Stopped giving a shit about the Far-right and its rise

Has Anybody else stopped even giving a shit about the Far/Alt-right and their rise into mainstream politics in The US and western Europe?
Ive come to the conclusion that if people in these places that these groups have began to sprout up in are so classcucked that no genuine alternative to Fascism other then fascism can be presented to the working class

Then to be honest these people and these nations deserve whats coming to them…

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I stopped giving a shit but not for the same reason as you. I stopped giving a shit cause I realized reactionaries are enabled by liberals, so we need to focus our efforts on beating up liberals instead of nazis.

The people in power in the west are crypto-fascists, not trying to be edgy it's just true. Fringe right wing groups are cultivated by elites to provide and alternative for the left. Neoliberals are essentially holding auditions for groups they'll make deals with to keep the left out of power. Swastikas still make them queasy but some half intelligent fascist will put the pieces together sooner or later.

Only when it's in Western countries. Neoliberals have no problem funding literal Hitlerites in Ukraine. Even the fucking Green party in Germany that fetishizes refugees partakes in that.

Wasn't the Green party in Germany huge shills for Nato imperialism during the Balkan Wars?

Yes, they dropped bombs on Serbia, they are hawks against Assad and Russia as well. They also advocated to give the Ukrainan army tanks. Under the Green government, Germany got entangled in more wars than under the conservatives, imagine that. They are Antideutsche light.

Also I'd like to add that in the recent coalition negotiations the Greens surrendered all their social policies and were totally okay with austerity but got really really hung up on the issue whether or not refugees can bring their kids.

Yes, but mostly because the average alt-right faggot can't imagine a form of praxis or organizing outside of entryism, so they're doomed to fail for all the same reasons Leftist attempts at entryism failed in the 60's and 90's. It's just going to be a bunch of random crypto-nazis in random positions within the establishment, totally disconnected from one another, and incapable of "pulling the trigger" on any of their Nazi shit because they never bothered to actually build a political base or win mass support. Twenty years from now the alt-right is going to sit around just as clueless and impotent as the New Left were in the 80's, wondering where it all went wrong.

In terms of crisis, the bourgeoisie has no problem with fascism. Fascists never came to power through revolution (except maybe Spain) but always with a coup that got supported by various factions of the bourgeoisie. Hitler himself is the perfect example of fascist entryism, he didn't even have a majority in the parliament but got appointed by some aristocrats behind closed doors.

I agree that when in crisis Capital always takes an authoritarian turn, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the alt-right is going to seize power. If anything the alt-right might become useful idiots for the NeoLiberal state, but I can't imagine, even in my wildest dreams, the alt-right being about to snag actual real political power. I do think in coming decades, as the War on Terror and Climate Change get worse, and as these crises create larger and larger refugee situations, I think it's only natural that Capital will use far-right rhetoric and ideas to legitimize it's expansion of the police state and imperialist expansion, but what I highly doubt is that we're going to expend the money, time, and resources it would take to create the fantasy world of white ethno-states and NeoCameralism that most alt-right and NRx dipshits want, it's beyond the realm of possibility I think.

Also, the chances of an ancap future? Literally less then zero. I could imagine floating white ethno-state islands like Bioshock Infinite before I could imagine before I could imagine a sucessful transition to anarcho-capitalism, unless it's of the distinctly Pinochet version of basically just NeoLiberalism on steroid.

most alt-right kids are just alienated nobodies like me who are never going to be anywhere within smelling distance of the kind of power required to instigate real social change. Aside from a bit of low level pseudo-political argy bargy with their leftoid counterparts on the street (mostly in burgerstan) that is precisely equivalent to the mods vs rockers shit in the 60s, there can't actually really do anything except make shitlibs assmad online. playing with them on the internet is just forum wars for the consolidated social media era - fun sometimes, infuriating sometimes, but purely for entertainment.

alt-lite is a little different in that it is populated largely by semi-celebs, journos and media personalities but is also really nothing but boomer conservatism with a flashy new logo

Depends on what you consider "far-right".

The actual far-right, various Dick Spencers of the world, are a distraction. It's funny though - they're a distraction for the liberals themselves, a feel-good story about bi-polarity of the world cast in an anachronistic 1940s setting, with liberals as heroes opposing unspeakable evil hiding in people (read: their outgroup).

A populist right that has figured out that liberals fucked up and there's an anti-globalist, anti-market backlash on a horizon, though? They're real and dangerous precisely because they're nothing like what liberals wish they were. There won't be any ethnic cleansing or concentration camps under their watch. There won't be any new wars either, at least for now. They'll just rein in the most visible excesses of capitalism, to the benefit of almost everyone. Then they'll use the political capital thus acquired to dismantle democratic institutions that they never cared about and cement their own rule for decades to come.

[citation needed]
You really should put down the NeverTrump™ Kool-aid.

I'm just apathetic to the whole political scene now. I want the left succeed but no one on the left wants to win, it's like they want their ideas to be some unacceptable, quasi-contrarian, oppressed group. Though I fear the thought of a fascist group gaining power, I feel like it'd be the only thing that would slap the left across the face to get it's shit together.

I could see floating cities as global warming becomes more of a reality. I see the future as more neoliberalism mixed with some nationalist populist rhetoric thrown in to keep the reactionaries happy and distracted with migration issues

I wish I could be this naive

How so?

