What does leftypol think of hacking instead of /leftyk/ shit? I was arguing with an ancom the other day and she was all, we should do communist mr robot instead of guns because porky will simply send in the killbots and drones. Therefore we have to do hacking mr robot shit instead of maoist guerrila warfare since its 'outdated'?

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try 0ch instead they like this topic, Holla Forums is too dumb for this shit

some retard the other day here just told me that the only function of the internet is to spread propaganda, people here know less about technology than my grandma

this & also >>>/gnussr/ is empty last post is like 2 month
try >>>/leftpol/

Because noone knows how, and the ones that do are busy working for tech corporations.
If you're worried about killdrones, the only technology that you really need is jammers and the like. The encryption on those things is probably strong enough you can't do much else. Maybe auto-targeting 2W laser pointer in the camera could blind things, or simple jamming of police, military and GPS frequencies, as examples to make them unusable.
Cracking is just the most LARP tier thing to love here, and won't be of too much significance. Plus, it's one of the many, many things "the left should be doing…"
No. I'm sorry. Cracking is not easy. The hackers that are on our side are programming communications systems and secure operating systems.

oh come on thinking your gonna do guerilla warfare in a a western country is 1000% more LARPy than mr robot shit

The delusion of the American wannabe Castros in this board is fucking appalling.

Because being a Matrix LARPer is actually more realistic.
Good thread, shame for the idiots that conquered it.

It's actually not that hard it just takes too much time.

You only need a computer and endless free time.

t. cracked my own computer once because I forgot the password.

Never said that.
It's just that criticisms that I assume comes from the "muh 2nd amendment" /leftyk/ bullshit crowd kinda sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

not using a usb with a rescue distro git gud

Disappointing show
Fight Club wannabe overstretched over several seasons
it was pure cringe the moment this autist started to act like Linux is some hot shit or something
fucking elitist brainlets

It's really not that hard, especially if you already know programming. The internet is full of resources if you want to learn it.

How the fuck do you want to take over the MoP with a fucking computer?
You'd need the capabilities of the NSA and CIA combined to be able to pull something like that off, and so far they'll try to get in your way more.
Honestly, urban warfare is far more plausible to succeed, simply because you hardly ever hit a brick wall. But if a drone's communications is encrypted with almost any modern cipher, you can't do shit. Unless you infect a command center, which is specifically secured against these types of attacks where any other access to the outside world is made impossible.
But it would be easier to just blow up the antennas then. Problem fucking solved.
Honestly, just answer this: HOW.
I could imagine some sort of cooperation between the two techniques, but that would just mean black bag cryptography and general sabotage by insiders, but with computers.
The internet is for the general populace.
The worthwhile targets have their own networks. Inaccessible ones, unless from the inside. And that's just not regular cracking anymore.

I think you mean /lainchan/

I'm an engineering student, buddy, I know something (though not an expert). The act of cracking a system might be theoretically not that complex, but it is in practice.

A mechanic might be able to disable a tank with just a screwdriver, but that does not mean that it's a viable tactic.

You're preaching to the wrong crowd. I agree with you, my "good thread" was to say that indeed cyberwarfare is and will be integral part of any revolutionary struggle and should be discussed.

we're not talking here about your mom's windows 8
I doubt you even opened a debugger

No. At some point someone gets tired of you making life shit for everyone, rats you out to Porky and that's the end of you.
Talk shit about Demsocs all you want, but at the moment they're the only ones that might actually improve the working class' lot in any way and don't sound like raving larpers.


looks kinda larpy

Anyone got guides for jammers?

Those improvements come at a cost.
And demsocs are either radical socdems or irrelevant in any country. They'll try to work alongside capitalism, and will therefore not solve anything. They will just make things temporarily better, and the government debt would just rise more/buying power would go down/employers will leave.
So now you're left with either more dependence and power of other countries over yours, a stagnating economy or abandoned factories.
Face it, your demsocs can never fulfill the soc, or else they would succumb under the anticommunist thumb of the US.

link some fucing pdfs then you chode

They made Erdo piss his knackers hard enough to designate them as a terrorist org.

It will always be striking to how cowardly the left has become. How can you honestly sit there and smugly confirm that violent class warfare is impossible in the west. Do you have no imagination nor knowledge of the past? This exact thought has supported oppressive states and status quos since time immemorial.
You're the real laarpers who probably wouldn't sacrifice a minute of their lives to the cause if it meant the slightest discomfort. Enjoy suckling at the teat of the bourgeoisie slaves.

given the state of the left, using IT and hacking to reveal the extent of our fucking, and the true nature of the porkies that govern us is prolly more productive than training with guns.
Creating online communities to inform and organize people is even more crucial, as just getting the information out isn't enough as can be seen with snowden and such, the msm have a heavy power right now, even if slowly weakening in the face of much of sellouts they are.
Obtaining guns isn't the hardest part of the revolution, actually generating enough support for it to start is the first hard part, and keeping it under control/avoiding complete pol pot tier fuckups while defending against reactionnary force is the second hard part.
gun fetishits are literally useless for now, and we will have plenty enough once shit start to get real. Arming population is useless, just look at US, the most armed and the most classcucked nation of earth. Yeah they got guns to protect their freedoms ! But they literally never fucking use it except for shooting their neighbors. Does the FCC chairman get shot because of how much of an obvious sellout he is ? Hell no. People at concerts get shot. That's what having guns everywhere instead of education and information brings.


