Maybe if the mainstream left would actually pay attention to the working class, the real leftists wouldn't have to join the far right in order to get their views heard over the mess of idpol.

When I was a fascist it always stuck out to me that most of the supposed "übermensch" I was listening to were all literal manlets. Not that height changes the validity of an ideology, but it never sat well with me.

No he doesn't, fuck off back to Holla Forums

Which "real leftist" is that?

It's the same shit that happened back in the 20's and 30's. Leftists like Mosley and Mussolini became disillusioned with the rampant idpol and white demonization that had taken over the left, and so went on to found much more successful movements on the right. History repeats.

I'm surprised it doesn't dawn on more fascists that this tends to be the case. I mean, the leaders of Nazi Germany were all either drug addicts, cripples, or just fucking weirdos.

What? Mussolini disassociated from the left because they wouldn't pander to his nationalist idpol or support the war. Learn your own history, moron.

user clearly was not referring to class war but to nationalist capitalist wars

Are you mentally challenged? Imperialist wars like WW1 are bourgeois trash that havs nothing to do with proletariat class war.

Mussolini was only after more concentrated political power. He had no real ideology. A bit like Trump.

Nationalism is not capitalist, that would be globalism, which promotes world peace to sustain itself.

War can be very class conscious. Or do you not support the USSR defending itself against Nazi Germany or later American aggression? Or perhaps you would have Islamic militants from Afghanistan pour into the USSR without a fight? Fuck off. War is the creative force, and any real leftist knows that it's sometimes necessary not only for advancing the cause of the proletariat, but for its own sake.

Actually, he had a clear ideology. It's called fascism, read some books by him sometime.

Only class warfare (revolutions) are class conscious "wars."

This has little to do with class consciousness. The USSR defending against an aggressor is not equivalent to Mussolini wanting to invade and colonize other countries. And besides the USSR did many questionable things that contributed to its demise. USSR was socialist in name only, it was really just state capitalist.

I'm getting the weirdest sense of deja vu…

Jim kicks ass at web design


Mussolini said one thing, did another thing. Claimed early in his political career to be anti-catholic. Once he got power he promoted catholicism as the state religion. Used to make "positive" stereotypes about Jews (claimed they were an intelligent and democratic people). Later threw them under the bus upon joining the Axis powers and handed them over to the Nazis when demanded by the German government.


Andrew Anglin was LITERALLY cucked so hard as a teen he bashed his face against the concrete so hard he bled and got a scar.

A 250-word denunciation of the tenets of fascism isn't going to effective in many mass media situations as 25 words or a 5 word meme correctly highlighting that the people who lionize strength and independence have pizza dough bodies and still have their beds made by mommy
Moreover, a lot of the aut-rights knows that it's true. Constantly being reminded of that fact is demoralizing.

I don't want my IP in a Daily Stormer log file ``kudasai''

We need to turn on the Hoochie signal pronto!

They do

No real leftist does this

how fucking dense do you have to be to fall for the "don't worry proles, we're National *Socialists*" again?

No? Christ even the most ardently pro-transgender rights socialist groups in the US still have plenty to say against war and the vast economic inequalities in the world.


what is this

who is this

minor aut-right e-celeb

It's a bit strange really. Holla Forums likes to go on and on about how they are all 6' 4" alphas but most are just average or below average white (hispanic) suburbanites. Must be a failson thing.


ah, this explains the absolute ignorance of history

So many Dwight Schrutes in that crowd

What do you do?

The devastating case of "nothing wrong with me"

it is a correct assumption, everybody can die, everything can be denied.

Eh, isn't Anglin a known troll and after all the Daily Stormer did support Jeremy Corbyn of all people in the UK General Election

Maybe he's a S L I C K N E O N A Z I E N T R I S T.


take this shit back to Holla Forums

Really activates the almonds.

it appears the nazi is ignorant of history etc.
to the surprise of absolutely nobody

What is Kantbot’s deal?

Why does “Catholic socialist” Liz Bruenig pal around with him?

if he sais theyre a bunch of LARPing hipster fag-hugging fruitcakes then yes he is spot on

What's up with these new ban messages?
Is this Hoochie's doing?

That's an understatement.

I don’t know who this is


That passage was written long before Mao's death tho.