But that's wrong.

holy shit I can't type, watch the video in my subject.

kill me, pasted the link wrong

Watching the vid, but I'm pretty sure the user was reffering to economic liberals and not necessarily SJWs (correct me if I'm wrong ancom poster).

No. Both dogue and that stupid mick bitch nagle are scared of criticizing liberals, like every fucking twitter leftist, that's why they both downplay the role liberalism has in all this.

He said "reactionaries are enabled by liberals, so we need to focus our efforts on beating up liberals instead of nazis" It would be more correct say reactionaries are a product of neoliberal capitalism, and we should focus on combating all forms of idpol.

They do criticize liberalism though?

Criticizing SJW doesn't equal criticizing iberalism.

You're so fucking dumb.

Stopped giving a shit, but only after I realized that they're utter failcakes and won't be able to seize power. First as tragedy, second as farce. Neoliberalism is a larger threat than any of the far-right and its ilk. Right-wing populism, as one user pointed out, is quite a threat too, but it's not far-right.


There are parallel fascist movements in the US currently. The more well-funded one (#NeverTrump but pro-spook) will win.

Have you tried watching the video?

Good point, if we want to understand why they are the way they are we should ignore the things they say and do :^)

The USA is already fascist, the Alt-Right are just too dumb to realize they're in power.

It's fascists vs. fascists, I don't care too much about intra-bourgeois struggles except insofar as I can use them to build support for revolution.

Funny how many of the politicians warning us about Donald Trump "normalizing fascism" unconditionally back the new Ukrainian regime.

…may be the point. It would admittedly be a flawed point in case of a modern reddit/pol/er, but still.

What are the far-right groups and orgs gaining traction in Europe?
So far I remember:

But the fascists and capitalists aren't the ones who are going to be affected for the most part. Proles do not deserve punishment for the actions of rich kids who would benefit from the system or basement dwellers who are isolated from the outside world anyway.
I do agree that the alt right shouldn't be our primary concern. Liberalism shouldn't either. We should focus our attention on capitalism as it exists today.

The only thing that gives me even an inkling of hope is the fact that the European right seems to actually believe in climate change

I compare then to the islamists of the 1990s - growing but still kind of fringe and treading water, they aren't doing anything of note right now (that isn't threatening empire, anyway) but they should be monitored for signs of organization and competent leadership.

Also, if the left actually wanted to lay the groundwork for the actions required to effectively disrupt a serious far-right movement, now would be the time to do so while their infrastructure is still staffed by amateurs who can't even properly vet their own recruits or maintain a coherent message.

I second that.


Nordic League, Sweden Democrats (Sweden)

National Party, Identity Ireland (Ireland)

FE-JONS (Spain)

Monarchist Party, Liberal Democratic Party (Russia)

Poland and Ukraine are already fash.

Disagree, the left should show it is willing and able to combat fascism, it's an opportunity to distinguish ourselves from the libcucks who just want to write their trendy think pieces and jerk off to Voltaire.

I didn't say you should believe everything they say, I said you should listen to what they say, mongoloid.

This, no-one is going to take a movement filled with people that look like Doonesbury characters seriously

Combatting fascism is one thing, but petty street squabbles is an entirely different thing. A lot of the time physically shutting down your opponent just makes you look impotent and pathetic, especially if it's in the form of nob violence.

mob violence*

You didn’t read Nagle’s book.

I never claimed to have read Nagle's book anywhere in my post. Also, you also failed to even make an argument about how what I said goes against what Nagle said in her book. Lay off that ideology user, it's got you saying all kinds of stupid shit.

I think it has its place tho. Old example but the Battle of Cable St worked against the Blackshirts. It's a good way to expose the hypocrisy of fascism, how they fetishise violence while at the same time presenting themselves as some kind of pseudo-intellectual, Mr Rogers. Ultimately, I think you should judge it on a case-by-case basis.

That being said, you can probably get more results with less effort on your computer by monitoring these groups and trying to stir up shit between the factions. Yes, their ideology is trash, but they're too retarded to know that, so it shouldn't be too hard to divide them, they're doing it already with the whole "alt-right vs alt-light" thing.

Wow, I never even thought of the mod/rocker comparison, but it's so apt and totally deflates the whole conflict.

can you please spoiler your fetish if you're going to post in EVERY thread??
I stopped giving a shit publicly. I was one of the first people to get swept up in Bob Avakian's group, and after being disillusioned by the cult of dialectical materialism & also the futility of millions of 'pink pussy hat' liberals holding dance parties at important protests.. There is just no reason to continue down that line. But I am still radically opposed to the state (of things) and I will work towards changing it, but more in the unionizing/labor route and not in the ineffectual channels that the FBI has set up for otherwise sincere people to get trapped into.

Agree. But the alt right is a CIA spook anyway

Are you sure about that?

The main appeal of capitalism has always been how it exports its own horrors away from the homeland, if you think about, the English Civil War never ended, Cromwell just sent it overseas, it goes where markets need to expand and commons are to be seized.

I stopped giving a shit about politics all together, I just come here because old habits

I wish I could do that, but since I've been into left politics for >10 years now, I simply know too much to stop caring. I do get burnt out periodically though.

Ok name ONE "alt-right" politician in mainstream US and Euro politics. Go ahead. And no, the EVIL DRUMPF 2 SCOOPS is not LITERALLY HITLER, sweety.

The real fascists seized power in the west a while ago. Alt right retards and reactionaries in general are weak and directionless because their opposition has been systematically crushed for generations. They don't need to develop a political strategy or present themselves as a real movement.