What is the opinion of Holla Forums on the consumption of pork...

What is the opinion of Holla Forums on the consumption of pork, the ethics thereof and the beliefs associated with the consumption thereof?

As you may already know, some religions are opposed to it. There are also groups of people who swear off the consumption of pork for secular reasons, whether it be for dietary reasons or for more trendy reasons.

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Pork is cheap and tasty and I eat it often.

Obvious hygienic recommendation told through symbolic and moralistic means, then passed down as religious tradition. In other words, obscurantism. Thanks to science and enlightened thinking we now know pork is fine if cooked correctly, and there is no use for backwards, primitive religious thinking to enforce mores.

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I prefer rabbit meat

What does it taste like?

I don't eat it very often. Partially because I feel bad when I think about how they're raised, but mostly because I just prefer the texture and taste of other meats. Pork is generally low-tier unless you can find a good slow roast joint.
Why are you asking about pork, specifically?

Pork is alright as long as it is cooked sufficiently so it doesnt make you sick.

it tastes like rabbit

Kind of like a leaner stringier lamb.

It tastes good smoked.

stop eating animal products

I like it, but we need to eat porky too. Lives of luxury make them taste so much better than the kind you get from factory farms - and as a bonus, they can't exploit you anymore if they're dead.

Some religions?
I only know Islam. What are the other ones?

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Hell, I'd support it.

There's two times more pigs than people in my country. And yes I do eat pork.

kys and save the rest of the mammals the suffering

There is literally no such fucking thing as vegan food. Edible plants get pollinated by animals and/or get treated with pesticides, both of which involve "animal products" or using animals and involve significant suffering on the part of animals at an industrial scale.

meant for

There's this obscure thing called Judaism.

Delicious pan-fried and mixed into rice

Never had it, hear it taste like chicken

that also

Rabbit is excellent. Looks, and has a texture, similar to chicken, but the taste is different imo.
I want to breed rabbits for food someday when I have the time and space for it.

51% of human induced climate change is due to animal agriculture. Its incredibly inefficient and meat consumption is extremely damaging to the environment but I like the taste of meat so I continue to eat it. Turning vegan is not gonna do shit because one person who stops consuming animal products wont lead to any significant change so I just go along with it.

Would you change if you knew that dietary consumption of animal products is unhealthy?

In low doses meat is healthy so no for me. I'm broke so I cant really afford to eat too much meat anyways but I think if the price of meat reflected its true cost by adding in externalities, I would probably rarely if ever consume meat. Right now I eat one serving per day, but were it to reflect its true cost I would probably eat it like once per month

All sentient beings are deserving of life. Communism will liberate the porcine proletariat. If you think you're a "superior" life form because you can "ambulate" (capitalist invention btw, totally a spook, never happened before the industrial revolution) then you ARE the idpol.


Everyone should cut down on their meat consumption for the environment. That being said, I avoid eating pork and beef and chicken most of the time. I eat mostly fish when I eat any kind of meat. I'm mostly a vegetarian though, honestly.

I couldn't be a full vegan or anything of the sort since I'm allergic to soy and legumes. Really kills a lot of the alternatives.

well then, they dont have to eat it

Don't like it.
Usually eat chicken instead.

I like Pork Belly, don't like pork itself though.
The thing with Pork I have ethical problems with is that pigs are self-aware and even name eachother and name their children and are incredibly intelligent social animals. (on the same level as a child). it's the same as eating Dolphin, they're just too smart ethically to be food.
Hell go watch Youtube of people with pig pets and the first thing they say is how surprising it was pigs are like 100x smarter than dogs.

what is asserted with Holla Forums-tier """evidence""" can be dismissed with meems

Sounds like you're a pescatarian. You don't have to eat soy or legumes to eat a plant-based diet. But, I'd imagine it being slightly more difficult seeing that you're forced to cut an entire food group out.

What Holla Forums-tier evidence are you talking about? The video is a summary of his book that contains 148 pages of references.

Well, I really like pinto beans. And soy sauce. And peanuts. And cashews. And related things. They make me break out in hives though and it's depressing.

I am a pescatarian, I guess. I really enjoy salmon.

Holla Forums is a sharia controlled zone, don't eat pork

only meat i genuinely enjoy. I'd happily be a vegetarian if not for really liking salmon.

perhaps you have allergies because you consume animal products?

It's fucking delicious.
Don't care, delicious.
If they don't want it, then that's more for me.

Reminder processed meats, including Bacon are proven carcinogens

fuck off burger

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like a chicken but more soft

eat meat boi !