See here

Maybe don't talk about things you don't understand?

I've done plenty of crackmes and wargames. Nothing illegal, obviously. Just because you are retarded enough to be a tan‌kie doesn't mean it's hard for people with an actually functioning brain.

Computers aren't magic. Please kill yourself.

Seriously, just die.

none of the ops you replied to but to be realistic, I can't speak to the extent of any future violent class warfare but I do know that any organized violent resistance would be gunned down easily without cooperation of """hackers""". There's a lot of helpful middle ground before you get to mr robot/matrix tier larpers. It's 2017, you can't just go out guns blazing and expect to gain any significant ground. Even the mess that is western antifa haven't the slightest clue about the most basic of opsec.

I'm a programmer sweety

t. just finished his first online JS/PHP course

Stop projecting so hard maybe?

Given that the US drones hackers now I'm not sure it's a way to avoid getting a bullet. Well ok more like 500 rounds a second. So lots of bullets seems smart OP I say go for it you crazy faggot.

this thread needs moar pdfs n shit. Here are some basics to get you started.


The real world isn't like your hollywood shows.
Those killbots and drones won't be connected to the internet you know. In fact nothing really sensible is connected to the internet. There is no way to hack this stuff.

I agree the killbots wont be connected to the mainstream internet, but:
come on. Banks, wall street, power plants, fucking credit card companies? almost all of porkys shit is heavily dependent on the internet:
the only exception is probably military shit

For the two serious programmers reading this thread:
>Is SICP actually a worthwhile guide for beginner programmers, or is it literally just a /prog/ meme? R.I.P. /prog/ I will never forgive moot for killing you


I'm in no way a serious programmer, just a hobbyist

I started with shell scripting, learning piton along the way doing math for my college homework because I didn't want to pay for matlab or mathematica
I'm not even sure if my code works well, but it works, kinda

I'm currently trying to make my way through two volumes of "write great code"
seems like I need to learn assembler programming to be able to write quality code

you can try a programming game colobot to get yourself familiar with basic programming concepts
it's a real fun game

SICP is very good, especially the exercises, but it's a lengthy university textbook. It's absolutely worth reading, but if you are a complete beginner who wants to learn in their free time it's probably not the best place to start.

You can learn programming while dabbling with whatever projects you like. It's actually a pretty good way to learn, especially in the beginning. Later you will want to more systematically study things, especially if you feel you have "plateaued."

/g/ has a wiki if that's what you mean: wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Main_Page I'm not sure how good it is, though.

I have no idea know how much time it usually takes, sorry.

My advice is that you should try learning languages in many different paradigms and flavours. Don't just learn a single language and then sit back and never learn anything again. Even if you never end up actually using them, the time you spent figuring them out will make you a better programmer.

I think that was right on the money. Someone that actually works in the field wouldn't be going on about how they could just hack their way to communism. That's fucking retarded.
The fact that you've mentioned that your experience only extends to online puzzles instead of being an actual penetration tester, or a security expert speaks volumes about how much you actually know, which is precisely nothing. But you know a bit of JS or programmed in Java once, so obviously you're the Neo to our Matrix.



I don't think anyone claimed that you could hack your way into communism. The only claim was that hacking is not some hardcore activity that only the very best can do after years of exclusive training. "Phineas Fisher" argued the same and urged people to "hack back."

So not only are you pretending to know shit about programming and security. Now you're pretending you read the OP. Let me remind you, if you can read:
So no, the OP was not claiming that at all, and anything trying to justify it is just backpedaling in order to support a stupid idea. Indeed, this would be "hacking your way to communism", dipshit.

I never agreed with OP, literally the only thing I claimed in this whole thread is that hacking is not some magical activity that only the "intellectual elite" can engage in. I'm not sure why that made you so angry that you had to deliberately misunderstand what I said.

Your first response seems like it was this:
To a post that said:
So yes, you were backing up OP's point. Stop trying to deflect and say you typed something completely unrelated for no reason.

OK, you also need an internet connection. Happy now?

What are you on about now? The point is that you were agreeing with OP. Why do you keep trying to distract from a point you attempted to make? Is it because you're embarrassed of your stupidity?

