What is identity politics?

What is identity politics?
Is it having psychotic views on 'social issues', e.g. SJW's or Holla Forums?
Is putting more importance on 'social issues' than on class/economy/etc., even if one's views on 'social issues' are reasonable?
Is it something else completely?

It's an incel buzzword.

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its politics cheifly concerning identity, for example the term "white privilege" is identity politics, putting your sexuality in the name of your movement is identity politics, racially motivated legislation would be identity politics, stealing another boards get because the board you that you describe yourself as is identity politics, separating people into separate identities for bullshit reasons and using that politically is identity politics

Nobody on Holla Forums knows what identity politics is, people only use it when they are angry about "feminists." Just look at OP, they are completely clueless, they can't even tell means apart from ends.

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It's identity essentialism (the idea that members of an identity inevitably share certain traits and experiences from this identity) with a focus on identity struggle (the idea that the struggle must be a clash of identities and ideas instead of a struggle against the class system). You'll notice that both SJWs and Holla Forumstards believe of both of these. It's a problem because de-individualizes people, it's inherently idealistic, and its inevitably class collaborationist.

Just because people can't articulate their position doesn't mean they don't know what idpol is when they see it on the left or the right.

White privilege alone is not identity politics, only an American would deny that whites are in a privileged position in the USA. Thinking that it is some kind of essential property of all whites instead of a phenomena situated in time and space is what makes it proble‌matic.

how the hell are whites in privileged position in USA? You guys have literally laws which help non-whites to get to university and workforce.

Are you not paying attention to the news? Resegregation is a serious problem there.

That is true, I'm trying to not pay too much attention to USA news.
Stuff like pic related?

It's conducting politics based on identity. It's in the name. First you identify an identity, then you engage in politics based on that identity, tailored to the members of that identity, and view the world through the prism of the identity - "how does this or that relate to the given identity" rather than conducting an analysis in the abstract. The identity is internal to the subject, and often immutable.

To contrast this to class politics, which is radically different, class is not just another shade of identity. Class concerns the objective relation of the subject to the production process and the means of production. The subject does not carry it in him so to speak - which is why it can be abolished, transcended, and so on, by transforming the previously mentioned relation. You couldn't do that with an identity, which is incidentally why identity politics often feels like a hopeless zero sum war of all against all.

When race/"sex"/immigration issues compete for attention and divert mental energy away from resolving issues of "material conditions."

Identity politics began within feminism. When feminists first marched they were racially segregated because of fears that black faces would tarnish their public image.

Identity politics is getting enraged that a man might rape a woman somewhere and then not caring if a feminist women rapes a man, because she has the right identity and any kind of corrective is appropriate for those who don't. Identity politics is getting enraged that cops might shoot a black guy somewhere, and then… I could go on, but suffice to say it's about ditching reciprocity and character to judge people by skin shade and genitalia instead. Holla Forums is fueled by the tremendous, intensely taboo social desire to see idpol dragged into the sunlight and revealed for its true nature by elaborate shows of ideological mirroring and reciprocation - or at least that's what drives me to make racist posts on Holla Forums. Idpol needs a dose of noticing what it looks like if everyone does what they do. Holla Forums can only create the opportunity, unfortunately. There's no way to force empathy.

I will come back to feminism when someone prominent admits they blew the object-level on GamerGate and shouldn't have resorted to normistic judgment.

Anything that involves subjects with you're uncomfortable with (women, blacks, lgbt).

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It feels like that's the general consensus here lol, its brought up when it isn't even applicable.

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Absolute revisionist bullshit. Identity politics existed long, long before feminism.

Affirmative action is typical bullshit liberalism. Little or no impact for the majority of the less privileged, serves to fool people into thinking progress is being made while all you do is create a more diverse elite.

Politics based on identities and not actual principles, benefits, etc…

Neck yourself, class is different than identity as it is what our entire society is constructed around you colosally inept fuck.

Identity politics is, in essence, subscribing to the sociological analysis of Marx's theory.

If I treat niggers normally I end the race identity opposed to theirs. If I try to make the means of production avaible to all humanity the capitalists, which own them under the current system, kill me. No matter how I modify my mentality the capitalist will always own the means of production under the current system. Can you see how the problem is that the capitalists actually own the means of production, so it's not an identity but an actual material reality to not own them too? Stuff like being white or black doesnt matter in the bigger picture, that is the one of capitalists controlling society

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