If Marx was alive today, would he have wanted to leave the EU or remain in it [even if a revolution wasn't near]?

If Marx was alive today, would he have wanted to leave the EU or remain in it [even if a revolution wasn't near]?

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What kind of question is this? The EU is trash.

Probably depends on his mood.
He supported trade agreements for their accelerationist characteristic at one point.

The question is, would he have wanted continued stability, or ¨do the right thing¨?

The EU question is irrelevant shit flinging to distract from real issues, capitalist society is the same with or without the eu.

EU's problem is not that simple. EU offers a lot of benefits for it's citizens, as freedom of movement, you can work and live wherever you want, there are heavy subsidies for agriculture and farmers, EU offers a lot of opportunities, such as Erasumus programme for students. It also creates one, united common market, with free flow of capital, which makes EU a huge capital monster. There are a lot of positive aspects of union, taking in consideration that leftists such as Spaak and Spinelli had much contribution in creating EU. I think that Marx would see a great opportunity in EU, with it's potential to become a great, united, socialist federation of Europe. But we can't be sure.

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You know I could easily get this kind of insight from my facebook wall feed, the sad thing is that I know that this is your earnest beliefs.

As for Marx himself, he was an accelerationist supporting free trade in his own time, he would have definitely supported the EU.

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Well, since I live in country belonging to EU, I must know shit. But I agree with a notion that Marx was accelerationist.

You mean paragraphing?

Stockholm's Syndrome much? Besides it's ironic that your original post is supposed to be a defence of the EU as often shilled by supposed "leftist" publications like the Guardian, whilst they're actually all systemic problems of the EU, well it's wrong to say they're problems as they're deliberately implemented like that by design.

You really think that agricultural subsidies, free movement of labour and capital are the EU's selling points? Oh no, not the Erasmus programme!

Next you will tell me how it'll be such a shame that British cities won't be able to vie for the European Capital of Culture award, serves them bloody little Englanders right huh.

He would probably get a boner seeing Germany dominating all those eastern "non-historical" peoples with its iron grip so I wager he'd be quite happy with it.

WTF is your problem? user merely answered the question. If you disagree that's fine, but you're really contributing with nothing here.
Also, if you don't know what reddit-spacing is you must be new and should GTFO.

If Marx was alive today, would he have put pineapple on his pizzas?

No. He would only eat pizzas like pic related.

Oh fuck off with that lazy platitude, he's shilling for one of the sleaziest open marriages of capitalist and political power that exist today (as though the UK parliament needs competition for that) like as though it were some kind of innocuous model UN club.

I don't just disagree, I'm calling him out on his bullshit so go sodomise yourself, this isn't a matter of opinion.

I've never used Reddit, used half chan from 06 till the gg exodus, update me when punctuation and good spelling is considered Reddit too.

Just because you don't agree with a statement that doesn't make it shilling, you bitter cunt.
Guess what? I share your opinion of the EU, but I'm not being a dick about.
Maybe I will.

Are you asking wether Marx would want to emigrate outside the EU?


Communists suck at making pizzas.

Not sure if you're joking, but English isn't my first language. I was asking if Marx would've wanted his country in Europe to leave the EU or not.

But have a plan B too

I just pointed out that EU structure is quite complex and provides large subsidies for infrastructure, education , makes operating companies easier by standardizing tariffs and financial law (although EU can also be a dick about it, read about banana curves in EU). Because of EU my country developed greatly, and every additional factory will be useful once revolution comes (in 20,50,200 years?). I agrre that union is greatly corrupted by it's power (mainly soft power though). European parliament is a joke, even though GUE/NGL are more of less /ourguys/ (in contrast to S&D, which are succdem).

Considering Marx is a dirty sucdem, remain.

"The working men have no country."
t. Marx

If Marx were alive today, would he prefer Sprite or 7up?

EU is just german europorky cashgrab at this point, burn it to the ground


blue is much better for bathroom walls than yellow tbh.

Reminder that communism was done by Freemasons whose life purpose is to chuckle watching shit blow up.


Remain and reform.

Why is EU bad?

How is leaving the EU 'doing the right thing'?

Great post.

Wasted dubs. Idiotic post.

it's a Neo-liberal economic alliance

It's not. Neither does it enforce neoliberalism.

Also how would dissolving it would help anyone?

Still better than protectionism

Good post.

Right to self-determination


Not true, The EU is the latest innovation in imperialism

Has everyone here that is pro-EU missed the new FinnBol video on the EU?


Neoliberal trading blocks are not internationalism and never will be. The EU is a capitalist superstate.

If Marx was alive today he would primarily have wanted to kill every single non-white like every other person living in the 19th century.

They determine the Budget, at least in south europe, where i'm from



What the fuck. The European Union is the grand manifestation of neoliberalism and the forefront of the ideology.

broadly speaking this is bad.
1. in Britain generally speaking farmers are reactionary as fuck
2. subsidizing and defending domestic agriculture is a fundamentally militaristic-strategic decision. We don't do it out of kindness, but because we want to know we'll be safe if war breaks out. The cost of this decision is to increase the relative cost of importing from third world countries who could otherwise be making much greater profits on selling us food. Neoliberal as fuck? Perhaps, yeah, it is. But I'd much rather we exploit them as farm labourers and fuck over a reactionary constituency in our own countries than have us exploit them as goods manufacturers and fuck over our own (left-voting) manufacturing classes.

Depends on who he reads
If he reads Cockshott then Sprite
If he becomes a Trot then 7up


Who cares? Form your own opinion instead of giving in to a cult of personality. Marx and his work just a tool, not the bible.

The EU fucking sucks ass