I'll check that game out, thanks

This is all very helpful, thanks a lot. I actually want to dabble in scripts that might help me automate a lot of data collection and social media stuff I do manually at the moment, and I'd like to be able to host a simple server or construct a website.


You might be interested in this:

No one is training with guns anyway. The modern left is thoroughly cucked by pacifism.

Except you responded to a post that thought it unrealistic to replace armed struggle with your script kiddie skills.

Oh, yeah, so now it's a totally different thing than you said all thread. Nobody has ever said that cyber can't be part of it. So what the fuck were you arguing about, then? Nothing? It sure seems so now. I find it hard to believe that you do not realize this. Enjoy pretending to know shit on the internet, dumb cunt.

adventurism and opportunism. literally just "terrorism" in cybernetic form.
That said, all communist revolutionaries will ideally be well-versed in OPSEC and computing. A modern-day Bolshevik party could ostensibly fund itself through phishing, stolen credit cards, etc.

this. fuck instead


Entertaining documentary/propaganda for anyone that hasn't seen it.

I might very well be

You sound like you've watched about 3 episodes

yeah, this. what the fuck is wrong with you all? obviously both are important

I've got CS quals with a background in crypto and network admin and sheeit. I'm not a world class expert but I know some stuff. For a start, I don't think it's viable to fantasise about large-scale cyberwarfare, in the sense of disabling critical infrastructure or throwing Stuxnet at the Pentagon. Maybe in a 'two years into the Civil War' scenario, like if it's 1920 Russia:Modern Edition, but not until then. The odd Anonymous style group might take down some websites and cause embarassment, which is nice, but basically it's just like ripping down posters.

What we do need, on the other hand, is people with certain skills and the ability to propagate them. The ability to run a secure server, to establish and disestablish a web presence quickly, and obscure your fingerprints and apply basic INFOSEC and OPSEC principles. The ability to sniff your traffic and see if anything majorly weird is happening. Understanding of security and basic crypto on levels between 'use Signal messenger' through 'run a Tor node' all the way to 'I live in a basement and only communicate using PGP encrypted email'. The ability to train others in these tools and principles - how many "radical" Left organisations run all their organising over Facebook and would be cut off at the knees if the FBI went looking?

Also, a shout out to the discipline of cybernetics (as in control systems) as well. If anything remotely Left comes to power again, be that Revolution or Socdem-Liberal alliance New New Deal, we will need the ability to plan and co-ordinate using computation. A few victories here would gain us great popular legitimacy. Syriza made some of their popular base by working with remote communities to build networking tech for them, based on wireless repeaters that could work in the mountains. They also built some systems to enable those people to co-ordinate their local economy, on the basis of 'trade you some tomatoes now for a steak next week'. This kind of cybernetic technology is only just beginning, but make sure to read your Cockshott and be ready.

the bitch you were talking to is fucking stupid and doesnt know shit about komputahs or insurrection, nevermind 5gw. shes probably a fucking liability stay the fuck away from her unless its about smash, what a stupid fucking statement, the only correct answer would be to whip out your peen and spin it around in a circle while shouting "CUNT" at the top of your lungs

shes a larping faggot, so are you, mr robot is 85% garbage, how about you stop talking out of your ass and watching shitty western liberal power fantasies, learn some real skills nigger, clocks ticking, are you wheat or are you chaff

we need a fuckin mesh bruh, OPSEC doesnt mean shit when they are balls deep in the fucking backbone and always have been, the best OPSEC is barely good enough for local law enforcement at this point this is fucking fact and everybody worth his salt knew it well before snowedin, closest thing to actual OPSEC is whispering something in a niggas ear on a crowded street

The people would much more easily accept a hacker or a politician that is actually a secret leftist doing things behind the scenes than they would accept a murderer. It's better PR essentially. That is so long as it doesn't cause problems for anyone they care about.

GNU Octave

Jabber/XMPP uses TLS for server-client communication and you can use GnuPG for client-client communication if you feel extra insecure.

Both are enough for encryption and with the amount of internet traffic, it will be enough of a deterrent to a casual sniffing that the government do.

Of course nothing is really secure because of the nature of the information that is transmitted, meaning it is way too ordered, like a written text.

Why does it have to be one or the other? If you're actually capable of doing that great go for it. The vast majority of us however can't and wouldn't be capable even if they wanted to.

One or two or five guys just "going for it" is no different than saying "Armed struggle? Sure just get a rifle and go and shoot some cops". It's Individual Terror, disorganised and pointless. Without organic connection to an ongoing working class struggle, within which context you can identify and select targets of strategic interest, this is just a repeat of bombing the Tsar. It will do us no good, win us small infamy and great revulsion from the people.


I won't talk about this stuff precisely because n1x and 0ch are interested. Assisting that group is entirely counterproductive.

slow cuz at linear algebra cuz it doesnt used old fortran libraries like matlab also it cant do symbolic math

take a chill pill bro

octave doesn't have simulink user